GH Short Recap Wednesday, October 12, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Michael tells Dex he needs to make sure that Josslynn stays away from him because she can’t be involved in his plan to take down Sonny. Michael even asks Cameron to help keep Josslynn away from Dex because he is a bad guy.

Sonny tells Ava he will put a guard on Trina to help keep her safe. Ava thinks Sonny keeps Dex around to mentor him.

Nikolas asks Esme to take a paternity test which she is more than willing to take if he keeps her out of jail. Nikolas locks Esme in the storage wing of Windemere so she can’t hurt anyone else.

Carly makes a speech to save the cemetery and waits for the beautification guild’s vote.

Lucy finds out Victor is working with Deputy Mayor Ashby and then Anna and Valentin tell her they don’t need her help anymore.

Sonny calls Dex and tells him he wants to talk to him about his future.

Victor finds the bug planted in his hotel room and knows Lucy bugged him because the bug smells like strawberries just like Lucy’s lipstick.

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