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Yeah, well, she’s resting, but uh, her fever’s still pretty high. Is there anything we can do for her that at this point all you can do is just. Make sure she’s comfortable and keep her spirits up. Okay. I’ll do my best. Thanks son. Oh, and then dad, um, when she wakes up, can you just tell her I’ll be by soon?


You just keep on.

We have been through hell and back to be together, so I know you’re gonna find a way to whip this.

Listen as there really no hope for a cure other than the orchid. Yeah. What did Ralph say when you and Rex confronted him? Ah, he swears up and die. He knows nothing about the pathogen or because she used to affect your mother or the orchid. He insisted he doesn’t have it.

I thought you so long to answer. I was watering the plant. Why do you look so upset? I am upset. What happened? Ralphie, Igor, bring you the wrong brand again. This is no joke, Kristin. Okay. Okay. What is the Christ case, Phil? After that surprise visit by John Black and my former protege, Rex Brady, a police showed up as a search for it for my.

They search to that they’re tearing it apart as we speak. Well, at least we know what they won’t find in your little shops. Hmm.

Like sand through the hour. Glass. So are the days of our lives.

I’m glad you are so calm about the police raid. What exactly are you worried they’ll find in your lab? Ralph, is there anything less than legal lying around? I managed to move my most sensitive projects to an undisclosed location. Even so watching those Salem PD Creton bulls have a through my lab, so disrespectful to the brilliance.

It is my life’s fur. I feel you. That’s a good thing that we saved this little beauty. Um, you’ll seem to be taking good care of it. Well, of course I am. Both know if this flower die, so does the good doctors. Johnson and Evans,

Roman. I’m right here. Right here. Okay. Drink some water. Our son, the doctor made me promised to keep you hydrated. Ah,

Have you been at my side the whole time? What do you think? I think you’re very lucky. Well, I am lucky to sing it and continues cuz I don’t know. What I do is I couldn’t be here with him. You need to go see your sister. Kayla’s got. And I’ve been checking in as much as I can. All right, so I’m sorry you are stuck with me watching after you handing foot.

Has they found the orchid? They’re still looking.

Roman. I am so tired of feeling like this. I have to fight to keep my eyes open. Katie, don’t you? You got that. You stay here with me. You understand? Why do you have big plans? Yeah. Matter of fact, I do need to show you something and I’m pretty sure you’re not gonna wanna miss it.


has Elizabeth Roberts, Will you again do me of being my wife.

I’m so sorry about your mom. Thank you. I understand that she’s chosen enough to stay in the hospital. Yes, she um, she wants to be in her own bed. Is your dad with her? And because there’s no cure even a treatment at this point. He’s the best medicine she could ask for.

That is a stunner. Well, you are trying anytime. You’re sweet, but I think we both know that you’re lying because I have to look worse than I feel. Not to me. You don’t. You are as beautiful as a, I’ve done a lot of questionable things in my life, but I must have done one right thing. You did a lot of great things, Kate, and I don’t mean to rush you, but a decade of standing behind that bar downstairs did not help my knees.

Okay. So if I don’t get an answer pretty soon, I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to stand up again. Answer, Yeah. Well, pretty simple. Only two choices. Yes. And the other one I can ask the question again if you.

I’m sorry, I have to say no.

Um, I’m sorry. I don’t get the joke. It’s. No joke. You want to, you, do you wanna break up after what just happened here just now? What? What are you talking about? I don’t, I don’t want to break up then. What? What are you, what are you saying? Well, Kristen’s trying to put a wedge between us. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We’ve already established that. There’s no way in hell she can do that. Yeah. Not on our own, but she succeeded coming between you and your daughter. Everything’s gonna work out okay. A racial will come. I believe that, but in the meantime, you have to prioritize, Rachel. You have to put her first. I am, I’m, I’m totally putting Rachel first, but she hates me and that’s not gonna change any time soon.

And if her happiness is what’s most important to you, and I think that, that we need to break up. And Chloe, do you understand if we do that then you are, you were just giving Kristen exactly what she.

You know, I am growing a real affinity for this little plant. Thank you for trusting me to care for it, as if you gave me a choice. Well, I wasn’t gonna let it fall into the wrong hands, which it would. I’ll admit, if you hadn’t taken it from my lab, it would be in police custody right now, and Rex Brady would be using it to synthesize a cure for Malaina, Kayla and Kate.

Is that your way of saying thank you? That’s my way of asking the question. Are you planning on miss holding it until those three women die?

So if the police come up empty handed after searching Ralph’s lap, then

John, what is it? Its Shawn.

No work in the lab.

I hope nobody’s giving up on me just yet.

Well, uh, , Okay. I wasn’t expecting that. I’m sorry, Roman, but look where we are. Well look, I would prefer taking you to Paris for the proposal, but you know, my hands were kind of tight. That’s not what I mean. And you know it, And what is it? There’s no cure. And we both know what that means. And I’ve been close.

I’ve been close to death before, but not like this. I am not giving up.

I love you honey. I love you for that. And I love you for this proposal and I love you for the rain and I love you for everything that you do for me and everything you, and everything you are, and I’m just full of, um, filled with regrets, reject. For what? For all the time I wasted making bad choices all those years that you loved me and I was either too stupid or or too proud to admit that I loved you back.

Okay, Katie, that doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve got you now and I have no intention of letting you go every moment, every second with you. Was fresh. And every one of those seconds, I want you in the world to know that you’re the only one for me, that you’re my wife, My forever. Forever, Yes. Forever and always.

So please, please, Katie, please say yes and we will be husband and wife in this moment. Come when.

Yes. Yes, Robin. Yes.

No, no, no, no. Pretty lady. Nobody’s coming up on anybody here. No, nevermind. No. We’re gonna fight this with you every step of the way. I’ll take, I can get, Speaking of which, would it be okay if we. Set a prayer for healing and strength together. I like that

we together and humbly ask you to heal her body the same way you healed her spirit. We understand that you want her by her side in heaven right now. This strong, warm, loving, and brilliant woman needs to be right here in our our world with our family. She’s bit longer. I’ll show you. Amen for that.

Amen. You know, if Kayla and Marlena and Kate do die, some would say it was your fault. My fault. Yeah. You’re the one who created a pathogen, did you not? I had nothing to do with infecting those women. They, No, no, no, no. That was Orpheus doing. But he did steal it from your lab. And once I realized it, I grew that tiny orchid, nurtured it from a seedling, and began formulating the ode.

Just in case. Just in case the authorities traced it back to you. Right. The pathogen and then you could save the day and prove your innocence. I am innocent. Well, what a coincidence. So am I. Except that you are keeping the orca to yourself instead of saving those women. Is that a crime? Like I said, I’m becoming attached to it.

It adds a little, um, Touch of trauma into. Drap surroundings. I know you, Kristen, if you were going to let those women die, you would’ve destroyed that bit orchid by now. Instead, you alleviate the chance that someone might discover it or take it from you. So if this isn’t about spite or revenge, but it’s your real plan.

Do you want some water or some ice chips? No. Well, thank you. Note right now. Will you let us know if you need anything? We’re all here for you,

Kayla. They’re, they’re hanging in just like you and your dad. Dad hasn’t left Kate’s bedside for one second. Yeah. Yeah, honey, you should, um, you should go to it. Are you trying to get rid of me, mom? No, I love him. I love having you here, but I think Roman needs you. Well, I’m not going anywhere.

Bella is here and John. Rather be traveled by elephants of the side. She knows me pretty well now. I’m not going anywhere either. Are you good to argue with me when I’m in this condition? That’s pretty low, mom. I know. Give them both by,

okay. I’m gonna go check on Dad and Kate, but I’m coming in right back.

That’s, I love you. I love you.

Samantha. Hey, kid. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Hold on a second.

Hi, sweetie.

I’m, I’m much better now that I’ve heard your voice. Maybe it would serve Marlena, right? If I just let her die. Letting Marlena expire is not your end game. How do you know that? Starters, she’s your daughter’s grandmother. And your rivalry over John Black is a singer. As a past, you might almost say that you are friends.

Okay. Yet I went to her had in hand and I asked her to help me convince Brady that I should be able to see my daughter and she refused to help. Interesting that you mentioned that. Why? Because if there’s one thing I know about you, Kristen, is that you don’t take your eye off surprise. And the only prize that matters to you is John’s son, and you do have arrival for Brady’s affections.

So you’re willing to risk your relationship with your daughter so that Kristen can’t win. Stop. You know? It’s more than that. I love you so much. I’m not gonna let Kristen or anyone else keep us apart, or by the way, I know you love me too. Of course I do. I love you and I don’t wanna be the reason that you lose your daughter, baby.

I am not gonna lose my daughter, but she’s so angry at you. What if that doesn’t get any better and it just gets worse? Eh? It will get better. She will come around. Rachel will be fine. What if she’ll never be happy with us being together? So, I, I don’t have an answer to, to getting Rachel. To be better about us as a couple, but I know this, I know that sacrificing my happiness and, and pretending that I don’t love you, that Amen.

You had me condition your resurrected brother Stephan, to pursue Chloe Lane in the hopes that he would woo her away from Brady Black, but it didn’t work. , so I suspect withholding the orchid is plan B. Hmm. Uhuh, my motives are not your concern. Did you question my father like this? When you assigned a task, your father and I had spirited debates, but in the end I always trusted his judgment.

And trust mine. I am certain Stephan would not approve of putting his beloved Marlena at risk so that you can have your husband back. Careful. Doctor, you’re forgetting your place. My place is to protect your father’s legacy. Hmm. Why are you so focused on Marlena and her condition? Like I said, you have a stash of clones.

That Ready? Hm. Again, I have no idea to what you are referring. Sure. . What the sake of argument? Let’s say this is about Mela. What about those other two women are Kayla Johnson and Kate Roberts? Just collateral damage.

Thank you for giving me life and love. Even now, I cannot wait to make you my bride.

Uh, yeah. Um, yeah, I’ll accept the call. Uh, It’s Lucas from Statesville. Do you feel up to talking to him? Uh, yeah. Yes, I have good news to tell him,

Hey, baby, guess what? Your mom’s getting married. Right?

Is there anything that I can do to help if, if the lab needs an extra hand? No, I, I, I appreciate the offer, but without that or, Nothing could be done. I’m so sorry. Thanks, Sarah. I, I hope you know that. I just want you to be happy. Have a good life. I messed up with us badly, but, um, I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the time that we had.

Yeah, me too.

I know, I know Lucas, I wish you could be here too. Look, there’s something I wanna tell you. I am so proud of you. Well, for taking responsibility for everything that you did. So just that that was such a brave thing to do.

Well, I am wishing you peace, darling, and I’m wishing you happiness and I’m. I’m sure you’re going to be the man and the father to your children that I, that I know that you can be. I love you so much.

No, of course, of course. I’m going to see you when you get out. That’s right. I love you. Bye.

Well, I couldn’t tell him the truth. He’s suffering enough. Okay. I am betting big time that you will be around to see him, speak with him and hug him when he’s released.

Well, right now I just wanna enjoy this moment being your fiance. I don’t what. I don’t want you to be my fiance. I don’t want you to be my wife. I love that idea, but I don’t think we have time to get married. Of course we do. We can do it right here. All we need an fish on and someone to witness it.

And this must be our lucky day. You two guys are just in time for a wedding,

my dear Doctor, don’t tell me that you’re suddenly developing a con. Call it self-preservation. Well, if any or all of them do die, it won’t be traced back to you. No. Should it Obvious Bears four responsibility for an illness, but if they die, we secure literally right in your hands. That’s our you, Kristin, and you alone.

See, I may, of course, I understand

it’s important that you’d be there for that situation with Sydney.

No, darling, I, I know you’d be here if you could.

In fact, there is. There is something you could do that. Make me feel a lot better.

You could talk to your sister.


Hey, Sammy.

Yeah. Yeah, I will. Eric and I are gonna take care of mom for all of us.

I love you too.

You expected Sammy was, uh, very kind. So Eric was right. Sometimes there’s more limits. God’s miracles.

Thank you for bringing me my makeup back. Maybe now I can at least look presentable for my wedding. Oh, come on. You look beautiful. Mom, as always, I’m just happy to be here to watch you marry the love of your life.

You brought me flowers. Yeah. They were growing outside. Right under your window. You told me the other day that, uh, you wanted to pick them, so I did it for you there. Be beautiful. Well, no bride of mine is gonna get married without a proper bouquet. Oh.

I adore wild flowers. So do I. So delicate, so fragile. No wonder it doesn’t exist in the world any longer. As far as we know, the holdings are last of its kind and visit. It’s the last chance for Elena Evans and the others to survive

going to be strong. Kids are gone. It’s just me and you and I. I can see how hard this is. Few sweet.

I never could hide anything from, you could, I would never hide.

The truth is that I,

I feel awful.

I just

every cigarettes. Okay. I’ll tell you. I’m gonna be strong with both of us. Now came, let me do that. Okay? Okay.


Do you Roman, Augusta, Brady? Take this woman to be your lovely weed wife.

I don’t want anything to do with you. And as far as this attraction crap goes, believe me, it’s not mutual at all. You’re out for me right now, Kate. Oh god. Oh God. It’s so ridiculous. That is so asinine. I feel nothing but contempt for you not buying it really. It to.

I definitely do.

Do you, Catherine Elizabeth Roberts, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?

So what do you

I am tempted. I really am, but the now love is so risky. Even when he was a great guy like you, I don’t wanna risk that

you still not ready to say word classic.

I mean, I can only speak for the whole relationship, but as for tonight, I think it’s one for the books. I glad to hear that. Really,


So is there any chance that we could get back to say what we, what we had?

Okay, now guarantee. But yes, I am ready to another truck.

Do you have the ring?

Okay. Repeat after me with this ring. Ivy, we

with this ring I

Dad repeat after me with this. ID we with this friend id, we

now by the power vested me in front of family and God now pronounce your man and wife. Let me kiss your.

What is it? Who, who sent it?

It’s nothing, Doc. No, no, no. We, I promise to be honest with each. Give me a card,

although this is not the orchid you are looking for, doesn’t its beauty. Just take your breath away. Sorry, Poor choice of words, since it won’t be long, it won’t be long until you draw your last breath. I find I find great solace and knowing that as it will sensee, so will you

or face.

You wanted to see me? Yes. We need to talk. Yeah, we do. Why don’t I start? Um, let’s talk about this, this, this letter that you put in Rachel’s lunchbox telling her. Chloe was the reason why she can’t see your mommy. Okay. Wait a minute. I do not know what you’re talking about, Kristen. I’m not playing games with you right now.

I don’t have the time. Marlena is dying. Well, maybe Brady, that doesn’t have to happen. What? Maybe I can save Marlena and Kayla and K two.

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