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[ Dramatic music ]

Finn: I just want to put that entire night behind me, which has been easier to do now that sheila’s no longer a threat. I assume you heard through hope that sheila, she– she died.

Deacon: Yeah.

Finn: Something wrong?

Deacon: It’s just, uh… that’s a lot to take in.

Finn: Are you– are you okay?

Deacon: I’m just, uh… sorry. I’m just trying to figure out if we’re gonna get a big rush or not, if we have enough stuff– would you mind if I handled something really quick? Do you need anything?

Finn: No, I’m okay.

Deacon: I’m gonna get you some water. I’ll get you some water.

Finn: Okay.

Deacon: Go. Now.

Sheila: [Mouthing] What?

Deacon: Now.

Brooke: Oh… I worry about her.

Liam: Me too.

Brooke: You know, hope is so optimistic, and she puts so much faith into people.

Liam: Yeah, she does. Not sure thomas deserves any of that.

Brooke: No, he doesn’T. He’s trying to prove that he does. Inviting hope over to witness his wonderful parenting style.

Liam: Yeah, I’m pretty sure that is what this little trip is all about. I’m just not convinced he’s doing any of it for the right reasons.

Brooke: Yeah, well. I guess we’ll find out. Hope’s over there right now, watching thomas in action with douglas.

Hope: I spy with my little eye… something that starts with F.

Douglas: [Whispers] Flower.

Thomas: Flowers. Flowers. Flowers. Flowers?

Hope: Yup, you got it.

Douglas: Oh yes.

Thomas: Oh, yeah.

Douglas: Okay, I spy with my little eye… something that starts with A… P.

Hope: P? Hmm. P, p, p, p, P… possibly pillows?

Douglas: Yeah! Your turn, dad.

Thomas: Okay. I spy with my little eye… something that starts with an M.

Douglas: M…

Thomas: It also starts with H. It’s beautiful. It’s kind. It’s sweet.

Douglas: Oh, mom.

Thomas: Yeah, that was a little too easy.

Douglas: I’m glad you came here. It’s really fun and I love spending more time with dad.

Liam: There was a time when I really did think that thomas had changed. It’s just the way he’s acting now makes me doubt it all over again. Should I have gone over there with her?

Brooke: I don’t think you were invited. I’m pretty sure he only asked hope to come over.

Liam: Touché. I know that hope can handle herself. I know that. But you know what thomas is capable of, right? And the fact is, hope would do anything, literally anything, for douglas. And he could– he could easily exploit that.

Brooke: Yes. Yes, he could put on a performance of a lifetime. But hope knows thomas. She knows what he’s capable of. There is no way she’s gonna let thomas convince her that douglas should live there with him.

Thomas: I’m glad you like being here, bud, it means we get to hang out more together.

Douglas: I’m having so much fun here, mom. Dad has just the best dinosaur voice.

Thomas: Oh, you mean like this one?

[ Imitating dinosaur roar ]

Douglas: Yup, okay. He even made me pancakes. Yours are better.

Thomas: What? What do you mean? No! I put bananas, and blueberries in those things, it was so good!

Hope: I am sure your dad’s are pretty good, though.

Thomas: Thank you.

Douglas: He, uh, he does tell the best stories. Great grandad too.

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, uh, definitely doing a lot of bonding over here. He’s been getting all the forrester classics.

Hope: Nice.

Thomas: Yeah, really has been great having this guy to myself for the last few days.

Douglas: Oh, I wish I could see you every day, dad.

Customer: Thank you.

Deacon: [Indistinct] Finn, got you some water. Uh, you want a beer or something? One of the perks of the job, I can give away free booze.

[ Chuckles ]

Bill: Finn! Hey.

Finn: Bill! What’s up, man?

Bill: Doesn’t get old, the sight of you alive and well.

Finn: Grab some lunch?

Deacon: [Mouthing] Go. Go.

Bill: Yeah. That’s why I’m here. Bill spencer eats too. (Assad) since my mother

Brooke: I really do hate feeling this way about ridge’s son. I mean, thomas can be calculating and cunning, and of course, I’m going to doubt his intentions.

Liam: Yeah, but it’s not like you don’t have a reason.

Brooke: Everybody’s saying that thomas is changed. Taylor says that he’s a perfect saint, so I’m trying to look at him in a different light. Trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it’s hard, you know, because of the past, of what’s been done.

Liam: But it’s not– it’s not just the past. I mean, I’m struggling with the way he’s acting now.

Brooke: We can’t forget about his past behavior, right? The things that he did. How he threatened hope and made her feel uncomfortable, and all of his secrets.

Liam: Yeah, he was obsessed with her. And it made him unstable around douglas.

Brooke: I feel like we’re going backwards. Worried about thomas’s influence, once again.

Liam: I think I’m just realizing that I’m never not gonna have my guard up when it comes to thomas. I mean, in a perfect world, if I had it my way, hope would just never have to interact with him at all. But, that’s impossible. Because hope and thomas are douglas’s parents.

Hope: So, how do you feel? I know school will be starting up again soon.

Thomas: Yeah, douglas, what are you most excited about?

Douglas: All my friends.

Hope: Aw, I bet you’re excited to see them, and share all the fun stuff you did this summer?

Douglas: Yeah, like me and dad, we went camping.

Hope: Camping?

Thomas: Totally. Out on the lawn. You know, we lasted, like, 45 minutes before we came inside and realized our beds were upstairs?

Hope: Oh.

Douglas: It’s super fun though.

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. Well, we saw a shooting star.

Douglas: It’s called a meteor, dad.

Thomas: Genius, I’m telling you.

Hope: Well, I’m sure you’re going to have another terrific school year.

Thomas: Yeah, you know what? I just wanna say that we are so proud of you. You always do your best, and you make us proud, and I want you to know that if you ever need anything, like you need help with homework, right? Or if the kids are bugging you at school. Or you want to talk about girls…

Douglas: Girls?

Hope: I think he is still in that phase of liking lizards and rocket ships.

Thomas: Yeah.

Douglas: Well, thank you for letting me stay here so long, mom. It’s been awesome, and I really miss dad when we’re not spending time together, you know?

Thomas: I miss you, too, bud. I hope we get to spend more time together soon.

Douglas: I hope so.

Bill: Well, it is great to see you out and about.

Deacon: Doesn’t he look great?

Finn: Yeah, it’s pretty surreal for steffy and me both.

Bill: Yeah, I’ll bet. Sheila put you guys through hell.

Finn: Glad to put that chapter behind me. Thanks again, by the way, for all your help.

Bill: Forget it.

Finn: No, you were instrumental in reuniting steffy, the kids, and me. I mean, flying me your jet to monte carlo?

Bill: It was my pleasure. I was happy to do it. What are you doing here by yourself? You’re not hanging around with this bozo, are you? And don’t you have a dish to go scrub or something?

Deacon: Do you want a drink or not?

Bill: Yeah, I do. I want your best scotch.

Deacon: Great.

Bill: And don’t spit in it.

Deacon: Haven’t thought of that.

Finn: Um, you know, it’s, uh… my mom and I, we were having lunch here earlier.

Bill: Nice. How is li?

Finn: She’s good. She’s great, um, again, big part thanks to you rescuing her.

Bill: All right, I’m begging you, finn. You gotta stop thanking me. You and your mom are good people. Steffy is the mother of my granddaughter. I’ll always do what I can for you guys. You were all victim to that maniac, sheila.

Finn: Well, I mean, it’s like I told my mom earlier, I refuse to let sheila control my life. Especially now that she’s dead.

Deacon: [Whispers] Get out of here now. I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Liam: I mean, you gotta hand it to hope. She’s been incredibly patient with thomas, beyond accommodating.

Brooke: I just don’t get it. I mean, for years, thomas wasn’t even capable of parenting. He wasn’t even focused on it. And now that’s all that he wants to do?

Liam: It’s kind of a 180, isn’t it?

Brooke: I just hope he’s not up to something. I hope he’s not playing some kind of game. And I hope he has douglas’s best interests at heart. Even then, I don’t think he should be a full-time parent.

Liam: No, he absolutely shouldn’t be. And by the way, why is he doing this to hope? Douglas’s adoptive mother. Yes, she didn’t give birth to him, but she’s his mom in every way that counts.

Brooke: And she loves him so much. This is douglas’s home. This is his family. You, hope, and beth.

Thomas: You know, we are raising a pretty impressive kid.

Hope: Douglas is a smart, sensitive boy, and I think it’s a good sign that he’s so eager to go back to school.

Thomas: Yeah. You know, all those things he was saying… he loves spending time here, and he misses me, I… I didn’t coach him.

Hope: I know.

Thomas: Okay, ’cause, you know, it’s– like, I just sometimes feel like the boy who cried wolf. I’ve deceived you so many times. But I made a vow to myself that I was going to be a better man. The kind of man that douglas can look up to, the kind of father he can be proud of. And I think I have, I think I’ve really straightened myself out. I hope you can believe me.

Deacon: Hey, you got those drinks for me?

Bartender: Yeah, right here.

Deacon: Thanks. Just put those on my tab, all right? On the house, boys.

Bill: Hm. From you, impossible. What’s the catch?

Deacon: I just wanna make sure everyone’s happy.

Finn: Thanks. Got a good lunch crowd in here today.

Deacon: Yeah. Gotta get back to work.

Bill: Listen, finn, uh… I gotta tell you. It’s pretty brave, coming back to the scene of that horrible night that almost ended your life.

Finn: Yeah, I, uh… my heart raced a little bit when I drove through the neighborhood, but like I said, I’m not going to let sheila dictate my life.

Bill: Good for you. You know that bear did you a favor, all right? It did us all a favor. I can’t imagine a more fitting end to a miserable life. Sheila carter being torn to shreds like the animal she was.

Finn: That’s a pretty brutal way to go.

Bill: And well deserved. I mean, what are the odds? Sheila runs from the cops, hides in the woods like the coward that she was, and ends up being eaten for breakfast. Payback’s a bitch.

Finn: I’ll never understand why she did the things she did.

Bill: Oh, it’s simple. She’s a certifiable maniac.

Finn: Maybe she was. Definitely had some issues.

Bill: Yeah.

Finn: But she is the woman who gave birth to me. I wouldn’t be here without sheila carter.

Liam: Come on, hope, text me back.

Hope: Beth is alive.

Liam: Yes. She’s been with us the whole time.

Hope: As phoebe.

Liam: Yes, and thomas– thomas knew. He knew, and he kept it from you.

Hope: No.

[Door opens loudly]

Thomas: What the hell do you think you’re doing? Get away from my wife.

Hope: Thomas!

Liam: You lying son of a bitch.

Hope: Thomas. Thomas, look at me. What liam is saying, is it true?

Liam: Go ahead, thomas. Now’s your chance, tell the truth for once in your life.

Thomas: I am warning you. Back off.

Liam: You see this, hope? Hope he’s not denying it. He is using your grief to manipulate you because that’s what a sick bastard like this thinks love is.

Thomas: You are the lying son of a bitch.

Liam: Tell that to your son.

Hope: Liam! Liam!

Thomas: No. No.

Hope: No. Thomas, what is wrong with you?

Thomas: This way, this way.

Hope: Let me go! Liam!

Liam: Tell her. Tell her you’ve been lying to her. Tell her that you’ve been keeping her daughter from her! Tell her!

Hope: Oh, my god…

Liam: Don’t let him get inside your head.

Hope: Yes, thomas. I do believe that you’ve changed. I can see how much you care about our son, and it is very clear how much he adores you.

Thomas: That’s why I need more time with him. I mean, you’ve had him for so long.

Hope: What do you mean by “you’ve had him”? I’m his mother.

Thomas: No, you’re right. You are his mother. And douglas does need you, but he also needs me. He needs both of us.

Hope: I can see that he’s having a great time here, but that is also because it is different. It’s new, it’s exciting. It’s– it’s not home. It’s not his home, where he has a little sister who’s been asking about him. So, I just don’t understand why you’re trying to take that away from him, or from me.

Thomas: My intentions are not to hurt you, okay? They’re not to hurt anyone. I want what’s best for douglas, and yeah– do I want him living here in the family home with me? Yeah! Absolutely. But the ideal is that he lives with both of us. And I get that that’s impossible, I understand, you’re with liam. But unlike liam, or my father, I’m a one woman man. And that woman is you.

Deacon: What the hell, sheila? What were you thinking?

Sheila: I was doing you a favor. You forgot your phone.

Deacon: A favor? By what? Getting us thrown back in prison?

Sheila: You know, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect to run into anybody that knew me, let alone my son. But, oh my god, what a blessing. To see his handsome face again, and to hear what he– he said about me. Oh, god, you could hear the sadness in his voice. He misses me.

Deacon: Please…

Sheila: Look, okay, you think I’m crazy, but my son still loves me. He’s sad that– that– that I died, I– I could just sense it, and being in the same room with him was–

Deacon: Was a huge mistake, is what it was.

Sheila: No, it was better than I could have ever expected. No, every– everything that I’ve done, I mean– faking my own death, risking everything. My freedom to come back here. I mean, just to– just to see him and– and know that he still cares about me. His mother!

Deacon: All right, just take it down a notch. All right? Enjoy your little victory lap here, ’cause this is the last time you’re gonna see finn. Even that stupid disguise, it’s too risky.

Sheila: But my son!

Deacon: Sheila. Sheila! Come back to reality. Hi. Don’t get any wild ideas.

Sheila: Oh, this changes everything, deacon. There’s no way that I’m leaving los angeles. Not when I know that I have a chance at a relationship with my son. Ughh!

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