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Hey, you didn’t so much on your way here. Are you okay? Not great. I could, I could lose Rachel to. Today, it’s scaring the hell outta me, Chloe. How could a judge give a woman like her complete control over a child? I mean, come on, Kristen has spent most of Rachel’s life in prison or on the run. She has no idea what personal responsibility is, especially for a little girl.

Now, you, you are the best father that any kid could wish for. Keep saying stuff like that. I like that. Sorry, I’m gonna. First Kristen, no idea, but knowing her probably up to no good Kristen, what you and I have to talk later, I’m doing court and I’m running behind. You might wanna make time. It has to do with.

I have to let you go.

You came back to me and this time. I’m not gonna let you go.

Hey, was your day, Johnny? What are you still doing here?

Like sands through the hour class. So are the days of our lives.

I was taking a shower. Okay. Well, you agreed that you would only be here one night and I’m fine with that. Not, uh, not crazy about sleeping on the floor, so, okay. And you shouldn’t have to, so please, please put your clothes on and go have my orientation at Damara today. And it wasn’t a lot of fun. What happened?

I really don’t wanna talk about it to you. You know, you shouldn’t still be here. Chill. Okay. I went to the gym. I got cleaned up and now I’m on my way. Oh, okay. You gone home, you mean to my dad’s house? Well, I don’t know. That depends on if he’s changed his mind about trying to ruin my life. Lord who in the world could that be?

I forgot. I, uh, I ordered lunch room service. Huh? Oh, oh, that’s great. You know, why don’t you just take an ad out and a spectator saying shacking up with Ave vital. I was hungry. Okay. Don’t freak out.

Get your clothes on. You’re coming to me.

Seven you are alive. You’re you’re back. Really? You’re you’re back.

I’m your wife. You ed, my name. Don’t you remember me? Of course, of course. I remember. Then then you remember how much I love you. Well, I don’t love you. In fact, I can barely stand the sight of you.

Are you?

Dr. Rolf tells me you ordered him to awaken Stephan last night. Yes, that is right. He hadn’t finished programming. I had no choice. I am on my way to my daughter’s custody hearing. And Chloe Lane’s promised to take the stand and make me look like the worst mother who ever lived. And I need Stephan to distract her and come between her and Brady ASAP.

Well, I hear it. That’s not what happened. Wolf told him to go straight to Chloe. Where the hell did he go instead?

Do you. Actually I do

well. Kristen’s, lawyer’s not here either. I think it’s possible. She decided to call the whole thing off. She’ll be here. Yeah. What would she up to?

Where are Ms Damira and her attorney? Uh, we have no idea, your honor. I don’t tolerate tardiness in my courtroom. No, nor should you. Uh, Ms. Damira is the one who wanted to revisit custody and, uh, If she can’t bother to be here on time, she’s not really demonstrating her ability to care for a child 24 7. So I move to dismiss the case.

An apartment oven is not meant to crank out this many cookies. I cannot believe the bakery oven went down. Although I guess I kind of can, since it turned out 10,000 cookies for apes campaign, which is now cap put and little, did we know we’d be making 10,000 more for mom’s campaign? Yeah, I hope she hasn’t changed her mind about running.

Yeah, I hope so too. And I sure wish that she hadn’t forgotten to cancel the initial order, which is now all wrong. Yeah. Well, it’s family for you, right? Tend to take advantage of you. Yeah. Speaking of family, um, have you talked to your brother about what. Um, you know, the fact that he’s sleeping with trip’s mother,

I’m not going anywhere with you. You’d prefer to have this conversation here. I’d prefer just not to have it at all. You’re going to have to come home at some point. Harold said you left with enough clothes only for one day. I’ll be fine. Sharing a drip coffee maker in a 10 by 10 room with a woman. You barely.

don’t characterize a relationship. You don’t understand he’s notoriously untidy as I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’m just doing my best to take him off your house. Yeah. Well, who asked you to, excuse me? You said what you came to say and Johnny and I have plans this afternoon right here in this room, actually.

So unless you’d like to stay and watch. I suggest you get the hell outta my room. You hurt her.

I’m just caring for my son’s wellbeing.

We’ll make that mistake again.

You’re not just screwing with me. Stephan really went straight to Gabby. He went straight to the Damer crypt. Gabby just happened to be there after Jake’s Memorial service. Okay. So he didn’t go there looking for Gabby. I don’t think so. Considering he told her he never loved her and blamed her for wrecking his relationship with Chloe.

Okay. Great. Brainwashing work. We both got what we wanted. It would seem so why the hell did you scare me like that? Because you took a very dangerous chance and went behind my back to do it. Okay. You expect to be in the. You’re the one who pulled the plug on stuff in, he survived. Didn’t he? You sure you don’t know where he is?

The last time I saw him was yesterday, Gabby wanted to take him to the hospital and then he took off. I have no idea where he went. Okay. Well, you know, what, if someone saw dead stuff into barrel walking around, I’m sure we would’ve heard about it. One would think anyway, Gabby’s a mess. She didn’t sleep at all.

Last night. She took off at the break of Dawn for. Well, she claims that Stefan is the great love of her life. And you expect her to shrug off him coming back from the dead. You want Stephan to go after Chloe, you’d better hope Gabby does shrug it off. You know what? He still wants. Chloe. He’s going to go after her.

And it doesn’t matter what Gabby wants. And besides she’s your problem? I got my own battles to fight.

I’m not gonna say goodbye to you. Never again,

miss Damara is almost 20 minutes late. It doesn’t sound like Kristen to me, to me neither. I’ll give her the full 20 minutes. That’s about 60 seconds from now. If she doesn’t show up, I’ll grant your motion to dismiss. Uh, I am. I apologize for the delay, your honor. I was unavoidably detained. Where is your attorney?

I fired her. Have you come to ask for a continuance? No, I have decided to represent myself, your honor. are you kidding me? And I’d like to call my first witness Chloe lane.

This is not a trial used to matter. It’s family court. And this is my courtroom. I ask the questions and I make the determination on custody. Right. I know. Uh, But the forms that Brady and I filled out there was a section on spouses or partners of both parties. I know that. Well, I’m afraid that Brady’s lawyer advised him not to give you the full information about himself.

And Ms. Lang, is that what happened? But I said to say they were just dating. Can you explain what you mean? Delighted, your honor, what? Your honor. Oh, yes. Yes. I’m. It’s a lighted, your honor, I went to Chloe’s room last night. I wanted to straighten things out between us. Oh, here we go. And Brady answered the door in his boxer, shorts, he and Ms.

Laneer having a very serious relationship. They spend all day together working and then spend their off hours together as well. There’s no inherent problem in that. Yes, there is your. Our daughter hates Chloe. Okay. Objection. This is pure speculation, Ms. Lane, isn’t married to Mr. Black and she’s not Rachel’s caregiver.

She has no role in these proceedings other than to provide my client with moral support. I’ll decide what her role is.

Do you have anything more to say? Yes. What worries me is that you don’t know Chloe, the way I. And I think it’s very important that you know the truth about her Ms. Lane, please come forward. Yes, your honor. I’m gonna allow Ms. Damer to ask you a few questions.

Oh my God, please be seated.

Ms. Lane. I’d like to ask, how do I say this in legal ways? Why are you trying to steal my daughter from.

I don’t know if Johnny and Ava are sleeping together and neither do you all. We saw them the other night walking into the end together. What do you think they were doing up in that room? Macrame. Okay. There is a power struggle going on at Damara, so I’m sure Johnny’s house is a zoo. Maybe he and Ava just couldn’t take it anymore.

Right? Also, if I’ve learned anything from these past few months, it is that I need to stop judging my brother’s decisions and start respecting them. It’s his life. So you’re gonna respect the fact that Johnny is moving in with trip’s mother. Okay. It’s weird. Yeah. It’s weird. I’ll give you that. I admit that, but.

I don’t know, trip and I are broken up. So, so it doesn’t bother you. No, but God, it seems like it bothers you.

Oh, great. My lunch game. Do you want to split my sandwich with me? No, Johnny, I want you to leave. Oh, I thought maybe. Changed her mind about us. Okay. Well, you thought wrong because I was very clear with you. Right. That I’m grateful for your support and your friendship, but , we are not gonna sleep together ever.

You just told my dad, we were gonna spend the afternoon together in bed to drive him crazy. And he deserved it because he has made my life miserable. Since Jake died.

Your role in the company does not give you the right to enter my home without permission. I’m looking for my husband. Oh, don’t tell me, you and me have made it illegal already. We have, and I’m looking for Stephan, your brother. Why don’t you go to the Crip? I did. That’s where I found out that he’s alive.


Stephan, what are you doing here? You know,

when Dr. Ralph and Christian woke me up,

I wanted to get the hell out of there as soon as I. I didn’t know what the hell to do with myself. Finally, I decided to revisit my old life house, my grave, as you know, where did you go when you left? What did you do? Just wandered man.

I don’t know, seeing Gabby made me realize maybe I wasn’t ready to revisit my old life. Understandable.

So I was dead four years, technically. Yes. Wow.

So much has changed. Hm. And yet, so much has stayed the same. Did you come here to see Gabby God, no small office, right.

I wanted to be somewhere when I felt control. So sat down at this desk. And as soon as I did, he walked through the door. So you didn’t see Gabby here this morning? No, I’m sure she’ll be here soon. Unless you get going, you really don’t want to see her.

Look, leave.

If you’re worried about me coming in between you and Gabby, you don’t need to be

quite frankly the thought of her turns my stomach.

I stayed in the der after Jake’s service. Cause I, I wanted to. To look at Stephan’s plaque and say goodbye, big life for that. Isn’t it not in my head. He’s been living there rent free since he died. And I, I just felt like that was getting in the way and I wanted to let him go. So I said my goodbyes and I turned it around and there he was.

Staring at me in the face. Oh great. Now I have two crazy women on my hands. It’s bad enough having to deal with Ava insisting. She’d seen dead. Jake. Now you’re seeing dead. Stephan is this lunacy contagious? Not lunacy. Okay. I saw Stephan. And so didly Lee saw him too. You’re sure. Ye yes. I’m sure. Okay. I’m not.

And neither is Ava. She wasn’t hallucinating her dead husband. She was just seeing mine in the flesh.

Look, I told you, I’d go back to my house when my dad stopped trying to run my life. But you saw, I was just now he’s never gonna stop and I’m never gonna go crawling back. Okay. Well, you have a trust fund. Can’t you get your own place yeah. Paying for, with daddy’s money. Doesn’t exactly. Make a statement.

And what kind of a statement does it make for you staying here in our room that I’m paying for? Hmm. I mean, with you sleeping on the floor. Oh, my dad wouldn’t know that. At least the, the sleeping on the floor park. Okay. you argued with your dad over you working at Damara and then he backed off. Right? So now what, you’re picking a fight with him over me.

I didn’t pick a fight. Okay. I told him if he kicked you out, then I was leaving too. The way he’s acted towards you towards me. Why the hell would I want to go back to that? Uh, mausoleum as you called it. I would much rather just stay here with you even sleeping on the floor.

It, it doesn’t bother me if Johnny and Ava are together. I, I just think it’s gross. That’s all. I mean, Ava’s got a son who’s older than Johnny. Okay. So if Johnny was with somebody his own age, you would be totally fine with that. Uh, yeah. Yeah. It’s just the Ava thing. You almost pulled that off Dupree, but not quite.

I know you too. Well. What are you talking about when you chose me over Johnny? You said you were sure about your decision. I was, I said, why are you sitting here obsessing over who Johnny’s obsessed with? I’m not obsessing. I do not. Yeah, if you say so

I am not trying to steal your daughter. I have a son that I love dearly and his love is more than enough for me. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that you stole another woman’s child to give your son a little sister. Oh, your honor. This is ridiculous. I’ll decide that when I hear Ms. Lane’s answer. I have never stolen a child for any reason.

Didn’t you give birth to Nicole Walker’s daughter? I did. I was a surrogate. A self-appointed one. No, that is not true. Nicole asked me to be her surrogate, but you became pregnant and didn’t tell Nicole, she didn’t know that the baby you were carrying was hers and her late husband. That’s because I was afraid I was going to miss Carrie and I didn’t want her to be disappointed.

Ah, well, she must have been very disappointed when you backed out of your agreement to give her custody of that little baby girl. I did what was best for that baby at that time. Okay, your honor. This has absolutely nothing to do with who deserves custody of Rachel Black, any response Ms. Dara, Ms. Lane went to extreme links to hold onto another woman’s child.

Your honor. What do you have to say to this? Ms. Lang Nicole was with a terrible violent man at the time. Oh, oh. Oh. So you didn’t approve of her choice of a partner. I mean, did you come here into family court? No. No, no. You played judge all by yourself, your honor. Can I ask Ms. Lane a question? Go ahead. What is your relationship to Nicole and her daughter now, Nicole and I.

Best friends. In fact, when she has to be away, she asks me to take care of Holly. Thank you for your testimony, Ms. Lane, you’re excused.

We’ll take a 10 minute recess.

I am so sorry. Kristin played that judge like a poker hand from a stacked deck.

Give it to me straight. How bad is it? Well, it’s not over yet, but it’s worse than I expected.

Why are you trying to make me feel guilty? I didn’t do that to you. When you were deciding between me and trip, are you acting this way? Because Johnny has somebody new and he’s not panting all over you anymore. No, I’m just worried that, that he might be sleeping with a woman twice his age from a mob family.

The last guy she was with commissioner Hernandez. Mama said that he cheated on her. And when he did, she tried to have him sent to prison. She’s not going to do something like that to John. And how do you know that? Huh? He’s your twin brother. Don’t you care? What happens to him?

Ava? I know I came on pretty strong hoping that you and I could be more than friends, but. I respect the fact that that is not what you want. So I am totally fine. Just hanging out with you here, watching TV, ordering room service. Okay. Johnny, you really are such a sweet guy and I’m so sorry that you don’t get along with your dad, but it doesn’t mean you belong here with me.

I mean, in this room, it’s just, it’s not the answer, you know, nothing. What is, and I can’t go home. You saw that. So, where do I go?

How can Stephan possibly be alive? He got Ralph, like you did wait a minute, babe. Are you sure it was Stephan you saw and not Jake? Yeah. I saw the scar on his chest where his heart used to be. And who’s hard. Did gro get in? I don’t know. I don’t know, but I have a lot of questions for Ralph when I track him down.

All I know is that he had Stephan all nice for four years and he just decided all on his own to bring him back. No, I think that your sister, Kristen had something to do with that decision. Why? I, I don’t know, but when I saw Stephan, I noticed he was wearing one of Jake’s suits and he told me that Kristen gave him that Claudia’s my sister up to now.

So, what are we in for at the end of this recess? I have no idea, but I definitely see why Kristen fired her lawyer. She wants to run this show and she is so the, uh, the rule of law thing of the past, is that the way you’re gonna play it today? Did I bring up anything that wasn’t true? No, I did not.

I know I keep going back and forth about testifying against her, but now, now I really want to do it. Well, that won’t be easy, especially when you can’t mention anything from Kristen’s past. And you’ve been working with her. Which could be interpreted as condoning all of her past bad behavior. Ugh. Well, she hasn’t been pardoned of trying to stab me with a letter opener.

Okay. Well, she’s just gonna spin that. She’s gonna accuse you of going her into it. So Kristen just gets to do whatever she wants to do, basically. I would’ve to hand my daughter over to somebody that, that just shoots people up with drugs and kid them. All right. Really? Brady, just calm down. We’ll get our turn, Chloe.

I, I really think that the best thing you can do right now is not engage. In fact, I think you should.

Don’t accuse me of not caring about my brother. The thing is that Ava is Henry’s grandma and she adores him. So I need to be careful before I go stir things up with her. Even if she could mess up Johnny’s life, the way she did the commissioner. If Johnny wants to talk to me about Ava, he knows where I am.

Oh. But other than that, you don’t give a damn, where are you going? I’m gonna go take these cookies to my mother alone. Yeah. She not alone.

Johnny it’s, it’s not up to me to tell you where to go or where to live. I just, I just know it can’t be here, but me and even though I told you you’ve been a great comfort to me and not to mention you are. You’re funny. You’re smart. You are a great guy. Well, I think you’re pretty great too. So why am I gonna see you again?

I dunno, probably not for a while. That’s what you want.

See him.

I have no idea what Kristen is up to, and I have no idea where Stephanie is.

How did he take the news of your engage? Uh, no, I’m not talking about my personal life with you. Am I right? Concluding that. Seeing Stefan wasn’t the joyous reunion you’d hoped for. Don’t go to hell EJ.

They’ll say shouldn’t be surprised that Gabby ended up with the chairman of the board and in turn with my old job,

should be interesting to see what happens next.

What’s wrong.

Just realized. I,

I have no idea where to go. you mentioned something about Chloe lane yesterday. So Gabby came between the two of you. That’s right. I was on my way to see her when I got sidetracked. She’s um, at the Salem Inn now that’s right. That’s right

now. I know exactly where to find her.

Wait, you want me to leave? Because Kristen went after. Isn’t that caving. So you asked for my professional opinion and I gave it, Kristen is making all of this about you. And I think getting out of her line of fire is the best idea.

And Chloe, you know, that if you testify against Kristen, she’s gonna make you out to be the bad guy in Rachel’s eyes. Right? Well, I would do anything to help you get full custody. So if. Friends me leaving then. So be it. Okay. Good luck

leaving so soon. Well, what’s there to stick around for, we all know how this is gonna turn out. You are going to lose badly.

I’m just getting started.

Troy actually. Hey, how’s Henry doing? He’s great. Yeah, we should set up a time for me to see him. Yeah, sure. Um, do you have a minute? Yeah. Why I’d like to talk to you? It’s about Johnny.

Why would you wanna talk to me about Johnny? Because I wanna know what the deal is between you two and you should talk to him, but you’re the only person who can tell me what I wanna. Which is what exactly are your intentions with my brother?

Ally? I’m sorry. I came back because I didn’t wanna leave things. All ally, are you here?

Where is she?

My intentions. Yeah. You know, what do you want from Johnny? Wow. You know, I would’ve expected a question like that from your mother, but not so much from you. Mm. Believe me, my mother would shoot first and ask questions later. So what is this? Huh? Some sort of test that if I fail, you’re gonna Sammy on me.

now I’m not gonna tell her anything. So what is this, Sally? It’s just, my brother is very vulnerable right now. He acts cool. He acts like he’s over Chanel, but he was devastated when he lost her to you, uh, after you dumped my son trip. Yeah. Okay. I, I told you that I was sorry for the pain that I put trip through and I thought you and I agreed to be civil.

Okay. For Henry’s sake. Right. Okay. Back to Johnny. Mm. Look, even though our relationship right now is strained. I know that a lot of the pain Johnny has gone through has been caused by me. And I just wanna make sure that he does not get hurt again. Why would you think that I would hurt your brother?

Well, father there’s been yet another strange turn of events. It seems a widow Damira is no longer widowed. Dr. Wolf has returned Stephen to us. Which means that Gabby shares D nearest stock now belongs to him. In fact, they could be the key to prying her little fingers of the CEO’s office once. And for all, I might not be able to do anything about Ava Tali right now, but if I can get rid of Gabby.

It might not matter

how you doing here, looking for you, where have you been? Uh, I was getting worried about you. I, uh, I couldn’t concentrate when I got here this morning. So I went in a long walk. I still can’t believe that Stephan’s alive, who. Such a shock. Yeah. Poor. She thinks she sees Jake. She thinks she’s hallucinating.

And I mean, someone’s gotta set her straight. Although, although what I, I just realized Ava thought she saw him twice, but she passed out the first time. And by the time I got to the door, you were standing there. So if it was Stephan, how could you not have seen him?

I’ll be right there.

The hearing is back in session, please be seated. Your honor, all of Ms. Ramirez’s complaints seem to revolve around Chloe lane. She hasn’t said anything about my client’s character or his fitness as a father, because there’s nothing to say. Rachel Black is a happy, healthy child in Mr. Black’s loving care.

I really see no reason to change the current custody arrange. Your honor, I’m not finished making a case from a custody. God, what? Now you have something else to say. Yes. I would like to ask Brady, um, excuse me, Mr. Black, a few questions. If you would allow it. Mr. Black. You’re up?

What is the matter with this judge? Why is she treating Kristen like a normal person? Doesn’t she read the spectator? Has she been living in a tree? Okay. Just answer the questions, honestly, like we rehearsed, well, we rehearsed for a lawyer, not for her. She’s going to. Don’t rise to the bait,

Mr. Black. Can you explain to me why you think it’s appropriate that our daughter be raised by a murder?

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