GH Short Recap Thursday, October 6, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Portia tells Trina that Curtis was willing to mortgage the Savoy in case they needed to appeal her case. Portia tells Trina that Curtis loves her and that is why he wanted to keep her safe. Trina forgives Curtis but, asks him not to do anything regarding her without asking if she wants his help.

Elizabeth tells Terry that she thinks that she and her father were present when Finn’s wife Reiko died but she doesn’t want to talk to Finn about it until she can figure out what happened. Finn tells Elizabeth that he changed his medical specialty when his best friend Garrett was bitten by a snake and he was unable to, save him.

Dante tells Brook Lynn that there may be a chance that Chase may get his job back at the police department, but she should not tell him in case it doesn’t work out.

Esme tells Ryan she survived her fall from the parapet because she fell in the water and was saved by a Canadian fisherman. The fisherman paid for her to stay in a hostel until she recovered. Esme tells Ryan she has a new plan to destroy the Cassidine family. Esme tells Ryan she isn’t the hook attacker, but he doesn’t believe her.

Chase does a great job singing at the Savoy, although, he is nervous and tells Curtis he would rather be a cop. The bartender who testified to exonerate Trina at her trial signs his immunity deal but, while he is walking and taking on the phone he is attacked by the hook attacker.

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