GH Short Recap Tuesday, September 13, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Jordan tells Curtis that she forgot to file the divorce papers and now the papers and now she can’t find them. Jordan promises to sign the divorce papers, as soon as, his lawyer can get the papers ready. Aunt Stella thanks Jordan for covering for her about the divorce papers. Curtis doesn’t believe Jordan’s story about the papers and wants to find out the truth.

Elizabeth tells Ava that she wasn’t with Nikolas the entire time at the Quartermaine picnic, so Ava decides to have a talk with Nikolas.

Sasha signs the papers for Brandon to be her legal guardian..

Carly is on the plane on the way to her seminar and the flight attendant tells everyone to fasten their seat belts and brace for impact.

Brandon is outside Charlie’s pub when he is attacked by someone holding a hook.

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