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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo went to see Sonny at Titan. He wanted him to get Alex to back off of him. Sonny wondered why he would do that. Leo admitted he was upset losing Craig. He was happy about getting revenge. He wanted to be friends with him. Sonny wasn’t buying it. Leo was sorry for what he did to him. He said it was too little too late. Leo hoped they wouldn’t be enemies anymore. Sonny caved and agreed with him. Chad went to see Gwen at the prison. She said that she didn’t do it. She said that Leo blamed her to protect himself. He yelled at her about wearing the Sarah mask. She said she wore it to frame Sarah and not to hurt Abby. She told him when she left Abby was still alive. She wondered if Leo’s lawyer convinced him to turn on her. She thought Leo killed Abby to pay her back for losing Craig. Chad wasn’t convinced she was telling the truth. She told him about a list Leo had of people he was going after. She said everyone on the list should watch their backs. Leo went back to Titan to validate his parking. He saw his list on Sonny’s desk with blood on it. He wondered how it got there. He saw Sonny lying on the floor. He had a knife on his back.

Orpheus told Kate, Marlena and Kayla that everything is going to end tonight. Orpheus left the room. Kayla wanted to know why Kate was there. Kate told her that Orpheus showed up after she reunited with Roman. She told them she was chloroformed and Marlena reminded her that Lucas did the same thing to Sami. Kate wondered if Marlena could forgive her. She let her know that she turned herself in to make things right. She asked Kayla to talk to Marlena about forgiving her. Kayla didn’t think Marlena should forgive her. Kate tried to defend herself so Marlena gave in to her. John, Steve and Roman waited to hear from Orpheus. A package arrived and it turned out to be a tablet. There was a video on the tablet from Orpheus. He told them to solve the puzzles and they would find the women. He said they had an hour to find the women or something would happen to the women. John knew he meant he had a bomb. The video ended with a shot of the women. Orpheus’ voice came through the warehouse and he told the women there was a bomb in the building. He warned them that time was winding down for the men to find them. He said goodbye to them. The guys found a clue to when everything happened with Orpheus. They figured out the clue and found another clue. They figured out the letters of his wife and children’s names and figured out an address. They burst in the warehouse and found the women. They told them about the circuit panel. Steve cut wires, but the bomb was still going. He clipped the black on and it stopped counting. John cut off their handcuffs and the women were free. Orpheus watched them on the feed and said the game just started.

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