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 [ Door opens ] Portia, what are you doing? Curtis told me about your little “divorce papers” chat. Jordan, how dare you? How dare I what? Keep insinuating yourself into curtis’ life. Trying to make him doubt me. If curtis doubts you, then you’re doing that all on your own. Ava? What, are you trying to break out of here? Hi. Come on. You should be in your room. Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. But my sadistic doctors tell me they won’t release me until I can do a couple of laps around the nurses’ station here on my own, but… would you mind helping me to that bench there, please? Not at all. Thank you. And when you catch your breath, I’ll lead you back to your room. Mnh. Oh, that room. I hate that room. It’s just a constant reminder that I’m here at this hospital because somebody tried to kill me. Well, ava, you’re not the only one. Yeah, I know. I heard. Brando corbin. And diane miller. She was attacked earlier tonight. Hey, I’m really sorry about our change of plans. No, don’t be sorry. I really like a nice, quiet evening with you. Well, james and bailey lu are fast asleep. And once georgie gets settled, we will have this place to ourselves. I like the sound of that. Are you okay? I will be, once diane is out of the or and making a full recovery. Yeah, me too. I haven’t heard anything yet. So…diane was attacked in brando’s garage? Well, that’s what my mom said. She and gregory found her. Oh, man, that must’ve been rough. I know that diane and alexis are best friends. So, I mean, how — how’s your — how’s your mom doing? Well, as usual, my mom doesn’t want to talk about herself because she’s so focused on diane. She’s actually at the paper right now determined to do something, anything that will help. My mom did want me to check in with her if there were any updates. What was diane doing in brando’s garage alone? You know, all I know is that diane wasn’t alone. Dex was with her.

[ Knock on door ] Yeah? Detective? Yeah? Your stepsister is asking to speak to you. Uh…alright, just give me a minute, and then you can send her in, okay?

[ Door opens ] Josslyn jacks. Hey. Uh, can you get this to the desk sergeant, have him take it to the commissioner? You got it thank you. Hey. What’s, uh — what’s going on? It’s about the attack on brando. Oh, joss, I already told you, I-I can’t talk about it. I know, and I’m not here to ask you to share your evidence. Okay. I’m here to share some evidence of my own.

[ Grunting ] Boss. You got this all wrong. Why should i believe anything that comes out of your lying mouth? You told me to lock up. Okay, that’s when I found her. I swear. You’re lying to me again! You obviously don’t take me seriously! That’s a huge mistake! Huge! A dental tool is round for a reason.So is an oral-B. Round cleans better by surrounding each tooth. So clean, you’ll feel like you just left the dentist. Oral-B. Brush like a pro. Pain hits fast.So get relief fast. Only tylenol rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. They release medicine fast for fast pain relief. And no w get reliefwithout a pill with tylenol dissolve packs. Relief without the water. What does that even mean? Now, what am I doing that’s so untrustworthy? You know what I’m referring to. I am so sick of your pointed comments, your little jabs you keep throwing at me. If there’s something that you want to say to me, you come right out and you say it. Alright, then. Is curtis trina’s father? Trina: Ava. Hi. I hope you didn’t get out of bed to wait for me. Mnh-mnh. No, I was ordered out of bed.

[ Chuckles ] Hey, curtis, do you think that, um, trina and I could have a few minutes to speak in private? Trina, where are joss and cam? I spoke with rory. He said he left you all at hatchet range. Oh, they had things to do. Trina, there is a lunatic stabbing people in port charles. You can’t be walking around here alone. Ahem.

[ Clears throat ] Hi. Um, is georgie all set? Yes, uh, she’s all tucked in and ready for her good night… kiss from mom. Okay, well, promise me you’ll let me know if there’s any news on diane. Of course. Spinelli, for what it’s worth, I’m sorry about your friend. You’re very kind. Spinelli, buddy, good to see you. I wish I could say the same. State your business. Well, maxie jones lives here, right? I need to talk to her. Okay, uh, that’s not going to happen.

[ As gandalf ] You shall not pass. So, uh, dex had diane’s blood on his hands? Literally. I mean, that makes sense. He — he did help josslyn get ava to the hospital, so maybe he was just, you know, trying to help diane. But where was he when diane was attacked? He said he didn’t see anything. How is that even possible? Do you know if — if, uh, dex was brought in for questioning? No, I’m — I mean, I assume he will be, but I don’t — I don’t know for sure, no. Well, let’s just hope that diane… comes through. Yeah, especially since brando went up against the same attacker and lost. I was in the alley behind charlie’s just before brando. I mean, why him and not me? Look, joss, there’s no reason to believe that you were or are a target, okay? Ava, brando, and diane all have ties to sonny. So do I. Right, but that link to sonny is just one avenue of the investigation. That’s why I’m here so late. I’m trying to figure this all out. But what’s the evidence you said you got? I remembered something that happened right before I left the alley. Maybe it’s not important. Well, why don’t you tell me what it is? We can figure out if it’s important or not. Did you see something? No. It was something that I heard.

[ Grunting ]

[ Coughs, breathing heavily ] Sonny: Okay. That’s enough. For now. I told you… everything. I disagree. I’ve never been able to shake the fact that you were hiding something, but I gave you the benefit of the doubt. And now you were either nearby before or after three attacks. Can you answer me that? I’m not a killer. Okay? I-I tried to save ava and diane. How can I make you believe me? Just answer my question! Why’d you start working for me? When I was — when I was subbing at volonino’s, I-I saw how you ran things, how everyone respected you. No, no, no, no, no, no. I don’t believe that. You — you were always pushy, trying to be around me. Why? That’s because I admire you. I respect you. You — you built yourself up from nothing. I — why?!I want to learn from you! So you can use it against me?!

Really should be nicer to me, considering I have information that could put you in some really hot water. Look, I already bought your silence by tampering with britt westbourne’s society setups experience to falsely match her with you. You can’t keep holding what you know over my head. Stay out of my way and I won’t have to. My daughter is none of your business! You’re the one barging into my office, making it my business. And I certainly think trina’s paternity is curtis’ business. I don’t need a lecture! I don’t need a lecture from you, jordan! Both trina and curtis deserve to know the truth. Look, I’m not your enemy, portia. I’m not saying this to hurt you. But the truth has a way of coming out. This is about curtis and how you keep running around behind him. That’s what this is about. Why don’t you just admit it? Admit it. Tell me the truth. Tell me the truth. You want your ex-husband back, don’t you? Trina, you should know better than to walk around alone these days. I do. Sorry. I just found parking. The garage was packed.

[ Sighs ] What’d I miss? My dad was with me. I’m not stupid. I should get back to my room. Trina, would you — would you give me a hand? Yes, of course. Thank you. What was that? That was me possibly being a bit hasty. Look, I was just trying to keep trina safe. I didn’t mean to overstep. Okay. No, it’s cool. I mean, it’s too bad you never had kids. You got this dad thing down pat. Sorry about that. Georgie wanted me to check in her closet for monsters… oh. …Then read her two more stories, then check under her bed. She’s impossible. She’s not impossible. Resistance is earned a little bit at a time. And she’s this little girl who wants her mom all to herself. She will get over her… resistance? …Uh, shyness with you sometime in the not-so-distant future. I hope. Yeah, I hope so, too. So, here we are again.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Knock on door ] Hold that thought. Hi, sis. The day ava was attacked, you made sure you were the guy who delivered the corinthos coffee donation. Why were you so eager to visit… the quartermaine estate? Dex: I warned you he was digging

into my background. Yeah, I know. This was all part of the plan. Look, your past is part of the reason that I hired you. Because almost getting court-martialed for striking a superior officer is such a big selling point? In this case, yes. Knowing that you protected a family from an abusive man the same way that sonny wishes that he could’ve protected his mother from his stepfather will only further his opinion of you, and he’ll trust you more. Sonny: Looks to me like you were casing the place, trying to figure out how to attack ava. I wanted to deliver the donation because I thought you would be there. Like I said, I-I want to prove myself. You believe him? Me neither. What are you gonna do? Just keep beating me until I confess to something I didn’t do? No, no, no, no, not at all. I’m gonna bring in a ringer. Someone who’s known to get results.

Is dex heller in custody? He left? How are you? Deeply concerned for diane, distraught that this could happen to anyone, let alone her. I mean, do we know, was this a crime of opportunity? Or were ava, brando, and diane targeted? We just know that they all have the same person in common. Oh, yeah. Hey, spinelli. I’m glad you’re here. Diane’s been a steadfast friend and able defender. The very least I can do is sit here in the waiting area. So here I am. Yeah, look, I-I’d like to stay, but, uh, something’s come up. Can you, um — can you text me if there’s any update on diane? Yeah, of course. Is — is everything okay? Yeah. Yeah, it’s fine. Just a misunderstanding. I’m just trying to get some facts straight. Okay. Alright, bye. What are you talking about? Can I come in? Sure. Austin, you remember cody from the quartermaine picnic? Yeah, I sure do. You’re the guy who was trying to give pork to my girlfriend.

[ Laughs ] Uh, yeah, we were never formally introduced. I’m, uh, cody bell. You’re dr. Holt, right? Yeah, dr. Gatlin-holt. Gatlin? Yeah. Dr. Gatlin-holt. That’s me. So, cody, why did, uh — why’d you call me sis? Oh, my gosh. Did mac talk to you? Thank goodness. I am so glad this is finally out in the open. W-what’s out in the open? Oh, boy. Wait, you really think that mac scorpio’s my dad? There you go. Thank you. So, you texted me that you wanted to talk. Is this about rory or spencer? What? Cameron, actually. Okay. So, you know how spencer was only pretending to believe that I was guilty so that he could work esme and try to get her to incriminate herself? Yeah, yeah, that kind of convoluted thinking happens to be a cassadine trait. Well, early on, spencer told cameron the truth. How early? Not long after I was arrested. Spencer told cameron but swore him to secrecy. Spencer thought if anyone knew what he was doing, esme might figure it out. But who knows? Ma– maybe he was right. But it just bothered me that cameron kept the secret. Have you told cameron any of this? Yeah, we just talked about it after josslyn left the hatchet range. I told him how I felt. He heard me and apologized. And now we’re good. Good. I’m glad. Me too. And you were so supportive when I was trying to figure out my feelings with cam. I wish I told you about it sooner. No thanks to curtis.

[ Scoffs ] Could you believe the way he jumped on me? You know, I-I think that he’s just trying t-to protect you.

[ Scoffs ] I just got used to living in a new house with him and my mom, and now I’m back at the dorms. But once they get married, curtis will be my stepdad. That sounds pretty good. I mean, it is. I really like curtis. But it’s just… he treats me like I’m 12. Oh, trina, try to be patient with him, though, okay? I don’t think curtis has been a stepdad before, has he? I can take care of myself. And if I can’t, I have my mom and my dad who can help me. And me. Don’t you — don’t you forget about me. And now you’re gonna have curtis, too. Is that so bad? I’m not following curtis around. This conversation started because I’m still very much in curtis’ life. We’re still married. Because you conveniently forgot to file the divorce papers, didn’t you, jordan? It was a mistake.

[ Scoffs ] I’m sorry for any trouble it’s caused curtis. I don’t want to make his life more difficult. W-well, then why are you hinting around to curtis that I’m lying to him? That makes no sense. I asked you if curtis was trina’s father. I haven’t heard a denial. So it’s obvious that you’re hiding something. You know what? I hope, diane, after surgery, is able to identify her attacker. What are you thinking, like male, female? What do you think the pattern is? Motives, and were the attacks random or deliberate? Well, they did happen on the quartermaine grounds, behind charlie’s pub. Yeah, but also in brando’s garage. Now, this attacker seems to be acting out of rage, especially considering the weapon. A slaughtering hook? I don’t know. Um, I tried to speak to trina and tell her to leave town for a couple weeks, stay at her aunt gia’s, but… yeah, I’m guessing that was met with an adamant “no.” Yeah, she absolutely refuses to leave college, especially after last semester and all the time she lost with the trial. Right. You know what? I understand trina not wanting to disrupt the start of her sophomore year, especially after the rough summer she had.

[ Gasps ] Oh, how about I take weekdays, you take weekends. That way we can make sure she’s covered 24/7. Right, right. You know what? I can think of a way to keep trina safer in port charles. So, you heard something. Like — like a voice? No, no, it wasn’t a voice. It was a — it was a sound. Sounded like — like jingling, like metal pieces rattling together. When did you hear this sound? It was right after I left charlie’s and I-I was, uh, crossing the alley. So there’s a dumpster in that alley. It could have been a homeless person kicking around some cans. Nobody else was in the alley. Except for maybe dex. I never saw dex there. I never did. I-I saw him leave charlie’S. He — he headed out the back entrance. And I also saw that he left his sunglasses. So I grabbed them and I went out to follow him and give them back, and he wasn’t there. Or maybe he just wasn’t visible. Do you think that the sounds I heard could have been coming from dex? That he was somewhere in the alley? And when brando followed after me… I didn’t say it, joss, but you just did. Sonny: You were right about one thing. I-I-I could let ray keep beating you up. But, you know, I’m just not gonna get the answers that I need, so… dex, this is carver. We haven’t worked together personally, but, uh, he comes highly recommended by the wu family. H-he’s well-known for getting people to talk by any means necessary.

[ Knock on door ] Mr. Corinthos? What is it, frank?

[ Whispering ] Michael’s here. He wants to talk to you. That’s unfortunate. Alright, listen, I got — I got — I got a matter I got to deal with. So… ray… watch the door. Dex, I’m gonna let you get acquainted… with carver.

So, what’s the plan? Make sure trina sticks around G.H. After she sees ava. Hey, so ava’s resting, and I think I’m gonna go check on diane to see if she’s out of surgery yet. I like it. I’ll go with you. Okay. Thank you. Um, yeah, I-I’m gonna head out. Your mom says that you’re staying at home tonight, not in the dorms? Mm-hmm. I’ll see you then. Alright, let’s go see diane. How did georgie handle the disruption of her evening with her father? Well, I told her that diane was in the hospital, leaving aside some details, of course, and she agreed that I should be here to support diane. So we’ll reschedule our viewing for another time. Oh, viewing? Oh, haven’t I told you? I’m mentoring my progeny on a tour of a certain galaxy far, far away. Oh. Yeah. Yes. So rest assured, georgie will see every original, every sequel, prequel, in-between-quel in the “star wars” universe. Okay. Who’s her favorite character? Oh, well, uh, princess leia organa, uh, closely followed by yoda, with a, uh, certain fondness for darth vader. Wait, does she know? Oh, that he was once anakin? Yes, of course. We’re watching the canon in order. It’s just — I don’t know. She — she’s got a tender heart and a hopeful — hopeful spirit. I think she — she insists that vader can be redeemed. Plus, she likes his helmet. Ah. I bet you she gets that perspective from you. Well, I-I try not to influence her with my likes or dislikes. The joy is in just watching her experience this storytelling universe that brought me so much joy. You’re a really good dad, spinelli. Well, I’m blessed with an amazing daughter. And equally fortunate to have… a co-parent like her amazing mother, so… is maxie okay waiting alone for news on diane? She’s not alone. Dr. Gatlin-holt is keeping her company. Oh, how is it going between georgie and austin? The last maxie told me that georgie was having a problem sharing her mom with austin. Georgie’s still not a fan, despite the efforts of the good doctor. And she’s not being influenced by anyone about austin, is she? I have no need. Georgie’s an excellent judge of character. I’m sure she is. It’s possible she may have picked up on my own… jealousy. …Reservations. I haven’t denied your allegation because I don’t owe you an answer. But you do owe curtis one. The timing works. You and curtis were involved about 20 years ago.

[ Scoffs ] Taggert and I were together for another three years after curtis left me. Taggert has been trina’s dad her whole life. We both know what you said in the basement last year. And I know you’ve been looking into genetic counseling for trina. How could you possibly kn– are you afraid trina may have inherited a predisposition to schizophrenia from curtis’ side of the family?

[ Knock on door ] Whoever it is, come in and distract me. Hey. Can we talk? Yeah, of course. What’s on your mind? Keeping trina safe. Oh, well, I’m all for that. How can I help? You need to fire trina. No, no. You just said that mac was your dad. I was bluffing. No one would give me a straight answer. Have you — have you even talked to mac? No. Okay, well, you should really do that. Well, I want more information before doing that. So what do you know? Oh, come on, cody. This was way before my time. Like that would stop you. Listen, I’ve asked around town. I learned about your reputation. You know everything there is to know in port charles. This is true. Okay, from what I’ve heard, mac and dominique, they fell in love. Wait. Here? In port charles? No, no. Somewhere else. Mac was on the run when he met dominique, and dominique was married to leopold taub, who was apparently the absolute worst. Yeah, I’m aware. Then taub died. Uh, I’m a little fuzzy on that part ’cause he was part of some evil cartel or something like that. Anyway, the good news is, with him out of the way, dominique was able to come back to port charles, where she was reunited with mac. Okay, well, I know they didn’t live happily ever after, but mac never said anything about having a kid? Mac didn’t know dominique had a baby. Yeah. So he says. Mac is not a liar. He’s the best man I know. And you would be lucky to have him as a dad. Michael. What a surprise. Look, ava was attacked, brando’s dead, and diane’s in the hospital. My people are monitoring her condition. Ava, diane, and brando have one thing in common, and that is you. Did you hear what I said? I’m handling it, michael. And what does that mean?

[ Chuckles ] Do you know who the killer is? Josslyn: No way. Dex is not behind these attacks. Well, I don’t know what to tell you. I got to be open to everything until it’s ruled out. What is that? This is the file on brando’s attack. When he woke up in the hospital, before all hell broke loose, he told jordan he remembered hearing a sound — a sound describing what you’re talking about, like a metal clinking. Really? So then I’m onto something. Dex was in the military, and he still wears dog tags.

[ Metal clinks ]

[ Exhales deeply ] Forget something? Probably. Could you be more specific? You left these at charlie’S. I was wondering what happened to them. Thanks for getting them back to me. Well, I-I actually tried to get them back to you yesterday. Um, I followed you out the back exit to the alley, but, you know, I didn’t see you anywhere. Do you think the sound that you and brando both heard could have been his dog tags? Well, it — it could have been tags on a dog’s collar. A dog? Was there a dog in the alley? Well, dex wasn’t there, either. And how do you know that he still wears these tags? Because I’ve seen them. And I think you have, too. Dex: You can skip the theatrics. I know the drill. Carver: Not sure what you mean. Unpacking your bag, taking out the knives. You want me ready to break before you ever start cutting. Which would probably work. If I knew anything worth knowing… I’d tell you. But you don’t want information. I don’t want anything. Mr. Corinthos does. I’m just the facilitator. Mr. Corinthos wants to know who stabbed those people. But I didn’t do it.

Fire trina? No, I can’t do that. S-she’s like a daughter to me, not to mention the fact that she happens to be very good at her job and — and she’s getting college credit for her work at the gallery. I understand, but your attacker hasn’t been caught yet. And you think he might try to finish the job?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. But while there’s still a chance, I think trina should stay as far away from you as possible. What if your attacker shows up at the gallery and trina happens to be there? You’ve done quite a bit of investigating into my personal life, haven’t you? I hope you didn’t use your position as police commissioner to gain access to my personal medical files. I would never. Then how? How do you know? How do you know about the genetic testing, then? I came across this information by accident. You know, you keep trying to make this about me, but you need to take a good look at your actions. I thought you loved curtis. I do. I love curtis. I do. You can’t marry curtis with this hanging over you. Is that a threat? After losing ellie, my feelings for maximista may have been rebooted. May? Alright.

[ Sighs ] I have feelings for her. And — and it’s not just because we co-parent our incredible daughter or our platonic yet equally incredible friendship. Can you blame me? No, spinelli, of course I don’t blame you. And to be honest, I’m not even surprised. You and maxie have shared so much for a long time. Are you gonna tell her how you feel? I just feel like it’s not the right time. She seems really happy with austin. I’m trying to move on. Okay, well, any luck with society setups? So far, my — my true match has eluded me. Oh, wait, are you saying britt is not your match? Uh…a passing fancy. Okay. And realistically, too tall for me. So I will continue my search. But I… I fear that maxie’s the one. I-I can’t tell you how tempting it is to see if she and I are a match, but I have resisted thus far. Wait, how would you know if you and maxie were a match? She’s not a client of society setups, is she? I… I really couldn’t say. Wait, and zelda wouldn’t be able to match her with you because they don’t know each other. You know what? I’m not even sure about zelda’s matchmaking skills anyway. Society setups has had great success. I mean, if you go to their website, you can see they’ve made hundreds of compatible matches. Okay, spinelli, I know you’re a romantic, but — no, no, no, it’s not romance, it’s science. Wait, what are you talking about? Gah!

[ Gasps ] Spinelli! What haven’t you been telling me?

[ Whimpers ] Alright, alright, alright, alright. The truth. Zelda telesco is — is — is merely a front. She’s not the matchmaker. I am. Why are you here, michael? Three people, all who have ties to you, have been attacked. I’m asking you what you know about it. I got — all my people are doing everything they can to find out who did this. Right, the pcpd brought in dex heller for questioning. Where’d you hear that? He used his one phone call to contact you. You showed up and you got him released. Yeah, he works for me. I take care of my people. Right, and what kind of care is he getting at the moment? Did you pick him up because you think he’s innocent or because you think that he’s guilty and you plan on dealing with him yourself?

I’m not threatening you. We both need to just cool down. Really? Because it sounds to me like you’re saying you’re gonna go to curtis with your suspicions if I don’t speak up. Is that what you’re gonna do, jordan? Always a pleasure. You too. All set. Well, this is for the best. I’m glad we both agree. Yeah, the last thing I want is for anything to happen to trina. What really matters is that trina’s safe.

[ Door closes ] Back up, spinelli. Are you saying that you work for zelda? No, no, no. Zelda works for me. Uh-huh. I hired her. I’m not just a client of society setups. I’m the owner, as well. Okay. I, uh — I still don’t — I don’t get it. How? Okay. I am society setups. Society setups is me. And if anyone finds out, I’ll end up in federal prison. That’s a lot to take in. Yeah. I don’t really know what to believe right now. Again, you should really talk to mac. Right. Okay. Yeah. You know what? I don’t understand your attitude. Mac is the best dad. And leopold was some sort of monster. How could you want to be leopold’s son? Hey. I got your text. What’s wrong? Did you try to walk again? Tire yourself out? No, no, no. No, I’m fine. Well, something’s wrong. I can see that you’re upset. I am. Um… because I can’t be your boss any longer. You made it clear you don’t want me in your life. So don’t come to me when you want a problem solved, michael. I’ll tell you why this concerns me. Because — ’cause ava is avery’s mother, and I care about avery. And brando was extended family. Okay, right. And sasha, who I care about, is now a widow. Mm-hmm. And diane, who’s not only an amazing attorney who’s done miracles for me in court, she’s also a friend, someone I look up to and admire. And now she’s fighting for her life in the hospital. And guess what. You — you are the common denominator. And the police, they’re not — they’re not — not questioning you about — about any rivals or enemies who may be targeting people who were close to you. No, instead, they bring in dex heller, a guy who drives your car. And now, you know, dex seems to have vanished after leaving the pcpd with you. Go home. This doesn’t concern you. Are you sure you have the right guy? What makes you think that dex is guilty? What is dex to you, michael? Why do you care what happens to him? The night dex found you and ava and you were working to slow her bleeding, what was he wearing? The usual — jeans, white t-shirt. Okay, c-could he have had his — his dog tags on under the shirt? Well, we were trying to save ava. I mean, how am I supposed to remember something like that? Wait, so… wearing a white t-shirt. Was it clean? Yeah. Why? Mr. Corinthos has informed me that you’ve been evading his questions. I haven’t evaded anything. I’ve been telling the truth. And when he figures that out, you’ll be out of a job.

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