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Ava, this is a surprise why you invited us both to move back in. Yeah, that’s the problem. Aj, aren’t you excited to welcome your son and your sister-in-law back?

Hi. I just wanted to make sure you made your flight on time. Okay, Deb, and just so you know, okay. As soon as Sarah gives me the green light, I’m gonna come visit you. Okay? And you and me and Ari, we can video chat tonight. Come miss you already

a few more. Okay, bye.

So Will is headed back to la huh? Uh, no, Alex, he’s headed to Minnesota to judge St. OL’s annual Yodeling contest. . So now you’re channeling the Golden Girls to make fun of me. Hmm. Good. So that means you’re on the fast track to recovery and also means that our truth is over. Okay.

And send. How are you liking your first day at SJ P? Watching you work is exhausting. Come on. You did a lot. We sent out email blasts to everyone on the distribution list. We came up with a strategy for undecided voters confirmed that those freaking mailers were finally sent out, and we set up a major press conference for Paulina.

Yep, you’re right. Very impressive. And I couldn’t have done it without your help. Put her there. Partner

Are you leaving? No, I’m just, I’m just checking to make sure I didn’t walk into the wrong apartment by a mistake. Okay. Shut the door. No.

Did you really just say that you think we should have a threesome with Alexus? Yeah, I did

like Sands through the hour class. So are the days of our lives.

So, where is this coming from? How long have you been thinking about us sleeping with Alex? Um, a while, I guess. Okay. How long is a while? A week. A month. Ever since he first asked us at the bar. I don’t know. It’s not like I wrote it in my calendar. Okay. Don’t get mad. You had to know I was gonna have some questions.

You just sprung this on me outta nowhere. I don’t feel like I’m spraying this on you. We talked about this, Uh, yeah, as a joke, because Alex wouldn’t stop trying to get in our drawers. Okay. I know, I know. But would it really be so bad if he did?

Look, I’m sorry. Okay. You’re right. I shouldn’t have snapped like that. It’s.

It’s a little bit frustrating, you know, almost, almost dying, losing everything that I care about and then Will has to just leave so quickly. I know, it’s just, it’s making it harder, this separation, even though I know it’s temporary. Hmm. Well I really am sorry that you couldn’t beat that with him. Yeah, me too.

You got lucky guy, son, you and Will. You got each other. You got Ari. You’re obviously really good at relationships, which is actually why I was kind of hoping. Hoping what? Maybe you could give me a little Sage Jackson CCU advice caught about. I love life. I think Tamara Enterprises is going to ruin the day they forced you out.

Their lost is definitely my game. Oh, you’re a good teacher. Don’t be so modest. Have great ideas and um, I know our deal was that you were only gonna work here until the election, but I might be trying to change your mind about that. Okay. We’ll see about that. Fair. Why don’t we celebrate your first day with a bottle of champagne on the company?

Okay? If that’s a per for for us J then I might be in.

Oh, I’m delighted to have the both of you here where you belong. If I seem surprised it was only because I didn’t hear from either of you about, uh, my offer. Yeah. I just decided why not? Well, I’m glad you said. Please come in. Please.

We’ll leave your bags there. We’ll, uh, go have a drink and we’ll have Harold over see, uh, getting the room ready. Okay. Wait that up so fast. Um, please ask Harold to get two rooms ready because Johnny and I won’t be sharing.

Now this is more like it. Wow, someone sounds very happy. . Oh, I’m always happy to see you. Find black Behind. Walking Through My Door.

Oh, uh, you. I don’t know what has made you so happy, but whatever it is, they should bottle it and sell it. I know I was a little down at breakfast. Yeah. Well, you know you shouldn’t give all those morning polls. You, You just announced that you were running when you got here. I was reading over the Progress reporter and our campaigns outreach.

Boy, that’s too Mickey, please. . That is an understatement. I had to light a fire under Stephanie Johnson, but I think it worked. This progress report is so my money . It’s like she read my mind. Well, I’m glad to hear that. Mm-hmm. So it, my, so I, I would’ve hated kicking Steven Kill’s daughter to the curb.

I’m hoping, I’m hoping that Stephanie will take my advice about bringing Chad Jamira on board. That man, he seems to have a lot on the ball.

Oh. Looks like you could use the top off. Mm. Thank you kindly. Oh, you’re welcome, kindly. Uh oh. Oh no. Okay. I gotta go grab another bottle. . Fair boy. Can’t let the boss ladies glass get empty. Will you cut that out? You are much more than an errand boy. Okay. Yeah. Then what is my, uh, official title here at SJ p r?

Well, SJ hasn’t figured that out yet.

No, don’t tell me. Pollina is sending notes about the stuff you just said there. What? It’s my brother trip. He and Joey are texting me every hour on the hour about mom. I wish she would just let me tell them how sick she is. Wow. Maybe, um, maybe she figures that it would be too hard on them. Since they’re so far away.

It’s no, no picnic being close by either. Yeah. I’m sorry. Thanks. After old Uncle Vic had, Stephanie and I start working together. I thought maybe we’d be getting somewhere. You know, we joked around, caught her checking me out a couple times, stuff like that. But then nothing ever happened. Soon as the meeting is done, she was gone.

But this is what I’m talking about, man. You’re totally obsessed with her, which is not only a turnoff for her, it’s not very healthy for you. Oh yeah, good thing. I don’t need a shrink. I need you to help me get through to her. Then have you ever just tried doing nothing? Have you ever just tried? Stop trying.

That’s your sage advice. Yes. Yes it is. Look, you need to get over this obsession and accept the fact that this woman is just not interested in you. Not only she not interested in you, but from what you tell me, she actively dislikes you and wants you to leave her the hell alone. And Uncle Vic thinks that you’re the smart one son.

I just told you I have to fix this. I have to do something. I told you that I was a jerk to her when I saw her at the hospital. Tina, with what’s the big deal? She already thought you were a jerk. Anyway, the big deal is that her mother was sick and I had no idea. There I was acting on my high horse like an ass, and now I have to do something to make up for it.

Okay? I have to ask you something. All right, So if you’re suddenly fine with this, , Does this have anything to do with Johnny? Ew. What? No. What? Okay. No. What does my brother have to do with this? Well, it’s because we’ve been fighting about him, and then I’d mentioned that I’d run into him, and then all of a sudden you’re talking about a threesome.

Is that what this is about? Because you’re still worried about my pass with Johnny, and you think that a threesome will solve that.

I know I had a bad reaction when I became aware of your relationship. Oh, you might say that, but I got used to the idea, so it seems a bit sophomore to keep up the pretense of separate rules. Yeah. It’s not a pretest. It’s all right. John. This family has a history of unusual couples. Gabby has diligently worked her way through most of the men in this family.

I think Tony and I are the only ones left standing. Kate was married to both father and Andre and Andre once married Kristen while pretending to be Tony. Okay. Okay. Yes. You’re making fun of us. It’s very funny. I’m not, I’m telling you that your May, December quasi incestuous involvement is part for the court shade of that, that Ava and I are not sleeping together and that’s not gonna change.

Is that right? Johnny and I are friends. That’s it.

What if I just played old school, Send her flowers wouldn’t work. Why not? A woman doesn’t love flowers. Oh, a woman who sold you over and over again. She doesn’t date men who she works with. Come on. It’s not like I’m sending her that. I want you to go to bed with me. Bouquet. It’s like I’m talking to a brick wall.

It’s more like I’m sending her the, I’m sorry for being a complete jackass while your mother is viciously sick arrangement. Ooh, Alex. That’s a great idea. And what does that arrangement look like again? Is it like a, a bunch of lilies with a black ribbon around it? It, it’s a funeral joke. Okay. Flowers are out.

I got it terrified that you’re this. No, no, no. This is genius. Sunny, I, Stephanie’s whole issue is that she doesn’t wanna date somebody that she works with. Right. Those were your own words. Right. But that’s not her only issue. From what I recall, she kind of hated you before you guys started. Oh, this Sony boy, I’m gonna roll here.

Okay. She’s not, she’s not to you got it. I got. I got it. Okay. Then again, petrified to hear this, honestly, it’s the perfect solution and I don’t know why hell just spit it out. It’s fine. Okay, so Stephanie’s whole problem is that she doesn’t wanna date somebody like me because we work together. So I’ll fire her.

I seem to have put the kbo on our little celebration. I’m sorry. No, I know your mom is on your mind around the clock. You shouldn’t feel guilty. About taking time for your own life. She just, she doesn’t get any better. She’s beloved at that hospital. There’s gonna be so many people fighting for her.

They’re gonna pull her through this. I wish I had your faith.

I, maybe you don’t know this, but when I was a little girl, we were told my dad was dead. Yeah, I, I know. Sorry. We went on believing it for years. I accepted the fact that he was lost to me forever. Must have felt like a miracle when he came home. It did, but during all those years before the miracle, my mom was my rock.

My world was still okay because I knew I had.

I can’t lose her. I just can’t.

Ah, thank you. I can definitely use a drink. Oh, rough day. I have had better ones. Trouble at City Hall. Yeah, he know. It’s not that I spoke to John this afternoon. Marlene is sick. Oh no. How. Serious. He’s really worried about her. You know what? When I was lecturing Stephanie today, Chad told me to cut her some slack because her mother was so sick.

Now she and Marla, they both work at the hospital. Maybe there’s some bad bug running around. Well, I wish we were that simple. John said that Marlena, Kayla, and Kate can all blame the same man for what? A. Well, do you know who he was talking about? Yep. Murphy is,

I have to say, I don’t understand what is there to understand. Johnny and I are friends. That’s it. F why did I catch the two of you and back together? Dad, nothing happened because I interrupted you. . Okay, So this may surprise you, but every once in a while things happen that don’t have anything to do with.

I’m the one who put the brakes on it. You may have forgotten, but, um, I recently lost my husband, so I’m not ready to move on with anyone just yet. I see. So you can, uh, forget about adding me and Johnny to the Twisted Damara family. His. Okay. How about that drink?

Wow. Uh, you really think that I would suggest us hooking up with Alex, because I am still scared of you being into Johnny. Like, do you really think I’m that twisted? No, that isn’t what I said. Well, then what are you saying? I, I don’t know. I’m, I’m really confused. Look, I just, I thought that this was something we could try together from the get go.

You have been very open about being sexually fluid. Okay. And you’re bi so what does that have to do with anything? Well, I, I think that it just shows that we are both attracted to men, right? Sure. So are you. Saying that you miss having sex with them?

No, I do not miss having sex with men. This is not about missing anything. I just, I just think it could be fun. Sure. It could. Fun. But I’ve learned with you that I can be happy and a loving, monogamous relationship. And I thought that you were happy too. I am. Are you sure? Yes. Yes, I am sure. Look, the last thing that I wanna do, the last thing I’d ever wanna do is cheapen what we have.

I just think that this is something that we could. You know, as a couple, bringing a guy like Alex into our relationship, right? Not into our relationship, just into our bed, okay? This is just about sex. There’s no feelings. And that is why. That is why Alex is the perfect guy to choose for this, because there’s no way that either one of us would ever fall for that dufu.

Alex, You’re kidding. Right? You know you can’t terminate Stephanie’s contract. Just because you want to date her, why not? Because that is literally textbook sexual harassment. Alex, you’ve dumb ass okay with the insults though really I know this is new for you to be attracted to someone and not have them attracted to you too.

This is not new for me, Sunny. It’s happened to me before and it’s still hurts. Say fair. How long ago was this? Third grade. Oh my god. I give, I give up. This is, it’s pointless. Okay. Why don’t we treat this like, uh, like a growing experience Except in the fact that a hard no does not mean maybe

I do hear where you’re coming from. Maybe you’re right, Sonny. You know, firing Stephanie would be wrong on many levels. Yes it would. So I’m gonna quit. Oh my God. I can’t. What are you, what are you doing? What do you mean you can’t, You’re on the road to recovery. Big boy. So part of, I literally got stabbed in my back.

Do not understand. You gotta be ing to get the CEO chair if you’re not what I heard. Xander, you looking for the job bra or what about dad wins? Alex, what about that? That chick what is off the boat? Stop. Stop. Another CEO change will make Titan look as unstable as Damara. Uncle Vick is very happy with the job you’re doing.

Okay, so. You’re gonna have to stay put until I’m well enough to come back. And what about my feelings for Stephanie? Did we not just talk about this, but since it obviously did not register? Okay. This woman alone, Okay. You’re gonna get over this obsession that you have and back off. All right. Okay. It registered.

I get it. I’m a little obsessed. It’s not healthy for me. I have to find a way to get it under control. I get it. Yeah, you do. Okay. And you will, You’re just feeling a little rejected right now and I’m feeling a little lonely. So how about we, uh, we soothe our aching hearts by feeling our empty stomachs. You might be on.

Does Julie’s place still have those, um, chilly dogs like Adrian used to make? I doubt they’re as good as hers, but anything we’ll do right now, how many you want? I know two, two, really two, two is gonna fill that t and ease that. Breaking hard. Make it six. You got it.

It was wrong of me to jump to the conclusion that the two of you were adding affair . You’re right. But I sort of can’t believe you’re saying it and I mistook your plans for Ava Forum for doing what you. Being nice to a grieving woman just to get what you want. And when you told me that you would move out, if I insisted that Ava move out to, I misunderstood your intentions there as well.

I should have known that a principled young man like yourself would never take advantage of a woman in Avis. Situation is what you were talking about before. What do you mean? Oh, come now. We both know how much you treasured your marriage to Jake, don’t we?

Hmm. So, trying to blow up Kate, Marlene and Kayla wasn’t enough of his. Off his ba, he’s making him sick. Math too. Poison in the month of biotoxin, if a fortune tiller have predicted. One day my husband would say a thing like that to me. I’d have called a liar and walked out without paying. Yeah. Well it was hard for me to believe too, But Oria seems to be going for Brooke.

He seems determined to kill the partners of his three greatest enemies, John and Steve Roman. My God, they must be losing their minds. I know. I wouldn’t be if it was you. Oh, that’s sweet. But let’s don’t go there. I’m gonna go over to the hospital to see how everyone’s doing. Well, the hospital is only allowing close family to visit.

Kate, Kate checked herself out the hospital. Let her do that. . When Kate wants something, it is hard to change her mind. Mm. Poor woman. Living with a woman that’s stubborn. Mm. That was a joke. Hey, uh, why don’t we go over there and see if there’s anything we can do for them. Now you talk . Oh, come in.

Sloan Peterson. Mayor car. It’s so nice to see you again. What do you want? Nothing from you. I’m here to see your wife.

Yeah, I do have some idea what you’ve been going.

Since my mom died, Kate has been, has been the, she’s always been there for me. You know, she’s, She’s closer to me than bj, even Tony, most of the time. I’m scared for her now. And you’re still grieving Abigail? Yeah. This job came around at just the right. For me too.

How have you been coping?

Well, I told myself I would, um, I’d, I’d feel better once, uh, once they caught whoever the killer was, like it would bring me closure. However, now that means didn’t work out that way. No, kind of the opposite. I mean, it filled my days. I, I had a job to do a purpose, but.

No, I just, I felt lost, so you threw me a lifeline. So thank you. Hmm. I think I’ll just nip down to the wine cellar and get a special bottle for this case. You a Melo drinker if I recall. Hm. Be careful down there. Don’t let yourself get locked in that secret room. I’ve heard so much about , don’t believe everything you hear

you, uh, buying all this friendliness from him. All I know is that EJ Damara doesn’t. Anything unless there’s something in it for him. Yeah. And that’s what I’m worried about. Let’s try not to, I’ve got your back. He goes both.

Thanks. Of course. So what are you thinking? Oh, . Well, I am not gonna lie. I am still a little thrown by this whole thing, baby. I think you’re worrying too much. And what I’m worried about is that you’re not giving this a whole lot of thought. You let Henry go with Nicole, and now you’re off to the races.

It’s just sex. Yeah. That sounds like the famous last words from a love triangle thriller. And then the next thing you know, somebody’s bunny’s getting boiled. Okay. Okay, Fine. . I will admit that the thought of you and Johnny still bothers me, but I know that’s what this was about, but Johnny is not the reason that I think we should be with Alex.

Okay. Look, I, I still remember what I had with Trip and I remember how much I enjoyed it and how hot it was. Mm-hmm. so much Shell that you cheated on him with me. Okay. Yes. You and I were always into each other. But we also had amazing chemistry with the men in our lives, and I just, I don’t want either one of us to miss that and then mess up what we have.

And you think that Alex C is the answer to that? It might be fun to figure out,

you two know each. Ms. Peterson has a thriving practice as a defense attorney. . You too kind. Mayor Carver. Oh, it’s, it’s a nice way of calling you an ambulance chaser. So what do you want with my wife? I hear you just announced that you’re running for governor. That’s right. Answer Ape’s question. I’d like to speak with you privately.

Um, why don’t you go ahead to the pub without. Are you sure? Mm-hmm. Not gonna handle whatever this is right here. Give my my love to Roman and Katie. Mm. All right. Be careful. My wife has friends in high places.

Okay, Ms. Peterson. Now what is this about

you? A busy woman, so I’ll get right to the point you do that. I know you didn’t mention my running for governor for nothing. I represent a client who’s in possession of certain inform. Should that information become public, your nascent political prayer would be over before it begins.

Okay. One Who needed rescuing? Here? It was me. No. Come on. Hmm. If you hadn’t walked in one you did this morning, I’m telling you Paul would’ve canned. No. Yeah, and just firing me wouldn’t have been enough. She would’ve tried to ruin my career. , you’re giving me too much credit. I was just following your lead, me saying, Yes, Paulina.

No, Paulina. That was the lead. No, it was just a, a distraction. Now I just come from Abby’s grave. Oh, Chad, almost. I imagined seeing her. I’m not losing it. No, I didn’t think that. It’s just so sad.

She told me that I, she moved on with my life. If only were that easy.

Okay. Before we take this any further, I have to make something clear. Being fluid doesn’t mean that I’m always missing men. I am in a happy, committed relationship with the woman I love. I feel. Exactly the same way about you.

So, uh, if I were to say yes to this, what will we do next? How will we make it happen?

Hey, Hey. I thought you were getting Julie’s. Yeah, they were all outta Julie Dogs, so it’s running by the pub and grab some burgers and fries. I hope that’s. I see. That sounds great.

Are you okay? Yeah.

I’m gonna run the kitchen. Grab some beers,

huh? What’s up? It’s all and chan. You want me to come over?

Listen, uh, before my dad gets back, I, I just wanted to say that I, I totally get why you put the breaks on us. I still think we’d be great together. Oh, Johnny Ash, Let me finish. You take all the time you need, Okay. To grieve for Jake. But if and when you’re ready, I’m here. Oops. It’s good to know. Oh, look who is back.

Who, Who’s that present for? Why you? Of course. There you go. If good Latin open this would you. Sure thing. Good.

Oh, it isn’t ticking. So that’s encouraging , how I enjoy that. Nimble weight of yours. Mm. Oh good. What is it?

It’s my marriage license. Mm. I took the liberty of having it framed for you. I was gonna have it delivered to you, but since you decided to move in, I thought I’d present it to you now. What a thoughtful gesture. Thank you. There’s just, One problem with it. And what’s that? Dad? That’s not your Uncle Jake’s signature.

Abraham was right about you. You are a damn ambulance Chas. Now, if you or your client is expecting some sort of hush money payday, then think again. All of Paul price’s, dirty laundry has been aired out for the world to see. Just let yourself out. Oh, I wasn’t talking about you Ms. Price. I was talking about your daughter.

I cannot believe we are really doing this well. We won’t be doing much of anything until Alex shows up. Well, would it be terrible if he didn’t? I thought you were up for. I am, but I,

Do you wanna get it or should I, Uh, let’s get it together. Okay.

Hey, hey, Alex. Thanks for coming. Sure. What’s up

Jen? You have to give yourself some time. Yeah, Time hasn’t exactly been working out for me. What do you mean? Um, maybe I. Should put the recovery thing on. Fast forward. I just don’t understand. I may have, maybe what Abby was trying to say was that I should, I should try being someone else

that, that I already like a lot.

Are you starting with that nonsense? You’re still trying to prove that my marriage to Jake wasn’t real. What are you trying to pull? Okay. Ava married Jake. That has to be his signature. Yeah, of course it is. I took the liberty of hiring a team of handwriting experts. I asked them to compare the signature on that license to documents that Ava and Jake signed for the mirror.

They said that Ava’s signature was a total match, but Jake’s had been forged a very almost flawless forgery, but a forgering nonetheless. He’s lying, right? He’s lying. It’s your good friend Ava. Who’s been lying? She said that she was married so she could get her grubby, grasping hands on your uncle’s share of Damira Enterprises.

Ava may be the consummate grifter and con artist, but I have it Uncle Authority that she is not a damira.

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