Days Short Recap September 2, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe and Jada went over Leo’s statement about Gwen being the killer. Rafe said his gut told him that Gwen was telling the truth about Abby being alive when she was at the mansion. Jada wondered what happened to the knife. They wanted to keep investigating Leo. Leo found Sonny with a knife in his back. He found out that Sonny was alive and took his phone out to call an ambulance. Chad walked in and wanted to know what he did. Leo told him that he just found Sonny like that. Chad warned him that he would die if Sonny died. They waited for the ambulance. Chad pressed his jacket against Sonny’s wound. Chad accused him of stabbing Abby and Sonny. Chad called Justin to let him know what happened to Sonny. Justin and Alex rushed to the hospital.

Rafe showed up at Titan and questioned Chad about Sonny. Chad told him that Leo was standing over Sonny when he walked in the room. Chad left so Jada walked in the room. Rafe showed her the knife and said it might be the same one that was used on Abby. Rafe showed her Leo’s hit list. Leo went to his hotel room and realized the knife that was used was the same one he had in the tunnels. He wondered how it got there along with his list. He realized he was being framed.

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