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 I downloaded the syllabus, and I’m already psyched. The reading list sounds super interesting. Are you sure you guys don’t want to take this class with me? “Technology and ethics”? I feel like I can practically teach that class. I’m just surprised you signed up. Well, as a victim of revenge porn, I don’t want to pretend that it didn’t happen, you know? I — if anything, I want to learn as much as humanly possible about ethics and technology. Yeah, that’s how I feel about music theory. Like, I love singing and playing guitar. I just feel like, you know, there’s so much more to learn about what goes behind making music. Yeah. Hey, have you reached out to your out-of-town… I’m glad you joined us. I know you have work later. Well, nowhere else I’d rather be. So, uh, what classes are you excited about? Um, we don’t have to talk about that. Too bad about the rain. We could have gotten here earlier. Uh, trina, do you really want to talk about the weather? Or do you think that talking about college will make me feel bad because I never went? No, I j– I — I — yes. Maybe. Would it? I want to talk about what you want to talk about. Except the weather. Okay, then. Um, how about we talk about spencer? Carly, why aren’t you calling me back? Woman: May I say how much I admire you? Uh, thank you. But I’m not sure why. Oh. [ Chuckles ] I-it’s rare to see someone reading an actual book. Usually folks are just scrolling on their phone. Well, I can’t take the credit. I lost my phone. I won’t get a new one till tomorrow, so I bought the book at the airport. Although I am enjoying the digital detox. Oh. Well, I — I apologize for interrupting your reading. It’s okay. Thank you for the compliment. I’m mrs. Wade honeycutt. Please call me peyton. Nice to meet you. I’m carly. Carly corinthos. Carly… got your message. What’s up? Is there a progress report? You told me to take it slow, make sure sonny doesn’t get suspicious. Has he? I don’t think so. He wants me to hang around the docks, make sure the wus are sticking to their agreement. Right, making sure they’re not moving drugs through port charles. That’s right. I know keeping an eye on the wus doesn’t put me in the inner circle, but it’s a step up. Yeah, a small one. I mean, come on. You saved ava’s life. What else do you have to do to earn sonny’s trust? Well, come on, sonny. Do your worst. And not that this matters to you, but I’m not the one that tried to kill ava. I know that. Uh, you believe me? I don’t believe a word that comes out of your lying mouth. But you can’t be in two places at the same time. What does that mean? There’s been another attack. Did tj say how long brando will be in surgery? A few hours, at least. It’s only been a few minutes since we brought him up to the or, and it already feels like an eternity. The G.H. Surgeons are the best. Brando is in good hands. And I’m positive he knows we’re here waiting for him. He won’t let us down.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Nina: Hey! Sonny called me and told me. So, what’s the latest on brando? He’s in surgery. And I feel like I’m falling apart. We’ll make sure that that doesn’t happen, sasha. Okay?

I can get something incriminating on sonny, but I need more time. Well, um, look, I, uh — I never had a chance to thank you for what you did. Look, I-I can’t stand ava, but her daughter avery is my little sister, so… joss gets more than half the credit. She was with ava when I got there. I’m aware. And what happened? What were you even doing there? I had some paperwork for sonny’s signature. The front drive was plugged with cars, so I took the access road to park by the boathouse. I got out of the vehicle. I just heard someone screaming for help. And josslyn said that you were the one who insisted on getting ava to the hospital. She was on the verge of bleeding out. I had to drive like hell, but… joss was good. She held it together, managed to keep pressure on the wound. Those were extreme circumstances, and you and josslyn had no choice but to work together. But that can never happen again. So, how’s your mom doing? She doesn’t tell us much. She wants me and my brothers to think that she’s okay, but I can tell that she’s not. Is she getting help? Finn’s been around a lot. It’s been good for her. Is there anything that I can do to help? You just being here helps a lot. Couldn’t imagine going through this without you. Trina: So, I never got the chance to tell you why I was at the pcpd looking for spencer. Uh, you don’t have to explain. No, I-I want to. So, I learned that spencer was trying to help me the whole time. He lied about his feelings for esme, stayed with her, hoping that he can find some proof that she framed me for joss and cam’s sex tape. Wow. So is that why spencer showed up at your party? To tell you the truth? I think. But in the end, he didn’T. So how did you find out? Ava told me. She also told me that spencer had feelings for me. I figured he might. I mean, no guy is gonna risk returning to prison to give an alibi to someone he doesn’t care about. I was trying to talk to spencer about it, but it was too late. He left for pentonville, as you know. Now that you know the truth… does this change things between you and me? Well, w-what brings you to jacksonville? Business? Pleasure? Well, I’m not supposed to be here. I was on a flight to aruba, but our plane was grounded because of thunderstorms in the area. Well, on behalf of our city, I apologize for our inconvenient weather. Well, I wasn’t very happy that my flight was canceled, but I found a great hotel, I have a good book, and I met you, so… so far, so good. Well, I hope before you hurry off to the airport tomorrow, you might have a chance to look around our city. Yeah. I think I might. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been in jacksonville. Oh, well, then you have no idea what you’ve missed. Oh, the guild has sponsored a number of very successful projects in the last 10 years alone. The guild? I’m so sorry. It’s the jacksonville beautification guild. We just call it “the guild.” I’m a board member. That’s impressive. Well, improving city spaces benefits everyone who lives here, especially the property owners. And, oh, we are getting ready for our fall gala when we take over the ballroom and the hotel grounds. It’s our biggest fundraiser, and I don’t mind telling you, it’s an awful lot of work.

[ Laughs ] Oh, good lord. That — that’s joshua clark. He’s married to a friend of mine. That young woman is most definitely not his daughter. Someone else was stabbed? Where? W-who was it? My cousin brando. He was… attacked in an alley behind charlie’s pub. He’s in surgery now. How bad?

[ Sighs ] He’s strong. He’s gonna make it. Did they catch the guy? Not yet. What makes you think it was the same person who attacked me? There’s rumors that the cops say that the person who attacked you had a large hook, and a witness saw a similar hook used on brando. A witness? Who? Kristina. Thanks for coming. And please thank sonny for letting you know. Oh. Yeah. Of course I will. So, how are you g– how are you? I’m pretty freaked out. I mean, why would anyone want to attack brando? I have no idea. Why was he in that alley? I don’t know. He just said that he would be right back and he left. Maybe he saw something suspicious and went to check it out. Knowing brando, you’re right. He’ll always help someone in trouble. That’s who brando is. He has to help, no matter what the cost to him personally. I just hope the cost isn’t too high. Oh. Come sit, sasha. Yeah. Surgery’s gonna take a while. Tj? Tj? Why aren’t you at brando’s surgery? What’s wrong?

brando’s still in surgery. I just came to update you on his progress. Dr. Chang confirmed that the hook shattered one of brando’s ribs, and a piece of that rib punctured his left lung. That’s why my boy was struggling to breathe. Right. Now, the good news is that brando’s heart wasn’t affected, but the surgical team has to make sure they retrieve every shard of bone, and that takes time. How much time? We don’t know yet. Well, a-at least we know something. We — we were going crazy waiting for an update. Thought you might be. I’m headed back to the or. You’re all by yourself? Where’s sonny? Kristina witnessed the attack on brando? Did the attacker see her? He ran off as soon as kristina started screaming. And, uh, look– looks like she saved brando’s life. He was gonna… stab him a second time. Sorry, sonny. Ava and I will be praying for brando’s recovery. Yeah, and thanks for letting us know. I’m sure that you want to be with your daughter now. Yeah. Take care of yourself. I’ll tell avery that you love her. Nikolas. Don’t move from this spot. Don’t let anybody in unless ava says so. Copy that, boss. Do you feel better now that you know that I didn’t try to kill you? I guess so. You guess so? Do you want me to be guilty? My feelings for you haven’t changed. Despite knowing spencer was “team trina” all along? It means a lot to me that spencer believed in my innocence. But he still hurt me… still lied to me every time he defended esme. But he didn’t mean it. I didn’t know that. Spencer didn’t trust me enough to tell me the truth! And that is so typical of him. He’s always getting in his own way. I would much rather be with somebody who respects me enough to be real with me. And I’m real? Really real. Oh. Sorry. Am I interrupting? No. No, no. I was just — I was just checking some messages. Long day? I saw that yawn. Actually, I just woke up from a nap. Oh, I didn’t know a busy nurse and mother like you had the luxury of naps. Well, I asked for a reduced schedule at the hospital, and melanie agreed to stay late to keep an eye on wiley, so… nice. In that case, I’m gonna make you some tea. How about that? You have a seat. Your body is going through so much right now. I know — I know it’s got to be so hard. Who told you? Look, I hired you to infiltrate sonny’s organization because of your combat experience, your willingness to take risks, and you’re comfortable with “situational ethics.” Look, josslyn, she doesn’t know that you work for me, so every single time you have an interaction with her, it implies a lie of omission, and I hate lying to my sister, and I hate keeping secrets from her. Alright? So the less she sees of you, the better. Nina: I could go to your apartment. You know what? I’ll get you a sweater. It’s always cold in hospitals. Or something for brando when he gets out of surgery? Alright. It’s alright. You saw ava? Yeah. Uh, I filled frank in, and he’s guarding her, yeah. So you still have a 24-hour protection over her? Well, brando’s attack makes it less likely that ava’s stabbing is personal, but… you don’t want to stop her protection. Better safe than sorry. Right? How’s sasha? She’s scared. She’s worried sick. I know brando was appointed her guardian. It’s a long story. I don’t think that sasha’s in any shape to deal with his attack. I mean, who would be, dad? Sasha. If you need anything, if brando needs anything, I’m here, okay? Gladys: Dr. Ashford just gave us a progress report. Gladys: Commissioner ashford. Did you catch the monster who hurt my son? Not yet. I just came from the crime scene. Forensics is still gathering evidence. I won’t ask if you’re alright. I’m sorry, but if you’re here to ask sasha anything, now really is not a good time. I’m not here for sasha. I need to speak with kristina.

[ Exhales sharply ] Well, I-I have to speak to the manager. About what? Clearly she’s a call girl. Plying her trade at one of the best hotels in town? It’s a disgrace. Yeah, but joshua didn’t seem to have a problem with it.

[ Chuckles ] Men are weak. Trash like that can’t wait to take advantage. In what universe was that young girl “taking advantage”? And if you’re right and she’s a professional, it’s not like she was forcing joshua to do anything he wasn’t willing to pay for. My dear, solicitation and the sex trade are a blight on any city. They drive down property values. They erode civic pride. Oh, now, one of the most successful projects of the guild was when we got to re-zone chestnut street and finally were able to tear down ruby anderson’s house of ill repute. Did you say ruby anderson’s? You had her house torn down? Oh, yes. And good riddance. Well, ostensibly, it was — it was a boarding house. We all knew exactly what went on there. I think there was a real ruby once upon a time. It was decades ago. Ruby anderson was real. I should know. She was my great-aunt.

go down to the garden and get something to drink? Oh, I don’t really want to leave the pool yet. Is there any chance that you can get the drinks? Sure thing. I’d love an iced tea. Me too. Okay. Well, then, I guess I’ll be right back. Here. Sit. So…things looked pretty intense between you and rory earlier. Yeah. I told rory that secretly spencer was on my side all along. And you don’t owe me another apology. It was up to spencer to tell me how he really felt about me. Which he never did. And you’re with rory now. So how much does the truth about what spencer thought really matter? The truth always matters. But I don’t have feelings for spencer. They’re gone. So is he. I was found not guilty by a jury. And I’m getting on with my life without spencer. Wait. Told me what? That — that pregnancy can be hard? I-I really hope I didn’t overstep. No. That’s — that’s not what I meant. Oh. Okay. Sorry. What — what did you mean? I have no idea.

[ Chuckles ] Ugh! I have pregnancy brain. And not helped by still feeling half asleep. Aw. I’m sorry you’re going through such a rough time. It’s worth it. I just need to get through a few more weeks, and then my first trimester will be over. Good. You know what? Tea sounds great. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey. Are you okay? Yeah. Yeah. It’s just that the baby likes to mess with my equilibrium. Uh-huh. He or she is definitely a handful already. Alright. Okay. You have a seat. Come on. Sit down here. Let’s sit down. I’m gonna get you that tea. No, no. You really don’t have to. What? Come on! You’ve got a future quartermaine in there. You deserve to be waited on hand and foot. And there it is. She’s smilin’.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I was just thinking that wiley and this baby are so lucky to have such a great family. You are all so strong. Maybe sometimes a little too strong. But I know that, as their mother, wiley and his little brother or sister don’t have to worry about that. You’re gonna make sure they don’t get caught up in old quartermaine squabbles. It’s unbearable to think that the man I love, my husband, might be capable of attacking me. You were so angry that night. Y-you blamed me for spencer finding out that you slept with esme. You wanted to spencer to know about esme and me because you wanted to hurt me. Maybe I was just tired of all your secrets. All I wanted was a life with you, ava. To be happy. To love you. Instead, you blew it up. You were wrong and weak… and stupid. I was all those things. When esme fell off the parapet… I believed you when you told me that you didn’t push her, despite the staff hearing you guys argue. I protected you without hesitation because I love you. I have, from the moment we met. I always have and I always will. I know you made a statement to the officer on scene, but I want to hear it for myself, just in case he missed anything. Start with when you entered the alley. I arrived at charlie’s for my shift, and I cut through the alley to the back entrance. Do you usually enter through the alleyway? Sometimes. Okay. Anyone else there? Sometimes. When one of the busboys takes out the trash. And people in the neighborhood know that phyllis always gives out any remaining food at the end of the night, but it was too early for anyone to be around. Okay. Continue. There was a sudden downpour. The sky just opened up. So it was really hard to see, but… I saw movement… and this guy in a dark hoodie. He raised his arm up and… that’s when the hook caught the light. Hey, baby, you don’t have to continue if you don’t want to, okay? No. I’m okay. Are you sure? And you’re sure the attacker was a man? Well, I just assumed. Did this person see you? I don’t know. Maybe. Did you see their face? I-I don’t know. It was raining really hard. And I was so focused on the hook and seeing brando on the ground. And I-I was screaming. And then the guy just took off. Okay. You know what? Take — sweetie, take a break. Okay? Okay. Is my daughter in danger?

O believe the assailant would target kristina. We’re talking about the same guy who went after ava. Now what? He’s up to two, right? He can go after anybody. And that includes my daughter. Anything’s possible. But the attacks appear to be crimes of opportunity. I just wish that I could stop my head from spinning and thinking of everything that could go wrong. Yeah. Yeah. It’s just — it’s — it’s the waiting that’s challenging. I just wish that I could do something. Huh. [ Chuckles ] Is that cam? No, it’s avery. She’s saying good night to — and I quote — “the best sister ever.” Oh! Well, that’s quite an endorsement. She’s just happy I found her bracelet. Well, only the best big sister would go dumpster diving. But? But you shouldn’t have gone in alone. What if you had gotten stuck and couldn’t have gotten out? Um… what? You got stuck? No. I wasn’t alone. Dex was with me. Are you sure you’re the right man for the job? Of course I am. But the job is to pretend to work for sonny. So I have to play the part of a loyal minion, right? As long as you remain clear on the ultimate goal. To tear down sonny’s organization from the inside. And don’t get sucked into my father’s world. I won’T. But I got to admit. I don’t hate the guy. You know, when I first approached you, you said that you wanted to take a dangerous man off the streets. And I still do. Taking down sonny will make up for… for my mistakes. Okay? I am not going soft. I can still do the job you hired me to do. Commissioner. Detective falconeri sent me. What can I do? How can I help catch brando’s attacker? Take notes. Do you know why brando left charlie’s pub via the back entrance? No. We were eating dessert, and suddenly brando said that he would be right back. Where was he going? He didn’t say. Was anyone else in the pub tonight? Uh, your guy, sonny. Dex. He was talking to josslyn. Pcpd didn’t get statements from either one of them. I was just with ms. Jacks, and she never mentioned the attack. Uh, if memory serves, josslyn left before everything got crazy. Wait a minute. Josslyn left before brando was attacked? Your great-aunt was ruby anderson?

The ruby? The one and only. And were you employed at her “establishment”? No. I met ruby years later when she left florida and moved to port charles, new york. Port charles’ loss is jacksonville’s gain.

[ Chuckles ] Where do you get off judging ruby? Or anyone? There are such things as “standards,” and clearly you have no idea what I’m talking about, so allow me to explain. There’s a way to behave. There’s a way to conduct yourself that determines what circles you move in and who finds you acceptable. You said your last name was honeycutt. That’s right. Mrs. Wade honeycutt. He’s your second husband. How do you know that? Because your first husband’s name was daniel. And your daughter’s name was charlotte reese roberts. And you lived on bedlow drive. And you had a big, beautiful house with a swimming pool. And you drove a mercedes convertible. And I thought it was so cool. Oh, my god. You’re caroline benson?

Peyton: Caroline benson. You call yourself carly? My daughter is dead, and you’re using her name? My name is carly. I chose it, and I’ve been using it for most of my adult life. You weren’t born with it. Carly was reese’s nickname, my sweet, my trusting daughter. Worst day of her life was when she met you! Ah, she came home so excited, made a new friend, wanted you to come over. The instant I talked to your mother I knew it was a mistake. She said she was a secretary. She’d be unable to supervise the girls ’cause she had to work. You didn’t supervise very much, mrs. Roberts. You were always off at some luncheon or committee meeting. It was the housekeeper who drove us around until reese was old enough to do it herself. How many afternoons did you spend at our house? How many sleepovers? Little caroline, always so eager to fit in. Couldn’t quite manage with your discount clothes and the wrong shoes. But my reese was so happy to share.

[ Voice breaking ] Oh, my god. You wore the same size. You could almost pass as a girl from a decent family, so I let you tag along. It made reese happy, and I didn’t see the harm. I didn’t see the harm. Until it was too late. Until you betrayed my generosity. Until you seduced my husband! I’m glad you’re back with your family, drew. You’re a good influence. Oh, I don’t know about that, but… thank you. Hey. There you are. Why didn’t you respond to any of my calls?

[ Stammers ] Because I left my phone at the gatehouse. What’s wrong? Um, I just heard from kristina, and brando is in surgery at G.H. What do you want from me, nikolas? I want you to believe in me. The way that I believe in you. Our marriage, it started out in blackmail and suspicion, but it grew into something, a true union of our souls. And I thought that you understood me like no one else could because deep down we’re the same. We know each other’s heart, and we accept each other the way we are. And we’ve both made mistakes. But now the person that I thought knew me the best believes that I would stab them and I would leave them to die? I’m not the one who broke the trust between us. I thought when something broke, you fixed it. Not always. Are you saying there’s no way back? Cam made it seem like you were alone in that dumpster. Cam assumed, and I didn’t correct him. Because you were with dex. Look. I don’t understand what the look is for. Alright? Dex was doing something nice. He helped me find the bracelet. It’s no big deal. Uh, if it wasn’t a big deal, then why didn’t you tell anyone that you were with dex? Because I knew that people would do exactly what you’re doing now and make it something that it wasn’T. I’m not bothered that dex was helping you. I’m bothered that you lied about it. I didn’t lie. I just didn’t tell anyone. What’s the difference? Uh-oh. What did I miss? Do I even want to know? Rory. Did you leave your phone or something? It’s police business. Josslyn, I need to talk to you. Why? What happened? Brando corbin was attacked tonight. Sasha. Is brando out of surgery? How is he? I’m sorry, but there’s been a complication.

and the attacker fled after kristina screamed. And then sonny showed up a few seconds later. They called paramedics. And, yeah, brando’s at G.H. Poor sasha. I mean, she’s already struggling emotionally. And now this? I’m going to the hospital. I’ll come with you. I just got to call my mom first. No, no, no. You go. Go, go, go. I’ll call carly right now. Alright. Thanks, man. Okay.

[ Line ringing ] Come on, carly. Pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up. I had known your husband since I was 12 years old. I didn’t know how to say no to him. I don’t make excuses for my daniel. As I said, men are weak. And you, you were only too eager to give him what he wanted. That’s not true. He could see what you were, what you are. A greedy piece of trash. You envied reese. You wanted her life. And you thought you could get it by sleeping with her father? You ridiculous tart. I could laugh about it if — if you hadn’t have broken reese’s heart, if she hadn’t have found out. She should never have been driving the day of the accident. She was so upset. It was all — all of it was your fault! I was 16 years old. Your husband was in his forties, so by definition, it was his fault. Ah. And your family meant so much to me. I was too afraid to stop him. But I’m not caroline benson anymore wearing the wrong shoes. I’m a grown woman, and I don’t owe anything to anyone, least of all you. I advise you to get on your plane as quickly as you can, caroline. You don’t belong in jacksonville. You never did. You are not the injured party here. I’m the one betrayed, right? I’m the one in the hospital bed. It is not my fault that I don’t trust you anymore. Is that trust gone forever? I don’t know. You need rest. I’ll go.

[ Door closes ] Glady: Complication? What complication? Where’s my son? Brando is still in the or, but his surgery has been suspended to get his blood pressure stabilized. I want to see my husband. I’m so sorry, sasha, but that’s not possible. Brando will remain in the or so dr. Chang can resume surgery as soon as he’s stabilized. We’re doing all we can. You were at charlie’s pub earlier? Yes. When you left, which exit did you take? I went out the back. Why? Um, I was following dex heller. Hold on. Dex was there? Sonny’s man? Yeah, yeah, he was at charlie’s with sonny. He left his sunglasses behind, I grabbed them, and I tried to follow him out and give them back to him. And did you find him? No, actually. I still have his sunglasses. Did you see anyone in the alley? No. It was empty. Wait. Do you think the guy with the hook was there when joss was? I don’t know. I hope not. Huh. That’s not creepy. Alright, well, I’m sorry that I couldn’t be more helpful. No. It’s okay. Maybe mr. Heller saw something. Tj: I have to return to the or. Just have the nurse page me if you have any other questions. Nina: Let’s find you a place to sit down.

[ Indistinct conversation ] I got your text. What’s up? Yeah, I saw you talking to josslyn at charlie’s pub. You guys seemed friendly. It was totally innocent. Oh, I know that’s true. Because if you tried anything, I’d kill ya.

[ Laughs ] From now on, I’ll stay away from josslyn. That’s not what I want. Um… you guys seem like, you know, friendly, and she seems to like you a little more. Can I — can I trust you to discreetly… keep an eye on her? You can count on me, boss.

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