Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 14, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander and Sarah were celebrating their honeymoon when they had some tension. She asked him if he told her about all of the women he was with while she was away. He thought about his affair with Nicole. She noticed that he was hiding something from her. She was upset when she found out that he was with Nicole. She wanted answers from him so he told her about it. She got upset by what he said and stormed into the bathroom. Nicole talked to Chloe about telling Eric about the job offer to make her lie a truth. Eric overheard her conversation so she had to come up with a lie to cover up what she said. She offered him a job at Basic Black. He thought it was a coincidence because he wanted to go back to photography. Eric wondered how Rafe would feel about them working together. She told him that he would be fine with it. Sarah showed up at the pub and saw them together. She apologized to them for what Xander did to ruin their anniversary party. Nicole didn’t want her to go into the details about what happened with Xander. Nicole was disgusted that Sarah married Xander. Sarah said they would still be married if it weren’t for Xander. Nicole said that Xander wasn’t the entire problem. Eric and Nicole apologized to each other for what went wrong in their marriage.

Orpheus taunted John/Marlena, Steve/Kayla and Roman/Kate on the phone by telling them about his plans for them. He informed them that the women were going to die just like Rachel did. He told them the bomb threat was a ruse, but he left clues about his intentions. He knew they were going to have to do everything they could to figure out what happened. The couples talked about Orpheus and what they were going to do to stop him. Rafe got a call from the lab about Orpheus. He received a forensic report about the kidnapping and was convinced he had a lead. They believed he was hiding at Rebecca Printing and Graphics. Later, they go to the building and take out Orpheus’ goons. They burst in the room and found Orpheus. Sarah went back to the room and Xander was relieved. She let him know that she planned on leaving him. Eric decided to take Nicole’s job offer. Rafe arrested Orpheus for attempted murder. Orpheus thought it was funny that he was arrested for attempted murder. Kayla told Steve they needed to find Rolf. John and Roman watched after Marlena and Kate.

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