Days Short Recap Friday, October 7, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sloane went to see Paulina. She told her that she had information that could ruin her political career before it even begins. Paulina said all of her dirt has already been revealed. Sloane told her that she was talking about Chanel’s dirty secret. Stephanie thanked Chad for his help with Paulina’s campaign. She hoped he would stay with the company after the election. She wanted to drink some champagne when Tripp called her. He wanted to know about Kayla. She avoided tell him everything. She let Chad know that she wished she could tell her brothers how Kayla really was. She said she couldn’t lose her mother. He understood what she was going through since he thought of Kate as a mother. She knew he was still grieving over Abby. Alex walked in and saw them together. He walked out of the room. Chad thanked her for giving him a job. He told her that he saw Abby at her grave and she told him to move on with his life. He thought Abby was telling him to move on with his life. He leaned over and kissed her.

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