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[ Brooke sighs ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Brooke: Ridge.

Brooke: Tell me aspen was a mistake. That you got caught up. Just tell me you’re coming back home.

Steffy: The day has finally come. You and dad are back together.

Taylor: I know. I’m so happy. I– it feels like everything is just– it’s just right, you know?

Steffy: Because it is. Everything’s right. I mean, the only thing that’s wrong right now is dad not being here. I can’t believe he’s back at brooke’s again.

Taylor: No, no. Honey, I mean, you know, he had to do it. It was the right thing to do. And he had to get some stuff, anyway.

Steffy: Yeah.

Taylor: We trust him, remember?

Liam: Hey, I brought your favorite, carbs and carbs.

[ Bill chuckles ] Thank you.

Liam: Yeah. You know, ridge always comes back.

Bill: Until he doesn’T.

Liam: Yeah, but this isn’t the first time he’s left brooke.

Bill: Well, it’s gonna be the last time. Forrester is a fool, and brooke isn’t going to put up with him anymore.

Liam: See, I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I wouldn’t count ridge and brooke–

Bill: That relationship is finished, liam. And it’s the greatest thing that ever happened for brooke.

Liam: The greatest? You want to unpack that for me?

Bill: I’m gonna step in.

Hope: I can’t believe that you and dollar bill got into it. The fact that he came over to your apartment uninvited and then threw his fake money in your face. Dad, I’m– I’m sorry. That’s so disrespectful.

Deacon: Disrespectful? I don’t know. There’s another way of looking at it. I mean, he came all the way down to my place in person just to tell me to stay away from your mother. That tells me that he respects the possibility that I got a chance. And it also tells me that he’s worried.

Bill: The convict actually thinks he has a shot with brooke–

Liam: My father-in-law thinks he has a shot at brooke.

Bill: Another loser unworthy of her.

Liam: All right, well, that loser and brooke happen to have a daughter together. And why are we talking about deacon right now?

Bill: Because he’s dumb enough to think that brooke is gonna take him back.

Deacon: So, how’s your mom holdin’ up?

Hope: She’s heartbroken. It’s hard to believe that her marriage is actually ending.

Deacon: You know, I hate to hear that, I really do. But I– I’m not surprised. I mean, it’s classic forrester. Textbook. Is he really going back to taylor?

Hope: Yeah, it looks that way. None of us are really even sure as to why, but one thing is certain, that steffy’s interference certainly didn’t help.

Steffy: I can’t help but pity brooke a little.

Taylor: Yeah, she must be devastated.

Steffy: That is really nice of you, that you care about brooke’s well-being.

Taylor: Well, I mean, I just– I understand. I understand. I’ve been there many times.

Both: Because of her.

Steffy: You know what, this isn’t about brooke. This is about you and dad and your love for each other.

Steffy: So don’t let that man-go. Okay?

Taylor: Oh, my god. That was brilliant.

[ Both laughing ]

Ridge: It was never my intention to hurt you, logan.

Brooke: Ridge. Look, I know you still love me. I know that. So whatever this is about, we can work through it–

Ridge: I’m here to pick up some of my things.

Brooke: No. I am not gonna give up on us. And you never even told me what this is about, anyway.

Brooke: Ridge, please, just look at me. What is it? Why are you doing this?

Bill: Ridge did brooke a favor by cutting himself loose.

Liam: No, he didn’T. She’s totally shattered right now.

Bill: Yeah, and nobody hates seeing brooke in pain more than I do. So, I’m gonna put a stop to it. Right here. All right? Ridge and deacon can both hit the road.

Liam: So, to be clear, the way that you’re gonna be there for brooke is just by stepping in and taking over?

Bill: It’s what I do.

Liam: Fair enough. All right well, what about katie?

Bill: I’ve tried, and tried, as you well know. She wants nothing to do with me. Katie is moving on. Well, I’m moving on as well. For the woman who’s always accepted me for who I am.

Liam: All right, but you don’t think that brooke could use a little… space?

Bill: I am what’s best for brooke. And if that clown, deacon, thinks that he has a chance with her, he’s an even bigger moron than I realized.

Deacon: I know how close you and your mom are, and I can tell you’re worried about her.

Hope: Well, it’s hard not to be.

Deacon: Has anyone asked how you’re doing? I mean, how are you doing?

Hope: I’m okay. Although, my patience is wearing out when it comes to steffy.

Deacon: Is that causing any problems for you and liam? I mean, he… he and steffy share a child, so–

Hope: No, no. It’s nothing like that, it’s just… there’s been a lot of stress… overall, especially with the situation with douglas.

Deacon: Are there any new developments on that front?

Hope: Well, he’s with thomas. He’s happy.

Deacon: He’s happy. Are you happy about that, or–

Hope: Dad.

Deacon: Oh, hey, okay.

Hope: Let’s drop it.

Deacon: Pinning it.

Hope: Yeah. But I will say, though, between you and me… maybe a part of me is relieved with this whole situation with mom, because she’s been struggling for a while with ridge to try to make their marriage work. And maybe… maybe it isn’t what’s best for her.

Taylor: Okay. Yes. I love that. That’s awe– thank you. No, no, no, I got it. Thank you. Bye-bye. Bye, bye, bye, bye.

Steffy: Was that dad?

Taylor: Uh, no. No, he is still dealing with the brooke situation.

Steffy: Oh, okay. Do you want me to go into the other room? If it’s a private conversation, I respect that. I can– I can just go.

Taylor: No, no, you saw me getting off the phone. I was like, “bye!”

Steffy: You, like, seemed to… rush off. So, I can– I can just leave, it’s fine.

Taylor: I did? Really? I–

Steffy: Yeah. You, uh, you– you did.

Taylor: Hm. I didn’t realize that.

Steffy: Were you talking to a patient? Like, you’re acting, uh, I don’t know, a little weird.

Taylor: Me?

Steffy: What is going on with you?

Steffy: Are you okay?

Taylor: Yes, I’m– I’m– I’m fine. I’M… fine. I– I, um, I did a thing.

Steffy: You did a thing?

Taylor: A “thing” thing. A surprise thing. And I really hope your dad is as happy as I am about it.

Brooke’s voice: I’d like

to report a child in danger.

His father, thomas forester,

is unstable.

He has a knife.

Brooke: I know you, ridge.

I know there’s something

that you’re not saying.

And I wish you would just…

just say it. Just–

Ridge: Why– why are you

doing this?

Why are you– why are you

pretending that you don’t know

what this is?

Brooke: I don’T.

Ridge: Can you just

be honest and– and say it?

I just need

to hear you say it.

Brooke: It’s me, standing here. Ridge. Your logan. Your wife.

[ Sighs ] Please, just talk to me. I mean, we’ve survived so many things through the years, and we can get through this, too. I think it’d be good to just get it off your chest. We really need to be open and honest.

Ridge: Yeah. I just want to get some of my things.

Ridge: You’ll always be in my heart, but I’m– I’m moving on with taylor.

Liam: You– [Chuckles] Dad, you– I think you need to chill out a little bit and give brooke a minute to breathe.

Bill: I love brooke, liam. I do. And I respect her. I’m not gonna put any pressure on her.

Liam: Okay, that’s good to hear, because this is a lot for her, right? Losing ridge is a huge change in her life.

Bill: A change for the better.

Deacon: Listen, your mom’s gonna need people around her who really care about her, and I– I just want you to know she’s lucky to have you as a daughter. And so am I.

Hope: Thank you. I mean, you know I’ve always supported mom. Even defended her marriage to ridge. But, I don’t know. If he can just so easily and so callously walk away from her without any explanation and go back to taylor, then, you know, maybe it wasn’t meant to be after all.

Deacon: Well, it’s a safe bet that it wasn’T.

Hope: Yeah, well, if he acts like that, maybe he doesn’t deserve her. Not like you.

Deacon: Me?

Hope: Come on, dad, we all know how you feel about mom and you, would be there for her.

Deacon: Yeah, I’d be there in a minute. I mean, of course I would.

Hope: Yeah, well, guess what? You couldn’t because of ridge.

Deacon: Because ridge banned me from the premises.

Hope: Mm-hm.

Deacon: What?

Hope: Why don’t we go pay mom a visit and, I don’t know, maybe you could tell her how you feel.

Steffy: A surprise.

Taylor: Yeah.

Steffy: For dad?

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, a– a– a big surprise.

Steffy: Mom, what did you do?

Taylor: Well, I– I just, um, I stepped into our future with something from our past.

Steffy: Uh-huh, okay, something from your past…

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, okay, uh, I cannot tell you, I’m not going to say anything.

Steffy: Okay. Can I guess?

Taylor: You’re never gonna guess. Okay, one guess.

Steffy: Are you flying him to saint thomas? You’re gonna do, like, the whole romantic proposal? That’s what it is!

Taylor: No. No, it’s not. But that’s a really fun idea, too.

Steffy: It’s a good idea.

Taylor: It’s a really good idea.

Steffy: What else could it be, then?

Taylor: No, no, I am not gonna tell you. I’m not gonna tell you. I don’t wanna ruin the surprise that I– I really, really just hope that ridge is as excited as I am. I’m gonna text him right now.

Steffy: Okay, well, now that you’re not telling me, I’m gonna say, this whole vibe, I’m really loving. To see you so… joyful and full of excitement.

[ Taylor sighs ] Yeah. Thank you. It’s called love. You know?

Taylor: Do you have a blindfold?

Brooke: Ridge. Don’T. Ridge, please. Just, stay here with me.

Ridge: This is hard enough as it is. Listen, we can’t do this anymore. We can’t keep hurting each other. So, I talked to carter and he’s gonna– he’s gonna get some paperwork together.

Brooke: Some paperwork?

Ridge: For the annulment.

Brooke: Annulment?

Ridge: I– I think it’s the right way to handle things.

Brooke: What? What are you even talking about? You want to just pretend that our marriage never existed? You want to trample on our vows? And, what about the commitment we made to each other, and– and to our family?

Brooke: And everything that we built? Everything. All of the beautiful memories we’ve had here in this home. I– I don’t even know what you’re talking about, ridge. None of this makes sense. What happened? What changed things for you?

Ridge: Can you just– can–

Ridge: Carter is gonna be in touch.

Ridge: I’ll always love you.

[ Brooke sighs ] Ridge. Wait. Please.

[ Sighs ] (Vo) no matter what type of severe asthma you have,…

Taylor: Can you see?

Ridge: Uh, no.

Taylor: No? No, okay, step down

Ridge: Maybe because you told me to come down the P.C.H. And then you blindfolded me.

Ridge: So, that’s why I can’t see.

Taylor: Yeah, well, you look very sexy in that blindfold. Up.

Ridge: Okay.

Taylor: Now that– shh. You’re gonna ruin the surprise.

Ridge: Surprise? Ah, you know how I love surprises.

Ridge: Last time you surprised me was that roller-skating party. Ah, that was a big hit.

Taylor: Yeah, yeah. Yep, yep, I’m gonna just tell you the same thing that I told you then, just roll with it.

Ridge: Roll with it?

Taylor: Roll…

Ridge: I don’t wanna roll with it. I– I– I’ve been kidnapped and I feel like somebody’s gonna throw me off the malibu pier.

Taylor: Oh, no, you guessed what I was gonna do. Ah, see you later.

Ridge: Oh, god.

[ Both chuckle ]

Taylor: Okay, take it off. Your blindfold.

[ Laughing ]

Ridge: Oh, okay. Good start.

Ridge: The beach house.

Taylor: Mm-hm. Yup.

Ridge: What are we doing here?

Taylor: I don’t know, just being reminded of our, of our time in this magical little home on the ocean.

Ridge: Yeah. I remember. Those were the best times of my life.

Ridge: Mm. Does wyatt know we broke into his house?

Taylor: Ooh, it’s his old house.

[ Keys jingling ]

Taylor: You see, um, even before aspen, I was looking for a place to live ’cause, you know, I was sick of walking in on steffy and finn in mid-makeout. But then when you asked me, or, you told me that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me, I, I just thought–

Ridge: Did you buy this place?

Taylor: I did. I just thought that, it would be great if we had, an amazing little place together– hm.

Taylor: Welcome home, ridge.

[ Door opening ]

Hope: Hi. I didn’t see ridge’s car in the drive, so…

Brooke: Yeah, no. Ridge is gone. He’s leaving me and going back to taylor.

Deacon: I’m sorry, brooke.

Hope: Are– are you okay?

Brooke: I’m confused. I mean, I– I don’t know why this happened. I don’t know why he suddenly just up and left. Me. His wife. So that he could be with taylor. He wants to put that other family back together.

Hope: Maybe that’s where he belongs. With them.

Brooke: How could you say that?

Hope: Well, it’s just, maybe he’s on to something. Maybe there’s something beautiful about rebuilding a family.

[ Brooke clears throat ]

Deacon: I think I’m gonna have to agree with our very wise, very smart daughter. O-okay. All right. We’re, uh, we’re gonna do this, right?

[ Clearing throat ] I know that this might seem, like, it’s out of the blue.

Deacon: But I’ve been dreamin’ about this for a very long time. It’s kept me going. You’ve kept me going. Both of you have. You’ve always been the one, brooke. And look, if ridge is off with taylor, then maybe it’s time that we, repair our family. I mean, look what we did together, you and me. Look, we– we made this amazing, exceptional woman. And if we could– if we can do that, imagine the– the magic and the love that we could have if we would just give it a chance. I– I— know I don’t deserve you, but then again, nobody does. You are the most phenomenal woman I have ever met. And I promise you that if you take this journey with me, I will prove my love to you every single day. And I will cherish, and honor you until my last breath. And you’ll never have to worry about my feelings, or my loyalty. And all you have to do, is just say yes. Just… say you’ll marry me.

[ Sighs ]

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