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If Jordan would have told you the truth and been honest with you about everything, would you two still be together right now? But she didn’T. So what does it matter? I think it does. Portia. No, curtis, humor me here, please. Now, I know you might think this is silly, but whatever, I — look, I need to know this. Jordan and I may still be legally married on paper, but we haven’t lived our lives together for over a year now. That’s not what I’m worried about. Then what are you worried about? Trina: It was the best of summers. It was the worst of summers. I can’t believe it’s already over. It’s probably gonna start snowing next week. Joss? Hmm? Thinking about brando? Brando, ava, and whoever attacked them both. Hello, professor. Alexis. Good to see you. By any chance, are we here for the same person? I’m here to see my friend who is an infectious disease specialist. You? Coincidentally, I’m here to grab lunch with the same infectious disease specialist, and I’m early. Care to wait with me? Well, I actually have a — I — sure. I — I saw the news this morning about the attack on brando corbin. I gather he’s a relation. And what made you jump to that conclusion? Like any good journalist, I pay attention to details. Am I correct? No. He’s kristina’s cousin. I was sorry to hear about what happened to him. Um, I know all too well how it feels when tragedy strikes close to home. Well, this was a lot closer than you think. Nervous? I have no idea what to expect when I go in there. You’re gonna do great. Hey, look, I’m meeting my dad for a little bit of lunch, but before I do, I’ll check in, okay? Thanks. Can’t wait.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. You got this.

[ Sighs ] Man: Come in.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Softly ] Brando! Oh, my god! You came back to me.

[ Laughs ] Hi. You and I both know the same person who attacked ava attacked brando. Sonny, you know I can’t discuss the investigation with you. Okay. Yo– you’re the one who told me that most of the victims are connected to me. Can’t you just give me anything? Anything you’ve found out? You have the resources to protect yourself and your family. Use them. You don’t need any help from me. Okay, we worked together in the past, didn’t we? And I made it clear when I came back to port charles that those days were over. Even if sharing information is the only way to stop a madman?

[ Monitor beeping ] How are you feeling? Tired. My throat hurts, but I don’t care.

[ Chuckles ] That’s the morphine. I thought it was from seeing you.

[ Laughs ] That is also the morphine.

[ Chuckles ] At least you’re awake. I love you so much. I love you.

[ Coughing ] I’m gonna go see what’s taking dr. Robertson, okay? Okay. Okay. I’ll be here. Right here. Oh, hey! Brando’s awake. [ Giggles ] Oh, my god!

[ Laughing happily ] Fantastic! Have you seen gladys? Uh, yeah. She was feeling a little lightheaded, so I walked her to the cafeteria. Okay. I’ll text her in a minute. I need to find dr. Robinson. No, no, no, no. You stay with your husband, okay? I will find dr. Robinson. Thank you. I feel like our prayers were actually answered. Yeah. Okay. If I bring you in on this and we catch this person, all a good defense attorney needs is one technicality to get a murderer back on the street. At least we know who they are. My people are working on it. I’m sure you have people on it, too. In the meantime, let’s just hope that brando wakes up soon and can tell us something. Nina: Hey, I have great news. Actually, brando’s awake. Is he talking? Uh, well, sasha didn’t mention that. I was actually looking for dr. Robinson. Okay, keep looking. I’m gonna go talk to brando right now. Hi! [ Chuckles ] I feel kind of silly. I asked for this appointment, and now I don’t know where to start. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Take your time. My problem went deeper than I was admitting. And ever since I checked myself out of shadybrook, it’s only gotten worse. Josslyn: Thanks. Oh! Looks like your dumpster-diving partner is here. Isn’t he the reason you were in that alley where brando got attacked? You followed him out of charlie’s, right? Yeah, except I didn’t see him there. Finn is on his way to examine brando right now. And I suppose you want to go check in on him, as well. I got a few minutes before finn is done — long enough for you to answer my question. Is there any world where you and jordan would have still been together? Honey, you know, like I do, what it’s like being married to a cop. That you’ll have to accept that there are some things that you’ll never know. Right? Which is what I did. But [Sighs] What jordan kept from me, it wasn’t just some casual details about a case. The secrets she kept from me were personal. Right, no, I see that. If she would have just shared them with me, then it could have strengthened our foundation and brought us closer together. So you’re saying that if jordan would have been honest, you two wouldn’t have separated. Dr. Finn, nina went to get dr. Robinson. She found her. Dr. Robinson requested a consult. How you feeling, brando? Peaches, doc. Listen, I want you to take it easy, all right? You’re still at risk for sepsis and other post-op infections.

[ Knock at door ] Dr. Finn, may I have a word with mr. Corbin? As soon as I’m done with my consult. I’m afraid time is of the essence. The sooner we get his statement, the sooner we can get whoever did this off the street.

[ Coughing ] Commissioner, when I’m done here, he’s — he’s all yours. Thank you, doctor. Finn: You, uh, experiencing chest pain or shortness of breath? Nope.

Curtis: Nobody’s perfect. Babe [Sighs] We all have things that we don’t tell each other. If it’s an embarrassing situation from our past or a big mistake that we’re not proud of. True enough. But all of those things have no bearing on who we are now or where our lives are now. We — we — we — maybe we forget them, and we leave them buried. But what about the secrets that do have a bearing on our relationship and influence who we are to each other? Those have to be shared. Because every good relationship, the basis of it is honesty. And without that, we have nothing. You’re right. You have to tell the truth. You have to, no matter how hard it may be. I-it is how I feel, you know? In reality, jordan did lie to me, okay? Her secrets did break us up. All I can tell you is the truth of now. Do I regret the way things went down between jordan of me? Of course I do. But if you’re asking me if I want to be with her, the answer is no. I love you. I love our life together, and I cannot wait to marry you. Oh, honey, it’s the same here. Same here. Good. Now, can we stop with all the “what ifs”? That sounds good. Yes, I, um… now I — I have to go check on brando. Right. Uh… just [Chuckles] To be sure. We’re good, right? We’re good. Because if you need to hear it again, jordan and I are over. Does jordan know that? Alexis: I’m not going to lie. When I found out how close kristina was to that attack, my heart stopped. Mm. There’s nothing more terrifying for a parent than realizing you can’t protect your kids every moment. So, uh, how’s brando doing? Have you heard any word? Uh, kristina texted and said that he’s out of surgery. Well, that’s good news, right? Speaking of news, um, I was impressed with

the invader’s coverage of the attack. Do go on. Well, people have a morbid fascination about these crimes, and I commend you for resisting the urge to sensationalize it to sell more papers. Well, that w-wasn’t a difficult decision to make. I mean, these families of the victims have been through enough. It’s certainly not going to help if I turn their stories into sideshows. I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I have a proposition for you. I wanted so badly to believe that my problem was over. I checked myself out. But the behavior didn’t stop. You’ve had more incidents? At the quartermaine picnic, I blacked out. One minute I was alone, and the next… nicholas was asking me if I was all right. I mean, it was only, like 10 or 15 minutes.

[ Scoffs ] Only. But I can’t account for that time in between. I could have been doing anything.

[ Cellphone rings ] I’m sorry. I have to take this. Okay, now that it’s just us… I get why you don’t want the general public to have this information. But I’m not the general public. Now, you certainly are not. I need you to protect my family, just like you need me to figure out who did this. And why is that? Because we’re not just talking about a psycho. This person attacked the mother of my child and my cousin brando.

[ Whispering ] I’m not going to be left in the dark on this. I’m sorry. Because you were at the scene of the crime, you already know too much. And, sonny, I’m asking you not to tell anybody that ava and brando were attacked with a hook. I won’t tell anybody in the general public, but that’s it. Sorry to interrupt. Uh, brando’s all yours. Thank you, doctor. Brando, I’m glad to see you’re doing better. Mm. Are you up for a few questions? Fire away. I forgot to text gladys. She’s going to be so happy. I-I’ll see if I can track her down, okay? Okay, brando, let’s just cut right to the chase. Do you know who did this to you?

Is a big eventwith a lot of people, but right before you blacked out, you were alone. Why? Finn and I had just had an argument. What about? I felt like he wasn’t respecting my boundaries. Were the other blackouts also precipitated by an argument? Yes. Have you blacked out every time you’ve had an argument with finn? No. But a couple of times I’ve had this memory. I’m not entirely sure what it’s about. All I know is… it has something to do with my father. Alexis: What kind of proposition? Pcu is sponsoring a panel about the history of ethics in journalism. How niche. Yes, well, since you’re currently running a newspaper, I thought you might imagine yourself to be a part of that niche and accompany me. Jordan: Just tell me the first thing you remember.

[ Coughs ] Um… I — I walked into the alley. And, uh, s-someone else was there, their back was to me, and the sky opened up. Y-you know, when that happens, it’s a total downpour. I could barely see. And then that person turned around, and I saw the hook. The next thing I knew — I’m sorry. I know this is difficult for you, but I have to ask — did you see their face?

[ Coughing ] No. It was raining and [ Sighs ] They had their hood pulled down on their face. Even so, could you tell if it was a man or a woman? No. What color was the hoodie? Black. Could you tell how tall they were? It’s hard to say. I saw them turn, saw the hook — it was in my chest before I could react. Commissioner, if you’re done, I would like to examine my patient, please. Of course. Brando. Hmm? If there’s anything else you can think of, let me know. There was a noise. A noise? Like a jingling sound. Can you be a little more specific? Sounded like a — sasha wears these — these bracelets that clink against each other. Sounded like that. So you think this person may have been wearing jewelry? Yeah, sounded like that, anyway. You think this will help you find whoever did this?

[ Dog tags jingling ] Forget something? Probably. Could you be more specific? You left these at charlie’S. I was wondering what happened to them. Thanks for getting them back to me. Well, I — I actually tried to get them back to you yesterday. I followed you out the back exit into the alley. But, you know, I didn’t see you anywhere. And it’s a good thing that I didn’t double back, you know? I barely missed watching, uh, brando get stabbed, so… I heard about that. I’m sorry. Well, I wanted to let you know that the police are looking for you, you know, to find out if you saw anything. Uh, thanks for the heads up. Dante already questioned me. It’s kind of scary, a near miss like that. Yeah, it is. So, did you? Did I what? Did you see anything? Uh, no. No, unfortunately not. But if I had, I would have intervened. It’s just so weird, isn’t it? I mean, we were both right there in the alley, and neither one of us saw anything. You know what they say, timing is everything. Yeah. I just — I feel so helpless and so surrounded. Surrounded? Two stabbings, both people I know. Both times I was so close to the scene, yet I couldn’t do anything to stop it. You saved ava’s life.

You saved ava’s life. Only because you were there. I couldn’t have done it without you. Yeah. Yeah. You couldn’t have done it without me.

[ Chuckles ] What is it? Um… nothing. Nothing. I thought — you know, I — I should go. I have to talk to trina. Okay. Thanks again. Yeah. Hey. You okay? I feel really paranoid. Like there’s someone watching me. I mean, you’ve had a couple of totally traumatizing very near misses. No wonder you’re freaked out. Right. Um… don’t look now. Don’t look at what? The man behind me — is he staring at us? You can look now. The good news — you’re not being paranoid, the bad news — that guy is definitely staring at us.

Any news? Dr. Robinson just went in.

[ Sighs ] That’s good.

[ Exhales deeply ] How you doing? I’m fine. Updating gladys has given me something to focus on. Great. So how you doing, honestly? I’m better than I was last night. You know, I’ve been so upset about the guardianship. First, at brando for wanting to do it at all and then accepting that it was necessary to get me the help that I needed. But then this happened, and… all I could think about was… what would I do without him? I am barely surviving losing our baby. How would I survive losing my husband too? Hey, hey. Do you know what I see right now? A train wreck? No, no. I see someone who’s shaken but deep inside of you, you’re solid. Last night, I was falling apart. But now, now brando is awake and all that matters is him getting better. I’m not going to give him any more reasons to worry about me. I know you’re going to do whatever your husband needs, right? But no one expects you to carry all of this on your own. So if you need a shoulder to cry on, I’m here. Thank you. Kevin: Tell me about the memory. It comes in fragments. I’m young, maybe a teenager. Like you were when you were estranged from your family? Yes. What happens in the memory? There’s this woman. I reach out and — woman: Elizabeth, what are you doing? Young elizabeth: Stay away from my father. Stay out of it. Your father wouldn’t want you involved. Don’t talk about my father. See what happens if you do. Do you know who this woman is? No. I don’t remember her face or anything about her, really. All I know is that I’m confronting her over my father.

[ Sighs ] Kevin, I don’t know where this memory came from or what it’s all about, but obviously it’s something that I buried for a really long time. And if grabbing and threatening this woman are the parts my mind is ready to show me, then how bad is the stuff I can’t remember? And why is this memory coming back to me now? You. Hey. Why are you staring at us? I’m not. Uh, yes. Yes you were. And you have 30 seconds to explain yourself before things escalate. What’s your problem? You! Was I not clear? Dex: Hey, I got this. No, no, no. I got this. If I wanted your help, I’d ask for it. You heard it, pal. This is none of your business. You just made this my business, pal. Trina: Okay. Speaking of businesses… your mother doesn’t own this one, okay? And you’re making a major scene. You really want to give nina a reason to throw you out? Fine. But I still want you gone. I’ll take it from here.

[ Scoffs ] What happened? You were supposed to be guarding her discreetly. I was. I don’t know how she caught me. She’s got good instincts. Well, you should head out, okay? I’ll keep watch. But you were up all night keeping an eye on her. It’s fine, okay? You’ve been made, and I’m already here. I’ll call sonny. Just go.

[ Scoffs ] He won’t be bothering you anymore. Great. What did you say to him? Curtis, wait. I’m glad I ran into you. There’s something I need to tell you.

Well, I concur with dr. Finn. You’re still at risk for infection, and we’re keeping an eye out for sepsis. But the fact that you pulled through surgery and regained consciousness so quickly, it’s a good sign. You see that? I’ll be home in no time.

[ Chuckles ] Just when I thought I was going to have some peace and quiet. With my mother around? Ah, I’d tune her out.

[ Chuckles ] Not possible.

[ Laughs ] I know. But wouldn’t it be great if it were? And you’re in good spirits, too. That’s even better. Now, I happened to notice that your blood pressure is a little bit elevated, so I’ve ordered something to bring that back down. And a nurse will be in shortly to give it to you. Goodie.

[ Chuckles ] Hey, dr. Robinson, can they have another visitor? You up for another guest? The more the merrier. Well, let’s not get carried away.

[ Chuckles ] Take it easy on him, okay? Yeah, you got it, doc. I was worried about you. Don’t do that again. If you’re willing, we could use hypnosis to try to retrieve the memory in its entirety. If we are able to unlock this memory, will I be able to remember what I was doing when I blacked out at the quartermaines’? It’s possible. But frankly, I’m more interested in the original memory because that seems to be the cause. Of your unexplained behavior. And the sooner we can uncover that, then the sooner you can begin to process it and heal. Right. Well… that is why I’m here, so… we don’t have to do this today. Yes. Yes, we do. I need to know. It’s the only way I’m going to get my life back. Busy or you’re just not interested? I’m fine. Happy to go with you. Excellent. I look forward to the debates we’ll have about it. Hey. Hi. Oh, how’s kristina? Hanging in there. Thank you. Good. Hey, look, I’m sorry I’m late. I got called into a consult for brando. How is he? He’s awake. Alert. He’s in stable condition. Kristina will be happy to hear that. Yeah, uh, commissioner ashford stopped by to ask him some questions. It’s a good sign if he’s able to answer some questions. If brando’s doing so well, what’s wrong? What? Oh, no, it just — it seems that both ava and brando were attacked with a hook. I’m sorry. What did you say? I just reminded him that sexual harassment is a crime, one that he didn’t want to find out the penalty. Well, thanks for having our backs. Joss had it handled. You know me, can’t help but get involved. Yeah, well… it ‘s nice to know thatthere’s still decent people in the world. You’re welcome. Did you see who did this? Like I told commissioner ashford, it happened so fast I could barely register. Wrong place, wrong time. What were you doing out there? I went looking for dex. I know you trust him. I respect your judgment. Yeah, well, I trust you and respect your judgment. Why were you following him? Eh, we were all at charlie’s and I saw dex talking with josslyn. He left out the back, and then not two minutes later, josslyn went after. I don’t know. Something was nagging at me to make sure she was okay. I appreciate you looking after joss. You accepted me into your family as soon as I came to port charles. You definitely are family. You didn’t have to bring me in the way that you did. It meant the world to me. I’ll always be there for our family and for you. I hope you know that’s — that’s a two way street. I do. Besides, I still owe you for bringing gladys back into your life.

[ Laughs ] It’s a lifetime debt. I hope you’re good for it.

[ Laughter ] I’m sure I am.

[ Coughing ] I’m listening. I don’t like the way we left things before. And I wanted to say I’m sorry. I accept. I already said that. Right. Look, I know you’re upset with me for misplacing the divorce papers, but [Scoffs] I don’t know what else I can say. What is there to say? We should just move on. What, the three of us? Portia’s mad at me, too. Portia has been busy all night. And between trina’s party and learning that you and i are still legally married, it’s been a crazy few days. There’s no hard feelings. I hope not. Because it means a lot that you and I can still be friendly, even though we broke up. And I really hope that we can remain in each other’s lives. If that’s the case, then, uh, can we clear the air? About? Just tell me the truth. Was it really an accident or did you hang on to those papers on purpose?

You’re standing in front of a door. I see it. When you step through that door, you’ll be in the stairwell. And you’ll remember what happened there. Now, that may come back a little bit at first, and then more, and then a little more. Or it may all come back at once. Are you ready? I’m ready. Okay. I want you to reach out. Open the door. Now step through. What do you see? It’s just like before. I’m on the stairs with the woman. I’ve grabbed her. We’re arguing. Young elizabeth: Don’t talk about my father. All right. What then? I don’t know. That’s okay. Just relax. We were talking about the stairwell. Feel yourself there. Feel the floor beneath your feet. I can feel it. Now, how do you feel emotionally? I f-feel… wait. The woman is at the bottom of the stairs now. Her arms and legs are sprawled out around her. She still unconscious. I think she’s hurt. Where are you? I’m standing right over her. Finn: Kristina didn’t tell you? Not that part, no. Police did tell her to keep some details to herself. So I guess that hook thing was one of those details. How’d you find out, son? I think I heard the commissioner talking about it, but I just — I figured kristina would have told you. Well, that’s a reasonable assumption to make. So what the police are keeping from the public is that the same weapon was used to attack both ava jerome and brando corbin? The same type of weapon doesn’t prove that it was the same assailant. Well, that’s a good argument to establish reasonable doubt. But what’s the most logical conclusion based strictly on what you now know? The most logical conclusion is that the same person was behind the attacks. And until they’re caught — it could very well escalate. This person will most likely do it again. Boss. We got a problem. What happened? Joss spotted norman. Oh, damn it. That’s because, uh, she, you know, josslyn’s just like a mother, suspicious. D-does she know that norm was working for me? No, I made sure.

Good. You got eyes on her now? I do. I’ll keep watch till she and trina leave. And you can have someone else pick up surveillance. Good job, dex. Thanks, boss. Any update on brando? Yeah, yeah. He — he woke up. Can you believe that? That’s great, sir.

All right, listen. I’m gonna — I’m going to get back to you when I — when I, uh, get out of the hospital. Keep an eye on things. You can count on me. Jordan: I’m sorry. Are you asking if I lost the divorce papers on purpose? I know you, jordan. You’re not a careless person. In fact, you’re very much the opposite. So even if you were going to a clinic out of town, you would have made sure every I was dotted and every t was crossed. Even if the carbon monoxide in that basement hadn’t scrambled my brain a little, why would I avoid filing the papers? Did you think I would change my mind about the divorce and try to hang on to our marriage? Hey, what was that call all about? I’m just trying to keep my family safe. And I’m, you know, I’m grateful that brando’s okay. But there’s somebody —

[Whispering] Somebody is out there trying to go after everybody that’s close to me. So I’m — listen, I’m going to have to beef up security. Yeah, of course you would. That includes you. I don’t want to scare you. Oh, you’re not. I don’t want, you know, I don’t want you to have second thoughts about my business and things like that. Sonny. I know what I am getting myself into. Brando, I know that you’re supposed to be taking care of me now. But I can handle my treatment while you’re recovering. You shouldn’t have to do this alone. Got it all figured out.

[ Laughs ] I’m not going to let you down, I promise. You never could. It’s me and you versus the world, babe. We’re a team. And I want to be the one looking out for you… …helping you get better, getting you back on your feet, standing with you. I promise you, I’m going to heal as fast as humanly possible and get back to giving you the amazing life that you deserve. I’m so lucky to have you. We’re lucky to have each other. So I’ve been thinking. Uh-oh.

[ Chuckles ] For our first wedding anniversary, and I know that we’re only halfway there, but I want us to take a long vacation somewhere beautiful. Anywhere with you is beautiful. Isolated. Mm. This — that would be a nice change.

[ Laughs ] Where we could just celebrate each other all day and all night. I like where your head’s at. March 10th can’t get here fast enough.

[ Coughing ]

[ Groans ] I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin the nice moment.

[ Coughing continues ] Brando, what’s wrong?

[ Alarm blaring ] Brando!

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