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[ Relaxing music ]

Ridge: Please don’t run again. What do you– what are you gonna do? Run all the way to la?

Taylor: La’s that way. So…

Ridge: Oh, okay. You’re fast. I forgot how fast you are. You’re a fast runner. Even in college, you were fast. You had all those trophies for it. Where’d you put those? They still around?

Taylor: Are you serious?

Ridge: I’m just–

Taylor: Where are my trophies? You know where they are? They’re– they’re, um– they’re buried. They’re– they’re put away. They are out of sight. Out of mind. Where some things should be.

Ridge: Some things?

Taylor: Yep.

Ridge: Not us.

Taylor: Oh, okay.

Ridge: Don’t run, please. N– no, look, I’m telling ya. If you’re gonna run, I’m going to try and keep up. And I’m gonna follow you to the end of the world because… because I wanna be with you.

Steffy: Where could they be? He came. Dad is here. Does this mean… mom, whatever dad is telling you, just please, please, please listen.

Brooke: Are you sure about this?

Donna: Unfortunately. Looks like ridge took the jet.

Brooke: To aspen. Where taylor happens to be.

Donna: Well, you said that she went with steffy, so…

Brooke: Yeah. Bill offered his house. He’s planning on selling it. But, oh, my god. Ridge went to aspen without even telling me. Do you know what this means?

Donna: Maybe he’s planning on buying the house and surprising you.

Brooke: If only. It means the harassment from steffy and thomas to get ridge and taylor back together is actually working.

Donna: Okay, brooke. Look, I know things haven’t been great between you and ridge, but, come on–

Brooke: No, not great. But things were getting better. In fact, things were getting back to the way they used to be.

[ Sighing ] Gosh, I just don’t have a good feeling about this. I have to get to aspen as soon as possible.

Eric: Well, it turns out that our romantic little getaway is gonna happen after all.

Donna: Oh, uh…

Eric: Yeah, the jet’s on its way back from aspen. It’s gonna land in the next few minutes. So, let’s throw some things together, and we can go right away, if you’re still interested.

Donna: Uh… uh.

Eric: Yeah. Or not. What is it?

Donna: Eric. Of course I’m– I’m still interested, I– you know, but maybe our little getaway could be a little closer to home. You know, somewhere we could drive, too.

Eric: Okay, if you prefer. Any particular reason?

Donna: Uh, yes. Um, sounds like brooke needs the jet a lot more than we do.

Eric: Brooke?

Donna: She decided to go to aspen, too.

[ Brooke sighing ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Ridge: Hey, it’s ridge. Can’t take your call right now, but–

Taylor: God, ridge. Why? Why do you always know the exact things to say? The exact romantic things that would make my heart explode? I’m not gonna get sucked into this again. You don’t get me this time. I’m not gonna do it. I’m not falling for it.

Ridge: Okay, no one asked you to fall for anything.

Taylor: Yes, you are–

Ridge: I’m here. I’m talking to you. I want us to be together. Our family to heal. And for us to have a future together.

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Eric: I know things have been kinda rough between ridge and brooke lately. But for him to just leave town without… without telling her?

Donna: It’s not just leave town. It’s so much worse. Leave to track down his ex-wife. I mean, needless to say, brooke was not pleased to hear about that.

Eric: I’m sure she wasn’T. That I can’T… you think it’s even possible that ridge is thinking about leaving her for taylor?

Donna: I don’t know. But I do know that brooke has been concerned about their relationship for a while now, and… thomas and steffy have been pushing to get their parents back together. I mean, you’ve seen it as much as I have. Maybe more. The two of them have just been working overtime, trying to reunite ridge with taylor.

[ Sighing ] My god, eric. What if they’ve actually succeeded?

[ Phone ringing ]

Steffy: Still no word.

Thomas: Seriously? Okay. Well, what’s it look like? Are they smiling? Arguing?

Steffy: No, I– I don’t know. I don’t know. They– they left.

Thomas: What? Where’d they go?

Steffy: I wish I knew. Thomas, I’m really worried right now. Mom is so guarded, I don’t think she’s ready to hear what dad has to say.

Thomas: She’s gotta be.

Steffy: We wanted this for so long, thomas. Too long. And what if dad is ready to go back to her, but she doesn’t wanna hear it? She’s hurt because of brooke.

[ Brooke panting ]

Pilot: Mrs. Forrester?

[ Brooke huffing ]

Brooke: I came as fast as I could. You got my text, right?

Pilot: Um…

Brooke: You didn’t?

Pilot: We just landed. I haven’t had a chance to check anything. We’re refueling. We need to check the manifest.

Brooke: I have to get to aspen.

Pilot: Aspen? But we just got back from there.

Brooke: All right. Okay. Well, you’re gonna have to get this plane back up in the air and get me to aspen as quickly as you possibly can.

Pilot: Yes, ma’am. Yes ma’am.

Ridge: Stop.

[ Taylor groaning ] Okay. Can we please– can we please stop running? I’m gonna have a heart attack.

Taylor: Then stop chasing me.

Ridge: That’s impossible. I know you’re running because of me. I know you’re scared.

Taylor: Yeah, I’m scared. I’m scared ’cause I said I would never let you do this to me again, ridge, so don’t try to sell me on some future, a happily ever after, okay?

Ridge: Just give me a– give me a chance please. I’m telling you– I love you. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.

Taylor: I know how this story ends.

Ridge: And you have every right to think that, but I’m– I’m here to tell you I’ve been… I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. And yes, I’ll always care about brooke. But I can’t do this anymore. The lying– me, lying to myself, not with you here. And I feel like we were robbed. Our family was robbed. Our kids were robbed. And I think maybe… maybe we can pick up where we left off. Maybe we can have the future we always wanted. I want that with you. Only you. Forever. Here’s a good halloween trick.

Thomas: You know how mom feels about dad. And if he’s there, telling her how he really feels about her, she’s not gonna turn him down.

Steffy: You should’ve heard her, thomas. The way she was talking. She doesn’t believe that dad’s going to choose her. Only her.

Thomas: It could be happening as we speak.

Steffy: It doesn’t matter. She says she can’t do it again. Her answer would be no.

Thomas: Yeah, when she was speaking in theory and it was some distant idea of– of dad coming back and wanting to reunite. But now it’s actually happening.

Steffy: Maybe.

Thomas: It is. It has to be. He’s there right now, telling her everything that she wants to hear. She’ll say yes, okay? She will. We both know it’s what she wants.

Steffy: Yes, but she doesn’t wanna be burned again. Burned because of brooke. Of course, she wants to get back with dad, but she’s afraid of the idea that brooke’s gonna come in and swoop dad away. I believe mom when she says she doesn’t wanna put herself through that again.

[ Brooke sighing ]

Pilot: Good news. Flight plan is set. We’re all fueled up. We just have to wait for clearance to get on the runway–

Brooke: We have to wait?

Pilot: It won’t be long. There’s just a few planes ahead of us. And since we weren’t originally scheduled–

Brooke: Is there anything you can do to move up in line? I don’t mean to be pushy.

Pilot: Mrs. Forrester, I’m sorry. But we’re at the mercy of air traffic control. We’ll be in the air in no time, and I promise I’ll get you to aspen as soon as I can.

Brooke: Thank you. My future could depend on it.

Brooke: I’d like to report a child in danger. His name is douglas forrester.

Operator: And your name, ma’am?

Brooke: Brooke logan.

Taylor: All right. So I asked you earlier about brooke, and you said that you didn’t wanna talk about it.

Ridge: I don’T.

Taylor: Yeah, see. That– that scares me. Why? What happened?

Ridge: This isn’t– this isn’t about brooke. This is about us. But you’re right, something did happen.

Taylor: There you go.

Ridge: I saw the light.

Taylor: You saw the light? Yeah, it’s a train, and it’s headed straight for me, so–

Ridge: Don’t do that–

Taylor: No.

Ridge: I was at dad’s house. I was on the terrace, just looking at the city and then I thought, “how did I get here? What did I do with my life?” And then the strangest thing happened. I got hit in the head with a pine cone. Don’t laugh. I got hit in the head with a pine cone, and I saw the light. And what I saw was a future with you.

Taylor: You got hit in the head with a pine cone?

Ridge: Yeah.

Taylor: And all of a sudden, you want a future with me. Forever. That’s it? Okay. God, ridge. I have seen that future so many times. So many times. And I have given up on it because it hurts. It really hurts ’cause we don’t live it. We’re not living it. We’re never going to live it.

Ridge: Don’t say never. Why never?

Taylor: Why? Ridge, stop.

Ridge: I’m not that man anymore. Look, I get it. If I were that same man bouncing between two women, I get why you would run, and you should keep running. I wouldn’t stop you. But I’m not that man anymore.

Taylor: Okay, what kind of man are you now?

Ridge: I’m a man who’s standing on a mountain in front of this beautiful woman, telling her that we can do this. And I’m not gonna let her down anymore. I wanna be a better man. And you make me a better man. I wanna be with you. For always.

[ Brooke sighing ]

Brooke: Child protective services doesn’t just show up at your doorstep for no reason.

Ridge: No, somebody called them. We’re trying to figure out who that was.

Brooke: Has thomas crossed somebody lately? Maybe he rubbed somebody the wrong way, and they’re just trying to get back at him?

Ridge: Seems a little extreme. They interrogated douglas.

Brooke: Well. I mean, I certainly don’t know who it was. But I’m sorry you had to witness that. And I hope that they were gentle with douglas.

Ridge: They were. I gotta go. I forgot something at the office.

[ Brooke sighing ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Brooke: Hey.

Donna: Hey. Eric just got confirmation about the jet taking off.

Brooke: Yeah, finally.

Donna: Well, thankfully, it’s a quick flight.

Brooke: I just don’t understand why ridge went to aspen to be with taylor.

Donna: You don’t know his reasoning. It could have been a coincidence. He could’ve gone to aspen to– to see his daughter.

Brooke: I don’t know. He didn’t even tell me that he was going. And every time I try to call him, it just keeps going to voicemail. I just don’t understand what’s going on. I just–

[ Sighing ] Feel like these outside forces are working against us. Mainly steffy and thomas. They’ve been browbeating him for months now, telling him he should be with taylor, and that I just make him unhappy, and that is not even true. I just need to get it– I need to get there. I need to get to aspen. I need to be with ridge.

Taylor: I believe that you believe what you’re saying right now. But what about tomorrow? And the next day?

Ridge: And the day after that. I meant what I said, I’m not going back.

Taylor: So you’re not going back to brooke, ever? You’re done?

Ridge: Not going back to brooke. Not going back to that life, no.

Taylor: Okay. I know in your heart you want that. I do. But ridge, you always go back, and then you come back to me, and you go back.

Ridge: Look at me. Not anymore. I wanna be with you. I don’t wanna spend one more day away from you.

Taylor: So let me be clear. Let me clarify this. Even if brooke hadn’t done–

Ridge: You’re not listening to me. This is not about the kids. This is not about our grandkids. This is about us. I told you I saw the light. I know it’s a weird thing to say, but I did. And I saw our future. I saw us. And I’m here for us. And I want you to be here for us, too. Can you do that?

Taylor: I’m sorry.

Ridge: Okay.

Taylor: But what took you so long?

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