Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, November 1, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Abby and Chance try to have an honest discussion about the problems in their marriage. Chance is the only person who is being honest about one of the problems in their marriage. Chance tells Abby he feels she likes being married to a cop but resents the long hours he spends at his job. Abby tells Chance she has been nothing but supportive of him and she is angry that Chance is telling her how she feels. Abby walks away and heads to Society where she cries and tells Devon about her argument with Chance

Devon sees Nate and Victoria toasting his new job at Newman Media. Devon figures out that Nate was colluding with Victoria to take over Chancellor-Winters. Devon warns Victoria to watch out because Nate might betray her one day and go after her job.

Chelsea is upset with Billy for not letting her jump off the roof. Chelsea doesn’t know how to end her pain and she will never get through this bad time. Billy persuades Chelsea to go to sleep and once Chelsea is asleep he calls Sharon and asks her to go help Chelsea. Sharon and Billy work together to try and persuade Chelsea to get professional help.

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