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so what do you — you want to check out the puppets, or do you want to bob for apples? Mama carly says bobbing for apples isn’t a good idea — you never know what might be floating in there. That’s — that’s a good point. Hey, donna, we need to go to all the candy booths before there’s nothing left but raisins. Aah, raisins, the worst.

[ Chuckles ] Hi!

[ Chuckling ] Oh, you guys look great. I have a great idea. How about you come with me and I can lead you to all the good stuff? Yeah? So — so, tell me about jacksonville.

[ Sighs ] What to say? I mean, I feel more level and centered than I ever did… before. Before what? Nina: Oh.

[ Laughter ] Look at what they got. Yeah, well, I’ve got tomorrow’s lead story, but I’m not really happy with the headline, so can you, uh… give me a revision? Good. Thank you. Scout: Trick or treat!

[ Gasps ]

[ Drew chuckles ] Oh, no! Look who’s here! Oh, my darling girl is a butterfly. Look at you! How beautiful. Doesn’t she look great? Oh, she looks so great. Wow. How’s your halloween going? Much better now that you guys are here. Aww.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hold on one sec, okay?

[ Sighs ] What an unexpected pleasure to see you… laura. Is this some kind of divine intervention? God didn’t send me. Your girlfriend did. Guard: You have a visitor. Hi. Hi. You in the neighborhood? Mm-hmm. Yeah. I tried to bring flowers, you know, with a chisel hidden inside, but these guards are taking their job very seriously. Nice try, though. Mm. I’m sorry I missed your hearing. I was on my way when I got held up at the hospital with this heather webber woman. Oh, god. Heather? I hope she’s in a straightjacket with armed guards. She’s my problem. Let’s talk about yours.

[ Breathes deeply ] I heard you were denied bail. Mm. My occupation and ties to the international community — in the dictionary right next to “flight risk,” my photo. It’s a good face. So what happens now? Well, now… uh… it’s gonna get a bit worse. So, what’s the plan to break anna out of jail, short of an actual jailbreak? Well, now that she’s been denied bail, I’m running low on options. The robert scorpio I knew wouldn’t have stopped until he’d exhausted every last one. I said I was running low — I didn’t say I was giving up. Believe it. I’m still the man that you know. Elizabeth: I hate to disappoint you, but I came here looking for answers, and I’m not leaving without them. For the past 25 years, I have built a good life for myself and my family. I have been independent for so long, I can’t even remember what it’s like to have parents. But now I need answers only you can give. What kind of answers are you looking for? Answers about our past on the mariana islands.

Elizabeth, we haven’t seen you in years, and this is what you want to discuss? This is the only thing I want from you — answers about what happened. What makes you think something significant happened?

[ Sighs ] About a year and a half ago, back in port charles, there was an accident in one of the stairwells at the hospital. The details aren’t important, but it triggered a memory. Are you sure it was a memory? What else could it be? Well, the brain responds to trauma in any number of ways. Could this just be something you…made up? Who here likes candy corn?

[ Chuckling ] She does. I love candy corn! I know that. Wow. That’s why I got you some. Here, have some now. You can have that. And then I’m going to give the whole bowl to you, but I’m gonna let your daddy hold it. Oh, great. Don’t eat it. Sure. Yeah. Thanks. Happy halloween, sweetie pie. Yeah. Look at my wings, grandma. Yes! I can’t stop looking at them. They’re so beautiful. They really are. She couldn’t wait to show her costume to her grandma. Well, I look forward to any opportunity I can see my grandbaby. Oh. You been out of town. I have. And not alone. Your name’s been in the news… along with someone else’S. Sam: Avery, donna, look who’s home! -Mama! -Mama!

[ Chuckling ] Hi! Oh, my gosh. Let me look at you. Your costumes are amazing! You’ve been gone for a long time. We missed you. I missed you, too. I missed you guys so much. And I’m going to talk to your mommy and see if we can have a sleepover, okay? Can aunt nina come, too? Can she?! We had an awesome pajama party the other night. Hey, you know what? Why don’t we let your mom and dad talk and let’s go loot some candy, yeah? What’s looting? Oh, we’ll talk about it. Sonny: Hey, carly. I didn’t — I didn’t expect you here till tomorrow. I didn’t expect to see nina with my daughter. Well, nina’s working. The metro court is one of the sponsors of the fair. Can I talk to you for a minute in private? What the hell is going on? Uh, I brought my daughters to the halloween festival. On a date with nina? I told you, she’s working the festival. I brought my daughters. What’s the problem? I specifically asked you not to have nina spend the night when donna was over, so why is avery talking about sleepovers with aunt nina? Anna’s gonna be in the pcpd lockup overnight, pending a transfer to pentonville… where she’s awaiting her trial. Pentonville’s a dangerous place for anyone, let alone a decorated law enforcement agent like anna. Oh, she’ll be a target. And victor, well, he gets his way when he had her framed for lucy’s murder. I’ve been holding out hope that lucy would be found by now. Right now, I’m so thankful that you’ve been found. As for lucy, we just sit around and wait for the next miracle.

[ Cellphone ringing ] I got to take this. Who is it? Anna’s last chance.

[ Ringing continues ] So, anna… yeah, she called. She called to tell me that you were visiting charlotte, and she was afraid that your father had set a trap for you, so I caught the first flight out of milan, and I’m here. Well, she was half-right. My father did set a trap by sending me here, but it wasn’t for me — it was for her. Why? Has something happened to her? As soon as I was out of the country, my father had someone posing as anna shoot lucy coe off the dock in port charles. Oh, I heard about poor lucy. I’m grabbing charlotte, and I’m getting out of here. Okay, well, I’m here to help you any way I can. Okay, let’s go. Alright.

This is absolutely a memory. How do you know? People remember things wrong all the time, even important things. So I’m just asking — how can you be sure? Something went wrong in the mariana islands, and your behavior since proves that. The two of you have been missing from my life, from my family’s life for the past 25 years. And then, all of a sudden, you decide to — to reach out? And not — not through me, of course. You reach out through jake and through terry. Something had to have happened to make you want to contact them. Jake had just lost his father. We were concerned. Really? But you weren’t concerned through any of my pregnancies or all the times I got married and divorced or when my husband died? There was plenty of opportunity for you to show up — not for me, I mean, at least for your grandchildren. But you never did until now. And why? W-why did you contact jake after franco died? Why? Elizabeth, I am sorry for what you’ve been through, but what is it you want to know?

[ Breathes sharply ] Who was reiko finn? So, what’s next? Is there a plan? And if so, what can I do to help? Oh, come on, finn. I’m really glad to see you, but this is my problem, you know? Shouldn’t you be with violet, getting her ready for trick-or-treat? She’s with my dad, alright? I’ll let him enjoy the getting ready part, and then I’ll take her around the neighborhood later and eat all the good candy when she falls asleep.

[ Chuckles ] What costume is she wearing? A purple princess. You want to see? Oh, yeah. She’s so cute. Yeah, I made it myself.

[ Chuckles ] I miss her. She misses you. She asked me just the other day when you can come over for a tea party. Might be a while. Okay. In the meantime, what can I do to help? Mnh-mnh. I meant what I said. You stay clear of my problems. No, no, no. Alright? No, please, finn. Just — you have your life, your family. Be there for them. For violet, your brother, your father, and elizabeth. Where’s, uh… valentin in all this? He’s dealing with something. It’s important. Hmm. More important than you being framed, jailed, and about to be shipped off to maximum security? He’ll here when he can. Trust isn’t easy, though, is it?

[ Breathes sharply ] Did you find a way to help anna? Well, I’m trying to schedule another hearing before a judge who will grant her bail. If memory serves, in new york state, once a bail decision has been made, it can only be modified if there’s a change of circumstance. Been brushing up on that new york law, have we? No, I’ve been before a judge or two in my day, as you know. But has anything changed that can help anna get another hearing?

[ Sighs ] That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I got to find myself someone who’ll go over judge walsh’s head. Robert, this is a big mistake that could backfire disastrously. You need to stop. Sister. Good day, sir. Mattis: You’re charlotte cassadine’s father. Yeah, that’s right. Proudly so. The good sister was just about to show me the bell tower, since I’m waiting for her to get ready. You know how teenage girls are. Indeed. But I’ve never seen you here. What’s your name, sister? Carly, t-there’s not much you can say as far as the time I spend with avery. I know that, but donna on the other hand… yeah, but the thing is, nina never spent the night when donna was over. As a matter of fact, and not that you care, she never spent the night when — when avery was over, either. Okay, what about the pajama party? That was movies and — and pizza. Okay. Then I misunderstood. I’m sorry. And thank you for respecting my boundaries. Yeah, about that. Yeah, uh… the — the — your boundaries aren’t — aren’t working for me anymore.

Hey. Hey. Where are avery and donna? Oh, danny and rocco are helping them rack up candy. You want a cider? What, and you came back to run interference just in case carly had a meltdown? You’re with sonny, and you’re happy, and I’m happy for you, but carly is my friend, and I am here to support her. As long as we’re co-parenting donna, you need to respect my feelings. Yeah, but that goes both ways. When you asked me not to have nina spend the night when donna was over, uh, nina wasn’T… part of my life. Nina’s been a part of your life since nixon falls. Yeah, but it’s different now, because we’re together and it’s, you know, official. Congratulations. Thank you. And it’s getting very difficult to separate, uh, my relationship with nina, um, from my family. Well, thank you for making the effort. And I didn’t — I didn’t agree to put my life on hold indefinitely. That wouldn’t be realistic. And if it was reversed and you were seeing someone, I wouldn’t ask you to keep donna from them. How do you know I’m not? I don’T. Are you?

[ Chuckles ] So, heard you were on a crusade with carly, trying to save a working-class cemetery from redevelopment. Mm, didn’t end the way that we had hoped, but I guess — I guess it all worked out.

[ Sighs ] Okay, so now we’re done with the small talk. Why don’t you tell me why you’re really here? Wow. Am I that obvious? You’re in the company of a beautiful monarch butterfly, and yet you look troubled. Not a difficult guess. I need your advice on a legal matter that, um… well, it could ruin more than one life. Carolyn: Reiko finn? I remember reiko. She was another physician in doctors without borders. There were a few of us stationed on the various islands. But she wasn’t just any physician to you, was she? What about reiko do you want to know? Why ask about her at all? Because she’s who I remember. I have this memory of arguing with reiko, which is crazy to begin with, because I was a teenager and she was a doctor. But I remember telling her to stay away from my father. Why would I say that? Dad, just tell me, what was your relationship with reiko? I need a breather. W-w-what do you say w-we take a walk? The three of us? Just you and me, father and daughter. Why can’t we do this in front of mom? Fine. Since you refuse to let this go… reiko and i had an affair. But she was married to finn at the time. From what I was told, she was a good person. Good people do bad things. Being thrown in the middle of nowhere, working long hours with only strangers as friends? People get lonely. Lonely? You had your entire family with you. Mom, I’M… I’m sorry. Probably should have gone for that walk. I’m sure this is a shock to you. It’s not. Look at you — moving around court officials, looking for loopholes? It — it’s called practicing law. It’s not you, though, is it? I mean, it could jeopardize your standing as D.A. It could destroy your career, really mess up your life. I can’t do nothing. I can’t sit around and watch this woman, the mother of my child, get squeezed by cassadine. Keeping anna out of pentonville is just the first step. She is going to need you not as a friend, but as the D.A., To help her out later on. And if you get into trouble, it could cause even bigger problems for both of you down the line. You’ve got a point. I’ve already got the deputy mayor breathing down my throat, because she works for cassadine. Certainly wouldn’t be a good thing if I was caught doing a favor for anna, on her behalf. Thank you. You know, I think you’re onto something. We could use a break.

[ Sighs ] Great, and while we’re at it, maybe we can figure out how to nail victor. Oh… are you alright? I just got a little dizzy there for a moment. No, I’m fine. I’m fine. Okay. Look, we’re definitely onto something. Why don’t we go outside and get some fresh air? The both of us. Come on. I’m sister margaret, visiting from the diocese. It’s lovely to meet you, mr… mattis. Mattis, ah. Meaning “gift of god.” Your parents must have been people of faith. They are, sister. As are you. U-unless, of course, you have some other business here in the chapel? No, I came to pray. Ah. Well, then, might I recommend you commune with nature? We’re meant to have a very beautiful sunset tonight. Perhaps you can find god in the sky. Thank you, sister. I think I’ll do just that. Marvelous.

[ Bodyguard groans ] Stop! What happened to him? Oh, that poor soul. Mr. Cassadine and I found him passed out there, drunk on stolen communion wine. I thought it would be best to just let him sleep off. He only drinks vodka.

The cherry blossom fragrance. It’s all fabulous, it’s all glad. Mr. Mattis, a gun has no place in the house of the lord! Agree, but then, neither do impostors.

[ Bells tolling ] Whoever rang the bells was 10 minutes early. I thought my timing was spot-on. Peace be with you, father. And also with you. This isn’t about who i could be seeing. This is about the fact that you are seeing nina and how that impacts donna. I’m being very careful in how i introduce nina to donna, but she is part of donna’s life. Right. Alright, well, that’s your decision. I’ll try to respect it. Thank you. Okay. One more thing. Uh… I think — you know, I-I believe t-t-that our families are safe from these attacks, but I’m very cautious. Okay, well, I want the girls protected. I get it, but I want — I want to h-have protection on you. I’m fine. No, seriously, I-I can — I can take care of myself. Hey, sam. Hey. Um, carly, I just wanted to let you know, when it comes to donna, I don’t — don’t talk to me about my daughter. Leave that to sonny. You ready? I’m not — I’m not telling you what to do. Oh, no, you would never do that. But you said you were in a good place, and I would hate to see you throw that away. You’re right. You’re right, so… so, tell me about jacksonville. I think I told you everything. No, you told me the ending, but I want you to start over. I want to hear everything. Well? Tell me what happened. Tell me every single detail. If you don’t mind my asking,what’s going on with elizabeth? Nothing compared to what you’re dealing with. Yeah, I… I have plenty of time to ruminate about my situation. I think I can spare five minutes for a friend. Okay, I’ll give you the five-minute version, then. Uh, elizabeth is with terry at a medical conference at a spa. That sounds amazing. Mm. The spa, it’s in monterey. Mm-hmm. It’s the same city where elizabeth’s parents live, parents she hasn’t really spoken to in 25 years. Oh. Is she planning on seeing them? I don’t know. She didn’T… she didn’t really mention it to me. I heard about it from cameron. I have to believe she just didn’t think about it. That it — and her parents aren’t in her life, and, uh… it’s all just a-a coincidence. But? Not when I think about how much it weighs on elizabeth. Oh. And I can see why you would doubt that was a coincidence. Mm. But sometimes, that’s all it is. Mm. Yeah. And the other times? So I’m not completely crazy for thinking she left me out of the loop on purpose? No, you’re not. What do you think you’re gonna do about it? Oh, look, robert. This is so charming and just the right amount of scare. Well, you know what? The color’s come back to your cheeks. Fresh air definitely agrees with you. Well, it could be the company. And that, too. Look, I’m — I’m sorry of late. I’ve been preoccupied with anna’s situation. You don’t have to apologize about that. Certainly not to me. So, what game are we gonna play first? Oh, please, please try and win me a candied apple. Come on. These days, people go out and they buy candied apples. Besides, I feel like I’ve already won. Of course, you don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to. Okay. But it seemed pretty intense between you and carly. We — we s-spoke frankly about you and donna. Oh. And? And I-I-I told her that she doesn’t get to call the shots on our relationship. I mean, I respect carly as donna’s mother, but the time that you spend with my daughters, that’s my decision. Yay. Oh, damn. You knew about reiko? Your father and i have been through a lot. We worked through our share of difficulties over the years. We don’t need you dragging all of that up. Leave it where it lies. I’m sorry, but I can’T. Did I walk in on the two of you? Is that why I told her to stay away? Yes. But it didn’t end there, did it? There’s more. What does it matter? Because it’s taken over my life. I’m blacking out. I’m losing time. I-I attacked someone. He’s okay, but it happened. Oh, lizzie. On top of that, I am lying to the man I love, who happens to be reiko’s widower, because I don’t want to lose him to my dysfunctional family history. Finn looks out for me and my boys. And I want answers for him as much as I do for myself. Something bad happened. Just tell me what it is.

Is it all taken care of? Well, luckily, the steps of the crypt are right there, so they’re all tied up and no one’s gonna find them for a while. Thank you for the assist. I thought it was best not to come alone. The plan was for me to wait in the car until laura came back with you and charlotte. But when no one showed, i thought there might be trouble. I found the bell tower and thought, “well, it could be a distraction or at least a signal.” It was perfect. Okay, let’s grab charlotte and get out of here. Okay. What now? Holly sutton, alive and well. Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. How are you? Physically, I-I seem to be fine. But the last two years of my life…gone. Been there. Oh, maybe you can tell me about it. You can read about it online. Uh, uh, holly, I’d like you to meet nina reeves. Nina reeves, this is my old friend holly. Hi, holly. It’s very nice to meet you. Likewise. Um, I just saw they’re selling hot ciders. Anybody want some? I’m gonna — I’ll be right back. So, I heard that, uh, anna got arrested for lucy’s murder. She was. They find a body? Not yet. I also heard that, uh, victor cassadine was behind all this? Frame-up? That’s the popular theory, yeah. How’s anna doing? Well, she was denied bail. They’re shipping her off to pentonville tomorrow, awaiting trial. She can’t g– you know anna can’t go to pentonville. I can’t believe they denied her bail. Look, I’m — I’m not happy about it. My hands are tied, though. And I-I had to recuse myself from this whole case. And it’s all victor’s doing. It’s just… yeah, well, I can’t say that. Yeah, that’s alright. You don’t have to, ’cause he’s gonna pay. On that, we agree. You know what? Um… maybe I can help. What’d you have in mind? So, I didn’t save the cemetery, but I was able to do right by virginia. No surprise there. I finally came back feeling like myself, and I feel closer to both my mothers, more than I have in a very long time. Oh, and I took my mother’s last name. I’m carly spencer. Carly spencer. I like it. Yes. It suits you. It does, doesn’t it? Mm-hmm. I love it. Yeah, so, um… drew went to florida to visit you, right? Yeah. Yeah, he helped me with the whole cemetery thing. I bet it was nice to have some support. Couldn’t have done it without him. And yet, you have barely mentioned him. Why is that? So, I know that you’re not a lawyer anymore, but I’ve got some questions, and obviously, I trust you. Make no mistake, I am a lawyer. I will always be a lawyer. I’m just not a practicing lawyer at this time. Which means that there’s no, uh, client-attorney privilege here. Okay, understood. But you could, uh, run by a hypothetical scenario, and I can offer unofficial advice. Okay, great. So then, um, let’s say there’s a ceo of a company, and he wants to merge that company with a larger company that happens to be owned by his family. And what if his friend purchased stock in that company before the attempted merger? Would that look like insider trading? Hypothetically, did the ceo share this information with the friend before the merger was official? Yes, but — and this is — and this is important — and thoroughly imaginary. The ceo did not ask his friend to drive up the stock value. In fact, he tried to dissuade said friend… said imaginary friend. …From being involved whatsoever. Right. So would that be an example of insider trading? Hell yes. You don’t even have to think about it? The friend purchased stock based on confidential information from the ceo of the company. That is textbook insider trading. Okay. So, I mean, how bad could this get? I mean, in real life? Both parties could serve prison time. Wow. Right. Has there been any inquiry from the sec, hypothetically? No. That’s good, because they would have to prove that the ceo and the friend were entering into conspiracy, and that would be harder to do unless there’s a family or romantic connection. As long as these hypothetical individuals are just acquaintances or casual friends, anyone who would try to press charges would have a hard time finding someone to look into it. Okay, walk me through it. Tell me exactly what you can remember. Reiko and I were at the top of a flight of stairs. I warned her to stay away from you. Next thing I know, she’s at the bottom of the stairs, unconscious. Is that all you can remember? Yes, now can you fill in the blanks? You walked in on reiko and me in A…close moment. That doesn’t explain how she ended up at the bottom of the stairs. Do you know what happened? I wasn’t there. That’s not what I asked. Are you protecting him? Elizabeth, I have answered your questions. Now, this is all I can say. Dad, just tell me! Please, just leave it alone! Did you push reiko down the stairs?

I don’t know how many guys victor has watching charlotte. There’s a rear entrance to the building. Maybe we should take that. Kevin: Yeah. Come on. Laura. Kevin. Thanks. I owe you. We plan to collect. I still owe you a bullet to the shoulder. Maybe now you’ll have a chance. Let’s find charlotte before there are any more surprises. I’m not sure what you mean. It’s just that drew has helped you through a very personal time in your life, and you seem reluctant to talk about him. Well, it’s drew. He’s helpful, you know? Not much else to say. But if there were something more to say, you know you could say it to me, right? You know, since you’re asking, I think there is something that you should know. Why don’t — why don’t I try to find a way to keep anna from going to pentonville? Do any of your plans not involve anna going on the run and becoming the bureau’s most wanted? Any suggestions? What are you doing to stop this from happening? Hey, whatever I’m doing, you’re gonna stay out of it. I got this under control. I have an update for you. Robert is making moves on anna’s behalf. Right now, he’s planning to intervene with the judge and get anna another hearing. Yes, I’m sticking close to him. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I want to be there for elizabeth, but… …I don’t want to push to the point where she ends up shutting me out. Hmm. Are you gonna confront her about it? No. She needs time to figure this out on her own. And me pushing is not gonna solve any of the problems. Yeah, I think that’s wise. Really? Yeah, I do. Can I make a suggestion? By all means. Whatever reason elizabeth has for keeping her movements from you, I very much doubt it’s to push you away. I think in addition to figuring things out, she might be trying to keep you safe from whatever consequences there might be. She’s protecting me. Exactly. Like I’ve been trying to protect her. Different methods, same tension. I think when the time is right, she’ll tell you about it. Um… I have every faith that you two will work it out. Thank you. Yeah. And for what it’s wo rth, I haveevery faith that the truth’s gonna come out and you’ll be fully exonerated and you’ll be out of here in no time. Thank you. I really hope you’re right. But we both know in situations like mine, the future’s not really very certain. Yes, it was me. I pushed reiko down the stairs. Jeff — I didn’t mean to do it, but that’s what happened. End of story. Jeff, stop! I have told elizabeth what she needs to know. It’s fine. No, it’s not. No, it’s not. What it is…is over. We have given up so much. We have missed so much. It can’t all be for nothing. She’s remembering, jeff. It’s time she knows the truth. The truth? You see, what happened was, when you were on the — no, I’ll do it. I was the one that was there. I should be the one to tell her. So wait, you — you didn’t push reiko? No, I didn’T. It was you, elizabeth. You caused reiko to fall down the stairs.

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