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Jack, I heard you come racing in. What does the matter, uh, Julie tell me, uh, is, is Doug still taking painkillers for his shoulder? What well known, not since last year. Why I found these on the floor.

Oh, well I don’t understand this because we never refilled the prescription. I think Jennifer did. Doug’s fine now and

Oh no, go ahead and tell me that Jennifer is taking painkillers again. I didn’t wanna believe her, but I think she’s right.

I swear I’m gonna make him paid it. Anyone who ever hurt you, anyone who ever even thought about hurting you, I.

I promise you. I promise you. Just a sweet girl.

Sorry. They hurt my baby.

Yeah. He’ll be with Abigail soon. Now. Chad won’t take long now. Yeah.

Are you all right? Just tell that time a bitch is bad.

Like sand through the hour, so are of,

It’s too bad he’s still kicking.

Looks like the rolls of reverse. Now, hog chap, how does it feel to be the one bleeding out in the grass this time? That is what’s called poetic justice. I’m glad I could provide that for you. Go to hell you first. Oh wait. How does it feel? Clyde? Knowing you are only moments away from damnation and there is nothing that you can do about it.

Agonizing, isn’t it? Not for me. I’m gonna relish every single second of it. We both are. When I found Abigail, she was still clean to life alone in the bedroom, who almost have felt like an eternity. Terrified every breath would be her last. Tonight. You are gonna pay back every single painful second. You hear me, Clyde?

Except in Abigail’s final moments, she was with someone that she loved. Someone that loved her. You will not be so lucky.

Ah, voicemail damnit EJ

reports are gunfire. The cemetery is where Abigail’s buried. Stay here. No way. I’m coming with you. Don’t argue. I’m. Go. I just got back to the police station. I spoke to Shawnee’s. My God. Hey jd, I gotta call you back.

Can you hear me?

Cough help.

What was that? I’m sorry. You’re gonna have to speak up. You can’t let me die. Did you hear something ej? Huh? Not a thing. I thought I did guess now. Must have been the wind. Must have been beautiful night, wouldn’t you say? So peaceful and quiet out here among the dead.

She wasn’t upstairs. She’s not in the kitchen. She’s not in the den. She’s not here. Jack, she’s not answering your phone. Well, maybe she put it on silent. Well, listen. Have you noticed any kind of change in her behavior recently? Well, yes. She’s grieving deeply over the loss of her daughter. We all are. Yes.

She’s changed. Damn. I went to voicemail. Uh, look, I need to go back and find her. I’ll go with you. No, no. Clearly you stay right here. You stayed with Doug. She might come home. All right. Thank you so much for all your help. I will let you know when I find her. Jennifer, we’re so worried about you. Was trying to call you.

Oh, sorry, I, I didn’t hear my phone. Oh, I don’t know where it is. I need to sit down. Jennifer. You all right?

Jennifer? What happened? Where have you been

when you stay with me? How you stay? You’re gonna be all right. You’re gonna make it okay?

Yeah. This is Commissioner Hernandez. I’m outside the police station right now. I need an ambulance right away.

Wish she’d bloody Hurry up. Have a Liverpool game on the dvr. I am no rush at all. Oh my God, is he? He’s alive. He’s.

Yeah, this is Detective Brady. I’m the Salem Cemetery and I got a gun check wound victim. I need, uh, medical assistance asap.

What the hell happened here? EJ as your lawyer? No, ej As your lawyer, I have to advise you not to say a word. You heard our detective mum’s the word and same goes for my brother as well. I’m sure Bell will also be representing him. Mm-hmm. I don’t need a lawyer. I have nothing to hide.

You were supposed to stay home, you said you weren’t feeling well. I wasn’t. I. Supposed to, then I spoke to Aha. Jennifer, look at me. Okay. You know that’s not possible, right? Yes, of course. I meant, I, I imagine speaking to Abigail, I was, I have just so upset that we haven’t found her killer. So I decided to see what was happening with Clyde when she, the police finally decided that Clyde is, He may have killed, couldn’t here, Jack, Like, look good.

Am I doing Just, just waiting here. So I, I decided I would drive to the police station and I, I would see what was going on. You drove in this condition. I’m, I’m, I was fine. I, I’m okay. I just started feeling a little dizzy, so I turned around and I came back. Thank, Thank God. Thank God you should have known Jack.

Please tell me did they catch him? Yes,

He murdered our daughter, Chuck. Tell me he has to answer for that. He will. The police are handling it. Jennifer, there’s something that we need to handle right now. God, what? What is it?


Oh, uh, okay. Remember what I said about it being a quiet night. Looks like I spoke too soon. What’s going on? Um, two ambulances just pulled in downstairs, so it looks like my break is officially. Okay, Doctor, get out your hair. I’ll see you back home, man. Yeah.

Oh, Michael Gwen. Once I spoke to Nancy about the vanilla after shave, I realized that, that the person who stabbed son and killed my wife wasn’t Craig. It was quiet and, and I was even more convinced after Ray told me Clyde’s Allen by fell. And so you decided to take matters into your own hands? Yeah, I did.

Oh, well, I got the gun for my family safe. I intercepted Clyde at the city hall and then I took him to the cemetery to Abby’s grave, and that made him from Fess Crimes Crimes, and he did it, Sean. He did it. He killed my wife. Why? Why do I just send a message to ej? Sort of, except Abby was in his original target.

She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. So when Clyde broke into our house, he didn’t intend to kill my wife. It was after yours. What?

I don’t understand and why would Clyde want to kill Bell? Several weeks before Abby died, Clyde plan to bug at Mansion. Mansion. It must been the night he came over claiming he wanted to go into business with. From that moment on, he was keeping tabs on it. He wanted leverage to use against me to keep me quiet about how he was responsible for my shooting.

Then Clyde’s Worst fear was confirmed when he heard a conversation between you and Bell. He heard me confide in her. I still cannot believe how reckless you are. Are you put my wife in danger. What is how stupid? He didn’t like Clyde was listening. Okay, And I wanted to help. Clyde wanted to send a message.

He wanted to show how easily he could get to e. Or anyone around him. Bella was living with us at the time, so he came for her there. Oh my God. Except you weren’t there. No one was, except for Abby. She had, she found him in the hall. She started asking questions. She was brave. Um, stubborn, you know, No nonsense.

She just knew too much. I’m so sorry, Chad. I, I don’t know what to say. Okay. So you got cly to confess. So then what happened next? While I was upset, as you may have guessed, he caught me off guard, knocked the gun away starting strangling me. I, uh, I just kept thinking what he, what he had done to Abigail and I picked up the gun and ended it.

EJ had no choice. Lyde was gonna kill Chad. She’s right. If EJ having to showed up, I would be with Abby right now. Okay. I’ve heard enough for now. If I need to hang down the hospital, see if I can get some answers at. Assuming he’s still alive, may relieve. No, not yet. Need you to stay here. I just have some more questions for you.

Okay. Let me know what you find out. I love.

What’s that prescription? Painkillers, Killers. I found them here on the floor.

The label says they’re Dougs. Yes, but Doug stopped using them a year ago. Never refilled the prescription, but about a month ago, someone did. What are you saying, Julie? What are you accusing me of? Jennifer, you had an addiction to painkillers years ago. Jack. Years ago. Sweetheart, I’m not judging you. I am not.

I need you. I need you to talk to me. Jennifer, please tell me the truth.

Have you been abusing pills again?

I think I’m gonna be single.

Oh, hey. Um, why went to Gwen? I’m not sure I, uh, found her outside the police station. She was on the ground, uh, non-responsive and, um, there were tire tracks nearby. Well, someone hits her and just left. It looks like a hit and run. Yes, we would do something like that. Well, we’ll find them. Because of now we have no witnesses, so we don’t know much.

Pretty much told you everything. Oh, come wait. Just Jenna, just about to come. Poor guy mean after Abigail. I dunno what he’ll do if you lose another daughter. Should I go check on Jennifer? No. No. Just give her a minute. Okay. What do you think? I,

It’s Rafe Rafe. Hello? Did youre Clyde? No, no. Shawn has a lead, but right now we’re waiting for an. Oh, well thank you for keeping in the loop, but, uh, I’m in the middle of something right now, so if you could just jack that. That’s actually not why I’m calling. Oh, what’s wrong? Uh, I’ve got some bad news. Jack is about when.

Feeling better? Yes. Thank you. Where’s Jack? Uh, Jack had to go and he wanted me to take care of you. He had to go winter. RA called from the hospital. The hospital, Gwen was brought into the emergency room earlier this evening. Gwe. What happened? I have no idea. Jack got that call. Hung up. Ran outta here.

He must be so worried. I hope that she’s

Gwen, She’s stable. Um, she has some broken bones and possibly a concussion, but. No internal bleeding and there doesn’t seem to be any damage to any of her major organs. So for now, she doesn’t need surgery. She regained consciousness. Like may I ask her some questions? Uh, no. She won’t be giving any statements yet cuz we have her sedated.

Okay. Sarah Jack’s not here yet. Um, would you be off? I sat Mr. I know he wouldn’t want it to be alone. Yeah, of course. Cool.

Okay. Um, I’ll see if we can find, uh, trash and, and we need to make sure that your story’s first when she hears. Do you think Chad and I will be charged with anything? No. Not if I can help it. Before you go. I went to apologize for what Sean was right. I put you in danger. I never should have told you about Clyde

if Clyde, he was there for you. Bell and I, I’ll tell you what I told Sean, Okay. You had no way of knowing that Clyde was listening. How could you and yeah, I practically forced it outta you. You aren’t good at that. Bottom line is you have no reason to apologize. I just wish that we would’ve, you know, that we could have stopped Clyde before a

Yeah, me too.

Hey, I just got your message EJ talk. Lied. Yeah, and according to him, he was just trying to save Chad’s. Where’s Weston now? Tr room five. Booking doctors. They extract the bullet. Now he’s recovering. Gwen Gwen, where is she? Is she okay? She’s sedated. She’s in stable condition. I mean, she’s, she’s pretty banged up, but it looks like she’s gonna be okay.

Thank God. Thank God. Where is she? Sarah Xander are in there with her right now, and Sarah can give you a full rundown of her injuries and her recover. Thank you, Ray. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah, Jack. There’s one more thing, but Sean found Clyde. You did? Yeah. He tried to kill Chad. Oh my God. Now AJ shot him.

It’s the best are dead. No, no. The doctor just finished patching him up.

What room, Jack? No, Uh, I don’t think you should do that right now. What room? Trash. You should just go be with Coin. That’s where you should be right now. You said she’s stable. You said she sedated. Sarah Zand are with her. I’ll ask you again what room?

Can take

damn things.

Why? Why did you do it? Why did you kill my daughter?

Just the way you like it, cold and bitter. Thank you,



It was my fault.

Ej, you don’t have to. No, don’t.

I knew ply was a threat to the family, and yet I kept it to myself. I should have put a thought to him. Immediately. Chad, I failed you. I failed Abigail, your kids. I failed the family and I never forgive myself. Chad, I am very sorry, but we’ve both made mistakes. And done things that we regret and there’s no point in keeping score.

Not now. That’s very generous of you. Before we clear the board, I have to thank you. Came to my rescue night, ej, and you saved my life.


You welcome brother.

Well, now that that’s out of the way, um, I guess I can tell you. Tell me why tonight. I didn’t do that for you. What do you mean? I just wanted to shoot him.

I don’t know what you’ve been told Mr. Deborah, but I’ve never harmed a single. On your daughter’s prairie little head. I should have done You be mad enough to admit you did. You know, I do believe it’s in my best interest not to say another word until I have an attorney present. Just fine. It’s fine by me because I, I don’t need to say myself.

When you did was a speakable evil Abigail, when she was a mother to two beautiful children. She was a wife. She was a daughter. And you stall it all away. It will haunt me and the rest of my family for the rest of my life. And I want you. To be haunted too. Whenever you close your eyes, I want you to see her.

I wanna see what you did and I hope it kills you slowly and painfully. And in your last moments when you’re dying, you won’t begin to understand a fraction of the pain that you cost us. Not a fraction bravo there Jack as a hell of performance. But you know, I think you better off. What did you say?

Let me see. Oh yeah, I can see her man. She was beautiful.

She’s not Angel Jay. That little slut cheated on my boy. No.

Hey, Gwen, it’s, it’s, I dunno if you can hear me, but I just wanted you to know your father’s on his way and until then, I’m gonna keep you. If that’s okay with you,

and I also wanted you to know that you’re gonna be right. Sarah says you’re very lucky that you and I both know that look has nothing to do with it. It’s tough as hell. One of the toughest women I’ve ever. That’s why in no time you’re gonna be up and complaining about the groty food and grumpy.

Sandra. Hey there, Alice. What’s going on? What’s she doing here? Where is he? Ah, you’re in a bit of a scuffle. Yeah. But you fought, Bly, took down several men twice your size. You’re a, at University Hospital. You were a victim of a possible hit and run. Who’s,

Hey. Sorry to interrupt. She just regained consciousness. That’s great. Hey, Glen, think you’d be up to answering a few questions? Sure. Okay, thank you. Listen, I just want you to know that I’m gonna do everything in my power to find the person that did this to you.

I should go, Jack needs me. No, no, no. Jack needs you to rest, darling. Jack needs. To take care of yourself. I’m fine, Julie. I’m fine. No, sweetheart, you’re not, Jack wasn’t around the last time that you started using painkillers, but I was.

That’s the reason we moved back into the house, Doug and me. Do you remember that? Or was to take care of you? I remember and I am grateful, but that is not what’s happening here. Jennifer Rose, you’re not fooling anybody, especially not me. You’ve been struggling. How long has it been?

A few weeks. Why didn’t you talk to. I was ashamed. You have nothing to be ashamed of. We don’t judge you. We wanna help you.

Maggie tried to help. Maggie knew about these bills? Yeah,

she, she found them in my purse. Mm-hmm.

It was, It was my accident. The bottle wasn’t full. I hadn’t taken any. She watched me throw them out. Then she took me to a meeting. Then I came back and I got them out of the trash and they took one. Then I took another in another.

Until the ball was empty.

Listen to me, Jennifer, we all love you very much

and after everything you’ve been through, I don’t presume to imagine the pain that you have been going. But I do know in this life there is nothing more tragic than when a parent loses a child, especially so son, So senselessly.

I know you’re struggling, darling. You’ve been struggling just to get through the name.

But remember, Your life is important to your life, how you live it, that’s important to all of us, and it’s especially important, those precious grandchildren of yours because with their mother gone, You, my darling, are the most important woman in their lives. They need you now. They’re gonna need. For a long, long time,

we all are.

Would you please give me a hug?

Yeah. Hey, you sure you’re ready?

My head’s finally starting to clear,

Gwen. Thank God you’re alright baby. Thank you so much for coming. Of course. Tell, tell me what happened. Yeah, we were just getting to that. So when you remember anything about tonight, Um,

I, I was, I was walking to the car park at the station. This car came speeding towards me. Oh my God, My God. Yeah. It, it didn’t swerve. It just, it happened so fast. Do you think it was,

That’s possible. I suppose. Could you see the driver?

What do you say? You get some sleep. Oh yeah. Thank you. Yes. And Julie, I am so sorry that I worried you and God, I cannot believe that I went driving in that condition that it’s just, it’s not me. You know that. I do know that.

It’s all such a blur. Well, I’m just so glad that you’re back home safe and sound. You know, you’re very lucky that you didn’t hurt yourself or anyone else. Let’s go darling.

No, I, I didn’t see the driver. I was God, the headlights. They, they blinded me and

Daddy would do something like this and then just drive off and outside of a police station.

I’m just sitting here Jack. What good am I doing? Just, just waiting here. So I, I decided I would drive to the police station and I would see what was going on. You drove in this condition.

Chad told me that Abigail wasn’t your intended victim, that you were planning on killing my.

I do believe I have the ride to remain silent. Now you do. And I’m gonna read you your rights really soon, you know? But first I want you to know one thing. Can’t wait. I’m never gonna rest until you’re back in Statesville and this time. You’re never getting out.

Well, how did it Gorok? Uh, unfortunately she’s gone for the day, but I will speak to her on your behalf tomorrow morning. Have you talked to Sean? Yes. Um, Clyde is gonna live, That’s a disappointment, but he will be shipped after Statesville for the rest of. And you know the truth and hopefully that brings you a little peace of mind.

Oh, peace of mind.


Abby finally be, finally gets some justice. She would want that. Yeah. Especially. Our kids different. All of us. Sorry.

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