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Good morning. Yes it is. I just sleep. Let’s just say I earned my rest. Mm-hmm. Can I just tell you how glad I am that you changed your mind about me? That we no longer just keep it business between us and what can I say? You’re irresistible. Irresistible. I do have to tell you something. I, um, I saw you with Chad last night.

Really? Yeah. And I don’t know, I just thought that maybe somehow. You are into him. He says, I’m not.

That was some night, huh?

Yeah, I go to 9 1 1 Message from Pauline Price. I’m heading over to her office right now. Tell mom I’ll be there by 10. I will tell her I love her.


At least I don’t look too hungover.

Dammit, Ro, why are you not returning my calls? Gabby has the mayor of security looking for you. She’s already suspicious that you did something to Stephanie to make him hate her. You better be in your lab when I get there. Not about to lose her to that bastar.

Okay, Dad, I’ve been thinking about this and first of all, uncle Step

Johnny, your dad told me you moved in last night. We’ll see how long it lasts. Uh, I was glad to hear the sheriff not dead, you know? Huh? Me too. So, so my dad around, I really need to talk to him. No, I’m sorry. You missed him left about 20 minutes ago. Okay. What? What do you think? You don’t know what? Okay, look, let me put it to you this way.

If you don’t find roll by noon, I’m gonna find a new head of security. Okay?

Good morning, sunshine

like sands through the hour glass. So are the days of our lives.

Sleeping in our bed. Ah, I wonder if he thinks it’s just right. Well, good morning. You two are cold. Yeah, well it was quiet a night, right? And we didn’t get much sleep. Oh. You know, Part of me feels like I’m still dreaming. What’d you dream about Teresa? And lucky for me, my dream came true.

So your dad told me what Ava Vitality. . She made a mistake and he’s making a federal case out of it. Come on. Yeah. She faked a marriage so she could steal her dead boyfriend’s stock shares. I wonder. He is furious . He’s not furious. He’s delighted. He found a way to get his myths on even more money that he doesn’t need.

He doesn’t give a rats ass about right or wrong. He would’ve done exactly what a. In a heartbeat. He’s not trying to get his myths on more money. What he’s trying to do is get back something that was stolen from this family. This isn’t about money. This is about making sure that scheming swine, Gabby Hernandez gets kicked to the curb.

What? But you think Gabby Hernandez is a scheming. She’s your wife. Not for long, thank God. But everybody, the two of you, everybody said how happy you were together. How crazy you were about her. Well, I’m not crazy about her now. And you know what? She’s about to get exactly what’s coming to her. Okay. That’s intense.

What exactly did Dr. Roth do to you? Anyway?

All right. Get out of here. Okay. Unlike you, I have work to do. I’m just trying it on for size, squeeze a little needs to be replaced, like a lot of things around here. Okay. I’m calling security. You have no right to. Well, one of us doesn’t, and we both know who that is, don’t we?

Okay, so showing up on my doorstep without giving a heads up. What’s it about this time? Oh, it’s about a promise that was made to me about my dream job. So where is it?

I’m sorry. I should have called before I just coming over here. No, it’s okay. You just surprised me. That’s all. I’m sorry. I just, I wanted to, um, come over before work to, to. Sure. Come on in.

And, and by, by talk. I, uh, actually, I mean, I’d like to apologize for last night. There’s no need. We both had a lot to drink and I’m paying the price for that this morning. Yeah, me too. Um, but I, I, I wanted to talk about No, no, Chad, I know what you were talking about. Look, last. Reality, which I hate had beaten us both up real good.

We were trying to blot it out. So that second bottle of champagne, that was a mistake. Coming here for a nightcap. That was the second one. And then before we did something really stupid, you did the thinking for both of us, and I thank you for that yesterday. I really enjoyed working with you, and I really enjoyed talking to you and.

I really don’t wanna screw that up. Let’s agree that we simply can’t remember a thing that happened since we left Julie’s place. Very good. Uh, spin. You should do pr, , speaking of which, I was just on my way out. I got a message from Paulina last night. She didn’t go into details, but judging from the sound of her voice, it sounds like an asteroid is about to hit.

Salem Pauling of the dramatic, Hard to imagine. You want me to come with you? Yes. I think I could use all the help I could get

So tell us by your dream. Sounds a lot like the one I had. Yeah, me too. You look at the time, I had no idea it was getting that late. Excuse me. Oh God. Hey, would you go’s mind if I use your shower? I promise you I will not use all the hot water. No problem.

You know when he said, Look, at the time he was not wearing a watch, there’s something going on. You’re right. And I know what it is. He’s in love with us. What? What, ? No, No way. Okay. First of all, love is a human emotion, and I don’t think our p Alex has any of those. He didn’t until last night, and that’s what’s freaking him out.

We were so hot that he like totaled, fell in love with that car. Oh my God, Chan. No, what? Wait, we, we were not that hot. And also, you can’t just be hot to have somebody fall in love with you. Like he doesn’t even know us that well. He hasn’t even known us that long to be in love with us. Okay? First of all, we are that hot.

And second of all, he knows us enough. I saw it in his eyes last. And I saw it in his eyes just now, so I know that I’m right that there is love in the air.

Dr. Wolf didn’t do anything. You can’t make a person hate someone, so you hate Gabby. I certainly don’t love her, quite frankly. Can’t begin to wrap my head around why I did if I did.

Surely I’m, I’m not the only one who thinks that’s a pretty weird about face. Oh, no, no, no, no. Plenty of folks have chimed in about it, including Gabby. You know what kid? It’s getting old. Okay, so let me get this straight. Everybody’s saying one thing and you’re saying the opposite. Does, doesn’t that make you wonder why that is?

I don’t understand why everybody’s so surprised. You see, Gabby and I started out hating each other. Okay, so maybe I sat there and I convinced myself that there was more to this relationship than there actually. That sounds like a rationalization to me. You can’t rationalize feelings, but you can’t control them.

You ever seen the man cheer in candidate? Not that that’s one of Ralph’s favorite movies. This has nothing to do with Ralph.

For one thing,

what would Ralph have to gain by making me hate Gabby? Hmm. Hmm. Interesting question.

Wouldn’t be the first time a Damara has hired him to do something that can’t be done.

Mild man’s dead. Mild man inherited his playbook. Look, think about it. Okay? If you and Gabby are still together, she’s got an iron. Damara, but if you side with my dad against her, she doesn’t stand a chance.

Do I need to remind you that you don’t have the votes? We can only sit at a tie, which means I remain in place. Gabby, have you happened to notice that Jake’s widow hasn’t shown up for work this morning? Sorry, sorry, sorry. I. Entirely hasn’t shown up. Jake doesn’t have a widow. That marriage was a fraud.

That not true. They loved each other. That’s totally irrelevant. The marriage is a legal contract, is a fraud. The kind of fraud that puts people behind bars.

Oh, come in.

Good morning, Paulina. What’s he doing here? Hello to you too, Paulina. Your voicemail sounded pretty serious. I thought we’d want the whole team in on. Whatever it is, whatever this is, is serious and sensitive. Okay. Paul, Amy, you. You were the one that recommended Stephanie hire me. I thought that was because you trusted me, but you were right.

We should have called. So if you’d like, I’ll, I will wait outside unless maybe he signs a nondisclosure agreement. If it’s as serious as you say it is, I could use his help. I’m sorry. Sorry. Uh, you know, I’m not, I’m not at my best this morning. I do. I trust you. God knows I need to trust someone. Paulina, can you just tell us what the problem is?

Not until he signs on the dotted line.

This isn’t a great time, can’t it? Wait, sure. Yeah. Uh, from Fairbanks to your doorstep only took me 10 hours. Go to door. Six hours and last row, coach between two biker dudes with boundary issues. So yeah, I’d be more than happy to wait a little longer for what’s coming to me. What’s coming to you? You mean what you want handed to you on a silver platter?

Damningly Dad promised I get taken out of that Grunt it job in Fairbank. I gave you a promotion. You’re in charge of it. In Fair Banks? Yeah. There’s only so much moose a girl can eat. Take it up with dad. He’s the one who wants you there, but you’re the one who can do something. Okay. You have the equipment it takes to get that sexist, patriarchal dinosaur to listen.

I’m just the girl exiled to Fairbanks until I start producing male grandchildren. Look, I told you, this isn’t a good time. Oh, I’m sorry I’m driving. You crazy, aren’t I? In a word? Yes. Guess what? I’m going to keep driving you crazy until you get me my dream. In Salem, the center of all things Damara. It isn’t that simple.

Actually. It is. You’re engaged to the CEO for God’s sake.

If you screwed that up too,

I don’t mean to ring on your delusional parade, but Ava has a valid marriage license, signed, sealed, and delivered . Keep digging that whole for. About six feet deep would do it. You’re whistling in the dark. I’m sharpening my knives. Quick legal lesson. Knowingly filing a forged marriage license is fraud, which means that every subsequent business transaction predicated on that license would be, I think you know where I’m going with this.

Fraudulent to tell so. If the groom signature had been forged, and if Ms. Fatali knew that her taking a seat on the Deir board as Mrs. Jake Deir would be fraudulent, voting his shares would be fraudulent, and if anyone else knew that license was fraudulent. And proceeded to aid in Ms. Tali in her enterprise.

That person would be a partner. And that fraud and equally culpable and all of that would be criminal, which means the minutes of every business meeting since August 31, every corporate filing since August 31, every paycheck cashed and re dividend check cashed , hell, even a $2. Expense account submission would be fraudulent, and all of that would be a public record of criminal activity.

Ooh. It was fun to say all that. Oh, it’s gonna be fun to watch you get thrown out on your ass. Mm. Well go ahead and make that call. You’ll just be kicking the can down the road. Gabby. I have the marriage license and the forensic reports that state that Jake’s signature had been forged, and when I show them both to Ava last night, she caved and then.

Just like that. She sold you down the river and then she said it was all your idea.

Well, now I’m quaking. Ava Fatali is accusing me. Oh, who would question her veracity? Who would ever think she’d try to pin something she did on someone else? Maybe I should call my brother the police commissioner to the stand. He can testify to a sterling character . Well, the trial will be interesting, but that’s not my first priority.

No. Job number one is getting you the hell outta my office. A little earlier you were crowing about folks. Well, now since Ava Ty is no longer, longer entitled to Jake shares, they default to his closest living relative. Vivian ae. Oh, she can’t vote. She’s incarcerated. Good. You know your bylaws, which means you also must know that she has the right to assign a proxy for ho vote even as we speak.

I have an emissary. It states for getting that. Um, how did you put it before sign, sealed and delivered. I want to refu guess which one of your ex. Is going to get the, In the meantime, Ava’s shares now rest with corporate compliance, where the change of ownership is being prepared

rather moves Gabby. It’s check mate, I wonder if you have any idea how much Dhan is going to enjoy being the deciding back that gives you the.

Well, you said you were busy. I wanna keep You have a great day.

Gabby and I are fine. What are you talking about? Oh, for such awan place. Doorsy are pretty thick. Right before I knocked I heard you having a meltdown about Stephan Damara. Isn’t he Gabby’s late husband, or, Uh, It’s not so late anymore. Back from the dead and totally uninterested in Gabby. Oh, then why were you panicking?

I wasn’t panicking, and I didn’t just hit a nerve.

What? Hey, where are you? I need you. What’s wrong? Look, I can’t tell you over the phone. Just get down here. I’ll be right there. I’ve gotta go. Great. I’ll go with you and we can talk in the car about a job. Gene win. I kept my promise. I’m sorry that you’re not satisfied, but then again, you never are.

So why are you so freaked out about Stefan Damara?

Let’s see what the it crowd. Do.

So you think EJ paid Ralph to brainwash me about Gabby. You see there’s a hole in your scenario. EJ would’ve had to have been working with Ralph Long before I was revived, but EJ didn’t know I was. Until Gabby told him.

So the most accomplished liar on two continents acted surprised to see you when you bought it. Okay kid. Look, I don’t know what went on between you and Ava Vitality, but it sounds to me you’re having a hard time accepting, which she did. And so now you’re taking whatever you can find, throwing it against the wall, seeing what sticks.

If I loved Gabby, even if it was buried deep in my subconscious, believe me, I’d know

you still in a mad rush to get outta here. Oh, I’m sorry. Uh, just now you hopped out of the bed like it was on fire.

That was a bit awkward, wasn’t it? Uh, you just seemed a bit overwhelmed as if in the grips of a powerful emotion, and you just seem a little anxious to get outta here. Mm-hmm. . Well, ladies, I am truly sorry if that’s the way it seemed because I can assure you I had an amazing time and you’re both awesome, Alex.

It’s fine. Look, we know why you feel like you have to get out of. I mean, we don’t, Well, I do. Look, Alex, we said this last night, but maybe we should say it again. What happened last night? It was just about sex. It was nothing more than that one time thing. That’s it. And where is this coming from? We were talking and one of us, an emphasis on one of us, Oh.

Thinks that there might be something more. Something more. More as in what? Like, trust me, I’m into you both truly. But that’s not something any of us need to worry about. Told you.

All right. Time to come clean.

I didn’t try to rush outta here because I couldn’t find a way to deal with some feelings. I try to rush outta here because I had a dream, a dream about us. I was covering there a bit.

The dream wasn’t about you guys. I had a dream about Chad Damara.

All right, your, uh, standard nda. Welcome to Look it over. I’m sure it’s fine. And uh, sorry to be so hardnosed to No, no, no. Please don’t apologize. You being hard nose is one of the reasons I decided to vote for you before I signed on with Stephanie. Thank you. So what are we dealing with? Paulina? Something that can undo my entire campaign, but you may not believe this, but that’s not what has me upset.

That’s why I had to ask you to sign that nda. See, it’s about my daughter Chanel.

I’m sorry. I’m not sure I understand. What does Chanel have to do with your campaign? So, um, last night I had a visit from a lawyer named Sloan Peter. She makes EJ look like Atticus Finch. She represented Leo when he was accused to killing my wife. There is nothing she wouldn’t s do to that would be her.

Well, she has another client. She won’t tell me who it is, but she delivered an ultimatum from him, her, but whoever it is, they know something about Chanel like what?


So the dream was actually about Stephanie? Yeah. Last night I had a dream that she was with Chad Damara. So you dreamt that you had a freeway with them? No. No, not at all. I had a dream that this guy had the capability of taking her away from me. But you don’t have her. Yeah. And you don’t know that Chad has her either, Unless of course it’s not that you’re jealous of him being with her, but of her being with him.

No, no, no, no, no. This was a dream. This was a dream. It was. Mixed up. I’m all mixed up. Yeah, it sure sounds like it. Dreaming about Chad when you’re in bed with us. . Yeah. No wonder you were overwhelmed, . Kidding. Uh mm-hmm. . Anyways, moving forward, I had an amazing time with you guys. I’m sorry if it seemed a little weird right there, but I care about you both a lot and an awesome time hanging out.

You’re amazing. Well, I don’t think anything can change that. Good. I do need to get going, but,

But what, for what? I don’t know which one of you guys to kiss goodbye first. Okay. Well let us handle that.


He said, Check me. Check me. Okay. I, I don’t wanna believe it, but I don’t see any moves left. Are you sure he is not bluffing? I don’t think so. I mean, Ava didn’t come in her phone must be for something because I tried to leave her a voicemail and he says he has the marriage license and then proof that it’s for, and.

And what, No, he was laughing. He was laughing about the idea of, of Stephan casting, the deciding vote against me. Just, you know, you’re the only one in my corner. You’re the only one I could trust.

Uncle Stephan, you at least need to think about it. And trust me, you can’t just believe everything my dad says. Well, I see the two of you have finally met. Yeah, we were. Getting to know each other. I was telling him he should watch his back when you’re around, especially if there are any knives in the room.

You’re still angry about Ava, but we’ll have to talk about that later. Gabby and I are now in endgame. Good. Hmm. And as a result, very soon, your financial future is going to be considerably brighter, so perhaps a little gratitude, maybe an order Gratitude. Sadly, I expected that reaction. Look, I know you’re upset about Ava’s, um, duplicity.

I, I am upset that she treated her like dirt dad. But in time, you’ll see I did what was best for all, including you, but mostly you, Johnny, that Batali woman was bad news from the very beginning. Turn the page and next time, perhaps find someone more age appropriate. Ste, your mother’s power of attorney is being transferred as we speak.

If you leave now, it should be waiting for us, a company headquarters. What do you say? Do you feel like giving Gabby Hernandez is a peak of her dismal future? I’d love nothing more.

It’s just so great that you are not dead anymore. Me thinking the same thing.

Well, I can see why you’re concerned and why I had to ask for confidentiality. This Sloan person is just a go between for me and my black mailer piece of dirt going after my kid and I pay it. I would, even if you did, there’s no guarantee they wouldn’t keep asking for more and still release. What, two, three days before election?

Your basic November surprise. So now that we’ve established how this situation is, so God awful, what do we do about it? So we are all good with Alex at Are we good? Less? Uh, why do you ask that? No, we just did something like really crazy. Yeah. and. I don’t know. It was, it was basically my idea. So I guess what I’m asking is did I ask too much?

Uh, I still can’t believe we did that. Well, that doesn’t answer my question. Well, you said last night that you thought that it might make us closer. I think it worked. I think so too. And you know, last night was really hot, but you know what’s hotter? Just the two of us. Sometimes three is a crowd.

And I’m in

gun. I wonder you such a crap password. This is all personal junk. Leave it to lead. I used two separate laptops. Well, this one’s good for us. Just a bunch of pictures of him and Gabby. Don’t superhero cosplay.

What I need to figure out is why you so freaked out about Stephan Amira. I think I need to get that information straight from the horse’s mouth.

Okay. What we need to do is slow down and think we need to find a way to get EJ back in this cage. I keep telling you, he’s absolutely sure he’s. And he’s so enjoying using Stephan as his hatchet man. Look, Gabby, I brought you a surprise.

All right. Sloan’s gonna get back to me at one time to meet. Okay? In the meantime, you and I can start grasping at straws being such. Why don’t you let me take this one, Jen. This is not a minor issue. No, no, no, no, no. Just temporarily. I, I, You should go see your mother. I’ll get all the preliminaries in place.

I won’t make any decisions. You think that’s Sloan? I wouldn’t surprise me. She tries to take us by surprise. Keeps off balance. Well, screw her. She’s gonna find out who she’s dealing.

What are you doing here? I’m here to tell you that you are the biggest hypocrite I have ever met.

Mama I, I got your message. You sounded terrible. Is everything okay?

God, he’s full of himself. This is for the best. Which means it’s the best for him because he is the only person in the universe,

and then slipping into kindly father mode. Find yourself someone more age appropriate.

Oh. So this is what fear smells like. Just wash it. . I told you I would come back with ammunition. I just met the man I sent to see Vivian in the lobby as we arrived. This is her power of attorney and once I handed over to the fine folks at corporate compliance, her proxy shares that defaulted to her. Upon Jake’s death will be granted to staffer.

My advice. Don’t wait for the vote to start looking for another job. I hear buddies, burger bonds hiring. Oh, maybe you could give her a reference. You know her better than any of us. Wish I didn’t . Wish I never laid eyes on. Why? Why? I don’t understand. Why are you being so mean to me? I mean, do we, Were in love.

We, we loved each other. We did you, There must be some part of you that still remembers that. No. Okay. Just look. Look at my, please. Look in my eyes. Okay. Just look at me. Because right after we, we look at each other, we. There must be something in there. Where is it? Where is it gone? Where is it?

I should have admitted it before now, but my pride, my ego wouldn’t even do it to do it. But I’m done with all that now. Now, if we never get outta here, I here anything unfinished. That’s why I’m laying it all out on the line. Line. I care for you. You get me Hernandez, and I’m done pretending. Pretending I don’t.

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