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Mama, what is going on? You look super serious.

I think you need to have a seat.

Did you just call me a hypocrite? I called you the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever met because I have to follow all the rules or else, and yet you can do whatever the hell you want. Ask. Chill out for a second. Seriously. Alex, what are you talking about? You said you would only continue working for Titan if I respected all of your boundaries.

You called it sexual harassment. If I were to do as much to ask you out for aroyo. So I had been trying to keep it strictly professional and only business, and showing up to your employees house on invited fire, enough crazy accusations that doesn’t cross any boundaries, and sleeping with the new guy who just hired is.

Or is that not a violation of your precious rules? Or do you just make an exception for somebody named Chad Damara?

Can I help you? I was just about to knock. I must be psychic. Look, if you’re here to, uh, sell a cable package, we’re not really, I’m not selling. I’m looking for stuff in Damara.

Look into my eyes. Okay. Sometimes after we, we were just looking to each other’s eyes please. Where is it gone? Where? Where is that gone?

I should have admitted it before now, but my pride, my ego wouldn’t let me do it. And I’m done with all that now. Now, if we never get outta here, I’m not leaving anything unfinished. That’s why I’m laying it all out on the line. I care for you. Get me Hernandez and S and I’m done and pretending I don’t,

what’s wrong,

like Sands through the hour class. So are the days of our lives.

Um, Hello. I didn’t invite you into my house. Sue late. Who the hell are you and what do you want? I told you I need to see Stephan. Amira, My uncle’s not here. Do you know where I can find him? I know where I can find our head of security, and I’m gonna call him unless you answer my question. Who the hell are you?

I’m Wendy Shin. Who the hell are you?

What’s wrong is this conniving little bitch stole my job and I want it back. Even if the shareholders vote your way, you’re insane. If you think your brother will let you run this company, my brother and I are gonna run the company together as co CEOs. Although that arrangement didn’t work out for me and Chad, I know he’ll be overjoyed that the family is back in control of Damir at long miles.

And our first order of business will be two. Clean house. Take out the trash, if you will. You’re making a big mistake. Holy, you should know why now the Amirs of horror, nothing more than disloyalty all trades. Masco

Demy. Don’t worry, I’ll do everything in my power to help you. Unfortunately, Lee, you can’t help her since we’ll be getting rid of you.

So how did you come to the conclusion that Chad and I are sleeping together? Because I’m not an idiot, because I was at Julie’s place last night and I saw you two canoodling over a bottle of champagne. Oh, that’s an Olympic sport. Me thinking of canoeing from the moment to Titan hired you. You have been lecturing me, Stephanie.

You’ve been having my brother lecturing me about understanding what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace and that there is a, a, a, a line that just cannot be crossed. Meanwhile, meanwhile, what? Meanwhile you. Stephanie, get down off of your fake moral high horse and just be honest with me. It is clear what happened between you and your new employee last night, and now here you are, the morning after I said you weren’t an idiot.

Okay, I’m sitting down now. Will you please tell me why I’m here? It’s about my campaign. Oh no mama. If you need more vote for Paulina cookies. We can’t right now. The bakery is swapped. It’s not about the cookies. Chanel. It’s about this.

My father’s chairman of the board. You can’t o. Oh, but I can, I’ll be back shortly with Stephan’s voting proxy. I’d suggest you contact the shareholders and let them know we’ll be calling a meeting Posthaste. Of course. It’s really a formality since we already know the outcome.

If there’s anything you need in that desk, now would be the time to take it. It’s still there. I know it is. I cannot wait until you are gone so I don’t have to listen to this God perak and travel anymore.

Now, clean out your desk, Gabby. Don’t do anything. I’m gonna go find EJ and put a stop to this like ej. There’s nothing you can do to stop it. We’ll see about that.

Wendy Shin, as in Leashing, he’s my older brother. Hey, wait a second. I, I think I heard about you yet. I heard you kick some serious ass at the, uh, Damara. Go in Hong Kong. That was you, right? Yeah. It was impressive. So what do you need to see Ste about? Well, that would be none of your business. Johnny Damara.

Do you know when your uncle might be home? Johnny Damara. Well, he just left, so it’ll probably be a while. Well, I don’t have time to stick around, but uh, I’ll be back.

Can’t wait.

What the hell are you laughing? You obviously know I hired Chad. I’ve been using this place as an office. Kayla’s in the hospital. Steve’s been with her 24 7 when Stephanie’s not with her parents. She’s been here working except when she’s out getting wasted with you. Okay. For your information, Chad went home last night and then he showed up here for work this morning.

Since you’re spying on us, maybe you realized that we’re wearing different clothes than we were at Julie’s place,

so you didn’t. Sleep together. No, we didn’t. Maybe you can go now. We have a lot of work to do. Right. Okay. For the record, Stephanie’s not a hypocrite, but you and my friend had been a complete jackass gas.

Where did this come from? Some sleazy lawyer named Sloan Peterson brought it to me last night on behalf of her mystery client. Well, what did they want? Hush money. They’re blackmailing you. How is that possible? How do they even know about this? I don’t know what happened so long ago. I, I was sure that it would never come out.

This was all my fault. Your campaign could be ruined because its stupid mistake I made in college. Chanel, Please forget the campaign. That is the last thing that is on my mind right now. Oh, I care about is protecting you. What?

It won’t. I’ll make sure of that. Trust me, she know everything is under control. And what makes you say that?

Hmm? You must be Chanel SLU Peterson. That’s okay. , I feel like we already met after all. I know so much about you. Don’t you talk to my daughter? Don’t you even look at her? I presume you brought her up to speed. Oh, on What a sleazy, bottom feeder you want. Yes, she knows. So have we come to any decisions here?

Well, you gave me 24 hours. It hasn’t been that long. My clients are getting antsy. Okay. I need to know how you plan to proceed with the settlement. Settlement of you, right? That’s what we’re calling blackmail these days. Apparently this is what you do for a living. You represent clients who wanna make bank by extorting people.

They, and they’re too afraid to show their faces. You really are scum. Chanel, no mama, she can’t do this. Your mother knows is a very simple solution here, but the clock is ticking. I’m in real estate and you know, over the years I have dealt with countless people, waste slimier than you trying to shake me.

They failed every day on one of them, so get this straight. Ms. Peterson, you don’t scare me. Your daughter seems pretty scared. Chanel has nothing to fear. My public relations firm is handling the situation. This is a PR matter. No, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. One with a very unpleasant discovery process and oh, what there is to discover.

You’re disgusted. You’re just saying it like it is. Sweetheart, if I were you, I would tell my mother to deal with me directly. Ms. Johnson is trained in how to handle delicate situations such as this one. Hey, but if you prefer, you know, I can handle you myself. Roughly. Is that a threat? Oh, honey, that’s a promise.

Now, excuse me, I need to get back to my campaign. Lord knows I have more important things to deal with in the likes of you. I am by far the most important thing that you have to deal with. And if you haven’t discovered that by. You soon will, Honey,

maybe I jumped to conclusions. You think I’m surprised, dude? Okay. I didn’t plan on coming over here and expect to see you. Why are you coming over here at all? Anyway, the point is that she has all these workplace rules that I am sincerely trying to abide by, but. It is impossible. It’s really not. Okay.

Then tell me how your date with Chad went. It wasn’t a date we were celebrating his first day on the job. Fine. Then tell me how celebrating your new employee’s first day on the job is no problem at all. But if I want to ask out my employee to a lunch to discuss business, it is completely offensive and highly inappropriate.

All right. Let me mansplain this for you then. See what happened between Stephanie and me was consensual. There you go. There it is. Thank you, Chad. He admits it. There is something between you.

Okay. Big brother. Hacking into your personal laptop didn’t get me anywhere, so I’ll just access your work email from the damara server. Just type your password and two step verification. No way locked out. Dude, I’ve been lecturing you forever about having another layer of security and you do it now. Oh, damnit late.

What are you trying so hard to hide? Rough day at the virtual office. Huh? You again?

What are you doing? I need to speak with you privately. There’s nothing to discuss. Once Stephan gets you shares back, we’re gonna vote Gabby out, and once we’re back in charge, you’ll be fired and removed from the board. Now I won’t be, Excuse me, if you try to get rid of me, I’ll make your brother flip on you so fast.

Your head will spin.

I’ll take this. I like this one. I know you got it for me. Remember?

What, what just happened? No, I I saw it the same thing that happened earlier when I told you to look into my eyes when I said triggered a memory. My God, will you please stop? No, no, no, no, no, no step. I am not the only one. Everybody in this room saw it. You. You got rattled. And it’s because the feelings that you had for me that you still have for me, were trying to rise at the surface.

Okay. Look, it’s just us. It’s just the two of us. Do it again. Look into my eyes and this time just tell me the truth. You were thinking about us, weren’t you?


Yes, I was.

You do realize that I could go straight to the press with this information. You good? But you won’t. Why? Because you know damn well if you do, it’s over. Your clients will never get what they want from me. Mama, this isn’t your problem. It’s mine. Oh no. I’m pretty sure it’s her problem too. Chanel, you keep my daughter’s name out your freaking mouth.

What are you gonna do? Slap me, mama. Let me handle this. Let me handle this, baby. I thought you wanted Stephanie Johnson to handle this. That’s right. I do. It’s called delegating Now. You want results? Take it up with her. Fine. But if I don’t get the results that I. I’ll be back. We’ll see about that now. You know what?

You just need to get the hell outta my office.

Oh, mama, I’m so sorry. No, no, it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. Sweet, babe. This be so sweet, baby. Bigger. Come here. I got you. God, you, I got you. So you two didn’t have, There is something going on between you consensual. Yeah, I’m sure it is. Am I right? Yeah. She doesn’t owe you an explanation. No, she doesn’t owe me an explanation shed, Stephanie.

You can date whoever you want to be with, but please do not paint me into being a jackass because you’re doing exactly what you told me I couldn’t do. So instead of hiding behind this sexual harassment handbook, why don’t you just be honest with me? Tell me, you’re not attracted to me. She has repeatedly, and I believe that she can speak for herself.

I would prefer to just end this conversation.

Look Chad’s, right? You said you weren’t into me. I didn’t believe it. I thought you were hanging onto these rules. I also thought that maybe we would get to a point where you felt comfortable, whether that meant riding up the contract that Titan. Or me quitting my job cuz I would do that cuz I really think we could have had something special.

Anyways, I came over here to tell you that I am sorry about your mom, Stephanie Sonny told me she was sick and unfortunately it was too late for me because I already ran into you at the hospital and you were really upset and I acted like a jerk. No, I, I insisted I was fine. And not in a nice way. I still felt terrible and I was gonna send you flowers, but then son told me that was gonna be too romantic that I was gonna text you.

But I figured that was a little impersonal. So here I am and I really do hope that your mom gets better soon. Thanks. And honestly, I do understand you’re not into me. You never were, and you have found somebody else that you are. And I need to accept that, but I’m a big boy and I will let you two get back to whatever you were doing,

acting into the Damara email server. Course not. You know, I used to work there, so I recognize the interface. Well, I work at Damara too. Really? Never saw you around. Gonna keep me hidden. I’m head of it in Fairbank, , Alaska. What’d you do to get banished there? Got better test scores than Lee my whole life.

Better grades. So much. It was magna and all that, which should have put me in first position, but, The shins can’t have the baby sister showing up the first fourth son. So it was off to the tundra for me. That sucks. Fifth grade, I’m not gonna take it anymore. We rock on. So is that what, uh, is that what this is all about?

Hacking your email, unleash some digital revenge. I don’t wanna, bro, to his life, I’m just looking for something I can use to get what I want, which is, A transfer to Damara headquarters here in Salem. Okay. I know it sounds sketchy. This is how my family roles were all about transactions. No, I get it.

Believe me, it’s just the, uh, the damara office here is a snake pit. Really? Totally. I mean, everyone that works there is a two face liar. There’s a new CEO every other week. Trust me. It’s toxic. Yeah. Well, I want a chance to show what I can. Well, I do have issues with my brother. I still love him and I’m actually a little bit worried about him.

I might have overheard you saying you thought he was hiding something. Are you close with your Uncle Stephan? I actually just met him this morning. He’s kind of been dead for the last four years, so I’ve. I assume you know Lee’s engaged to his ex-wife. Yeah. Gabby Hernandez, the CEO of Damara Enterprises.

Yeah. Well my brother told me that Stephan lost all interest and Gabby is not true apparently. Yeah, when I talked to him this morning, um, told me he didn’t love her anymore. Sounds a pretty serious 180. Do you know what happened there? I have some ideas. So do I. So how about let we share?

What are you talking about? You have no control over Ste. Who do you think had kept on ice for the past four years? My sister wrong. Kristen only stumbled upon him after Jake died. Jake? She and Ralph brought Jake’s body to Ralph’s lab to try to revive him. It didn’t work. However, his twin brother did get a new heart out of him.

I see. But it was me, not Kristen, who continued to find Ralph’s research until he was released from prison. Stefan came back to life on my orders, but only after I got Ro. To turn him against Gabby. So Ralph did Brainwash. I had it done and I can have it undone.

You’re right. I was thinking about you. I was thinking about the time that you had my heart ripped from my chest and you gave it to Julie Williams. You’re liar. So if you’re wondering why I was feeling flustered, it’s because I felt this wave of nausea wash over me as I realized what a conniving snake you are.

Fact, every time I’m near you, I begin to feel physically ill, and every time you’re near me, you start to. Admit it. Why? Why won’t you just admit it? You know what? Soon you won’t even have a choice, because whatever RO did to you to make you hate me, the truth is stronger. Our love is stronger. Oh, please, Why can’t, Why do you even know?

Let Wolf do this to you? It’s taken so much from you. Ro brought me back to life. But that’s your life. What does that even mean? We have shared some amazing, wonderful memories together, and since you have been back, you have no emotional connection to them. Why? Why don’t you wanna feel that? The love, you know where Ralph is, please.

You know where he is. Just tell me where he is and I will fix it. I will, I will make this right and I, I’ll figure out how to make you hold again.

I’m so sorry baby. It worked so hard to put this behind you. What are you sorry for? It never occurred to me. Running for a governor can mean they dug this up. My past, my scholarships, yes, but yours ooh, politics and nasty business. I should have known. This isn’t your fault. I told Stephanie, she knew all my secrets.

This isn’t your secret, mama. It’s mine. I feel so terrible that this could ruin in your campaign. I know how much this means to you. Sweet child. You mean infinitely more? You mean everything. And that is why I am going to drop out of this.

Thanks for the assist with Alex. You need my help. Is he always like that at work? Like what? Angry, irrational. He was definitely angry, but I don’t think it’s fair to say that he was being irrational. But he saw us together last night and then again this morning he just assumes we slept together. We almost did.

because Sure. But that doesn’t give him the right to come over here and start demanding answers to by a, about your personal life. And he acknowledged that. Okay. Look, I just think that if you don’t have feelings for him, he should accept that. So hopefully he does, and that’s the end of it. I just feel guilty for him not knowing the whole truth.

Don’t feel guilty, but unless you do have feelings for him.

So you think this Dr. Roth guy might have brainwashed Stephan into hating Gabby. If anyone can do it, it’s him. But the question is why my brother could have put him up. He does have a pretty major motive to keep s Stephan and Gabby apart. So does my dad. Why would he care if Stephan gets back together with Gabby?

My dad’s chances of becoming CEO at the mirror are over. If you un brainwashed Stephan, you’ll lose cash. Abby was not part of the plan. I only kept your brother around because I thought I could use him to gain power at d. But you didn’t plan on falling for his widow along the way. Kar loose. I’m sorry, Gabby, I’ll end it.

She’s your fiance and this company is my life. So you are willing to dump the woman you love to retain your position here, correct?

I don’t believe you. Try me

really. You think I’m going to tell you where Ralph is? Why would I do that? So we can get answers? No, no, no. Gabby, there is no we, This has nothing to do with you. This has everything to do with me and what you feel when we’re together. I have already told you how. No, I know. I’m disgusted. We’re Pauls. Yes, We get it.

I. But that’s because Wolf did something to you. I don’t know. Maybe he put a micro chip in your head and maybe he shot you off. It’s a magic potion. But you know what? I am not letting this go. I’m not letting you go because I know the truth. The truth is that you still love me. And no matter how much time goes by, you can’t deny that feeling and it’s just gonna get stronger and stronger until you cannot deny any longer.

Gabby, have you forgotten that you are engaged to another man? You changed the subject because you’re afraid I’m right.


It’s you deny that.

Mama, you can’t quit the race. Why not? Well, first off, I won’t let you. Besides it won’t help. They already have the information. What they want now is the cash. I’m not giving them a damn does. Okay, well then let me Sweet bits had a record quarter. Absolutely not. You are not going to use your hard earned income to pay some creep.

And if we paid this once, they’ll just keep coming back asking for more. Chanel. What this lawyer is doing to us is illegal now we just going to shut her down before anyone ever finds out your secret. S J P R is on a comprehensive strategy as we speak. And you trust her. This Stephanie? Mm-hmm. . I do. She’s smart, she’s talented, and she understands that confidentiality is of the utmost importance and.

Chad Damara signed an nda. Chad Damara. Mm-hmm. . Stephanie hired him. , my man. He knows a thing or two about neutralizing a threat. Don’t worry, baby. I’m sure the two of them, they’re all over this. As we speak, we need to figure out this p a price situ. It’s a nice dodge. What do you mean? I just asked you about Alex.

Okay. Can we not waste any more time on him? Sloan Peterson’s gonna call any minute and we need to have a strategy in place before she does, if that’s Alex again.

Ms. Johnson, SLU Peterson. I was expecting a call on a home visit. I’m a fan of the personal touch. And you are Chad Jamira. I am. Chad’s my new associate. Yes. I know we spoke on the phone, so should we get into it? We were supposed to schedule a meeting. I thought I’d expedite the process. So this is our settlement offer.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the figure is more than reasonable. My client deserves retribution, of course, but we’d like to make this go away as quickly and quietly as possible without destroying this prices campaign. We’re big fans, right? We’ll need some time to get the funds together. I will reach out once I have everything in order.

You’re making the right call talks in.

Do you think my brother and your father could be working together? I don’t know. It’s possible, right? They both want the same thing. Johnny, please don’t say anything about us. So my dad, No, don’t worry. I won. What do you do not get along? Uh, let’s just say he’s a condescending control freak who treats me and everyone I care about.

Like they’re, so, if he’s trying to screw over my Uncle Stephan, I wanna do something about it. Like what? I don’t know yet. First I gotta figure out what’s going on. Yeah, I’d like to know that myself. So, Wendy Shin, how would you feel about teaming up together to find out the truth?

Good news, brother. I have your process. We’ll be back for the big vote. We’ll be ready. Did you two come to an understanding? Yes, we did.

Why’d you tell Sloan that we’d get the money together? I thought Pauline had no intention of caving. She doesn’t, and she. I was just stalling for time because we still don’t have a plan. We, we’ll come up with one. This is Pauline’s child, her future, her freedom. We can’t mess this up. We won’t. I wish I was so sure.

This did not have to happen if I had been more careful. Made sure this stayed buried. Oh no, it was. It was buried. But after all these years, someone dug it up to get rich and. I’m gonna deal with that summer. Yeah. But I wish you didn’t have to. No. Your poor sister, she, she paid the price for my mistakes. I won’t fail you.

But you didn’t. Uhuh Never again. Never again. Chanel. Never will I ever let down my children again.

What happened with ej? We came to a compromise of sorts. Unfortunately, he still has the votes. Nothing we can do about that. So we’re both out. No, I spoke with my father. He won’t allow his son to be fired.

Right? But he won’t protect me. C, if there were any other way, I’d never have agreed. This way, I’m still on the inside where I can keep fighting for you. For us,

this is just a temporary setback. Before you know it, we’ll both be back on top. I hope you understand it. Disappointed. I devastated, actually. I feel like I’ve lost everything.

I have, I, I have you, I have your love, your loyalty. What I would do without you, Lee,

uh, it’s a bit early for Bourn. It’s a big day. To the two new CEOs at Damara Enterprises. You did it, Brother Stephan. I’m afraid there’s been a Slack changer plan. No thought it was all ironed out, as did I, but Lee went running to his daddy. Who refused to go along with the plan to ask his son, I’m afraid.

Way also has some concerns about you, specifically your ability to run a company after you’ve been Como for years. Damn him. Of course, you and I are both know that you are not impaired. He just needs to see that your cognitive abilities are hack before he put you in charge. Mm. So what’s the bottom line here?

Gabby is still gone. Thank God. I will be elected CEO and Lee will stay on as my number two and I’ll be left on the court. No, not at all. You’ll be given a high level executive position, but you and Lee will be running things. The only deal the board would approve, but I assure you it is only temporary. I will find another way to get rid of Lee, and soon enough, you and I will be on top together

to my future co ceo.

You want me to team up with? I don’t even know you. No, I don’t know you either. But I know that you are a smart, highly motivated individual like myself. Don’t wanna look like a guy you can trust. Not really. Come on. Look, maybe you and your dad are getting along right now. What if you two work things out and then decide to stab me in the bag?

That is not gonna happen. And I can say the same thing about you and your brother. Look Wendy, we both want the same. And two smarts. Highly motivated heads are better than one.

Okay. Okay. Let’s do this. Right.

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