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Young & The Restless Transcript

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Nikki: [ Exhales sharply ]

[ Knock on door ]

[ Exhales heavily ]

Deacon: Nikki?

Nikki: Hello, deacon.

Deacon: [ Laughs ] I can’t believe this. I-I haven’t seen you in forever. I-I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.

Nikki: Yeah, well, I didn’t think I would ever have to see you again, either, but I needed to speak to you, so I tracked down your phone number and i sent you a message.

Deacon: Well, you are about the last person that I thought would be on the other side of that text — summoning me to a mysterious hotel room, nonetheless.

Nikki: I wasn’t sure you would show up if you knew it was from me.

Deacon: Well, you’re wrong. Of course I would. Come on, nik. I’m happy to see you. You know, I got to admit, I’ve — I’ve thought a lot about you over the years, you know, all the things that we went through together.

Nikki: Is that right?

Deacon: Absolutely. I wondered how you were doing. Oh, and, nik, one more thing. You look good.

Diane: [ Breathes deeply ] Hello, victor. You’re looking well.

Victor: There something you need?

Diane: Well, I just haven’t seen much of you lately, not since you came by to say hello when I returned. But, um, I thought maybe we could catch up.

Victor: I recall I had two unfortunate occasions when I saw you. One was when you engaged in a slapping fest with my wife and the other when you crashed the chancellor-winters launching party.

Diane: Well, I’ve been on my best behavior ever since.

Victor: Really?

Diane: Mm.&

Victor: Good. Well, then I think that’s all the information you and I need to exchange, right?

Phyllis: Hey. This is interesting, seeing you two together.

Diane: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hello.

Diane: Hello.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] I feel the need to sit down and watch. That’s all.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: [ Clears throat ]

[ Whispering ] What are you talking about? Do I have to ask?

Lily: Thank you for joining me.

Devon: Yeah. It sounded urgent.

Billy: Is this about nate’s resignation?

Lily: Uh, no, no. Devon and I talked about that already, and I am optimistic that nate will change his mind. So we’ll discuss that later. Right now, I want to talk about taking chancellor-winters public. Now that jill and I have done the research and looked at all the numbers, we are very, very eager to pursue this ipo. And I’m really hoping to have this be a unanimous decision and to have your support by the end of today.

Victoria: It made more sense to meet here than at my office.

Nate: Agreed.

Victoria: You know, I’ve been considering the information that you brought me about jill and lily’s desire to take chancellor-winters public. Do you still think that they’ll be successful?

Nate: No guarantees. But I believe it’ll happen.

Victoria: Based on?

Nate: Well, jill was fired up about the idea, and with lily backing her, I’d be shocked if devon and billy didn’t ultimately go along with it.

Victoria: I’m sure the two of them could be very persuasive. Provided that they can make this happen, I’m interested in buying as many shares as possible to help me obtain the majority stake in the company. I mean, it’ll be an extraordinary addition for newman, don’t you think?

Nate: Couldn’t agree more.

[ Laughs ]

Victoria: Although I know that jill and lily are very savvy, and I’m sure they’ve already orchestrated the deal so that the family retains the bulk of the stock.

Nate: That is correct. 51% of the stock will remain in the hands of the chancellor-winters senior executive team.

Victoria: Well, then it would be impossible for newman to have the level of involvement that I’m hoping for.

Nate: Not necessarily. I’d be willing to sell you my shares. They, along with what you can purchase on the stock exchange, will make newman majority shareholder.

Victoria: That would be a huge risk on your part.

Nate: It’s one I’m willing to take, if and only if you’re willing to give me what I want in return for my help. (Grump) there is no perfect, only practice.

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Victor: I apologize, but i don’t recall asking anyone to join me.

Phyllis: Mm. Well, I’m not going to join you.

Victor: Ah.

Phyllis: I have to-go order. I’m gonna get it and leave. I was here earlier for a lunch meeting, but we didn’t really have lunch, did we?

Diane: Mm. We met up with summer and kyle.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Victor: How riveting.

Diane: Mm. Uh… oh, look, phyllis, here comes your to-go bag. I certainly don’t want your lunch to get cold.

Phyllis: Oh, don’t worry. It’s gazpacho. I’m all good.

Diane: Well, I have a few things I’d like to say to victor in private.

Phyllis: I’m sure you do. Um…I wish you luck. Good luck.

Diane: Why do I need luck?

Phyllis: Because he sees right through you, just like i do. Good luck.

Victor: Hey, phyllis, good seeing you.

Phyllis: You too.

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Nikki: Save your flattery, deacon. This isn’t a reunion for two old friends. Or have you conveniently forgotten that you almost ruined my life?

Deacon: No, I haven’t forgotten. But I did try and make it up to you.

Nikki: Oh, yeah. As if you could, after everything you did to me. You took advantage of me when i was vulnerable. You manipulated me into marrying you. And then you pretended you were on my side when I thought I had killed diane jenkins. You didn’t give a damn about me.

Deacon: Nikki, I swear that’s not true. Yes, I did set out to use you in the beginning, but then i started to have feelings for you. And then I fell in love with you. Now, look, there wasn’t a lot that meant anything to me back then, but you did.

Nikki: Thanks for the ride.

Deacon: Oh, come on, nikki. You’re hanging on by a thread, alright? Look — great. There’s booze in the house. I-I’m not leaving.

Nikki: Well, feel free to watch.

Deacon: Please don’t do this. I — look, hey, we can go to another meeting, alright? I — there’s another one in 20 minutes.

Nikki: Salute.

Deacon: [ Sighs ] So, uh, everything at the meeting was just a bunch of B.S., Right? I mean, obviously, you’re — you’re off the wagon.

Nikki: What I said was, um, “one day at a time.” “One hour at a time,” is what i said, and at this hour, I need a drink.

Deacon: Is this about diane? Is this about the night that she died? I saw you in the park. I know.

Nikki: You know what? This is probably very awkward& for you, so you should probably go.

Deacon: Nikki, please. I’m not gonna say anything. I’m not gonna tell anybody what I saw. Please, just…know that.

Nikki: I asked you to leave.

Deacon: We — we can talk. I just want you to know that i understand. W-we don’t have to talk. Just please put the glass down.

Nikki: Will you go away?

Deacon: I-I can’t do that.

Nikki: Fine.

[ Glass thuds ] I can.

Deacon: You don’t have to believe me, but there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish that I handled things differently.

Nikki: [ Scoffs ] Don’t stand there and tell me about your regrets. And don’t tell me that you tried to save me from taking the fall for diane’s murder when you helped her fake her own death. Yeah, that’s right. I know the whole story now, how you helped her escape from genoa city, leaving me and a lot of other people to suffer in her wake. Did you really think that the truth would not come out?

Deacon: No. No. I wasn’t that naive. I would like to know how you know.

Nikki: Did you not see the article about diane returning to genoa city? Talia morgan wrote it. It’s generated quite a lot of buzz.

Deacon: I don’t know anything about any article, and I didn’t know that diane went back there.

Nikki: Okay. Well, she recently revealed herself to jack, and —

Deacon: Wait. Jack abbott?

Nikki: Yes. Jack abbott.

Deacon: Wow.

Nikki: And she didn’t hesitate to let him know the part you played in her demise.

Deacon: [ Chuckles ] Diane, diane, diane. Threw me under the bus, huh?

Nikki: Instantly.

Deacon: Hmm.

Nikki: She’s not loyal to anybody but herself.

Deacon: So, that’s what this is all about, right? You, uh — you wanted to confront me about my deceit. So, what now? You getting ready for a little revenge?

Nikki: Yes. But not on you… so long as you do everything I ask. Hi, my name’s steve.

Billy: I appreciate your passion, lily, and my mother’s, of course, as far as the ipo goes, but I think we have a lot more to consider before we get a full consensus.

Devon: Yeah, I completely agree with that. And I don’t want to be rushed into some quick decision because of an arbitrary deadline.

Lily: Devon, no one is doing that. I really think that once you see the numbers that you’re gonna cha–

Devon: Even after hearing the numbers, though, I know I’m still gonna want to hold off, okay? I made that clear. I think — I know that the merger just happened not that long ago. So, if we go public, that’s gonna be two major moves within a matter of months. I think that it’s too soon for a number of reasons. And on top of all that, I’m not a fan of giving up autonomy as a family-owned business and losing control of everything that matters and ending up having to answer to shareholders instead of doing what we think is best for our company.

Lily: Look, you know what? I’m gonna e-mail you some things, okay? Financial analyses, projections that are pursuant to an ipo. And I really think that you’re gonna be impressed by what you see.

Victoria: While I am very grateful for what you’ve done already, I’m also interested in you continuing to give me information that might be helpful, as I’m planning to make my move.

Nate: You’re on.

Victoria: Alright, then. I have a question for you. Before you offered to be my eyes and ears, you said you were looking to leave your job, alluding to the fact that maybe there’s been some difficulty working with your family. So, are you still part of the inner circle?

Nate: I’m determined to iron things out with my cousins. And I’m confident I will have access I’ve always had.

Victoria: Excellent. Then I view you as the perfect person to help me achieve and oversee this transition, both while you’re at chancellor-winters and when you join me at newman.

Nate: So, you’re agreeing to let me run the company once it’s under the newman umbrella?

Victoria: Consider it done.

Diane: I’m sorry phyllis interrupted us. That woman has a habit of inserting herself into situations where her presence is not welcome.

Victor: There something you wanted to say to me?

Diane: Yes. I feel this conversation is long overdue.

Victor: I honestly don’t remember there being anything that you and I have to discuss.

Diane: Well, that’s — that’s true. We do have an ugly history, and I’ve done a lot to atone for, probably more than I could hope to accomplish in this lifetime.

Victor: Mm.

Diane: But I want you to know that I don’t carry any ill will towards you or nikki.

Victor: The feeling isn’t mutual.

Diane: I understand, victor. But I want you to know that I am doing everything I can to prove that I’m not the person you knew before. And — and I will keep doing so for as long as it takes.

Victor: I’ll pass this on to nikki — alright? — When she returns from her trip.

Nikki: Diane says she’s waited this long to reach out because she wanted to be the best possible version of herself for her son — kyle.

Deacon: And I’m sensing that you don’t believe that.

Nikki: Oh, please. Little by little, she has wormed her way back into our world. And she even wrangled a job for herself at the business that her son and his wife run. It’s infuriating. I’m not gonna tolerate it anymore.

Deacon: What do you expect me to do about it?

Nikki: Diane tells a story about how hard she worked to pull herself together, that she lived a very clean, modest life when she lived here in los angeles. Of course, I don’t believe that for a second. I think she is hiding something that could ruin the new image that she has created for herself. And that is where you come in, deacon. You owe me, and it is time that you pay up. So, if you know what’s good for you, you will tell me everything I can use to expose that bitch, get her out of our lives for good. Woman tc: My a1c stayed here, it needed to be here.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. Lucky me. I keep on running to newmans and ex-newmans everywhere I go today.

Victoria: Whatever that means.

Phyllis: That means I just ran into your ex-stepmommy

[Chuckles] Diane and your dad at society.

Victoria: Uh, what woman is not my step anything.

Phyllis: Oh, well, I mean, whatever. Your dad wasn’t buying what she was selling. That’s good.

Victoria: You know, frankly, I’m less interested in what my dad is up to with diana and I’m more interested in what my mother is doing in L.A. About diane.

Phyllis: What? No. Your mom is in L.A. Meeting with the forresters about summer’s wedding dress.

Victoria: Oh, so then this trip isn’t news to you?

Phyllis: Hardly.

Victoria: Then you are also in the know that she’s there to get the goods on diane.

Phyllis: You know about that?

Victoria: I don’t know why you didn’t just admit it. Could have saved us both some time.

Phyllis: I know. I’m keeping nikki’s private life private. I’m being discreet.

Victoria: Since when does my mom confide in you?

Phyllis: Well, we found common ground when it comes to diane.

Victoria: I don’t understand. And I don’t appreciate you encouraging my mother to fly halfway across the country just to face off with deacon sharpe. You understood what kind of position that would put her in and how that would cause stress for her, both physically and emotionally. What the hell is wrong with you, phyllis?

Deacon: Nikki, as attractive as you are when you’re making threats, I can’t help you. I wish I could, but I can’T.

Nikki: I don’t believe you.

Deacon: I’m not jerking you around. Look, you’re right. I-I do owe you for the way i treated you.

Nikki: Yeah, I know you do.

Deacon: I just don’t have that much to offer. I mean, after diane died, we went our separate ways. You know, I saw her a couple times over the years when she was living her life as taylor jenson.

Nikki: Okay. Okay. So, think back to those meetings. Any detail, no matter how small. It could be very important.

Deacon: [ Sighs ] The only thing that comes to mind is I thought she had a lot of money.

Nikki: Wha– why would you think that?

Deacon: ‘Cause every time i saw her, she was buzzing around in a bentley.

Nikki: Really?

Deacon: Mm.

Nikki: Because she said she was just getting by working as a real estate broker, selling small homes, just a tiny commission.

Deacon: She led me to believe the same thing.

Nikki: Well, what about that car?

Deacon: I-I don’t know. I just figured she was dating some rich guy. You know, every time I’d see her, there was this guy in the backseat sitting next to her. I don’t know. You know, I’d ask her about it, and she’d shut me down.

Nikki: Hmm. I wonder why she would be so secretive about that with you. I mean, wouldn’t you tell your co-conspirator the truth?

Diane: Is nikki on a business trip for newman?

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Yes. Important business.

Diane: Ah.

Victor: You worried she may stumble across something while she is on the west coast?

Diane: Victor, I have already told anyone who would listen that I have nothing to hide. I know that you and nikki already investigated my time in los angeles, but you couldn’t come up with anything to use against me, could you?

[ Scoffs ] You know, you and nikki both have checkered pasts, but you’ve managed to put all that behind you. And I just — I just wish you would extend the same courtesy to others, mainly me, as I build my life here.

Victor: I bet you do.

Diane: Victor, I pose no threat to you or your loved ones. The only reason I’m in genoa city is to be with my family.

Victor: That’s your choice. But since my family lives in the same town, you’re gonna have to deal with the repercussions.

Lily: Now do you see the benefits of an ipo?

Billy: [ Sighs ] I mean, assuming these numbers are correct, they’re — they’re pretty damn impressive.

Lily: Right. Okay. So, I mean, does that move the needle at all for you? Are you moving closer to a “yes” vote?

Devon: [ Sighs ] Lily, one of the biggest reasons, for me at least, for doing this merger is because we wanted to create a unified, family-owned business and a legacy, a legacy that we can leave behind for our kids and our grandkids. And I think that if we go public, we’re gonna lose that completely ’cause we’re gonna have to end up answering to a board of people we don’t know and it’s all gonna become about profits and share prices and pleasing our hedge funds. We’re gonna have to completely change our mind-set, and I don’t know if it’s gonna be for the better.

Lily: So, what I’m hearing is that you’re not convinced.

Devon: I just feel like there should be more owning a company than turning a profit, as crazy as that might sound, because i feel like there should be a personal satisfaction you get from coming to work. And as a public company, that’s gonna go out the window.

Lily: Look, devon, I get it. I get it. And I-I believe part of that. I do.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: But I really think that our vision would still define the future of chancellor-winters going forward. I mean, to me, this is an opportunity to grow and to make an impact. You know, we’re allowing people who believe in us to invest in us and give us the money that we need to make this a bigger and stronger entity. This is the next step in our evolution. I mean, this is our moment to reach for the stars. We can’t pass that by.

[ Knock on door ]

Lily: Nate. Hey. Come on in.

Nate: Hey. Um… I can see you’re busy, so, uh, I’ll get right to the point.

Devon: Please do.

Nate: I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting, and I realized i was wrong and you were right about me overstepping. I need to grow into my position and pay my dues like everyone else. No matter how strongly I feel about my ideas, I need to respect the opinions of others. Especially those in the hierarchy above me. I regret I resigned in anger, and I’m here to ask for another chance.

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Nikki: I suppose it’s possible diane could have been seeing a man who was wealthy. Or maybe she fell into money herself, whether it be illegally or legal. She was always very resourceful.

Deacon: Ain’t that the truth.

Nikki: Mm. Well, whatever the real story is, maybe the reason she kept her distance from you is she didn’t want your grubby paws on her money.

Deacon: [ Chuckles ] You know, I’d like to tell you I’m offended by that characterization, but given my past, I guess I can’T. Your theories are solid.

Nikki: Yeah, well, theories do me no good. I need proof. So, keep thinking about these meetings with diane. What else do you remember?

Deacon: Nikki, I wish I could tell you what you want to hear. I really do. But I-I can’T. Look, I admire the way that you’re trying to protect your family. I would love nothing more than to help you as a way of trying to make amends.

Nikki: There is no making amends for what you put me through, no forgiveness. The only thing I want from you is information. And if you don’t have anything to give me, I will send you on your way and forget I ever knew your name. Okay. We’re done here.

Deacon: Nikki, wait.

Phyllis: I think, in a way, it might be a good thing that she’s meeting with the man who was aiding and abetting diane. It could be — I don’t know —

Victoria: Cathartic?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Victoria: Yeah, I — i understand that. But we’re talking about deacon sharpe.

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, I think we all regret having anything to do with him. Ugh. He’s a pig.

Victoria: Yeah, which is why I preferred that my mom stay away.

Phyllis: Yeah, I’d prefer that, too. But, I mean, listen, if she could deal with victor newman on a daily basis, she can deal with deacon.

Victoria: Oh, that’s so funny.

Phyllis: Okay. This is the thing. She may have been — I don’t know — a bit of a train wreck all those years —

Victoria: “Might have been”? Really?

Phyllis: Yeah, she may have been, but she’s not like that anymore. She’s not. She’s different. And she’s not gonna let deacon play her, especially when it comes to the goal of getting diane jenkins out of town once once and for all.

Victor: Is there a problem? Are you surprised by what I’ve said?

Diane: Yes, victor, there is a problem.

Victor: Really?

Diane: Yeah. When I chose to come back to this town, I was under no illusions about the long, hard road I’d have to travel. And there have been countless smears and insults and threats. And I have — I have rolled with it all. I have handled it all with grace because I understand what emotions my presence provokes.

Victor: Do you now?

Diane: Yes, victor, I do. But I didn’t just come back from the dead to suffer endless abuse. I have worked so hard to start over, and I have too much to lose to have anyone tear me down or scare me off. I will never let that happen.

Victor: Should I bring in the violins now?

Diane: [ Chuckling ] No.

Victor: You know that I enjoy a good fight. And I can see your fighting spirits are up. But you know where this will probably end, right? Girls trip.

Nate: I, um, guess I stunned you all speechless.

Lily: Look, thank you for coming here and saying that. I know that wasn’t easy for you.

Nate: I have a new perspective now, know exactly what I want, which meant checking my temper and ego at the door.

Lily: Well, I’m — I’m just curious. I mean, what — what changed your mind?

Devon: Yeah, I was about to ask the exact same thing ’cause this is a pretty big shift for you.

Nate: You’re right. After we got into it yesterday, I had a chance to cool down, take a step back, and think about what you’ve all been trying to tell me. I’ve been doing a lot of talking and not a lot of listening. And now I finally heard you.

Billy: On a delay, it sounds like. Of course it happens. Happened to me many times.

Nate: That is the perfect way to put it — a delayed reaction that could only occur once I got out of my own head. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel strongly about my ideas. I would love to see them come to fruition when the time is right. But I realize I overstepped. I felt underappreciated and attacked, so I lashed out.

Devon: Yeah, you sure did.

Nate: Because I was only thinking about myself. I wasn’t considering the bigger picture — the relationships with my family, the need to present a united front for the sake of chancellor-winters’ success. I realized it would make the company look less stable for the ipo if word got out that I’d jumped ship. Assuming you’re planning on moving forward with it.

Lily: Uh…uh, well, we — we haven’t decided yet. That’s what we were just talking about.

Devon: Nate, if we were to hae you come back after everything you just said, how are things going to be different between you and me? How’s that dynamic gonna change with us?

Nate: I’m your coo. I report to you. The final word lies with you and lily, and I won’t circumvent your wishes. That being said, I would like for you to be open to my suggestions, even if they’re not ideas you’re comfortable with at first. And if jill or lily or billy sees merit in what I have to offer, I’d like for you to give weight to their opinions.

Devon: So, you’re expecting, like, a majority-rules type of situation?

Nate: No, no, no, not at all. You’re the boss. But simply put, if we’re going to make a sincere attempt at operating as a team, I hope you will meet me halfway.

Victoria: I want it in digest form twice a day. Any mention of the company, no matter how cursory. Oh, and I may need you to do some research for me in the near future. Alright. Excellent. I knew I could count on you. Bye-bye.

Victor: That sounds to me as if you’re about to acquire another company to add to the newman portfolio.

Victoria: Time will tell.

Victor: Care to share?

Victoria: Well, I, um — actually, I do have something in play that you might find intriguing, but I’m not quite ready to present it to you yet.

Victor: Hmm. Well, well, well. Interested to hear all about it. By the way, I want to tell you that I’m very proud of what you’ve accomplished here so far. You and your mother make a hell of a team, you know.

Victoria: I know that mom is in los angeles meeting with deacon about diane.

Victor: And you have concerns about that, right?

Victoria: I’m still concerned about it. I-I’m very concerned. Have you heard from her?

Victor: Unh-unh.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] God knows what games he’s playing with her now.

Victor: Hmm.

[ Door slams ]

Nikki: Of course you were holding out on me. How typical of you and your tenuous relationship with the truth.

Deacon: Take it easy. It just occurred to me in the moment, alright? I don’t even know if it’s significant.

Nikki: Alright, will you just tell me?

Deacon: It’s not something i tell you. It’s something I — I have to show you, alright? I can bring it to work — the restaurant.

Nikki: Oh, my god. Are you actually trying to lure me to your place of employment?

Deacon: Why? You want to be lured?

Nikki: Ugh!

Deacon: Come on, nik. No. Just — look, you come, I’m gonna give this thing to you, I’m gonna hand it over, and once I do, you can pretend you never knew me. Okay everyone,

Lily: I mean, you know where I stand. I would love to have nate back. But it’s gonna take all of us to make this work.

Devon: Yeah. Well, listen, nate. I can — I can try and be more open to your ideas and to hearing you out, and I can even give you more leeway in certain areas. But the back and forth that we’ve been having between us — it’s been terrible. And it really has to stop. I mean it when I say that. I want to put it completely behind us. So, if you think we can do that, then, sure, I’m fine with giving you a second chance.

Billy: Well, as the king of second chances, I’m just gonna say it. Welcome back.

Lily: Yay!

Nate: Thank you. Thank you.

Lily: I’m so excited.

[ Laughs ] I see a bright future for all of us.

Nate: Mm. I couldn’t agree more.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: Look, I know that mom said she could handle anything that deacon threw her way, but what if he tries to mess with her head again? Or maybe he flies into some kind of a rage because he’s being confronted about helping diane fake her death. This could all go south so quickly.

Victor: Do you honestly think I would let her go there without providing security? I mean, my security team has eyes on her the entire time. She is in no danger, okay?

Victoria: Look, that’s no guarantee.

Victor: My baby, if I thought your mother wasn’t up to dealing with this fellow, I would have found another way to handle him, alright? Your mother’s strong. She asked me to have faith in her, and I do.

Victoria: So do I. I just hope she can get whatever dirt this bastard has on diane and comes back home and she never has to give deacon sharpe another thought ever again.

Talia: What happened? Are you alright?

Nikki: Yeah, I’m fine. Seeing deacon brought up a lot of bad memories.

Talia: From all that you told me about him, how could it not?

Nikki: Mm. He’s still the same snake that he was, still has some of the old charm, which he tried on me. It was disgusting.

Talia: I’m sorry you had to deal with that.

Nikki: Well, I knew what i was getting into when I decided to come here. But I did get one thing out of him.

Talia: What’s that?

Nikki: He said that during the few times he saw her in L.A. That diane seemed to be living the high life. And that contradicts the story she has told.

Talia: Interesting.

Nikki: Yeah. We need to dig deeper. We need to find out what that lifestyle entailed.

Talia: That would be my instinct, too. Any ideas?

Nikki: Well — oh, and then deacon says that there’s something that I might be interested in seeing and he wants me to meet him. Like I would ever go anywhere he suggested. I mean, I don’t even know if this thing actually exists.

Talia: Obviously, the decision is up to you, but off chance deacon has something worthwhile in his possession…

Nikki: You think I should go.

Talia: All I’m saying is, i wonder if meeting with him one last time might be worth the effort.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: You made it out unscathed! Good for you! So, how’d it go? The mea culpa — did it work? Did you get shot down? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Diane: You know, we’re — we’re here to work, not to do whatever it is that you’re doing.

Phyllis: Well, I’m caring for a co-worker.

Diane: Oh, please stop.

Phyllis: Stop what? Caring?

Diane: Stop being so damn disingenuous.

Phyllis: Now you’re hurting my feelings.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Phyllis, I have a meeting to go to. If you’ll excuse me.

Phyllis: Are you gonna apologize to me?

Diane: Oh, get over yourself. And get out of my way.

Phyllis: Oh, there it is.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: There it is. There it is. This is the real diane. This is the real diane. I knew you would start to crumble. This is the first crack in the armor, isn’t it?

Diane: Alright, where do you and victor get off? Where do you get off throwing stones at people? You have both lied and cheated and deceived others countless times! You’ve both been charged with a litany of crimes! And you know what? By the way, I’m not the only person who’s faked my death. Victor has done it half a dozen times!

Phyllis: But who’s counting, right?

Diane: And yet you continue to think that you get some free pass where you just torment and punish me!

Phyllis: I’m not doing that.

Diane: I am warning you, phyllis. You keep pushing me, and you will regret it.

Phyllis: There you are. There you are.

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Phyllis: That is the diane I know and hate. There…you…are. And this is the beginning of the end for you.

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