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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tony told EJ that the caretaker put a plaque in Jake’s memory. EJ said Jake was still alive according to Ava. EJ told Tony what Ava said about Jake being alive. EJ said he was worried¬†about her. Tony thought he was up to something. EJ said he was concerned about an unstable shareholder upholding their duties. Tony said he would have to oust half the shareholders. EJ said he had to only oust one. Tony said even without Ava’s vote he still had to worry about Li who was on Gabi’s side. EJ said he took that into consideration and went over his head. He said Wei Shin was calling a shareholders’ meeting. Li called Rolf and told him to make Stefan forget about Gabi. She came in and wondered why Li was talking about her. He said he was talking to his father about¬†their relationship. They ended up talking about Ava and DiMera Enterprises. They started making out. Li’s father walked in and wanted¬†to know what was going on. Ava saw Jake’s plaque in the crypt and thought about seeing him. Johnny showed up while she was there. She told him that she saw Jake. She said she knew Jake was dead, but it felt real. She told Johnny that she knew she sounded crazy. He said she didn’t think she sounded crazy considering he was possessed by the devil. She thanked him for being nice to her. He said she was a friend and a member of the family. He left so she could have her space with Jake.

Kristen went to the lab and found out Stefan escaped. Rolf said Ava saw him, but thought Stefan was Jake. Rolf said Stefan’s love for Gabi was more powerful than he thought. He said he wasn’t sure if it could be overcome. He said even if he could stop Stefan’s feelings for Gabi, there was no guarantee Chloe would return Stefan’s feelings. Kristen told Rolf to do the same procedure on Chloe. He noticed that she was more agitated than ever. Kristen said seeing Rachel made her want to be with Brady and Rachel. Brady and Chloe talked about Kristen fighting for full custody of Rachel. He said since Kristen’s pardon, her crimes didn’t exist. Chloe asked what would happen if Kristen committed a crime after the pardon. She told him how Kristen threatened to stab her at the office. He said he wouldn’t let Kristen get custody of Rachel. He called Kristen. She told him he had full custody of Rachel long enough. She said it was her turn. He told her how she threatened Chloe. Kristen said it was Chloe’s word against hers. She said she would destroy Chloe on the stand. He said she would never get Rachel back. When Kristen got off the phone with Brady, she told Rolf to hurry up with Stefan’s procedure. Rolf said it took time. He said Stefan wouldn’t step out of the room until he was reprogrammed. Wei texted Kristen and told her to come to DiMera. Brady told Chloe that he wanted her to testify that Kristen threatened her. Chloe said she was worried about Kristen’s reaction if she was the reason why Kristen couldn’t see Rachel again. He asked if he could count on her testimony. She said she would do it.

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