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Thomas: You’re from child protective services?

Cps agent: Yes, we are. Does the child douglas forrester reside at this address?

Thomas: Yeah, it’s my son.

Cps agent 2: Is he here? We need to check on his well-being.

Ridge: Why? He’s fine.

Cps agent: That’s what we’re here to determine.

Thomas: Did someone file a complaint?

[ Music fades ]

Brooke: It’s better to talk here. I’m not comfortable discussing this at the office.

Liam: Yeah, I mean, it’s not exactly a secret that you’re unhappy about douglas staying with thomas.

Hope: I have been very careful not to escalate things.

Liam: Yeah, okay, but here’s the thing. If your mom is right, and is seeing this… change in thomas for the worst, then maybe it’s time to escalate.

Brooke: Well, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

Hope: Okay, all right. All right. Fine, I’m listening.

Brooke: Don’t you have to go pick up beth?

Liam: No, she’s, uh– she’s gonna be at her friend’s house for a bit.

Brooke: I’m sure she misses douglas as much as we do. I just hate to think of douglas, trapped over there with thomas.

Paris: I really appreciate you taking the time to look over this proposal, steffy.

Steffy: Your grant package?

Paris: Investor outreach.

Steffy: Right.

Zende: If you guys need to talk, I can leave the sketch, or we can discuss it later.

Steffy: I’ll text you two later, see how everything’s going. That’ll be best, I think. Hey, babe.

Zende: Hi, finn.

Finn: Oh, pam said I could come right in.

Steffy: Yeah. Of course, yeah, anytime.

Finn: Sorry, am I breaking up a tense meeting.

Steffy: N-n-no I was just about to tell them what a great job you two are doing. It’s just, um, I’M…

Finn: Yeah, well, something’s going on.

Finn: Tell me, what’s up?

Steffy: Argh.

Finn: You and brooke got into it?

Steffy: She’s on a rampage.

Finn: About your mom or your brother?

Steffy: You know what? I really don’t want to get into it right now, especially in front of paris and zende, all this family drama.

Zende: Well, I am family. And paris and I already know all about the drama.

Paris: Yeah, and nobody wants to take sides, but we work with thomas, and we see how happy he is having douglas stay with him.

Steffy: Yeah, everyone’s happy about it… except brooke. She’s attacking thomas’s role as a father, questioning his ability to take care of his own son.

Brooke: Douglas has been with thomas long enough, it is fortunate nothing has happened to him yet.

Hope: Mom, if I thought that douglas was in any danger, I would step in immediately.

Brooke: Honey, you didn’t see that knife.

Liam: Yeah, but you did say that thomas didn’t let douglas play with it or anything, right?

Brooke: No. But he was watching his father using it. And, you know, he wants to emulate his dad. And now with the forrester’s pushing this forrester family legacy on him, it’s just…

[ Loud sigh ] What was thomas thinking? What kind of environment is that for a sweet, impressionable child, like douglas?

Thomas: My son is perfectly safe and happy here.

Cps agent: Then you won’t mind letting us speak to him.

Ridge: You have a warrant or something?

Cps agent 2: No, sir. We merely want to see your grandson for a few moments, ascertain his well-being and hopefully be on our way.

Cps agent: Unless, you have something to hide.

Ridge: No one has anything to hide.

Thomas: No, no. You can see him right now. He’s right here, in the living room.

Ridge: Come on.

Douglas: Hey, dad.

Thomas: Hey.

Douglas: Did you know that grandpa hasn’t won a single game in the last 20 games?

Thomas: That’s ’cause, grandpa, uh, stinks. But, uh, if you could put that down just for a minute, ’cause these, uh, these people just need to talk to you.

Douglas: Oh, okay.

Cps agent: Hi, douglas. I’m elizabeth. This is michaia. We just stopped by to see how you’re doing. A lot of people care about you and want to make sure you’re all right. Hi, my name is reggie and I

Zende: Do you think we should take this in–

Steffy: You know what? My brother has earned this time with douglas, and it makes me furious that anyone wants to take that from him.

Finn: Hope misses him, that’s understandable.

Steffy: No, brooke is painting my brother out to be this bad guy, which is not true. I mean, anyone could see it if they– they just spent a few seconds with douglas and thomas, they would see how much douglas loves and trusts his father.

Zende: Hopefully, brooke will see that, too. All this drama between the logans and the forresters, it has to end.

Steffy: Yeah.

Charlie: Oh, zende, there you are. Uh, they need you down in the cutting room.

Paris: Oh, and I have a call right now, too.

Steffy: Huh, yeah.

Charlie: Oh, oh, oh, boss, boss, listen. Um, your dad was talking about brooke earlier. Ha-have-have you seen her?

Steffy: No, I haven’t, and I really don’t want to.

Charlie: Okey dokey. Uh, okay. Until I get the all clear, I guess we should make this a brooke free zone, huh?

[ Chuckles ]

Finn: Oh, until you get the all clear this office should be off limits to everybody.

Charlie: Why would that be? Oh, oh, oh you– ok– I–

[ Chuckles ] Sorry!

Finn: Okay. Are you all right?

Steffy: No. I’m just worried about thomas. This whole situation with brooke is just getting impossible.

Brooke: The knife was scary enough, but thomas’s attitude worries me even more. I mean, the way he was just brushing me off.

Hope: Okay, look. I am concerned about the knife. I didn’t think that thomas would be so cavalier about his son’s safety. And you’re right. He may not realize, just, how tempting it is for a little boy to want to be like his dad.

Brooke: He’s not equipped to be a full-time parent.

Liam: Whoa, okay, all right. I know that we don’t want this to get ugly, we want it to be civil. But, you know, “a” we have to remember the guy’s past, and, “b”, if he’s now just straight up ignoring advice and basically telling douglas’s grandmother to go mind her own business, that’s– that’s not a good sign. You agree, right?

Brooke: Ugh, and I think we’re the only people who notice that. Poor douglas, he wants to be just like his dad, and then ridge, and taylor, and eric, they want to boost thomas up. I don’t think they would see the warning signs if it was glaring them in the face. This is too important. I mean, somebody has to look out for douglas.

Elizabeth: Well, I see you play chess. You any good?

Douglas: I guess.

Ridge: He’s really good. He lives here with thomas and my dad. They’re teaching him.

Douglas: Yeah, he’s a designer.

Michaia: You like living here with your dad and great-grandfather?

Douglas: Yeah, once great granddad let me play in the living room.

Michaia: What about schoolwork? Does he help you with that too?

Douglas: No, dad helps me with homework. Only if I need it.

Elizabeth: You and your dad spend a lot of time together?

Douglas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: We just want to make sure you feel safe here.

Douglas: Safe?

Elizabeth: You’re not scared? Worried about anything?

Douglas: No! Why would I? I love being here with my dad. There’s a pool, tennis courts, and a really big screening room.

Michaia: Sounds like a blast. Thanks for talking with us, douglas. We’d like to speak with your dad now.

Thomas: Yeah, bud. Why don’t you grab your colors and sketchbook, and head upstairs and I’ll meet you up there?

Douglas: Okay. Bye.

Elizabeth: Nice meeting you, douglas.

Ridge: Was it necessary? You saw how confused he was.

Elizabeth: We have to investigate every call we receive.

Thomas: Okay, well, now you saw that he is perfectly safe and happy here.

Michaia: We had reason to believe that your son might be in jeopardy. We were told there was an incident with a knife.

Steffy: I know you didn’t stop by to hear me go on and on and on about brooke.

Finn: No, I stopped by to see how you… are.

Steffy: Better when you’re here.

Finn: Yeah, but you’re still frustrated.

Steffy: Of course, I’m frustrated. Brook’s coming after my family. It’s like, every time things are going in the right direction for us, she interferes. She interferes with my parents, with thomas, trying to get him away from his son, making him sound like he’s a dangerous person. It’s ridiculous.

Finn: And it’s upsetting. But thomas is douglas’s father, brooke can complain about them living together all she wants, but she can’t actually do anything.

Steffy: This is brooke logan we’re talking about. Everybody knows she’ll do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

Brooke: I hate feeling this way about thomas. He’s ridge’s son.

Liam: I mean, I know you want to trust him, but if– if he’s making bad choices, you’re the only one who can call him out on.

Hope: Mom, if you think that this is serious and it needs to be addressed, then I will talk to him.

Brooke: Yes, honey, it’s very serious, but I don’t want you caught in the middle.

Hope: Douglas is my son, and I need to know he’s safe.

Brooke: Well, I wish we didn’t have to worry about that. But thomas has done a lot of crazy things in his past. His judgment hasn’t always been sound.

Liam: Yeah, far from it.

Brooke: I can’t forget all the things that he’s done to you, hope. And the mannequin… and what about what he’s done to his own son? How he used douglas to get closer to you?

Hope: And it was inexcusable. But didn’t we want him to get better? Wasn’t that the point, to get him on the right track? I mean, mom, I think we need to be honest with ourselves here, he hasn’t shown any of those tendencies in a very long time. So, I do think we at least need to hear him out.

Liam: Well, we wouldn’t know. We-we haven’t even gotten to see him, with douglas. I mean, you get these invitations to the house, you’re going over there, so you’ve seen them. And, I mean, you say everything seems okay.

Brooke: But, yeah, they seem okay. But, honey, this is where douglas lives. Here with you. This is where we know he will be safe and secure.

Thomas: There was no incident with a knife.

Michaia: You deny having a large knife around the minor?

Thomas: I mean, like, I’ve like, a little pocketknife, but there was no accident.

Michaia: May we see the knife?

Ridge: What? Why?

Thomas: You know what, fine, I’ll get the knife and you guys can look at it.

Ridge: What do you–? What is happening here? Did somebody call you and say that the little kid was in danger. Is that what happened? What, that’s a secret? I’ll tell you what’s not a secret. My son is a good father, so there’s nothing to worry about here.

Thomas: Here you go. Here is the knife. You know what, you guys, you guys keep that thing because it disgusts me that there’s an idea that he could get hurt with anything that I have, I mean, it’S… look, my son is the most important thing in the world to me. It’s my job to make sure he’s safe, it’s my job to make sure he is secure. He-he’s living in this wonderful home, you can see how happy he is. Okay, he is surrounded by a family that loves him. Me most of all.

Michaia: We’re glad to hear that. We understand a visit like this can be upsetting, but a child safety must come first.

Thomas: Hey,I totally agree.

Elizabeth: Thank you, for your cooperation.

Ridge: Yeah.

[ Door closes ]

Thomas: What the hell was that?

Ridge: We got to make sure that none of this ends up on your permanent record. So, what is this? Now people think that douglas is in danger? Who called these people over here? Whoever it was, whoever made this– this phone call, they made a big mistake.

Finn: Hey, look, your brother, he’s holding his own.

Steffy: Yeah, he is. But once brooke sets her mind on something, she doesn’t let up, no matter who it hurts. Think of all the times she split my parents up, she wants my dad, she wants deacon, and she wants bill, she wants and wants and wants. It’s selfish and it’s toxic. But she doesn’t stop.

Finn: Well, it’s a good thing thomas has you looking out for him.

Steffy: Yeah. Thomas, douglas, my parents, everyone…

Finn: It’s a lot. I get it, feeling like your family is under attack, especially for someone as fiercely protective as you are. You said brooke never gives up? Guess what? Neither do you. All right? It’s one of the many things I love about you.

Steffy: “Many?”

Finn: Many. Come here.

Hope: Mom, I understand that you’re concerned about douglas.

Brooke: Honey, we don’t even know what’s going on over there at eric’S.

Hope: It’s where douglas wants to be. He asked to spend more time with his father.

Liam: Yeah, but he’s not old enough to make that decision. I think he’s mature enough to know if there is something wrong. And we know that for a fact, because in the past, he has told that to us.

Liam: Yeah.

Brooke: Okay, well, that’s a lot of responsibility to put on a little boy.

Hope: I am responsible, I am his mother, I have been keeping an eye out. I have been going over there and seen how he is with thomas. I have informed all of his teachers. I’ve been going to the house every day. He has been having a good time.

Liam: Okay. But just because he’s having a good time doesn’t mean he’s safe when you’re not there.

Brooke: That’s right. I mean, as a parent, you have to be diligent. The child expects you to be there, and love them, and support them, and put their needs first above everything else. And yes, maybe, thomas wants to do that for his son, but he can’t, because he’s not ready yet. And his behavior with that knife, that proves it. He has to be diligent. He has to be extremely careful with a child in his care. I have grave concerns about douglas living with thomas.

>Ridge: I can’t believe this. Can’t believe any of it. You know, really, I should call carter, get legal involved, make sure that none of this lands on you.

Thomas: Nah, you know, I don’t– I don’t think that they were convinced like anything was wrong.

Ridge: Why were they here? Why would they come to our house? What they– did they– they think that-that you’re– putting douglas in danger? You’re a great father.

Thomas: You know what?

Ridge: And wait, now they’re going to question that little boy, they’re going to question you?

Thomas: I would never give douglas a knife and let him play around with it, and possibly hurt–

Ridge: I know that. I think, everybody in their right mind would know that. There’s somebody out there’s– thinks differently.

Brooke: I mean, I will protect douglas no matter what, I would call child protective services on thomas, if I–

Ridge: Woah, woah, woah, you– no, no, no, no, no, no…

Thomas: What is it? Who are you calling? You think there’s a problem?

Ridge: I hope not.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Brooke: Ridge, hi.

Ridge: Hey. Where are you right now?

Brooke: I’m at home. Why?

Ridge: Just trying to find a way to tell you what just happened.

Brooke: What happened? You sound upset.

Ridge: I am upset. At my dad’s house, I was hanging out with douglas, and two officers from the cps showed up.

Brooke: Cps?

Ridge: Yeah. They were investigating thomas and douglas, and they questioned my grandson.

Brooke: Oh hun, oh what happened? Is douglas okay?

Ridge: Everyone’s okay, because douglas lives in a loving, beautiful house where he’s very safe. And the officers saw that right away, and they left. Here’s what bothers me… douglas and thomas had to go through this, in our house.

Brooke: Okay, well, you’re obviously angry.

Ridge: I got to ask you something. I don’t want to, but I have to ask you this, because this whole time you’ve been saying that you don’t think thomas is a good father to douglas. That you don’t feel safe having douglas in his care. Did you do this? Did you call child services on my son?

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