Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, September 13, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Victor warns Jack that he made a mistake hiring Adam to work at Jabot because Adam only took the job to get under his skin and make him mad. Victor tells Jack that once Adam realizes that he isn’t bothered by him working at Jabot, he will get bored and leave Jabot. Jack believes that Adam will do a good job at Jabot and it will be a healthy change for Adam.

Chance and Chelsea are feeling bored and restless so they both go to Crimson Lights to have decaf tea and Chance teaches Chelsea some relaxation exercises to do when she feels restless and anxious.

Abby has a bad dream in which Chance chooses his job over his family and later she tells Chance something feels off with their relationship. Chance assures Abby that things are fine between them and she doesn’t need to worry about their relationship.

Diane interrupts a some alone time between Summer and Kyle when she tells them she thinks Phyllis planted a file that contains a contract from a Marchetti vendor which is charging a very high amount for their product. Diane thinks that Phyllis planted the file on her computer to make it look like she is accepting kickbacks from the vendor. Summer later tells Kyle that she thinks Diane put the file on her own computer, so that they would think Phyllis planted the file.

Nikki tells Victoria she is going to Los Angeles to see if Deacon Sharpe has any dirt on Diane that she can use to make Diane leave Genoa City.

Nick and Sally bond because they both feel lost at the moment and like they are pretending like everything is okay. Sally tells Nick that he is a good person that was protecting his sister when he accidentally killed Ashland.

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