Days Short Recap Monday, October 31, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stephanie talked to Chad about Paulina firing her. She let him know that Paulina planned to ruin her business. Chad let her know that EJ offered him a job at DiMera. She told him to let EJ know that he changed his mind. He said that he liked working for her. Susan locked the doors at the mansion. EJ wanted to know what she was doing. She told EJ that he was in danger. She told him that someone was out to get him. She told him that he didn’t have the doors locked. He told her that there wasn’t any danger. He wanted to know why she was dressed the way she was. She told him that she had a premonition that someone was after him. Charlie appeared to Ava. He couldn’t believe he heard her say that she wasn’t going after EJ. He didn’t understand why she would do that. Ava said that she was going to live with Tripp. He wanted her to go after EJ. She wanted to know why it was wrong with going to Seattle. Susan continued to convince EJ that he was in danger. He thought she might have been right. He told her that he saw someone dressed as a clown carrying a knife. He told her that three people were dressed as a clown. She said she didn’t see a prank in her premonition. she assured him that she wasn’t joking. Alex got the folder from Sloan. Maggie and Holly were there to get candy. He gave the folder to Maggie and asked her to hold on to it.

Stephanie continued to talk to Chad about messing up with Sloan. She couldn’t believe that she messed up getting the file. He tried to make her feel better about what happened. He was flirting with Stephanie when his kids came downstairs. Susan wanted to know who wanted to hurt EJ. He said it was a long list. She wanted to know who would go after him. He said that Johnny might be the one targeting him. She couldn’t believe her grandson would kill him. Charlie thought Joey would kill Ava. She didn’t think Joey would go after her. He wanted to know what she would do when she got to Seattle. He reminded her that she was a terrible mother and what she did to the Bradys. He told her they were alike. He told her to go after EJ. Alex told Sloan that he couldn’t stay at her place. Ava told Charlie they weren’t alike. He told her they were two people desperate for love. Charlie reminded her that none of the men in her life loved her. He said he was the only one who loved her. He said he came back to help her destroy EJ. EJ told Susan what happened with Johnny and Ava. Susan couldn’t believe that Johnny would go after him. Susan found a picture of EJ and Johnny because she hoped it would help her. She asked the spirits if Johnny was the one after EJ. She told him that whatever was out there wanted to make him suffer. Charlie continued to push for Ava to go after EJ.

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