Y&R Short Recap Thursday, September 8, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Tessa has her first photo shoot for Marchetti and she is nervous, at first, but does a great job once Mariah gives her a pep talk to calm her nerves.

Kyle doesn’t like that Adam arrives to watch the photo shoot and tells him he has no business being at the photo shoot. Kyle tells Adam that the family only agreed to let him have the job because they love and respect Jack. Kyle tells Adam not to do anything to disappoint Jack or make him regret his decision to hire him.

Adam and Diane talk about their similar job problems. Diane encourages Adam to prove to the Abbott’s that Jack made the right decision by hiring him to be Co-CEO.

Nate follows Imani’s advice and does something big to prove himself to Devon. Nate calls someone and tells the person on the phone that Chancellor Winters has decided to start its own music festival.

Elena confronts Imani and tells her she knows that she has been flirting with Nate and encouraging him to make business decisions without consulting Devon and Lily. Elena tells Imani to stop encouraging Nate because it could cause a rift between him and his family.

Billy decides to set up a swimming play date for Johnny (now played by Paxton Mishkind) and Connor which makes Chelsea happy.

Nikki heads to Los Angeles to talk to Deacon Shsrpe hoping that he will give her some juicy details about Diane that will help Talia persuade her editor to write some more articles about Diane.

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