Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Adam is upset with Chelsea because she told Connor that Johnny is his biological half-brother, by herself, when they had agreed that they would both be with Connor when they told him. Adam also wonders why Chelsea felt she had to tell the boys the truth now when Johnny hadn’t been asking questions about his biological mother. Adam asks Chelsea to please not make any important decisions about Connor without letting him know.

Nick walks into Crimson Lights and tells Adam and Chelsea they shouldn’t be arguing about such personal issues in a public place. Adam tells Nick he regrets breaking up with Sally because he loves her and wants her back in his life. Adam asks Nick to let Sally go and give him a chance to work things out with her. Nick meets Sally at the grand opening of the Glam club and it doesn’t look like he has any intention of letting Sally go so she and Adam can work things out between them.

Diane hides in the bathroom while Victor and Tucker have a talk and catch up on things. Tucker tells Victor he wants to build a relationship with Devon and meet his grandson Dominic. Tucker also wants to make amends with Ashley and show her that he has changed. Victor tells Tucker to stay away from Ashley because she doesn’t need him in her life. Tucker tells Diane that the only thing she has to do is tell him when Ashley returns from Paris and she won’t have to be his spy anymore.

Nikki tells Phyllis that Victor’s investigators confirmed that the Bentley Tucker gave Kyle and Summer is the same Bentley Diane was being Chauffeured around in when she lived in Los Angeles. Nikki also tells Phyllis that the Bentley is registered to a foundation called Wild Beauty which helps up and coming young artists in the UK. Nikki and Phyllis think Tucker funds the foundation since beauty was the nickname John Abbott called Ashley since she was little. Nikki decides to ask Noah if he knows anything about the foundation since he worked in London as an artist and has contacts in the art world.

Audra Charles arrives to the grand opening of the Glam club and tells Noah it has been a long time since she has seen him.

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