Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, September 6, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Adam and Victor argue because Victor is upset that Adam is now Co-CEO at Jabot Victor thinks that Adam is making a mistake by working at Jabot and not working at Newman Media. Adam tries to explain to Victor that he is breaking ties with the Newmans because he thinks it is the healthy thing for him to do. Adam reminds Victor that his mother Hope took him to live in Kansas so he wouldn’t fall into the trap of being a Newman and now he understands her decision.

Chelsea tells Adam she wants to go visit her mother and take Connor with her. Imani (temporarily being played by Demise Boute) continues to advise Nate to do something big for Chancellor Winters so Devon will have no choice but to notice his idea.

Mariah and Tessa decide to ask Christine if she can be their adoption attorney.

Nick, Sharon, Mariah, and Tessa give Faith one last hug before she goes off to college.

Lily wonders if Billy regrets giving up his podcasts but he assures her he feels he made the right decision.

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