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Oh my God. Mike. Mike Carton. Yeah. Yeah, it’s me. All right. Oh, you’re back in Salem. Always did have a keen grasp, the obvious, Nancy. Oh, um, well, um, I’m nice to see you again. Really? Do you have amnesia or. No, I, I just meant that you just meant that you want me to pretend that you didn’t do the things you did.

Is that it? Well, don’t you worry, I’m here for Jennifer. I really don’t have time for old enemies.

You’re drumming your fingers again. Oh, sorry. I just wish Mike would get here. Now that I’ve decided to go to rehab, I just wanna get there and just wanna go start all over again. I understand. I do like, I I, I packed up all of our, our books and tablets and everything and maybe you want to just check everything that I packed for you, make sure that I, I got it all.

You, you packed up our books. Well, yes, cuz we’re. Start all over again together. I’m going with you. No, Jack, I I don’t want you to. I get it now. Okay. Jack Dev is nobody’s sugar daddy. Now I’m left with all these pesky legal bills. I’ve got nobody to pay them.

I’ve gotta go. Go.

Yeah, Craig. Glad I ran into you. Really drives that. I guess I sort of owe you an apology.

Oh my look. Oh my gosh. It looks like sage is here for a high tea. He wants pocket right there. A lady. Go ahead. This is nice.

Wow. And look, we have some nice hot crumpets. Oh, crumpets are my favorite. And I remember your favorite flavor is strawberry. Mm-hmm. no one isn’t. I hate it and I don’t want that one either.

Hey, I’m, uh, I’m glad you went out. Got some fresh air docs losing her appetite. I thought maybe I could try to tempt her with a shake from buddies. Have you come up with anything yet? I thought there might be some medical advances made in the past 25 years. Has my dad had this, but, Talk about a rare disease.

There hasn’t been one single case since then and the only known treatment is the one that saved my dad. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The serum that Dr. Roth made from the very rare organ in the Amazon jungle. That’s why Steve and I are flying down there this afternoon. Yeah. I um, I’m sorry to tell you this, but I would cancel your flight.

Hello, Marlena.

Like sand through the hour. So are the days of

I look for an appropriate greeting card, but there were none for, Sorry, I accused you of murder. It’s funny. I thought they were right next to the, Sorry. I’m a gold Digging big in MIS card. I had that coming. Mm. Did least summing buy you a beer? What I, I just remembered when I was footing the bill, you’d always order champagne.

Lots and lots of champagne. Well, I’ve embraced the beer and ramen lifestyle. It’s very freeing. Come have a beer with me. What’s the. Sure. I’m about to find out.

Um, I am sorry, Mike, that you still think of me as, as your enemy. Actually, I haven’t thought anything about you in years. Thank God. You know, it’s funny just now, maybe 30 minutes ago you kind of popped into my head and now here we are face to face. Freaky, Huh? You thought about me? Yeah. I was looking at Abigail’s grave, thinking about the man who put her there, which led of course, to thinking about you.

And then I was reminded about something from the past, how you were Craig Wesley’s partner in Crown, his lady Mcbe. This. What about it, Nancy, you and Clyde West and on this together,

Rachel, that was way out of line and you know it. I don’t care. I don’t wanna have a tea party. Not with her, her sweetie. Her name is Chloe. Okay. You will apologize to her right now. No, I won’t. She’s the mommy.

What are you doing here? Well, I came to see how you were doing. John said you might be dying. With, He didn’t tell me directly. He blurted it out in court and I was concerned, obviously thoughtful of you to come by, but I’m, I’m fine. I’m alive anyway. You’re looking as lovely as ever. Ah, you know, it boggles my mind that Oria did this to.

Gave you this terrible illness Roman suffered from 25 years ago. How did you know about that?

Why the hell would we want to cancel our flight? Steve and I are going down to the Amazon to find that. Or we could. Im Percy. I, I’m afraid I have some bad news. What could be bad news? You said yourself to serum cured your dad. He had the same disease that Doc has now. Yes, the orchid can produce secure, however, That orchid no longer exists.

You don’t want me to go with you? No, I mean, I just, I I’m just saying that you shouldn’t come now because I’ll be in the early stages of, of treatment and, you know, we wouldn’t really get to see much of each other. And of course I want you to come eventually, depending on how, how long I have to be there.

And if you have, when. You have Quinn and she needs you.

I love you. I love you. I know, I know. Do know. I mean, I, I couldn’t, I couldn’t do this if I didn’t know that,

even though I won’t be on that plane with you today. And we’ll be with you

right to here. Always.

Honey, we’ve talked about this. The judge said that your mommy needs to take some time away before she takes care of you again, but I can’t even see her and I know. This was my lunch box.

It’s Chloe’s fault. Your mommy can’t see you.

No one knows details of this illness except the doctors and our family. How did you find out? You’re saying that these women have the same illness that Roman did 25 years ago? That is precisely what I am saying, and if anything happens to them, I could be blamed. Since obvious stores are toxin from me.

Well, I overheard some of the doctors talking at the nurses station. I really don’t understand why it’s such a state secret. Must be a relief to know what’s wrong with you. Hmm. At least now they can cure you. Right? As long as they can still find the achi.

Okay. Maybe that orchid is gone is 16, but I know for a fact that Dr. Roth is not the kind of person that ever throws anything away, let alone a life saving Kiel. If we can find him, it’s possible that we could get the cure from him. Right. Okay. Well, Dr. Ralph was pardoned, but we have no idea where he could be.

No, no, no. But I could think of someone who does.

I wonder what’s giving Mike. There’s still plenty of time. You know what I think? I think I should have gone to rehab the first time I started taking these damn. You did get off them. Yeah, but I was going to meetings then and, and I had my mom, she was a rock, you know, She was always there for me.

Now she’s gone and

I don’t wanna let Akale Town. Damn Jennifer sweetheart. Too much has been asked of you.

Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but Gwen put you and Abigail through hell and then when we thought it was over, finally, finally everything was gonna be normal. We,

we lost our precious score.

I don’t think you should judge yourself for things you did when your world fell apart

and now we’re gonna put that world back together together.

Because that’s what we always do.

Well, it’s too bad John and Steve have to go all the way to South America to find another orchid.

What is that? It is the key to bringing three women from the Bri of death, Kate Roberts, Kayla Johnson, and Elena Evans. This can save their lives. I have faith in them. I know they’ll, I find the flower and grapes will be able to, to make the medicine that will carry us all. You sound confident. That’s good.

Kristen, I’m tired. Oh, yes, of course. I just wanted to come by. I wish she will. Wow, that’s new. Okay. I know we had our differences. , just to say that’s an understatement. Would. Would be a colossal understate. I, I know, I know. Kristen, where you leaving? Yes, but I was hoping, hoping, hoping what I always ing You could give me a favorite before I.

Kristen. Kristen got Ralph. Pardon? She knows where he is. Yeah, I’m sure she does. She’s not gonna tell me anything, but I’m thinking of someone else who may though Stephan Damir has been going around town telling everybody that Dr has brought him back from the dead. Come again. Apparently Dr. Roth kept Stephan on ice in one of his labs and I’ll betcha.

He’s got information that we can go on. Okay? Okay. Take Marlena, her shake. I’m gonna track down step and see what he can tell us.

Mike, I, um, can expect to have you change how you feel about me, but I swear I had no idea that Clyde did the things that he did when I, um, first met him. I wasn’t in great shape. I only saw what I wanted to see and I didn’t listen to the chorus of voices who were telling me exactly who he was and, um, I was, and not for the first time in my life.

Fool, thanks for sharing. Look, if you want me to pay for the things that I’ve. Rest assured I have paid and I am paying it. It’s not every day that you wake up and get punched in the face with the fact that your entire life has, has been nothing but life. So this apology, Hmm. Well, in the first place, I really did believe you were the one who framed me.

And at the same time, I was so desperate to pin the crime on someone else. So, um, this justifies you actually accusing me of a murder I didn’t commit. Well, you actually thought I did it. Well, sometimes I think outside the box and in retrospect I see that I may have indulged. Yes. I gotta hear. I convinced myself you were so devastated, shattered, really over losing me that you had a psychotic break.

Losing you. Leo, I dumped you. Well, don’t nitpick over everything I’m saying. I’m trying to apologize. Yes. Well, I see you are not familiar with the concept, but an apology for the record usually contains the words. I’m sorry. Okay.

I’m sorry. That I doubted the man I loved love. I’m sorry, I thought you were capable of doing this.

Did you hear what I said? I still love you, and I don’t think you would’ve come in here and talked to me if you didn’t. I still have feelings for me too.


Yeah, he was the first man I ever fell in love with and what we had together will always be special to me in its way. The thing is, oh, I always hate what comes after. The thing is, I was outside and heard you on the phone with Gwen. I know what you said to her.


I had no idea. That’s why you and Craig split because he is gay. You can say the word Mike. I, I know. I can fact, when I was a teenager, there was a time when I thought maybe I was gay, but I’m not that, uh, Fact, then I was terrified of the thought of it. I think God times have changed. Amen. Did that you two were together a long time.

Must have been a pretty rough breakup. Huh? How you doing? Well, at first, um, it was pretty angry. I was only just looking for a way to make Craig pay for what he had done to me. . But, um, you know, now our whole relationship has, uh, has changed. I just want him to be happy and I know that he wants the same for me.

That’s good. It’s what we all serve. Yes, we do.

Well, uh, I better be getting over to Jennifer’s. Oh. How long are you staying? I’m not, um, heading back to New York this afternoon. I thought you lived in Boston. New job, New City. I’m still. What a feel my way out there. Oh, well I’m going back to New York too, so, Um, Well, if you need to find a bookstore or good coffee place, uh, dry cleaners.

Oh, and Bulgogi. I love Bo Gogi. Oh, well, Mike, do I have a place for use? Well, let’s do it then. Huh?

Let’s now. That’s a contraction for let us, isn’t it? Yes, it is. Yeah. Staff put your number in. We’ll make a date.

I look forward to it like.

Was good talking to you, Nancy. It was good talking to you too, Mike.

Okay. Uh, who put this in your lunchbox, honey? I don’t know, but I know it’s true. No, listen, listen to me. Clo Chloe here. It’s nothing to Rachel. Come here.

Wow. . Kristen is not gonna stop. Is she, That, that note’s just a shot over the bow. She has no regard for, for, for what she’s doing to her own daughter, what she’s putting her through. No, she doesn’t. And you’re right in the middle of it. I am. So She should not have talked to you. I’m sorry she spoke to you that way.

It’s okay. Listen, I understand there was a long time where I talked to everyone like that because I was young. Was angry and lost, but I think we just, we have to face the fact that Rachel hates me and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I didn’t think that anything or anyone could make me laugh. Right. Well, but you were thinking that maybe I could do you a favor. I’m glad I could cheer you up. My Lena. You know, to say that you were self-absorbed would be like, I don’t know, saying the Titanic had taken on a little bit of water. Okay. I am not self-absorbed.

I’m just thinking of Rachel. And I don’t think it’s good idea for her to be totally cut off from her own mother. That is exactly what Brady is doing, and he would listen to you. So if you please tell him Brady has full custody, and Brady will decide what is best for that child. So you won’t help me help you.

I thought this was about Rachel.

Hmm. Well, I will leave you be good luck with the orchid hunting. It would be a shame to the people you love if you were to die.

You heard what I said to Gwen? Yeah. Something about needing to pay your legal fees and Jack Deo being a sure. Daddy, I, I can explain. No, no, no, no. I don’t wanna hear it. I don’t wanna tell it, but I will. I’m drowning in legal fees and I tried to blackmail Jack Male. Mm-hmm. over. Why? Uh, it’s a personal matter all sort of blew up in my face.

Oh my God, you, so you still need to pay off your bills. And you, I’m looking for your sugar. Daddy, you, you want me to be your sugar daddy now? Is that it?

You didn’t have to come all this way. Hey, you’re my sister. Of course I did. Hey Mike. Thanks for everything. Oh, it’s fine. Jen. I checked out this place. Everybody I talked to says they do really didn work. Oh, that’s good. The works really though up to me, isn’t it? Yeah. And I have all the faith in the world in you.

Lucky, you’ve admitted you need help. That’s the hardest part. It’s all that help from here,

Chloe. Rachel. I hate you. She’s just going through a hard time and she’s ticking it out on you. I know. I’m not, I’m not worried about me. It’s, listen us the both of us, We have to do what Kristen’s not doing, which is thinking about what Rachel’s going through from her point of view. I al, I know that I said that I wasn’t gonna let Kristen use Rachel as a wedge between us.

I know, but you cannot stop her from trying and it’s only gonna be difficult for Rachel. I think I should take her to Nora James. Yeah, I think that might be a good idea. Yeah. Are you sure you’re okay? Yes, of course. Yes. I’m okay. I, I love that you’re such an amazing dad, so please don’t worry about me. Go take care of your little girl again.

We’re gonna get through this. I know.

Stephen, thank you for taking my call. Look, I’m wondering if you could help me. I’m trying to track down Dr. It’s a matter of life and death.

Oh. Oh. I must have do off. I’m sorry. No, no, no, no. That’s a good thing, sweetheart. How you doing honey? I’m better now that you’re here. Hey. Hey.

Does a coffee milkshake sound good to you right now?

Maybe a little later. Okay. So I had a visitor, Kristen Damara, she. Why she, um, wanted a favor. She wanted me to talk to Brady about Rachel’s custody. Oh, what a bitch. I don’t think that was the only, the only reason she was here. I think she wanted to make sure that I was a death store. Knowing your doc. In fact, Steve and I were, we’re working on a cure right now, and nothing’s gonna stop us.

In fact, I was just, I was just talking to Rex outside of,

Hmm. This is just so disheartening. You think I wanna get back together with you because I’m broke? Yes. That’s exactly what I think. You know. Oh my. You use my wealth to pay your bills off so you don’t have to, Oh, I don’t know. Get a job. It work. Save money. Stop taking Cosmos in the middle of the morning.

Oh, you hate me. No. Oh, please. That. It might be so much easier. You own personal Pied Piper. I just wanna follow you everywhere you go and clean up your messes and pay your bills because you can be more fun than anyone I’ve ever met.

That’s not enough. No, I mean, Nancy was my safety. You, you’re like this. I just dance the edge of a.

But I need more and I need someone who’s right in the middle.

I can’t expect you to understand that.

Actually, I kind of do.

Oh, hi. Is this a bad time? Uh, not if you’re in the mood for tea. Oh. Oh, What’s that? Oh, it’s your birthday present. I’m so sorry. With everything going on, it sort of got away from me. Don’t worry about it. Come in. Oh, this is a, a tea party for three. Uh, should I, uh, go? Yeah, I should have called first. No, uh, it’s okay.

The, the tea party’s over. Oh, well, what happened? Well, let’s just say that, um, Kristen doesn’t even have to be in the same room to just blow everything up. What’d she do now? She freaked out that Brady got full of custody of Rachel and she started a full on gorilla warfare. Well, that decides it then.

Besides what? Well, obviously I was going back to New York, but I can’t go now. I mean, you need me here?

I brought you a sc. Hmm. Oh darling. Yeah. Maybe later. Where’s that? He and Steve are trying to track down the cure.

Should I leave? I mean, I You must be tired. No, not, I don’t wanna honey up. I wanna tell you something.

Kristen came to see me. What? What she wanted to talk to me about. Well, outrageous custody.

Talk to Mylan. I, I know that it would probably be best if I tried to work something out with her, but right now, I, I, I told her no. Good, good. Because more than ever right now, I feel like I need to keep Rachel away from our, What has she done now?

So, hello, Dr. Roth, Mr. Black and Dr. Brady, my former protege. What can I do for you, gentlemen? We need your help.

Craig. Hmm. Would it be okay if I look you up? If I ever make it back to New York? Sure. Why not? And if I un unfollow you on social media, it is the best way to keep in touch. Mm-hmm. , I, um, yeah, sure. Find him. I’d like to see what you’re up to and who knows, Maybe someday when I’m rich and famous in my own.

I’ll sweep you off your feet, but in the meantime,

get your wallet.

I’ll get you next time, I promise. Oh, I’m sure you will. All right, Leo.

Take care. Mm.

Okay. That was really hard. Julie was trying. So hard not to cry, and Doug was squeezing her hand, Oh sweetheart, I’ll take good care of them while you’re gone. As hard as it as it was to say goodbye to them, check, Hey, hey,

this isn’t goodbye. We both know that

this is, See you.

Okay. Okay. Ready? Mike? Okay. Okay.

Oh mom, I love this. Thank you. You’re welcome. I found it at this little boutique. I’ll have to take you. They have the cutest things that are what? You have to go back to New York. No, sweetheart, I can’t do that. Not with Kristen out to get you, Mom. There’s nothing you can do to help me with Kristen. The only thing you’ll do here is worry about me, and I hate that.

So you gotta go back to New York, to your city, to your life with me and the world to me. If all the bad things that have happened recently won’t stop you, because my mother’s always been an unstoppable force of nature. And I want that mom back. Are you sure? I’m sure. Okay. Mike darling, girl, I’ll go then, but I want you to come see me real soon, okay?

Of course I will. I love, But you know what? You better call first. Just might have plans.

honey, just to be on the safe side. I want you to document everything that Kristen does. I mean, keep a journal just in case she tries to take you back to bed. I don’t want you worrying about me right now. I don’t want you worrying about Rachel. I want you worrying about one thing and. That’s, that’s you. I want you to take care of yourself, and I know dad is gonna get you whatever the heck it is that you need.

There’s not a doubt in my mind, Navon, you seemed so stressed when you came in, talked to Evans, Dr. Johnson and Ms. Roberts all at this store, and you save us Orpheus, who gave him the toxin? That’s a. I wonder guy who could have gotten access to those rare pathogens. I know what a mystery. Look, we’re not interested in how he got them.

We’re just interested in finding a cure. I seem to report something about an oil kid. That’s right. That’s what you used last time. Unfortunately, that species of orchid is now extinct, which makes you our only hope. I am your only hope

but a miserable position to find yourself in. No. You think this? Okay. Look, do you have access to the orchid or the drug you developed will pay handsomely for it. I know your research isn’t cheap.

No, I’m sorry. As much as I’d like to, I don’t think I can help you.

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