GH Short Recap Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Carly and Drew give an interview to the local news in Jacksonville to make peop aware that the cemetery where her adoptive mother Virginia is buried is going to be turned into an access road to the beach. The reporter later calls Drew and Carly to tell them that a rival tv station also has the story. Carly considers changing her last name and not using the name Corinthos anymore.

Michael doesn’t want Dex involved in his plan to take down Sonny because Sonny almost had him killed. Dex persuades Michael to let him finish the job but Dex has to stay away from Josslyn. Michael tells Dex he doesn’t want Josslyn caught in the middle of his plan so Dex agrees not to see Jocelyn anymore.

Nina sees TJ and Willow hugging after she found out that her leukemia is getting worse. Nina tells Willow she saw her hugging TJ and the hospital rumor mill could start talking.

Esme continued to hide in the bushes outside Kelly’s and finds out Diane identified her attacker as a woman. Esme later goes to Spring Ridge to see Ryan who has been worried about her.

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