GH Short Recap Tuesday, September 6, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Spencer asks Trina to give back the letter he wrote to her since she told him they are not friends, anymore. Spencer apologizes to Trina for bringing Esme into her life and tells her he wishes things had been different in their relationship. Spencer later burns the letter he wrote to Trina because he wants her to be happy.

Aunt Stella remembers taking Curtis and Jordan’s divorce papers when Curtis and Portia ask her to officiate their wedding. Aunt Stella tells Curtis to check if his divorce is final before he gets married.

Jordan talks to Trina and finds out she had a DNA test for a project in high school about her family. TJ reminds Jordan that Aunt Stella went on a website to find her family and discovered that she had a close relative in Port Charles before she found her cousin who lives in London.

Willow has a nightmare that Nelle kills Michael and Carly and takes Wiley with her. Nina also imagines a conversation with Nelle while visiting her grave on the anniversary of her death. Willow and Carly arrive at the cemetery and they have an argument with Nina. Carly tells Nina that she is just like Nelle thinking she is a victim of circumstance never taking responsibility for her actions.

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