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It looks like you’ve been up all night . I have been. Actually took him an entire night to determine that you shooting Clyde Weston was justified. They also wanted to question us about why we weren’t exactly eager to offer aid to Western afterwards. Helped the man who tried to kill our. Helped the man who murdered Abigail and cold blood.

Really, I’m glad to see you share our sense of family loyalty. Well, look, Chad and I may not be on the best of terms right now, but he still a damara and last night you saved his life and you brought Abigail’s killer to justice and for that I am profoundly grateful. I know Abigail was very dear to. Yeah, I, uh,

thought I loved her. Once turned out it was just an obsession.

No, you know what? I didn’t know what love was telling my Chloe Lane.

Oh my God, Gabby, I’ve just heard the. Uh, By what? Clyde Wilson. Yeah. It’s crazy. No. About Steph and Damara. Is it true that he’s really alive?


Are you looking at?

Like sand through the hour class. So are the days of,

it looks like you lost your blanket.

So, um, did you sleep okay? Uh, you know, there’s this thing called air conditioning. You and I should look into it. Good morning, sis. Hello Johnny. And goodbye.

Yeah, yeah, it’s true. Stephan’s. You know that for a fact. Yeah, I saw him and the demer crept my own eyes. Oh my God, Gabby, that’s amazing. Aren’t you so happy? Wait a minute. So when I thought that I was hallucinating my dead husband, I was actually seeing your dead husband who turns out not to really be dead after all , which means I’m not crazy.

Yeah, I’m not so sure about that.


there’s so much that I wanna say to you.

I just dunno where to start. I do.

Well, the first time you saw Jake was at the Mansion, remember? Yeah. How would I forget I passed out cold, right? And Lee caught you. He says he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. He would’ve seen Stephan had he actually been. Oh, so you’re telling me that the first time I saw Jake, I was hallucinating, and the second time I saw Stephan come on.

What are the odds of that? Look, whatever really happened, it’s better for both of us if you’re not crazy. Well, on that, we agree. Yeah, I need you at peak sanity so that Lee’s father can restore your rights as a voting shareholder. And you know, Stephen’s trying to take away my Dera shares for me. Okay, Wait.

Why? Why would he do that? He’s your husband. You are the love of his life. Not anymore. Okay. I don’t get this. Neither do I. He claims he never love me, and he sures hell doesn’t love me now

Chloe and I never got the chance. To see what would happen between us because, Well, Gabby, right? Gabby Hernandez is a duplicitous low life, and I’m glad you agree that she needs to be ousted from Damira. Of course. But you did mention that even if I got my shares back, Might not be enough. There’s still a chance that Shin could restore Ava AL’S voting rights to be sar.

We need someone to switch sides and I think maybe Johnny could be switchable. Johnny might need to switch sides. You mean to tell me your own son voted against you? He’s in Ava Batali’s throw. And as much as it goals me, my threats have only driven him further into her arms. Careful, brother, you need to think strategically.

I am. Now I’m going to see Johnny and Ava hat in my hand and express my heartfelt attrition. You’re gonna lie exactly. And if I do a good enough job, then maybe I could get both. What outside? Goodbye. What? What do you mean goodbye? I told you you could crash here for a night. It’s been two. Okay. I haven’t found a new place yet.

Jen. Whose fault is that? Do you know what the rents are like? The market is crazy. Okay, So go spend the night at the Salem in and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Wow. Way to treat your favorite twin. I can’t do it anymore. All right. You make more of a mess around here than Henry. You’re leaving dirty dishes in the sink.

You’re, you’re leaving sweat stains on my couch because you’re always laying around half Maybe. Maybe you could do something about the AC and if maybe you could stop trying to be provocative towards chinette. It was hot and I’m not Provo. What? Are you taking his side? No, I’m not. I’m just saying what is a few more days on the couch until he finds a place to stay?

Unless of course you are worried that. Chanel nights succumb to the powerful sexual chemistry that the two of us have always had.

Why? Why, why? Why are you here now? Because after all these months, I’m trying to find my killer. You finally have, and I’d like to know how you feel. Oh. How I feel.

I thought I would feel relieved. God, that’s so determined to get justice for you. That’s all I cared about and now that I have, now that we know who, who took you from us?

I just, I feel empty inside.

It’s just, I, I don’t know what I’m living for.

This is dizzy. Keeping track of everybody’s evolving relationships. I think it’ll be disorienting for anyone, especially those who’ve been dead for four years. , I’ll get the hang of it eventually, as soon as they get my life legs back. . Do you have any idea why a wolf kept you on ice for so long? Aside from the hard thing?

Not at one. You know anyone else who may have been involved? I gather Kristin played some sort of role. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah. Are you aware of anyone else,

Mr. Shin? Uh, I wasn’t expecting you, uh, come in. I’m assuming this is about basic black. Actually, no. I was passing your door and thought I’d stop in and see how you and your family are doing, doing. That’s very kind of you. Such a horrible ordeal with Clyde Weston last night, right? Especially for your mother.

What a dreadful thing to have happen on her wedding day and Well, now that Gabby and I are engaged, I have to admit that every time I hear a nightmare wedding scenario, I break into a cold sweat . Especially now that we’ve learned that Gabby’s dead husband, Stephan, is alive. So EJ and Stephan were here to announce that they’re petitioning to have my shares returned to Stephan.

Can you believe it? Hmm. Well, to be fair, they were Stephan’s shares to begin with, right? I mean, you only had them because you were his widow, which it turns out now you’re not. Okay. Whose side are. Well since we share common interest yours for the time being. Good. Good. Because if Lee’s father is able to restore your rights to vote, then he can’t unseat me.

Even if Stephan reclaims his shares, they can’t boot me a ceo. Ah, well I hope now, cuz I certainly don’t want my first day on the job to be my last. Don’t worry. Still have six votes with you and Johnny now that he’s on our. Actually what? Actually what? Well, I’m not so sure we can still count on Johnny’s boat.

Believe me, I am not worried about losing Chanel to you. They’re fooled me. Uh, hello Girlfriend who can speak for herself is actually in the room. I am just responding to his idiotic suggestion that I am jealous when the real reason that I want him out is because I am tired of your smelly naked body taking up all the room in my apartment.

Oh. Do I smell? Yes, you do smell. So go take a shower and then get out. No. Fine, fine. Okay, I’m going Just relax. Would.

He’s so infuriating. Just walking around with that arrogant little smirk and thinking he’s so adorable. Checking himself out in all the mirrors, you know, He’s just pressing your buttons. Hey, you don’t really think you have anything to be jealous of? Me and Johnny, do you? I just got through saying I’m not jealous, Weren’t you?

Okay. Okay. I will admit that I. I have been a little bit thrown off, but it took you weeks to decide which one of us you wanted to be with, John or me, and now it seems like you’re totally fine with him staying here for God knows how long, laying on the couch in his teeny tiny little baby underwear. So I don’t know.

Do I have a reason to be jealous? You tell me. Dupree

Nancy. Ma’am, Mr. Weston’s not allowed any visitors. It’s all right. I, I spoke to, um, Commissioner Hernandez and he said it would be all right. I’m not gonna stay long.

I just wanna know one thing. Pride was anything between. Ever real? Did you ever really love me?

Well, I told you I loved you, Nancy, time and again.

Yes, you did.

And I don’t know why I, uh, even care now, except I thought it might help me to better understand why I got involved with you in the first place. You do anything that helps you. The thing is, and I, I didn’t really see it at the time, but I, I was really messed up after losing Craig. I, I just needed somebody, anybody hate me, feel desirable and there you were.

And crying, even after you were arrested for possessing Abigail’s jewelry, I still believed your lies. That’s how much, that’s how much I needed you and how the very word needy makes me cringed. Yeah, I get that.

Now I just have a one question, since I know the truth. Fire away. You killed Abigail Damira and you tried to kill Sonus.

Clay. Would I have been next? What do I need to do? You need to let go of your anger. You guilt Cause there’s only one person responsible for what happened. And that’s Clyde Weston. But I knew he was on parole. I should have been more careful. I should have protected you. I lived in so much terror after everything that Ben Weston did to me was always looking over my shoulder, everywhere I went.

And I didn’t want that. There’s no way to live. Neither is this. You’re right, it’s not. You almost died last night. Is that what you want? Maybe. Cause I could with you honey. It’s not your choice to make. Oh, maybe it should be. I don’t how to go on,

Don’t I? Can you have to.

It was quite a shock to learn that Stephan is still. I understand he claims he still has feelings for you. That’s what he said. Yes. So you saw him? I did. And it was surreal. He also doesn’t wanna believe that there’s no hope for us. Hmm. Are you quite certain of that? He is. Fascinating, charismatic man from a prominent family.

Hmm. While I already have a fascinating charismatic man whom I love with my whole heart, and even if I wasn’t in a relationship with Brady, I have a hard time going back to Stefan after he cheated on me with Gabby. Now, I’m pretty sure that that’s not what you wanted to hear, but if you’re thinking that I can keep Stephan away from Gabby, then.

That’s not gonna happen, . Well, thank you for your candor. Well, I’ve taken up enough of your time. Best wishes to your mother and you and Brady, and you and Gabby.

Anybody working with Dr. Off?


it’s all so hazy.

Finally, it seems those stock shares are officially yours for the taking. Mm. Let’s go retrieve them from Gary, Shall we?

I wish I could have seen E j’s face. I mean, thinking that you and his renegade son had done the nasty. Yes. Well, it was very satisfying to be hold, let me tell you. And then EJ promptly kicked me out of the mansion, no surprise there. And Johnny decided to come with me just to stick it through his father.

So we went to the Salem in, spent the night. He slept on the floor. Oh really? Instead of his four poster king size bed with the 2000 Fred count sheets. Yep. No posters, no sheets, but um, you know, we’re still on good terms. The truth is, when I kicked him out, he felt really bad and I. I actually missed him.

Great. Fantastic. Go. Go find him. Go wrap your arms and everything else around him and then tell him that you’ve changed your mind, that you actually do wanna sleep with him. Are we seriously doing this again? You know, I’m committed to you. I sometimes have my doubts. Ally, come off. Come on. What? When you finally chose me over, Johnny, you admitted that you still had feelings for him.

Yeah. And I also admitted that my feelings for you were deeper. I made my choice and I’m not looking back, but it’s difficult for me when it seems like you don’t trust me. Okay? I am washed and smelling sweet. Oh God. You ever wear clothes? Donnie, would you please stop torturing your sister? What? I’m not torturing my lovely and loyal sister.

I’m simply obeying her orders to get the hell out of her apartment. So I’m gonna go put my clothes on and leave, but, But where will you. I don’t know. I’ll figure it out and, and thank you for your hospitality.

Hey Johnny. Hey yourself. But you still haven’t found a place to stay. Uh, yeah, I was staying at my sisters for a couple days, but, uh, I think I overstay my welcome. So, yeah, it’s not very sisterly. Yeah. Well, I think you know my family well enough by now to know that we are, um, complicated. Hmm, that’s true. So where are you gonna go now?

I don’t know. I guess I should probably find an apartment, get a job. In a life, um, not, not necessarily in that order, but

why don’t you just start by coming back to the Salem. End with me.

Morning. Hi, um, I missed you last night. I stayed at Res. Thank you far giving me some time. No thanks. Necessary. I know it’s a lot for you to process getting engaged and then finding out that same day that your husband’s back from the dead. I know it must not be easy for you either. Lee, you can be patient.

Gabby, you’re worth it. I still love you. I still want to marry you and I’m hoping you feel the same way.


Oh, you here to take back your, uh, stock shares? What’s this? Oh, you didn’t hear Stephan and uh, ej. They’re teaming up to O me as ceo. No, I didn’t hear, I had no idea. Who’s your brother? You know, I’m sure he wouldn’t wanna miss a minute of. He’s taking care of some paperwork. There’s something I wanted to say to you before why I’ve had some time to think since our last meeting.

Things are a little more clear in my mind, something I need to say to you.

Well, you know, I never claimed to be one of the good guys. , but I swear I wanted to be a better man for you, and I want you to know you’re a special person. In fact, since I’ve been lying here in the hospital, you’re the one I think of most, how I hurt you,

how I wished I.

I wonder,

is there any way you could forgive me?

You gotta go on living.

I mean, what would’ve happened to our kids if they’d lost both their mother and their father? Oh my.

I know. You’re suffer. But please try to remember all. You have to be grateful for all you have to live for, especially our precious Thomas and Charlotte

and all of the memories that you have of us.

I wish we could have made.

But every day, every hour, every second that I spent loving you is more precious to me than if I had lived a hundred years without you.

The greatest gift that you could give to me is to live your life. Define joy again. To find love again. No, there is never gonna be anyone else. There’s only you. You might feel that way right now, but you won’t forever. And if you won’t move on for yourself, then do it for me. So you want me to come back and stay at the end with you?

On what terms? Do we have to put a label on it? ? Is there an it to label? You’re pretty definite about me leaving, so, yeah. Well, maybe I was a little hasty. I don’t know. Just it feels like faith that I just ran hand you now. So you wanna come up and put your bag down upstairs? Huh? Come on. What do you see?

What is it? Stephan? What do you remember? My feelings for Chloe? Chloe doesn’t want you. She will. Once I remind her what we were to each other, Chloe’s in a serious relationship. She’s with Brady now. I’m aware of that, but I’m not giving up on her. So bottom line, Gabby, it would be wise for you to move on with your life, just like I intend to move on with mine and to that.

I will be filing divorce proceedings as soon as possible. Well, it’s official. The securities have been transferred back to Stephen Zane. I should have been informed of this. Consider this your official notice, Gabby, the stock certificates, please. Now, ooh,

you can’t do this. Most shares belong to Gabby. Now, the law disagrees.

You’re enjoying every minute of this, aren’t you? I enjoy when things are ReSTOR to that proper place. You know? Just because I don’t have a single share after me stock doesn’t mean I’m not ceo. I am ceo, dammit, not long. If it were up to me, I’d throw you both out of. The guy’s in charges her call. I have no idea what has happened to you, Stephan, but you and your brother need to get the hell out my office.


My mama says that you should never go to bed mad, and we’ve done that for the past two nights now. Ever since we had that stupid fight about your brother. Yeah. It always comes back to him, doesn’t it? Look, I know I made things difficult when I was choosing between you and Johnny, but you No, we, we have to get past that.

Either you trust me or you don’t. It’s Johnny that I don’t trust. He’s not, he’s over me. Okay. He’s he’s moved on. Right, But Ava dumped him. Yeah, but he was really into her. So doesn’t that mean that he’s over.

Allie, look at me. I don’t want him. I want you. And if words can’t prove that to you, then maybe this will,

if you’re sure. Yes, I am. Alright. Mm-hmm. . Oh, just who I was looking for. Look, dad, if you’re here to order me to come home. Uh, the answer’s still no. So if you’ll excuse us. What if I asked both of you back?

Climb what you did to me pales in comparison to, Oh my God, you killed an innocent young woman, the mother of two small children, not to mention what you did to sunny. He won’t forgiveness. You need to ask it from them, from their families, from Abigail’s family, from Sunny and his.

But I will pray for you, Christ,

Everyone deserves at least that. I appreciate that.


What’s the catch? No catch. Truly look, son, I don’t know if you heard what happened with Clyde Weston last night. I did. Of course you did. Everyone’s heard by now. Anyway, it made me realize how important family is to me. I understand. I’ve hurt you deeply, Johnny, and I need to make amends. I’ve pushed far too many people away in this life and that stops now.

Your Uncle Chad and I have reconciled. I’ve had a chance to get to know your Uncle Stephan, and now I’m determined not to let any more time pass being estranged from my son, whom I truly. And so I’m asking you to come back to the house where you belong. What about Ava? Well, she’s invited as well. As I said, Why?

Yeah, Why this sudden change of heart? Consider it to me a culpa for my unfair conclusions about your mental. So well, how could I turn down such a gracious apology? Evidently, you weren’t hallucinating seeing Jake. You were actually seeing Steph and you were to blame for any understandable confusion. Ava, we do Mirrors owe you on a number of grounds.

Let me start making it up to you. Please come back to the house. My doors are open for the both of you.

Okay. Would you at least consider it?

I will, but But I’m not gonna speak for both of us. Yeah, we’ll talk about it.

How could I think of ever loving someone else when you still have my heart?

Just because you give your heart to somebody else doesn’t mean you have to stop loving me. I know you never will. Just like I will never stop loving you, nor are children

used to tell me how much of me you saw in Charlotte and Thomas doesn’t that. Did I live on in them?

It does Tell me how. Be specific.


You live on in Charlotte’s kindness

and in her sense of humor

and in Thomas’s endless curiosity and how he always marched to feet of his own drill.

Thomas has you laugh

and I, Charlotte,

she has your eyes.

She has you. So beautiful. Beautiful eyes.

Will you do one more thing for me? Anything?

I love you with all my heart. I love you.

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