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Zende: So what do you think?

Paris: I think vanessa will be bummed that she’s out sick today.

Thomas: Seriously, zende. Really great work.

Zende: Aw. Thank you, man. And thank you for modeling.

[Knocking on door]

Taylor: Hi. Wow. Whose is this? This is fantastic.

Thomas: This annoyingly talented guy.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh. I love it. Am I interrupting?

Thomas: No, no, no. Actually, this is a great time. Brooke isn’t here.

Donna: I feel like– I feel like I’m living in a dream.

[Brooke laughs]

Katie: Well, we always had a feeling about you and eric.

Brooke: And now, look. You’re back together again, you moved into the house.

>Donna: I couldn’t be happier. But this time around, it’s, like, that much sweeter.

Brooke: Oh, I’m thrilled for you, sweetheart.

Donna: Thrilled for you, too. I mean, ridge is home, where he should be.

Brooke: Yeah. I mean, he’s been seeing a lot of his ex-wife and kids over at eric’S.

Donna: Yeah, he has been coming around quite a bit.

[ Hayes crying ]

Li: Can you say “grandma?” Can you say “grandma?”

Finn: Oh… he’s, like– he says “waah.”

Li: Yeah, it’s okay. I remember you at this age. I remember you, yeah. I think your first word was “stethoscope.”

Finn: Oh, was it? Oh, that tracks.

Li: Yeah.

Finn: Did I cry this much?

Li: Kind of.

Finn: I think, grandma, you can come over any time. We really love having you here.

Li: Oh, certainly is nice without all that security outside. Now that the threat of sheila’s gone.

[ Water running in background ]

Deacon: Seriously, what the– dammit! They still haven’t fixed the hot water yet. And no jokes about needing a cold shower. Sheila, what are you doing? Come on. Again?

Sheila: What?

Deacon: You’re looking at pictures of finn. You know how you get when you start obsessing. What scares me is you still have nine toes.

Paris: If you’re looking for ridge, he’s not here.

Taylor: Um…

[ Chuckles ] No, well, believe it or not, I am– I am here to see my handsome and amazing son.

Thomas: What?

Taylor: Yes.

Thomas: Lucky me. Though I’m sure that dad is gonna be bummed he missed you.

Taylor: Oh. Well, I’m– I was thinking I was gonna see your mini me here. Isn’t this his half day?

Thomas: Oh, yes. Steffy has him. She took kelly and him to a pottery class.

Taylor: I love that.

Thomas: Yeah.

Taylor: And I love that you get to spend so much time with douglas. And so does his family.

Brooke: Taylor and steffy are the ones organizing this forrester family time.

Katie: They really had a family get together, and you didn’t get to go?

Brooke: Yeah, but it was last minute. So, it’s really not a big deal.

Donna: No, no. So, eric– eric would’ve wanted you to feel welcome. And believe me, I would’ve insisted on it had I been there.

Brooke: Honey, it’s okay. Everybody’s just so happy that finn is back. We are, too.

Donna: Yeah.

Brooke: I just feel like taylor’s using this to drive a wedge between ridge and me.

>Li: Hayes fell right to sleep.

Finn: You’re just– you’re so great with him.

Li: Oh, gosh. You know, being able to share these moments with him. Read him a story… there’s just nothing better.

Finn: It never gets old, does it?

Li: Such a blessing. Breaks my heart to think that he almost lost his father because of sheila.

Sheila: I think about finn all the time.

Deacon: Maybe a little too much. Sheila, you get there’s nothing you can do about it at this point.

Sheila: I’m never gonna stop pushing. For the day that I– I get to hold him again.

Deacon: I get that this is rough for you. I know how much you miss finn. But, sheila, it’s like you keep forgetting. Everyone thinks you’re dead, including finn. With downy infusions,

Taylor: So, zende. Um, when would someone be able to purchase this amazing piece from forrester creations?

Paris: Oh, you’re gonna have to fight me for this one.

[ Laughs ]

Taylor: I wouldn’t dare. This is– this is made for you, paris.

Zende: I’ll tell you what. I still gotta make a few more tweaks, but when it’s all finished, I might be able to hook both of you up.

Paris: And that is on the record.

Thomas: Oh, I heard it. Well, look at you. Getting all the vip treatment.

Taylor: I know! But you’re still my favorite designer.

Thomas: I know, but, you know, zende’s really coming along.

Taylor: Oh, honey, I love this. I just– I love seeing all of this. You’re, you’re getting along with your cousin at work, and… well, you just seem so happy.

Thomas: I am. I really am happy. What’s there not to be happy about? Things are great here at work, and I get to spend more time with my family, and douglas. Bonding with him, my son, who I love more than anything.

Taylor: I know you do. This time that you guys are sharing together is… it’s just so long overdue, you know? Honey, I don’t want you to worry about brooke and everything she’s doing. Because she does not get to dictate my grandson’s life or his future. He is a forrester, after all.

Brooke: Oh, this forrester versus logan stuff is exhausting.

Katie: I mean, we all understand family loyalty, but this is taking things to the extreme.

Brooke: It’s crazy. This fantasy that taylor and her kids have that their little family is gonna get back together with ridge and– poor douglas! He’s just caught right in the middle of it.

Katie: How long has it been since he’s even been home?

Brooke: Too long. He was only supposed to be there one night.

Katie: This is just not okay.

Brooke: I don’t like thomas having that much influence over douglas.

Donna: You don’t think he’s changed?

Brooke: I think he’s made an effort, but I don’t think he’s completely reformed, no.

Katie: And let me guess. Ridge has total confidence in his son.

Brooke: Oh, yes, he does. And I don’T. So I have to be careful. Because I don’t want this to become a problem for ridge and me.

Li: You clearly have a deep love for your family.

Finn: I mean, they completely changed my life.

Li: You know, I’ve always wanted this for you, finn. Always. You were so focused on your career. I worried you may never find the right woman.

Finn: I might not have if steffy hadn’t been brought into the er that night. I guess it’s kinda fitting I met her at work, huh?

Li: So glad you did. It was always you, me and your father for so many years. And now, look, you have this great big family.

Finn: You know, you and dad. You were always enough for me growing up. That’s why I never really wondered too much about my birth mother.

Li: Until sheila came barreling into our lives.

Sheila: Do you really have to go?

Deacon: I gotta get down to the bar and start my shift.

Sheila: It’s really torture. Being here all alone. I’m just left with my own thoughts. My head is just playing it over and over and over again.

Deacon: I know that you can’t imagine life without finn or hayes, but, sheila, that is how it’s got to be.

Sheila: Oh, but this… this is killing me, deacon.

Deacon: I get it.

Sheila: I really, I– I need this connection with my family.

Deacon: You’re gonna have to figure a way to channel this into something else.

Sheila: I want– I want to hold my grandson again.

Deacon: Well, sadly, that is not going to happen again. Alright, sheila? You convinced everyone that you were eaten by a bear, remember?

Sheila: Well, what choice? What choice did I have? It was either that or die in prison.

Deacon: Regardless. Okay? That’s how it is. No more crazy stunts. You can’t leave here. You can’t go looking for finn. It’s too risky. Stay here.

[ Grunts ]

[ Sighs ]

Donna: Poor brooke. It’s like, if it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Katie: Well, she seems so stressed out. Hopefully, going to the office will help take her mind off things.

Donna: Yeah, yeah… and you know, I get it. Ridge is in a tough position. He’s getting pulled between his kids and his wife. But come on, it’s like, I dunno.

Katie: Well, I meant what I said before. Brooke and ridge are gonna get through this. They just aren’t on the same page about a few things.

Donna: Mm. One of them being douglas.

Katie: Yes, brooke is very concerned about him.

Donna: Well, you know, given thomas’s history, I don’t really blame her.

Katie: I don’t blame her either. And she also feels like her marriage is under attack from taylor, and… she might be right about that.

Brooke: Just when I thought it was gonna be a good day.

Li: You were always stronger than you realized. I’m so proud of what you’ve been able to accomplish, finn. The man you’ve become.

Finn: Well, I am who I am because of you, mom. I mean, I get my strength from you.

Li: Some days I don’t feel so strong.

Finn: Are you kidding? I don’t know very many people that have survived the wrath of sheila, and you did.

Li: Barely.

Finn: It must have been so frightening for you.

Li: Yeah, it was. It was surreal. I was– I was afraid of what she would do when she found out you were alive. I knew I needed help immediately. I tried to get away, but sheila was on to me. I jumped into the car and sped off, but she had to chase me. Next thing I knew, I had lost control. My car burst into flames. And I was going off a bridge. Then… I don’t remember much after that.

Finn: Mom. The trauma that you underwent… I mean, the fact that you lived through it all.

Li: I couldn’t leave you with sheila. You needed me, still.

Finn: Look at us now. We did it, we cheated death. You prevailed over sheila carter. We don’t have to be afraid of her anymore. I’m steve.

Li: You strong, courageous boy. I guess I must’ve done something right.

[ Finn laughs ]

Finn: You did everything right. Mom, I mean, I… couldn’t have asked for a more selfless, dedicated mother. And you literally brought me back from the dead. Everything in my world that I treasure, and that I hold near to my heart, is possible again because of you.

Li: And I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my son. Watching you with your wife, and the children, fills my heart with the most incredible joy. Knowing my beautiful grandchild will now have a father and family that he deserves. Sheila tried to snatch that from hayes. From all of us. She failed. She lost everything. You, hayes. Sheila paid the ultimate price. I hope she’s rotting in hell.

Finn: I mean, look, we don’t have to think about her anymore. Alright, sheila? She’s in the past. She’s not here now. She won’t be in our future.

Li: Thank god. Thank god for that. We can all stop looking over our shoulders now.

Finn: Mom, I’m sorry. I’m so glad you stopped by.

Li: Oh, it was such a treat to have breakfast with you and hayes.

Finn: He’s a– he’s a big fan of yours, I can tell.

Li: Well, please give him a big kiss from grandma when he wakes up, okay?

Finn: I will. Alright, let me walk you out.

Li: Okay.

Brooke: I’m surprised to see you here. Although I shouldn’t really be surprised, you seem to be popping up everywhere these days.

Taylor: If you’re looking for ridge, he’s not in the office.

Brooke: I know where my husband is. Thank you.

Taylor: Oh, you’re welcome. Brooke, you don’t seem happy to see me.

Brooke: No, I am. I’m very happy. I understand that steffy had another one of her forrester family soirées.

Taylor: Yes. Yes. Everybody had a really wonderful time last night.

Brooke: That’s good. But douglas didn’t come home. Thomas had him for yet another night.

Taylor: He was with his father.

Brooke: And hope is his mother. And his home is with hope, liam and beth. And he’s been gone for days, that is unacceptable.

Taylor: Okay, well, hope still gets to see him. And douglas wants this time with his father. They have a lot of time to make up for.

Brooke: Okay. Well, I don’t want things to escalate between hope and thomas. Between you and me, with ridge.

Taylor: Okay, well, that last part is a little late. I’m still cleaning paint out of my ears.

Brooke: I wonder whose fault that is. You know, I’ve really been trying to reach you, taylor, as a mother, as a psychiatrist. I just don’t think that I’m getting through to you. So, let me be a little bit more direct. This campaign to take douglas away from his mother, and from his home… to take ridge away from his wife, and our home, stops today. To-day. Do you understand?

Finn: Did you have a good nap? Did grandma read you a good story? I’ll tell you what, maybe when mom and kelly come home from the beach, we can go for a walk. Does that sound fun? Yeah?

[ Phone ringing ] Does that sound fun? Okay, one second. Hey, this is dr. Finnegan. Yeah. Oh, okay. Great. Um… uh, yeah. Just let me grab my laptop, and I’ll get right back to you. Okay, bubba, you stay here.

[ Hayes crying ] Oh, bubba, I’ll be right back. I just gotta take this call. Look, look. Okay. Alright, one second.

Sheila: Oh, my darling hayes. Grandma loves you so much, sweetheart. I hate being kept away from you and your daddy.

Finn: How’s the patient’s cardiac profile? Okay. And you ran an ekg? What’s the blood pressure? Okay. How long till the results come back?

Sheila: Hi, sweety. Hayes. Oh. Oh, thank you. Would you come to grandma?

Finn: Okay.

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