Days Short Recap Monday, September 5, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer and Maggie talked about Sonny’s stabbing. Maggie wanted to know how she was getting through the days. She told her that she was worried about Jack. Maggie was worried about her. Jennifer wanted to be the strong one. Maggie knocked over her pocketbook and saw the painkillers. Maggie was surprised to find out she was taking painkillers. She explained that she was struggling because she lost her mother and Abby. Maggie apologized for not seeing it earlier. Jennifer admitted that she could barely make it through the day. She told Maggie that she hadn’t been to a meeting in a long time. She felt like a failure. Maggie knew the disease was talking. She said there was a meeting at the hospital. Jennifer put the pills in the garbage. Maggie hugged her and went to the door. Jennifer looked at the garbage can. Alex felt bad for not taking Leo out when he had the chance. He told Victor he would never forgive himself if Sonny didn’t make it. Victor didn’t want him to turn it into his personal tragedy. Victor said that Leo would rue the day he touched Sonny. Rafe wanted Sloan to tell him where he could find Leo. He showed her the knife that was in Sonny’s back. He told her that Leo was standing over Sonny. He said the knife was used on his other enemies. Sloan said his evidence was circumstantial. Rafe showed her Leo’s hit list. He’s not charging Leo yet, but he wanted to talk to him. He warned him that her that she would be charged as an accessory if she didn’t help him bring Leo in.

Leo called the hospital to find out about Sonny. He was relived to find out he was alive. He wanted to find the person who set him up. Sloan called Leo to tell him that she wanted to help find the person who set him up. She wanted to know where he was and he told her. Maggie talked to Victor about Jennifer struggling. She thought Jennifer was doing better. Jennifer went back home and started to fidget on the couch. She went to the garbage and took the pill bottle out of it. Sloan and Rafe went to Leo’s hotel room. Leo didn’t answer so Rafe kicked down the door. They saw that the room was empty. Leo snuck into Sonny’s hospital room. Leo was dressed in a disguise so he could get in the room. Sonny woke up and was confused by seeing Leo.

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