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[ Knock on door ] Brook lynn: Chase! Open up.

[ Knocking continues ] I know you’re in there. Come on. We’ve got a big d– a big what?

[ Clears throat ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Groans softly ] Remember me? I’m sorry. Who are you? I’m the pool man.

[ Giggles ]

[ Tense music plays ]

[ Handcuffs rattling ] Hi. My god, spencer, what happened? Dr. Finn. Nik, how can I help you? Well, you could start by minding your own damn business. Which is what I was doing before you stopped me. You went to my wife… whoa, whoa, whoa. …Behind my back and interfered with our private matters. That was a big mistake. And it will cost you. I hear you’re being discharged. Mm. Not a minute too soon. I’m grateful for the care I received here, of course, but I will be glad to leave. Then I will put a rush your paperwork and we’ll get you out of here. Oh, elizabeth. T-there’s something that you and I need to settle first. Morning, gregory. Morning, alexis. Have you slept at all? Why? [ Chuckles ] Do I look exhausted and bedraggled? We were at the invader till wee hours, so I was thinking maybe you’d slept in. Well, I-I knew you would be pulling a literal all-nighter doing the op-ed, so, uh, I came back here. Wanted to keep an eye on your friend. Nina: Hey. You — you okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. I just — I’m just worried about everybody else. Oh, yeah. Any word on diane? Oh, she’s at G.H. I’m gonna check on her later. Did you, uh… did you see the invader? Oh, yeah. I saw that. What do you think? Uh, well, alexis took a brave stand. Letting that psychopath know that port charles is not a community to be messed with. What do you think? Well, I think she — she better know what she’s doing because it seems like the attacker is targeting people who are connected to me. Yeah, and you and alexis have a daughter who happened to see the killer, you know, in action. So I’m sure you have eyes on both alexis and kristina. Yeah. How’s your bodyguard? Oh, uh, well… guess I’m getting used to it, you know? But I did feel safer last night having him there, so thank you. Yeah, yeah, hopefully it doesn’t last too long. Do you know who’s behind these attacks?

I have a confession to make. Okay. I’m not really your pool man.

[ Gasps ]

[ Sighs ] I knew it. How? I don’t have a pool.

[ Both laugh ] I want to remember all of this. Okay. Name three things. Uh, being in your bed. Okay. That’s one. Being in your bed with you. That’s two. These are very general. Um, closure. No. No, no, no. I mean it. Letting go of decades of bad decisions and missed opportunities with you. It’s okay. This is all I want to remember — you and me doing this. Always.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Do you mind if I just — it’s fine. Yeah. It’s fine.

[ Sighs ] What’s wrong? I’m worried about you, spence. You — you look like you haven’t eaten since you got here. Oh, this? This is the work of my fellow inmates who go out of their way to make sure that I never have the right size clothes. I had assurances you would be protected. And I am. Physically, anyway. Go on. On my second day here, I had a run-in with a guy who said that he wanted to rearrange my face. Fortunately, a guy arrived before he could do that, and that was the end of that. And what’s this — this business with the clothes? Well, the other inmates know that I’m a rich kid who’s under protection from important people whose cop “friend” got him a cushy job. So they find other ways to mess with me, like making sure that I never have a uniform that fits, stealing food and supplies that I buy from the commissary, threatening me with all manner of, uh [Clears throat] Horrible fates. I’m gonna speak with the warden. No! No, please don’T. That will only make things worse. If you were referring to me being with elizabeth when she told ava that you lied about your alibi — you had absolutely no right. You lying to your wife is none of my concern. By which I mean, I literally do not care. Nor should you. But I won’t let you take advantage of elizabeth. So find someone else to give you a fake alibi. No, I was giving both of us an alibi because elizabeth couldn’t account for her whereabouts when ava was attacked. I did what I did to protect her. You were covering your own ass! You giving elizabeth an alibi was just working in your favor. You know what? I don’t care what you believe, but do you have any idea of the amount of damage you could have caused by telling ava the truth? It’s like you don’t even care about elizabeth at all. I just wan t to thank youfor telling me the truth about nikolas’ so-called alibi. Mm. I know that he is one of your oldest friends and that could not have been easy. I should be grateful he gave me an alibi. Do you think that he would have done that if it hadn’t provided him with one, as well? The nikolas I grew up with would have done it in a heartbeat. And what about the nikolas as he is now? After you were attacked, everything was so uncertain, um, yeah, I did have my doubts about his motives. Well, don’t beat yourself up about that. Neither of us were sure about nikolas. Exactly. But we are now. Well, from what I read, the police are waiting for diane to make it through surgery to see if she can identify her attacker. But if you have learned something new… let’s just say I’m, you know — I’m just — I’m — I’m working on. Oh, okay. Frank told me that michael went to the pozzulo’s last night. What about it? Well [Scoffs] How did it go? Did you come to some kind of truce? Well, you know, uh, we just talked about what happened to brando. How’s sasha? Uh, fragile. And gladys? Oh, well, gladys is gladys. She’s in a lot of pain, but she’s enduring. I admire that in her. Yeah, she actually convinced sasha to start making funeral arrangements for brando, but unfortunately, sasha’s credit card was declined. How — how’s that possible? Because she’s not in control of her finances right now, and it’s still unclear who is. But if she’s having financial problems, I-I’m — I’ll do what I gotta do to help. I know. I know you will, but — but you don’t have to worry about this because I already put my credit card down for the deposit. But you do know that I’m gonna help her. I do. I do know that, okay? Okay. I’m here. Right now, I’m more concerned about her state of mind because she’s already carrying so much. And now with this guardianship, I just don’t want this to be the straw that breaks her. Sasha is going to be okay. Well, how do — how do you know that? Because she has you. How are you able to get updates if you’re not family? I have a secret weapon. Finn. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Diane’s still in surgery.

[ Exhales sharply ] Still? Finn says these things can take a while. I hope that’s all it is, because I need her to be okay. I know. And now I guess we just wait and see how our little op-ed pans out and if it brings the killer out into the light. Have you eaten? Mnh-mnh. Let’s get you some sustenance. And while we’re at it, uh, maybe we can track finn down and finagle another update. Lead the way.

[ Sighs ] Shoot. I really needed that caffeine. I’ll go make us some coffee. Oh, you can definitely make me some coffee. And I will definitely thank you for it. You, my friend, cannot have any caffeine. And why not? Because it’s murder on your vocal chords. Didn’t your vocal coach ever teach you that? And tonight, you need to be in peak form. Wait, are you saying I’m not in…peak form? Vocally. I knew what you meant.

[ Scoffs ] Look, we need to get you ready. Everything we’ve been working towards, it’s all riding on tonight. Right. Right. Peak form. Okay, good. It’s just — it’s really important that we…stay focused. Oh, I’m — I’m laser focused. Are you?

Bonjour. I miss you.

Je t’aime. She looks happy. Charlotte still has no idea she’s being used as leverage. She misses me. She can’t understand why we’ve been apart so long. You will see her again. Trust me. More than anyone. Damning me with faint praise. A little bit. Yeah. Yes. I trust you implicitly. Then believe me when I say we will bring charlotte home. Victor’s playing the long game. So far he’s winning. I didn’t say it would be easy. He’s a formidable opponent. And you’ve carried this alone for too long. But you have me now. And we’re changing the game. Together. You with me? The ends of the earth, darling. What’s the move? Well…unfortunately, the best way to get to victor is through lucy. Oh, she’s proven to be a wild card in every sense of the word. I know. The sooner we can find another way, the better. Any thoughts on what that might be? Mnh-mnh. But that’s okay. We’ll figure it out together. Now, spencer, as head of this family, it’s my duty to make sure you’re taken care of. Both you and uncle sonny have people in here looking out for me, but they can’t be around me 24/7. This place is like 15 times bigger than spring ridge, full of angry, violent people. The best thing that I can do is keep my head down and stay out of everyone’s way. And the best thing that you can do — is assassinate anyone who looks at you cross-eyed. I’m sure your uncle sonny would agree. In fact, protecting you is probably the only thing we do agree on. What part of “don’t” is unclear? Spencer, I can’t just sit back and watch you suffer at the hand of a bunch of convicts. You owe me. All right. All right. But if you change your mind — I won’T. How’s life in port charles?

[ Sighs ] How’s ava’s recovery? She gets discharged today. You can ask me about him, you know? Who? Your father. Finn: Let’s get one thing straight. Elizabeth’s her own person. She decided to tell ava that your alibi is a lie. She thought you might pose a danger to your wife, and she decided to err on the side of the truth. A concept you’re not familiar with, I know. You know, the only person in danger is elizabeth, because all of this turmoil started with you. You’re the reason that she’s so messed up. What did you say? Wait. Wait. Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Say it again! Say it again! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop it! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back to your corners. Geez. What are you doing? As long as there’s a lunatic running around with a hook, I don’t think I’ll be sure of much. At the risk of overstepping, at the quartermaine picnic, nikolas told me the two of you were having trouble. I’m under the assumption that you guys worked things out, but in case I’m wrong, can I say something? Yeah, of course. I’m sure you already know that nikolas has been through some really dark times growing up. He’s not an easy person. But he is capable of love and devotion. And honestly, I’ve only seen him in love one other time before he met you. Only you can decide what you’re willing to accept. And as for nikolas, it’s not always pretty, but it is love. Unwavering love. Oh, you know what? I have to get to the hospital because ava is getting discharged, and I want to make one last pitch for her to stay with me. Why aren’t they going to wyndemere? Well, she wants to go to wyndemere, but, you know, I’m worried that living with nikolas again so soon is gonna be too stressful for her. I know they’re having problems, but, you know, I j– I just wish that a– she would just kick him to the curb. Ava — nikolas is not a good person. Listen, it’s okay. Ava and nikolas have a very powerful connection. You call it powerful. I call it toxic. Well, their marriage is a lot more complicated than we know. Wish as much as you want, but I wouldn’t assume that they’re done. Nina, come on. You can’t tell me that they’re good for each other. A lot of people think that

we’re not good for each other. Stop it. Stop what? Being all sexy. Look, we — we need to stay focused on the plan. Sexy? You need to perform flawlessly tonight, okay? Right, right, the more successful I am, the more linc will want to sign me. And the angrier he’ll be with me, making him want to sign you even more. And then when we’ve got him exactly where we want him… I will fire you, sign with him, retire, and then leave him high and dry. Looking like the loser that he is. And then hopefully, uh, I can be a cop again someday. If they’ll have me. Oh, they will. You are the best guy who’s ever been on that force, okay? One day they’ll wise up to that. You think so? I know so. How? I just do. Time.

[ Sighs, giggles ] Look, as much

[Breathing heavily] As I want this… no. We — we want this. …You need to take all of this energy… so much good energy. …And just put it into the show. Huh? Yeah. And all the leftover energy will fill other arenas, okay? Hmm. No, no, no, no, no, no. Just — go get dressed, okay? And then… you’ll come back a-and we’ll talk strategy.

[ Exhales sharply ] Just go.

[ Exhales deeply ] Well, I’ll go get your paperwork. Hey, elizabeth. Are you all right? Nikolas mentioned to me that — that you blacked out the night that I was attacked, that you can’t remember where you were or what you were doing. Yeah. Sorry, I-I… probably should have told the police all that. No, I don’t blame you for anything. I’m just asking if you’re okay.

[ Sighs ] I just have way too much on my mind. This is a hospital, for pete’s sake. Oh, I know. I am on the board. Really? ‘Cause you’re acting like you’re on the playground. Come with me. Now! So that’s alexis’ nephew? Nikolas cassadine? Yeah. How could you tell? The overwhelming smell of jerk in the air? And he’s a-a friend of elizabeth’s? Well, the word friend might be a little subjective.

[ Exhales deeply ] I remember you said you didn’t think he had elizabeth’s best interests at heart. He’s only got his own best interests at heart. Okay, so why were you twogoing at it about elizabeth? Did he do something to her? Oh, it’s just — I don’t like him. Dad, I don’t trust him. But maybe in his own ultra privileged, narcissistic way, he does actually care about elizabeth. He said he was looking out for her. A-are you taking him at his word? For now. I would rather discuss literally anyone else. Like your stepmother? I didn’t know you cared so deeply about ava. I don’T. She’s the first person you asked about. Because she’s important to the people who I do care about. Like your father who you refuse to discuss? Like trina. Ah, I see. Speaking of trina, how is she? Well, I think you should probably ask your friends. I would if they’d visit. They haven’t? Mnh-mnh. You’re my first. I’m sorry. Why? What’d you do this time? No, I should have been here sooner. I — I got wrapped up in other time-sensitive matters. I’ll try to do better. Look, I brought this on myself. The only people left who care about me are you and maybe britt, my grandmother. Of course, she’s in italy. Still… nothing is more important to me, spencer, than family. If I’d only known what you’ve been going through. It’s not your fault. Let me make it up to you. I can get a message to trina if you’d like me to. Granted, our history — is nothing like nikolas and ava. Our cheering section is roughly the same size as theirs. I don’t care what people think. We’re good for each other. Well, you don’t have to convince me of that, handsome. Selina: Mr. Corinthos. Mm. Hey. Ms. Reeves. Hello, ms. Wu. Um, it’s nice to see you. Hi. I was so sorry to hear of your cousin’s passing. Thank you. And I understand you’re close to his widow. Uh, yeah. Uh, sasha and i are very close. Can’t imagine what that poor woman is going through, especially when her husband’s killer still roams free. If I can be of further assistance during these trying times, please let me know. Thank you. I will. In the meantime, I was wondering if I might see you at the savoy tonight. Perhaps you’ve heard. The young talent you mentioned to me is performing. Harrison chase. Well, actu– I was thinking about it, but… I, uh — sorry. Got to go.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, it’s a pleasure to see you. See you later. She’s quite lovely. Yeah, she is. And are you convinced you can keep her safe?

Diane miller is a formidable woman. Sonny: Yep. She is. I’m confident this isn’t how her story ends. I also know you have a guard watching nina. Yeah. I hope my supposition doesn’t offend you, but it would seem these attacks are related to you. That’s crossed my mind. And the police? It’s crossed theirs, too. It could be bad for business. And since we share a bottom line, my resources remain at your disposal. Thank you for your cooperation. Anything else? Just one more thing. In keeping you apprised per our arrangement, there’s a game scheduled for tonight. You know the place is gonna be crawling with friends of the pcpd. He was a cop. You know that, right? The concert provides my players with a convenient cover. And as an added benefit, they can watch the entertainment. Word of the game has spread, attracting even more influential players, raising the cost of the buy-in. Would you like a seat at the table? It’s an interesting offer, but I already get a cut of the door.

[ Chuckles ] You’d stand to gain so much more. From what I hear… yeah? …You’re quite a skilled player. Can I deal you in? Spencer: Thanks, but no. Come now, spencer. I don’t know if it’s pride or obstinance, but we both know trina is important to you. I never said that she wasn’T. Well, if you don’t want to reach out to her, then why bring her up? Because I read an article in the invader that there was another attack, this psycho with a hook, and I wanted to make sure that trina was okay. Well, you needn’t worry. The prevailing wisdom is that these attacks are related to your uncle sonny. Uncle sonny will take care and protect his family. I just wish I could help. No, you just — you just focus on helping yourself. And as for these gruesome attacks, well, there is some good news. Your father is no longera person of interest. Uncle victor, for the last time, I do not want to hear anything about my father. I told him that I was done with him and I meant it. If he’s capable of betraying me the way that he did, I don’t want anything to do with him. Oh, come on, spencer. Where is he? He hasn’t even tried to visit. I take it you want him to visit only so you can turn him away. Well, maybe he’s doing you a favor by skipping that part. Yes, I told him to stay away. But the man who I grew up with, the father who raised me, he wouldn’t have listen. I’ll talk to nikolas. No, don’t waste your breath. Thank you for visiting me. I should get going to the library. I don’t want to be late for my work detail. Very well. I’ll, uh — I’ll be back soon. Meantime, keep your chin up. And watch your back.

[ Receiver clicks ] May I remind you that my best friend is in the O.R. Fighting for her life?

[ Exhales deeply ] I’m genuinely sorry that I upset you, especially when you need to worry about diane. Has there — has there been any news? No, she’s still in surgery, and she’s gonna be in there for a while. Anything I can do to help?

[ Sighs, clears throat ] I don’t think that there — you could not brawl in the hospital, for starters. Done. Done. Anything else? I — there’s nothing anybody can do. You know, I saw — I saw the invader. Your op-ed on the united front in port charles. Too much? No. It was perfect. You’re showing this monster that we can’t be intimidated. Thank you. I needed that. Do you think he’s gonna answer up to the challenge? Well, we’re gonna find out soon enough. I hope that my instincts are right and that his ego is gonna be his downfall. Because if this doesn’t work… …I’ve poked the bear. And I’ve — I’ve set the bear onto this path of destruction that’s gonna put everybody in danger. So, how is elizabeth doing? Good. Good. All things considered, I think she’s — she’s making a lot of progress. Well, I’m glad to hear it. Yeah.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. Hey, I’m sorry, dad. Gotta go check on a patient. Go. Save lives. Yeah. Are you gonna be at chase’s show tonight? Yeah. No, of course. I’m — I’m coming with elizabeth. And we’re bringing terry. Oh, wa– he’s gonna be great. But, you know, if he bombs, it’s okay if I tease him a little, right?

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Laughs ] Always a supportive brother, aren’t you? Always. Ha! Chase: Brook lynn?

[ Sighs deeply ] Whoa, whoa, whoa. What — what’s all this? Do you know how much hidden sugar is in your food? I know how much I spent on it, regardless of what’s in it. Well, that’s beside the point. You’re throwing out my oranges? Well, do you want to pepper-spray your vocal chords? Citrus is too acidic. I take it you threw out my peppers. I-I mentioned them for a reason. Nothing spicy. Come on! Yogurt? Uh, dairy? Eggs? I-I said no dairy. Eggs aren’t dairy. Well, they’re in the dairy section. Oh, come on! My soy milk? Oh, don’t even get me started on soy milk with singers. The phlegm. So this bag basically contains everything that’s in my kitchen? You know what? You are right. There is nothing in this house for you to eat. I got to stop by deception, and then I will treat you to breakfast. Are you coming or not?

[ Sighs ] I considered bugging victor’s room, but he takes extensive precautions. Yeah. He would have found it immediately. I wouldn’t have learned anything, and charlotte would have been put at greater danger. Hmm. We need him to lower his guard. Well, he’s hardly gonna do that with either of us, is he? We need someone he won’t see coming. Hi. Anna. Valentin. I didn’t know you two made it official. Yeah. Would it kill you to act a little jealous? Oh, fine. Okay, um… get your hands off my man! No. Listen, I’m glad I ran into you, because I’ve really been thinking a lot about charlotte. Oh, that’s funny. I just, uh, heard from her this morning. Oh! Look how growing up she is! Oh!I can hardly believe it myself. I know she’s really busy with her fancy school and all of her friends, but I miss her. I miss you, too. Next time you talk to her, will you tell her to give me a ring? I will. Congratulations, nina, on being the new co-owner here. Oh! Yeah. It’s an adventure.

[ Chuckles ] Well, it suits you. You look, uh, happy. You look happy, too. An– you — both of you. Oh. Thank you. Uh, I need to go. O-okay. Bye. Bye. It was really nice to see. You, too. I think she’s the answer.

It’s an interesting offer, but I think with everything that’s going on, I’m not gonna be able to make that game. A seat is always available to you, regardless. Mr. Chase. I’m looking forward to hearing you sing tonight. I heard — I heard about your gig. Congratulations. Thank you. Is, uh — is nina around? I was hoping to thank her. Uh, for what? For putting in a word with curtis about getting me an audition at the savoy. By she, I hope that you’re referring to lucy and not nina. Lucy’s already got an assignment. Nina’s the one. She can help us get to victor. How did things go with ava? Did you figure out what to do for her? “I, nikolas ca ssadine,of sound mind and body…” yeah, that’s debatable. Keep reading. “…Do hereby acknowledge and confess that I, and I alone, am resp…onsible for the disappearance of esme prince. I know this… because I killed her.” I took your advice. I gave ava total and complete power over me. That’s not what I said. That wasn’t my advice. How — how did “take a risk, show her how much you care about her” turn into “I’m turning over all my power to her”? No, I-it was the right thing. Honestly, it was the only thing I could do. Well, w-wha– never mind. I don’t want to know. Don’t need to know. Hope it works. Well, I am on my way to find out. Good luck. You’re gonna need it. It never hurts with ava. Mm-hmm. Oh, look, there’s my cue. Uncle victor. What brings you by? Oh, ava, of course. She is family. I’m here to support the both of you. And your son. My son’s not here. I know. I just came from visiting spencer. You did? How is he? A visit from his father would do him a world of good. Ah, spencer made it very clear he doesn’t want to see me. Nikolas, it’s time you stepped up as a father. Your son needs you now more than ever. Whoa there. Oh, hi. Sorry. I-I — sorry. I was, um — somewhere else? Yeah, between work and everything else, I just — I have a lot going on in my mind. I understand. Um, elizabeth… I know you’ve been going through a rough time lately. Finn h-hasn’t told me any of the details or betrayed your confidence. But, uh, I know he cares about you a great deal. Well, I care about him, too. Gregory. I need your help. I’m here to spring ya. Oh, thank god. You know, I really need a long, hot bath and a big, strong drink. Both of which you can get at my place. Come on, ava. I know you can go wherever you want to from here, okay? But listen, I know you believe that you can coexist with nicholas at wyndemere. But I’m worried that it’s going to be more challenging than you think. Yeah. Well, things are definitely still less than ideal. But I hate the idea that I’m being thrown out of my own house. I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t screw up. That is right. And I would be more than happy to put you up at my place for however long you need. Nikolas: That won’t be necessary. Ava and I will be going home together.

[ Dramatic music plays ] What the hell? That was long overdue.

You remember at the pool? Nina said she was gonna talk to curtis about booking me at the savoy and then the two of you left I-I thought to go talk to him. No, no, we — we — we went to the savoy. But I don’t think nina got a chance to talk to curtis. Well, maybe she spoke with him later? I don’t think so, because, uh, I think she would have told me if she asked curtis to book you. Well, if nina didn’t talk to curtis, how did my gig get arranged? Selina: Has curtis given you any trouble? Nah, just a misunderstanding. I, uh — I ran into a singer — harrison chase. You heard of him? The detective on suspension. Yeah. Uh, good singer, good guy. I thought he’d be a good fit for the savoy. I appreciate you thinking of us and making the connection. I’m sure curtis will, too. I’m hoping you can answer a question. Absolutely. I’d be happy to. How well did you know finn’s wife, reiko? Hey! Just who I was looking for. I have news about diane. I can tell you right now that I have no intention of including another civilian in this. I’m not gonna put nina in harm’s way. But she can help us without being put at risk. So what are you thinking? To save charlotte, we need access. Nina could be the key. I’ve made all the arrangements, every comfort and amenity. It awaits you at wyndemere. Shall we? No. I’m not going with you. Wyndemere is you’re home, and you shouldn’t be driven away because of what I did. Well, I have no intention of giving up my claim to wyndemere. I’m just — I’m not ready to live under the same roof as you. Yet. But I thought after everything we discussed, we — I know. We’re just not there yet. Oh. Perfect timing. I am ready to go home. I thought you just said that — my old home. My first home in port charles, where I felt safe before I got mixed up with you. That is, if your offer still stands? It certainly does. Then let’s go. Pick it up. I’ll get it later. Pick it up. I — dude, you dropped it. You pick it up. I said pick it up! Ah!

[ Groans ]

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