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why is mac so interested in you? Your guess is as good as mine. Okay. If that’s your story, stick to it. What? What? You don’t believe me? Why should I? I barely know who you are! I need to learn more about this guy before potentially blowing his world apart and letting him know that I could be his dad. Well, then do some research into his life, his background. And if you need some help, you have my P.I. Skills at your disposal. It might be better to forget the whole thing. Can you do that? Come on, mac. Just do the research. And if it turns out that cody is not your son, I mean, at least you know. I don’t need to know. As far as I’m concerned, whoever cody bell really is can remain a mystery. Forever.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. Hang on one second. Okay. Yeah. Hello? Connor. Yeah, what’s up, man? You guys miss me already or what? Say that again. Jordan: I need you to process the prisoners awaiting transport to pentonville. No problem, commissioner. There is one you’re familiar with. I need your assurance that you can maintain your professional distance. Yes, ma’am. Mr. Cassadine. Officer cabrera will take it from here.

[ Door closes ] Nikolas: What do you mean I’m not on the list? That’s my wife in there. Those are my orders. Well, your orders have nothing to do with me. Sonny may be your boss, but he’s not mine. Actually, mr. Corinthos did not suggest that you cannot go in. Ms. Jerome did.

[ Chuckles ] Nice of you to join me. Join you? I’m the one who called the meeting. You did. And, yet, you are — oh, no — now 6 minutes late. Okay. Let me cut to the chase. You’ve made a lot of messes, victor. I want to know how you’re gonna clean it up.

You’ve caused nothing but trouble since you’ve come back to town — my town. It would really help me if you could be a little more specific. See, everyone thinks I leave a path of destruction everywhere I go, yet no one seems to come up with any evidence to support that notion. That’s because you’re good at covering your tracks. That makes two of us. There’s a difference between us. I don’t let my family go down for crimes I committed. Just your employees and best friends. What are you gonna do for spencer now that he’s going to prison to protect you, victor? Don’t you worry, sonny. I can protect my family. Like you protected ava? Are you saying that ava asked you to keep me out? Yes. Maybe ava’s not up for visitors. Why don’t we go get a coffee and maybe try back later? Oh, you can go right in, miss robinson. She’s expecting you.

[ Exhales sharply ] Uh, trina, will you please tell my wife that I’m gonna see spencer off to pentonville? Yes. Of course. Hopefully by then, she’ll have reconsidered. Put your personal effects into the envelope… anything of value you want kept here. You can take your chances with intake at pentonville, but items often go missing. Thanks, but this isn’t my first rodeo. Well, this is different. Coming from a famous, wealthy family helped you at spring ridge, but in pentonville, it can make you a target. I talked to my C.O. Buddy. He’ll see what he can do about getting you a work detail in the library. Thank you. But I can take care of myself. I hope that’s true. Not just for your sake… but for people who care about you. Ahh. Ahh! Trina! Oh, I’m so happy to see you. Oh, my gosh. I thought I almost lost you. What?! Never! No. I’ll always be here for you, trina, no matter what. Uh, yeah. Thanks, connor. I’ll be in touch. Everything okay? That was my neighbor. I guess his brother was visiting, and he saw the moving truck outside. He wants to put an offer on my house. Ooh! A good offer? Yeah. Like 20 grand over whatever market value is. That’s good. You wouldn’t even have to list it. I mean, that’s great, isn’t it? Yeah. No, it is. I just — honestly, I hadn’t even thought about putting it on the market yet. Oh, no? Why? You keeping your options open? Oh. Oh, no. No. I am all-in. But that is the house I shared with lulu. Oh, it must be weird thinking that if you do sell it, other people will live in there. It’s not even that. It just feels like it’s a decision… you know, I should be making, you know, consulting with her. Yeah, and it’s a huge decision. And once you decide to sell, it’s final. Right. It’s a good thing that you don’t have to decide tonight. Think about it? Sleep on it? Okay? That’s an excellent idea. Okay. Wait. I have — I have one more… oh, my gosh. What is it? …Favor. It’s not gonna be that hard, but… will you top me up, mister? Oh, yeah. Why don’t you want to know if cody is your son? After all these years, what difference would it make? It makes a huge difference for both of you! And just because cody is an adult doesn’t mean he’s not entitled to the truth. And this is your chance, mac, to, you know, have a child with your very own dna. You are more than enough for me. Oh, mac, I’m sure most of the time, I was too much. I mean, you’ve been such a great father to me and georgie. There isn’t a second that goes by that we’re not all grateful for that. So, you know, if cody is your son, I’m okay with it. I’m not gonna feel threatened. Can we just drop the subject?! We just want to make sure this is really how you feel. It is. I still want to know why. If cody is my son with dominique, just knowing that might be too high a price. Price? W-what are you talking about? I’m talking about what it could do to our family. Okay, so what was this mac guy asking you about me? General stuff. How we met, your movements at the party. My — my movements at the — w-why was he asking that? Probably to eliminate you as a suspect. He has to account for everyone’s whereabouts at the time ava was attacked. Fine. So you just told him I was with you, right? I’m not sure it came up. I probably forgot. Yeah. You forgot. You kissed me.

[ Laughs ]

You kissed me! Okay. Fine. You know what? Whatever. It’s just my luck. Every time a stranger comes to a new town, they get accused of murder. Has this happened to you before?

Answer the question, claire! How many murder investigations have you been questioned in? Britt, I have been a lot of things in my life. A skydiver, stuntman, stable hand. Hustler. Card shark. Yeah, well, one thing I am not is a cold-blooded killer. You know that, right? I wouldn’t be standing here if I thought you were. Think I need a lawyer? I don’t know. You know how expensive lawyers are? I do. On a stable hand’s salary? Maybe it’s time to pull up stakes and just get out of dodge. It — yeah. Maybe it is, if you have something to hide. I don’t understand, mac. What risk could cody possibly pose to our family? Okay. I have an appointment I need to get to. This is for you. Okay. Mom, thank you so much for babysitting. I appreciate it. Okay. Mac. Mac, honey, what are you so afraid of? I don’t know. Change? Felicia, I love the life we’ve built together. And it wasn’t easy. Oh, yeah, I know. After everything, losing georgie and nathan, gaining three beautiful grandchildren. We have endured so much. I finally feel like we have a little bit of peace. I just don’t want anything to disrupt it. Well, you know, life is change. And I wouldn’t begrudge you the opportunity to be there for cody if he turns out to be your son.

[ Sighs ] Well… at least we won’t be strapped with dirty diapers and those awkward conversations of adolescence. Oh, there’ll be plenty of awkward conversations. But just like you loved georgie and maxie just like your own, I don’t need blood ties to cody to welcome him into our family. Rory: You can hand over your phone now or just before prison transport leaves. I’ll hang onto it. Thanks. No problem. Just be sure to memorize your point of contact’s number and leave your attorney’s info with that person. It was my grandmother before, but she’s out of town. Pick a new one. Your grandmother’s husband maybe? Yeah, maybe. Spencer, when I walked in on you and trina at her party, I got the sense that, uh, you weren’t really finished, that there were things you both still needed to say. You’re mistaken. Trina and I are done, and we’re both moving on. So you have nothing to worry about. I’m not worried. I just don’t want you haunting us from prison.

[ Door closes ] Did you have any trouble getting in to see me? Uh, frank let me come right in. Great. I’m glad that you have protection, but I hate that you’re still in danger. That makes two of us. What did the police say? Do they have any idea who could have done this to you? Police are following leads. They’re — they’re ruling people out. As for me, I have some thoughts of my own. Who? Oh. You know what? Never mind. Just forget it. It turns out my personal prime suspect has an alibi and couldn’t have done it. So, um, I saw mr. Cassadine when I arrived, and frank wouldn’t let him in. Ava, you don’t have to tell me, but… why don’t you want your husband to come and visit you? Tell ballistics I need a hard copy added to the file. I want to see my son. Mr. Cassadine. Glad you stopped by. I have a few follow-up questions for you about your wife’s attack. I don’t see what help I can be. You already know I was with elizabeth at the time. Yes, I know you couldn’t have physically carried out the crime. What are you implying? I’d rather not imply anything. I just need facts so I can get closer to what happened and who’s responsible.

[ Sighs ] Okay. After I see my son. Where’s spencer? You know, most spouses in your position would be more cooperative. And I’m happy to cooperate after I see my son. Spencer’s in interrogation. Feel free to go in. Thank you. But before you go… be sure to leave your information with the desk sergeant so they can arrange a interview. You’ll want to have your lawyer present. Ava has a lot of enemies with threats coming at her from every corner. It’s almost impossible to keep her fully protected. Maybe somebody was targeting her that’s close to home. Just what are you insinuating? Everything copacetic between nikolas and ava? It’s a little volatile at times, I grant you. But nikolas and ava love each other fiercely. If you think nikolas could ever… my nephew is completely devoted to his wife. Really? Uh, so devoted that ava, uh, was staying at the metro court? ‘Cause I dropped avery off the other day, and I was surprised to see that, uh, ava was there. Maybe she was just tired of staying with — with esme. But that didn’t make any sense because esme’s gone. She’s vanished. Do you know anything about that, victor? I could ask you the same. After all, you snatched esme off the street. Okay. Let me tell you something right now! If I find out that you or nikolas had anything to do with hurting ava… …you’re gonna answer to me.

Be adversaries, surely. After all, we share family, as well as vision. Does anybody in your family actually talk to you? Does anyone in yours? I answered your summons. I’ve tolerated your baseless insinuations. Cast aspersions on my family again, and I’ll cease being a gentleman.

[ Sighs ] Alright, victor. Stay away from avery’s mother. And don’t let me have to call you again. Old pal. Ava: You know me and nikolas. When we’re getting along, it’s magic. When we’re not, it’s a curse!

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. But enough about me. I want to hear about you. How are you enjoying your vindication? Well, for starters, pcu reinstated me as a student. Ahh! That’s great news. Oh, good. I’m so happy for you. Thank you. I felt guilty meeting with the pcu administration while you were here in the hospital. What? Oh, no, sweetie. No. There’s nothing that you could have done for me. I’m happy that you’re taking care of yourself. I just thought you’d be one of the first people to celebrate my returning to school. Oh, damn straight, I would.

[ Both laugh ] And my parents did throw me a party. Oh. Well. I hate to miss a good party. How was it? Fun… that didn’t sound very convincing. What happened? An unexpected guest showed up. Get out! I know you hate me. When did you figure that out? Before or after you slept with my girlfriend?! Spencer, please give me five minutes. Was I unclear when last we spoke?! We are done! You are about to go to prison, and I am terrified! I do not care. I do not care. If you do not get out of here in the next 10 seconds, I will march out there and I will tell commissioner ashford exactly what you and ava were arguing about at the picnic. Uh, hey, let me know if you come across rocco’s gaming console. T-that would be the key to peace and happiness in this house. Okay, didn’t cody buy him some horse-race game when he was staying with you? Yeah. Yeah. He did. Those things are expensive. Well, he’s a pretty generous guy. Seems to be. Hey. What do you think sonny was talking to cody about? Who knows. Cody seems to take chances sometimes. But I don’t know. He seems like a pretty harmless guy, yeah? Yeah. You know, looks can be deceiving. What’s that supposed to mean? Nothing. Just, you know, like I’ve told you. When we were kids, he didn’t like to follow the rules. Yeah, but that’s when you were kids. Mm-hmm. And that was a long time ago.

[ Chuckles ] That’s true. People do a lot of living from adolescence up to being a grown-up. Oh, don’t I know it. I’ve done a lot of things that I regret. And I’m sure, back in the day, yes, cody played some tricks on some camp counselors, but that doesn’t mean that he’s up to something now. Hm. I’m human. We all have something to hide. I’m sure you have plenty. I used to. Mm-hmm. But all the bad, wicked criminal stuff, it all came out. I’m practically an open book. I bet there’s something. There isn’T. Anyway, this is about you. And, I mean, come on. “I can’t afford a lawyer. I got to leave town.” Overreaction much?

[ Mockingly ] Well, I wouldn’t have had to consider leaving town if you had given me an alibi. Oh, sorry. I only provide alibis after the third date. And since we’ve only been out once [Clicks tongue] You know, you’re right. You owe me nothing. See ya. Wait. You’d really just… up and leave port charles? Do you not want me to leave town? Oh, I mean, your buddy dante will probably be relieved that you escaped “the britch.” As for me, you know, I-I’m good either way. I think you’d miss me. For several minutes. A few, maybe. “Several” is pushing it.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Possibly I overreacted. It’s just… ever since I was a kid, I’ve been operating on fight-or-flight mode. Then why not stay and fight? You want me to fight?

[ Chuckles ] As long as you don’t sucker punch mac like you did scott. I make no promises. It sounds like that guy deserves it. What did you just say?

Hear you threaten my stepdad? Hey, maxie, we were just — no, britt. I’d like to hear this from cody. Why do you want to hit mac? Cody: From what I’ve been hearing, he thinks I gutted the woman at the picnic. Ava jerome. Yeah. Who, to the best of my knowledge, I’ve never even met. So why would I try and kill her? I can assure you mac does not think you attacked ava. Then why is he asking all these questions about me? ‘Cause he’s the chief of detectives. It’s his job to ask questions. Just answer directly and honestly, and you’ll be fine.

[ Chuckles ] So y-you’re suggesting that I talk to a cop voluntarily?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sternly ] Yes. Oh, maxie’s right. Just call mac. I’m sure he’ll put your mind at ease. Cops lie. Mac is not a liar! How did you know my mother? Um, well, I didn’t know her very well, but mac… dominique and i were friends. I met her when she was married to your father. Maxie, try to look at it from cody’s perspective.

We know mac is a good guy and that he’s just doing his job. But cody doesn’T. Cody could be leopold’s son. Maybe that’s best for everyone. Not for cody. Everyone deserves a loving, compassionate father. Like me? Like you. I know it’s not scientific, but when you met cody, you saw yourself in him, didn’t you? You see a resemblance? His eyes. Similar twinkle. His is mischievous, while yours is kind. Even if cody is mine, I mean, he’s an adult. How much parenting could he need? How much does maxie still need? Good point. You know, you keep seeing cody as a liability rather than an asset. Besides change, is there another reason why you are resistant to welcoming him into our family? No matter whose son cody really is, he’s a stranger. How do we know what kind of person is? Well, here’s a thought. We get to know him. And not just a person of interest and not necessarily even as a son, but just get to know him as a friend. Maybe I’m setting myself up for disappointment. What if this all goes south? What if it doesn’t? You would implicate me in ava’s attack? As the townies might say… damn straight.

[ Door closes ] You will do no such thing! You will continue to remain silent, spencer. Is that understood? Unless, of course, you’ve already let something slip while three sheets to the wind at that unfortunate party. Don’t worry, uncle victor. I have not sold out my faithless father yet. I haven’t even given him a second thought. How is your wife, nikolas? I hear she’s recovering. Oh, you “hear”? Sonny’s henchman wouldn’t let me in to see her. Is that right? Maybe everyone’s finally onto you. Onto me? Uh-huh. We are not having this discussion here. Whoa, whoa. Yes, we are. Spencer, do you think that I’m the one behind ava’s attack? Because you’re incapable of hurting the people you love? Let’s ask hayden. Alright. That’s it. Enough! Stop this! Right now. Now, listen, I know — I know we are playing on a bit of a sticky wicket right now, but it’s nothing I can’t fix if you two get yourselves together! Jordan: Good job, officer cabrera. You maintained your professional demeanor as you carried out your duties with spencer cassadine. Not an easy task. Thank you, commissioner. Uh, I feel you should know I did talk to him about trina. Well, there was no altercation, no raised voices. It was all very calm. Then it’s fine. Thank you for telling me. Uh, commissioner… at the risk of overstepping… you know trina’s dad very well. Do you have any tips for how I can get on his good side? I almost forgot to tell you. I sold a sculpture to an overseas collector through simone. Hm! Asking price? Of course. You know, maybe we should — we should close the gallery just temporarily. Why? Because I don’t want you spending what’s left of your summer behind a desk. That’s why. I can balance my social life and work at the gallery. Okay. But let me know if it gets to be too much for you. Or even if you just — you need a break, right? I will. Promise me that you won’t be at the gallery alone. Okay? Especially at night. Maybe rory can keep you company if you need to work late? Do you think who did this to you could come for me? I don’t know who, and I don’t know why, so I don’t know what they’re capable of. I think it’s best to take precautions. Okay. I’ll figure something out. Good. But, you know, I didn’t ask you about work. I asked you about your life. Let me guess. This, um, unexpected party guest… it was spencer, wasn’t it? I just don’t get him, ava. He wrote me a letter, then he tried to leave before giving it to me. He dropped it, and then after I picked it up, he wouldn’t even let me read it. Why not? Because he said we weren’t friends. But then he admitted that he still had some sort of connection with me but he’s been lying this entire time. Like, what am I supposed to do with that? Especially now that rory’s in the picture. Alright. I-I’m gonna stop you right there, okay? Okay. I’m sorry. I-I shouldn’t be talking about something so silly when you almost just died. No, no. No. Not because of that. I’m gonna tell you something. Because you only live once and you deserve to know. What is it? Sweetheart, according to spencer, he knew all along that you were innocent. But that doesn’t make any sense. He told me to my face. It was all a ruse. He only stayed with esme to help prove that you were innocent.

Look. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not judging cody for what he did when he was a kid. But that was just me back then. Now I got a family to protect. And that includes you and danny and scout. I appreciate that, but I do consider myself a good judge of character. Oh, yeah? And, yes, cody may be the guy who thinks he can take a walk on the wild side. I do, however, think he is a decent guy. Oh, okay. So you’re saying you like the guy. Yeah, I do. So sue me. Oh, good. But…? But sonny’s not the only one keeping an eye on him. Maxie, I am not trying to offend you, but your stepdad, he’s treating me like a suspect. I’m not just gonna wait around and let the pcpd build a case against me. What part of “that is not what’s happening here” do you not understand? And I’m just supposed to take your word for it? Yes! I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later. I’m starting to think I was wrong. I do not think you should give that guy a second chance. Jordan: Trina’s father? Uh, yes. Mr. Taggert has been pretty distant. Any advice? You’re right. This is overstepping. Uh, sorry, commissioner. But since you asked… just be yourself. Taggert values authenticity. And the buffalo bills. Thank you. Good to know. Someone tried to kill my wife. You’re calling it a “sticky wicket.” I apologize if I sounded glib. I simply meant that there is no hurdle that we as cassadines can’t clear. Even if I hurt my wife, which I didn’t, it’s nothing compared to what you’ve done, uncle victor. I know you’ve had a trying 48 hours, so I’m going to overlook that remark. But I still think you should respect spencer’s wishes and leave right now. Fine. But no matter how many times you push me away, spencer, I will not give up on you. Prison transport’s almost ready. Time to say your goodbyes. Victor: What is it? It’s just, um — I had hoped more people would be here. Spencer carried a torch for you for a long time. Why didn’t he tell me? Because, in his boneheaded way, I think he thought he was protecting you. He figured if he was honest about his feelings then esme would make you suffer even more. And knowing esme, I shudder to think what she might have done. And he told you all of this? In a rare moment of openness. Maybe I’ve been wrong about him. Look, spencer is a spoiled, entitled young man, and I am in no way vouching for him. But he does seem to genuinely care for you. That’s what was in the letter. Probably. He’s reporting to pentonville today! That’s where nikolas is, at the pcpd saying goodbye to spencer. He wanted me to tell you that, by the way. Oh. Thank you. Great. Do you think I should go see spencer? I think you’re the only one who can decide that. But, trina, if you do see spencer, first I think you need to think long and hard about what you want, about what you need. I can’t believe spencer really has feelings for me.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, sweetheart. Of course he does. Anybody with half a brain and working eyes would feel the same. Sweetheart… thoughts, feelings, words, it’s one thing. Action, that’s another thing. Whoever you choose needs to be worthy of you and act in your best interest. Thank you. Will you be okay? Oh, yeah, I’m fine. Just make sure you tell me how this all works out. Okay? Okay.

You know I’ll support any decision you make. Even if you don’t agree with it? It’s not for me to agree or disagree with. If you don’t want to find out whether cody is your son, then don’T. It’s your call. I appreciate that. Of course, I can’t stop maxie from collecting dna samples from you and cody and running them off to the lab. And that would just be like her.

[ Chuckles ] She loves you. She’ll feel compelled to meddle, mac. This all could be a moot point. Cody may not be interested in getting to know me, even if it turns out that i am his father. That’s true. He may not. But how will you know unless you try? I like you around cody. You loosen up a bit. What are you saying? That I’m uptight?

[ Chuckles ] Who? You? You are the guy who billed me for slashing your tires. I only did that ’cause I wanted to see you again. You did? That’s really cute. Yeah, yeah. But I — wait. I-I’m saying that it’s — it’s o-okay to be cautious. Mm-hmm. I just — I kind of like the vibe you have going on with cody. I approve. You do? Do you approve? Yeah. Okay. And that’s very generous of me. Yeah! It is, it is. But maybe it’s actually just because, you know, we moved in together and now you’re worried you’re gonna get sick of me. Oh, you’re right. You know, I’m actually regretting that decision… yeah. …By the second. Right. Mm-hmm. And you just want to make sure you can pawn me off on my friend whenever you need space? Mm-hmm. You know, I think it’s really healthy to have outside friendships. Yeah, it is. You’re right. Mm-hmm. I know. I just like when you say that. You’re right. Oh. You’re right. Can you do me a favor? You’re right. Can you move that box off the couch? Mm-hmm.

[ Chuckles ] What is up with you? You liked cody, like, an hour ago. Yeah, well, that was then. Okay. Yes. Things got heated. Look, britt, you said you wanted for me to look at things from cody’s perspective, so I’m gonna do that. If I were a wandering cowpoke, why would I want to punch the chief of detectives? Oh, please. Like the authorities have never accused you of something you didn’t do. Maxie! I’m thinking. No, no, the authorities always knew what I was up to. They just never had sufficient evidence.

[ Chuckling ] That’s the story of my life. Anyway, if cody’s not a suspect in ava’s stabbing, then what’s the big deal? This will all blow over. I don’t think so. Cody was so defensive just now. He might not have attacked ava, but it’s pretty clear he’s up to no good. Yeah. Hi. It’s cody bell. We met recently, and I clearly did not make a good impression. Can I have a second chance to change your mind about me? Why are we here? Given what we are about to discuss, wouldn’t it be best to meet somewhere private? Privacy is overrated. In private, people tend to raise their voices. Next thing you know, a priceless ming vase is in pieces on the floor. No, here at least we’ll, uh — we’ll be forced to be well-behaved, speak in civilized tones. And if we should break anything, it can easily be put back together again with a dollop of glue. So why don’t you go first? I can’t believe that you and spencer think I’m capable of doing that to ava. Of course you’re capable. Everyone’s capable of anything. But regardless of that, we have bigger problems. Yeah, like my son going to pentonville. Like sonny corinthos asking questions about esme. Sonny: Ava. Hm. Hello. You look better. You’re sounding good. You’re able to say “I love you” to our daughter. That’s a great thing. Thanks for that. And for the security. Knowing that he’s out there, I… can actually feel safe when I close my eyes, so… what are your dreams like? That’s a different story. But thankfully I don’t remember too much of them when I wake up. And the pain meds help with that. Do you have any idea who attacked you? No, I don’T. I just get the — I get this feeling that you’re — there’s something you’re not telling me. Who am i protecting you from, ava? Jordan: Trina. Can we help you? Am I too late? Sorry. You missed him.

[ Door clangs ]

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