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Ej: I expect you to be smiling down on us today, father.

Tony: Ah, well, hello, ej.

Ej: Something wrong with the front door?

Tony: Oh, no, I was down at the crypt; I was supervising the caretaker. He finally put up a plaque in jake’s memory.

Ej: Oh, you weren’t worried that might be a waste of time?

Tony: What does that mean?

Ej: Didn’t you hear? Our dearly departed brother is still alive.

[Suspenseful music]

Ava: You’re alive? You’re really alive? Oh, my god.

[Door clicks open] Jake?

[Machinery beeping]

[Cell phone rings]

[Cell phone beeps]

Rolf: Yes, mr. Shin?

Shin: Why haven’t you been answering your phone, rolf? I’ve been calling since last night.

Rolf: Yes, well, I’ve been otherwise occupied. Stefan’s currently blissfully unconscious, but it’s been quite an effort to keep him that way.

Shin: Well, you better do what it takes. That was a close call at the mansion. Thanks god it was ava who answered the door and not someone else.

Rolf: Yes, that’s a pure stroke of luck that she mistook stefan for jake, or our undead friend’s escape would have been catastrophic!

Shin: I’m not cleaning up your mess again, rolf. Next time stefan wakes up, he better be completely over his feelings for gabi.

Gabi: What about me?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Kristen: Did I just hear you say that my brother escaped your custody?

Rolf: Li, I have to go.

[Cell phone beeps]

Kristen: I have put my whole future in your hands, and you can’t keep tabs on a half-dead man?

Rolf: As you can see, he’s right here.

Kristen: Yeah, but he wasn’t, was he? And you didn’t tell me.

Rolf: Li and I had the situation well in hand.

Kristen: Ah, ooh! Please just tell me that you have managed to make progress on getting stefan to forget his feelings for gabi. Is he feeling romantic towards chloe lane?

Rolf: I’m afraid there may be a small problem on that front.

Shin: Gabi, hi.

Gabi: Did I just hear my name?

Shin: Oh, uh, yes. I was speaking to my father. He wanted a status update.

Gabi: On what?

Shin: Everything. Me, the company, us.

Gabi: Us? Wait, but what did you tell him?

Shin: The truth, that I’m head over heels for you.

Gabi: I hope he approves.

Shin: He wasn’t thrilled at first. He was worried that our relationship would get in the way of business. But he can’t argue with success. Company’s doing better than ever when it comes to product releases, stock prices way up.

Gabi: Yeah, I mean, if you don’t count basic black. Nobody there’s happy since kristen forced me to put her in charge.

Shin: Is she still making chloe’s life a living hell?

Gabi: Every single day. You know, I wish there was something I could do, but kristen stood up for me at the shareholders’ meeting, so I gotta keep her happy. Unfortunately, we do have the matter of ava vitali.

Shin: Mm.

[Door shuts]

Ava: Oh, it’s you.

Johnny: Wow, uh, never seen that much disappointment on a woman’s face, geez.

Ava: I’m sorry. Sorry, I just, um, I wasn’t expecting you.

Johnny: Yeah, I was just– I was out for a run on the grounds when I saw the door of the crypt open– freaked me out a little bit. No disrespect to the dead or anything, it’s just, uh, last time I was in here, satan was hanging out right over there by that sarcophagus, so…

Ava: Yeah, well, I haven’t seen him here today.

Johnny: What–what are you doing out here?

Ava: Your family just put up the plaque for jake, and so even though we’re waiting on the medical examiner for his ashes and he hasn’t been interred yet, I feel close to him in here.

Johnny: Yeah. I understand.

Ava: Mm.

Johnny: Uh, ava, when I walked in just now, I heard you say his name.

Ava: Yeah, um, you’d probably think I’m crazy, but for a second there, I thought that–

Johnny: You–you thought I was jake?

Ava: Yeah. I mean, especially after last night.

Johnny: What happened last night?

Ava: No one told you?

[Chuckles] I thought it was gonna be the talk of the house.

Johnny: Ah, I wasn’t around, so…

Ava: Oh, okay, well, I was meeting with gabi, and someone was at the door, and when I went to open it, jake was standing there.

Johnny: What?

Ava: Well, I thought– I thought jake was standing there. I mean, he was so real. He was standing there in his hospital gown, the one he died in. I touched him. I felt him.

Johnny: All right, but how– ava, how is that possible?

Ava: [Sighs] I don’t know. I d– [Sighs] I don’t know, but– I don’t know; I got so overwhelmed, I just passed out, and then when I came to, li was standing there, and he told me that it was him that I saw at the door.

Johnny: You sound like you don’t believe that.

Ava: Oh, I know very well what jake looks like. He’s who I saw. I would swear to it.

Tony: What do you mean that brother jake is alive?

Ej: In ava’s mind, anyway.

Tony: I’m afraid I’m not following.

Ej: I’m surprised you didn’t hear about the commotion yesterday. Gabi found ava passed out in the foyer. When she came to, ava insisted that she saw jake at the front door.

Tony: But he wasn’t, of course?

Ej: Not unless you believe in ghosts.

Tony: So what do you think actually happened?

Ej: Apparently, it was li at the door. Ave was obviously hallucinating. I’m afraid that poor woman has gone round the bend. I’m worried for her.

Tony: Oh, are you really?

Ej: Yes, she suffered a terrible loss and is clearly not dealing with it well.

Tony: Ah.

[Chuckles] You’re saying all the right things. But I can see that look in your eye. What are you up to?

When moderate to severe

ulcerative colitis persists…

Chloe: Kristen can’t honestly think that she will get full custody of rachel.

Brady: I told you, since her pardon, she is feeling invincible. Maybe she is.

Chloe: I don’t know, I mean, even if her record’s been wiped clean, every person in this town could testify that she is a dangerous criminal.

Brady: Chloe, you–you’ve– you’ve been through a custody battle. The judge is usually gonna side with the biological mother, right?

Chloe: Well, not when the said mother is kristen dimera.

Brady: Officially, kristen dimera is this fine, upstanding citizen. In the eyes of the law, hell, she–she didn’t even commit the crimes; they don’t exist.

Chloe: Mm. Well, um, what if she’s committed a crime since she’s been pardoned?

Kristen: What do you mean “there’s a problem”?

Rolf: Stefan’s feelings for gabi are proving more powerful than I anticipated.

Kristen: So?

Rolf: So I was attempting to stimulate his brain last night and inadvertently roused him.

Kristen: Okay, what do you mean “roused”?

Rolf: He leapt out of bed, desperate to get to gabi. I couldn’t stop him!

Kristen: Okay, so you let him go?

Rolf: There was nothing I could do!

Kristen: Oh, my god, did gabi see him?

Rolf: Thankfully, li and i were able to get to him before he could reveal himself to her.

Kristen: Okay. So nobody saw him? Rolf…

Rolf: Unfortunately, ava vitali did see him.

Kristen: You’re serious?

Rolf: Yes, but it’s all under control.

[Chuckling] She was believing that she was hallucinating her dead husband, jake.


Kristen: Are you sure?

Rolf: Yes.

Kristen: Okay, then we dodged a bullet, unlike jake. So you will fix this, right?

Rolf: I knew this would be a challenge. But the man’s been dead for four years and woke up with one singular thought– getting back to his wife.

Kristen: How touching.

Rolf: It’s a powerful love, kristen, more powerful than I knew. To be honest, I don’t know whether it can be overcome.

Gabi: I was gonna throw ava a bone; give her a meaningless job title, and, you know, make her happy.

Shin: While ignoring her more outrageous demands.

Gabi: Yeah, but during our job interview, she answered the door and imagined her dead husband.

Shin: Mm, that certainly was unfortunate. The look on her face before she passed out, it was like her brain had short-circuited from the trauma. Imagine mistaking me for jake.

Gabi: Yeah, I just hope she takes the title, takes the salary, gets out of the way, and just rests.

Shin: I hope so too. You seem a little stressed out.

Gabi: Yeah.

Shin: You doing okay?

Gabi: I’m hanging in there, li, okay? Blackmail, secrets, lies; it’s a lot.

Shin: I hear ya.

Johnny: Are you saying you don’t think jake’s dead?

Ava: No, I mean– [Sighs] Honestly, I don’t know what I’m saying. I mean, I was there at the hospital when he died. I said goodbye.

Johnny: And there–there’s no doubt that he’s gone, right?

Ava: No, but… then I started having these waking dreams, where jake would come to me and we would– we would talk.

Johnny: So couldn’t last night have been a dream too?

Ava: No, no, it–it–it felt too real. Like I told you, I touched him. I felt his breath. You know, I guess last night could’ve been some sort of flashback or ptsd or something. I don’t know.

[Chuckles] Maybe I’m just crazy.

Johnny: Ah, my, uh, my grandma marlena would tell you that she doesn’t believe in that word, and also you’re talking to a guy that was possessed by the devil, so–

Ava: Yeah.

Johnny: Nothing sounds crazy to me anymore.

Ej: What makes you think I’m up to something?

Tony: [Chuckles] First of all, you’re you.

Ej: Fair point.

Tony: Yeah, well, let’s face it, ej. Ever since you found out that ava was married to jake–

Ej: Allegedly married to jake.

Tony: Yes. You’ve been trying to get your hands on her dimera shares.

Ej: Have I?

Tony: Why else did you move her in here?

Ej: She’s family, and she needed help.

Tony: Oh, please. You just used the word “allegedly” to describe her marriage. Now you want me to believe that you think of her as family?

Ej: Okay, so maybe I did have a plan.

Tony: Oh, what was that, win her over with your many charms?

[Chuckles] Oh, please don’t tell me that your plan is to seduce your brother’s widow.

Ej: It doesn’t matter what I was planning. The situation changed and it resulted in some tension between ava and me.

Tony: Ah, romantic tension?

Ej: I have no desire to build a relationship with a lunatic.

Tony: Oh, that hasn’t stopped you before.


Ej: But you have to admit her delusions are concerning.

Tony: Mm-hmm. Then are you concerned about her?

Ej: I’m concerned about this family and the company. Even if ava’s vote was legitimate, and I still have my doubts, how can we trust such an unstable shareholder to faithfully uphold her responsibilities?

Tony: Oh, please. By that standard, you’d have to oust half the shareholders.

Ej: Perhaps, but today, I only need to oust one.

[Dramatic music]

After trying lots of things to manage her

Brady: As far as I know, since she’s been pardoned, kristen has been on her best behavior.

Chloe: You mean, other than literally trying to kill me at the office yesterday?

Brady: What?

Chloe: I–I didn’t wanna say anything to you, ’cause I didn’t wanna worry you.

Brady: No, well, okay– too late; now I’m worried. What–what the hell happened?

Chloe: To be honest, I’m not even sure how serious she was about stabbing me.

Brady: Hold on, she tried– she tried to stab you? What?

Chloe: She threatened to stab me with a letter opener.

Brady: Oh, god! What?

Chloe: Yeah, she picked it up, and she said she was gonna plunge it through my heart.

Brady: Chloe, oh–

Chloe: I told you she was not gonna be satisfied just torturing me with the passive-aggressive powerpoint critiques.

Brady: No, no, no, no this– I’m not gonna let her get away with this.

Chloe: I didn’t say this– I don’t want you to get worked up.

Brady: Well, I’m worked up! This woman is unhinged, obviously. I’m not gonna let her around my daughter. She’s not gonna get full custody. She’s not gonna get any custody!

Kristen: You promised you could get stefan to fall out of love with gabi and in love with chloe.

Rolf: I know what I said.

Kristen: And as you know, I need stefan to come between brady and chloe so that I can get my family back.

Rolf: I will do my very best, but even if I’m successful–

Kristen: When! When you’re successful.

Rolf: I cannot promise to make chloe return stefan’s feelings!

Kristen: Well, then do the same procedure on her! I don’t care; whatever it takes! Rolf, I need–I need this to happen.

Rolf: You seem agitated– more than usual.

Kristen: Agitated? Agitated? Do you know how long they kept me from my daughter? I got to–I got to see her yesterday, and she is so big, so grown up.

[Sighs] Oh, my god. Just being with her just melted my heart, and brady, he ripped her away from me without letting me say goodbye.

Rolf: That’s not right.

Kristen: You’re sh–amn straight it’s not right!

[Sighs] I need to be with rachel. I need us to be a family again.

Rolf: I want that too. But happens if I can’t come through for you?

Kristen: You will! You will come through for me, rolf. I am–I’m gonna be with brady and rachel, and stefan is gonna be with chloe, and everyone is gonna live happily ever after.

Rolf: Everyone except for gabi hernandez.

Gabi: [Sighs] I’m sorry you got dragged into this whole ava thing. I mean, you did say you wanted to know everything.

Shin: I’m glad you told me that her marriage to jake wasn’t real. We’re in this together, gabi.

Gabi: Yeah, and we do make a hell of a team, don’t we?

Shin: We sure do. Like I said, stock prices are at an all-time high, profits are way up.

Gabi: Are they? This kind of talk is making me a little hot.

Shin: Oh, I haven’t even started talking about revenue…

Gabi: Mmm…

Shin: Mmm…

Gabi: But don’t stop.

Shin: Cash flow…

Gabi: [Giggles]

Shin: Mmm. Long-term projections.

Gabi: Mmm. Long-term projections?

[Sultry music]

Tony: So you relieve ava of her shares, and then you call in another vote of the board to install you in gabi’s stead. Do I have that right?

Ej: In a nutshell. I’d have six votes in total– mine plus kate and chad’S. I also have johnny and theo’s proxy, and of course, yours.

Tony: Of course.

Ej: And in the event of a tie vote, status quo prevails, which is how gabi was able to retain her position when kristen sided with her at the last meeting. However, without ava’s vote, it’s 6-5 in my favor.

Tony: Oh, well, I hate to be the naysayer here, but how do you plan to disqualify ava’s vote? Li makes those decisions.

Ej: Yes, and from the arcane rules of the dimera board, he also has his own vote too.

Tony: By that standard, he’s gabi’s lover and confidant, and even if ava was waltzing in here singing a duet with jake, well, li’s not likely to disturb the current power structure.

Ej: You’re absolutely right, tony, which is why I had to go over li’s head.

[Both chuckle]

[Suspenseful music]

Wei: What is the meaning of this?

Shin: Father! I was taking my antidepressant daily,

Ava: Thanks for being so cool about this.

Johnny: I just want you to be okay.

Ava: Mm, you know, I shouldn’t be surprised because you have been so nice to me ever since I moved in here.

Johnny: Eh, you’re my friend, and you’re part of the family now, so nobody gives you crap and gets away with it.

Ava: Oh– [Chuckles]

Johnny: What?

Ava: Oh, no, it’s just that sounded very vitali-esque of you right there.

Johnny: Ah, maybe the vitalis and dimeras aren’t so different.

Ava: You know, I was so eager to put my past behind me and just forget about my old life. You know, pretend it never happened. And then I ran into jake here in salem, and all of a sudden, it–it was a comfort to have that shared past, you know? An understanding between the two of us. Then it turned into something more. You never know where life’s gonna take you.

Johnny: No, no, no you don’T. Ava, I’m so sorry for your loss, and I didn’t mean to interrupt this, you know, private moment you were having.

Ava: No, no, no, I appreciate it. I appreciate everything that you said. Thank you.

Johnny: Yeah, any time. Um, I will let you be with jake.

[Dramatic music]

Tony: So you went over li’s head to his father?

Ej: I put in a friendly call to wei, told him there were a few matters that required his urgent attention here in salem.

Tony: So what did he say?

Ej: He’s calling a shareholders’ meeting here shortly.

[Sighs] Soon the company will be restored to the dimera family as it rightfully should’ve been all along.

Johnny: Uncle tony.

Tony: Ah.

Johnny: Dad. What’s goin’ on?

Shin: Father. Uh, wh– what are you doing here?

Wei: I wanted to discuss some important matters such as this workplace relationship.

Shin: I told you gabi and i were involved, and you gave us your blessing.

Wei: That was before I found you fornicating on company property!

Gabi: Mr. Shin, listen–

Wei: A little grace would involve locking the door.

Gabi: Yeah, we’ll definitely do that next time.

Wei: Next time?

Shin: She was just joking, father.

Gabi: I’m–I’m so sorry. This is all my fault, mr. Shin.

Shin: No, no, it was mine. I got carried away. It won’t happen again.

Wei: It certainly won’T. If you’ll excuse me, it was a long flight. I need to freshen up.

Shin: [Sighs] I’m so sorry that happened. I know that must be mortifying.

Gabi: You told me you just got off the phone with your dad. Why didn’t you tell me he was in salem?

[Cell phone ringing]

[Cell phone beeps]

Kristen: [Sighs] I assume you’re calling because you got served.

Brady: Full custody? Really, kristen?

Kristen: Maybe if you didn’t yank rachel away without letting me say goodbye to her yesterday, I would’ve settled for joint custody, but obviously, brady, you don’t wanna play fair.

Brady: Oh, and what is fair, this–this emotional blackmail you’re trying with rachel, telling her that we’re gonna be a family again?

Kristen: [Sighs] Well, it’s obvious that you don’t wanna be co-parents now or in the future, so I think that you’ve had full custody for long enough. Now it’s my turn.

Brady: It will never be your turn. Chloe told me how you nearly stabbed her at the office yesterday.

Kristen: So dramatic. If I wanted to kill chloe, she’d be dead.

Brady: You threatened her with a letter opener?

Kristen: That’s what she said; her words against mine, and if you put her on the witness stand, we will make her look like the desperate home-wrecker she is.

Brady: Kristen, I didn’t wanna go to war with you.

Kristen: You could’ve fooled me.

Brady: But you’ve gone too far once again. I tried to work it out with you, so here’s the deal. You are never getting rachel back–ever!

[Cell phone beeps]

Johnny: You were talking about the family business, about how something will be restored as it should’ve been all along?

Ej: Restored? Oh, yes, yes! Yes, of course. I was thinking of having father’s portrait touched up a bit. There’s always been something about the eyes that’s just not quite right.

Johnny: Looks fine to me. That’s exactly how I remember nonno looking.

Tony: That’s a perfect likeness.

Ej: All right, we’ll leave it, then. Ava’s not here, by the way, so no need to continue to parade around half-naked.

Johnny: I was on a run. It’s hot out, and I know that ava’s not at the house, ’cause i just ran into her at the crypt.

Ej: Popular destination today. What, pray tell, were you doing there?

Johnny: I saw the door open. I just–I wanted to make sure everything was okay.

Ej: Ava was inside?

Johnny: Yeah, yeah, I’m pretty sure I freaked her out when I walked in.

Ej: Mm, did she tell you that she saw your uncle jake’s ghost or whatever he was?

Johnny: Yeah. Yeah, she told me she saw jake.

Ej: And what exactly did she say?

Johnny: Just that it felt real, you know? She touched his face. She was sure it was him. But she–she–she couldn’t explain what was happening. She thought she must’ve been maybe hallucinating, seeing her dead husband standing there when it was actually li.

Ej: Poor woman.

Johnny: She said you were comforting. I know you two have had your issues, so I’m glad you were kind to her when she needed a friend.

[Suspenseful music]

Ava: Oh, jake. I know you’re not here. I know you’re not gonna walk through that door. I guess I just wanted it so badly that my brain made it happen. And I know–I know that our marriage wasn’t real, but my love for you was and always will be. And I hope– [Chuckles] I hope you don’t mind what I did–you know, that I’m lying to your family. I will admit that I became a dimera partly out of selfishness and–but mostly babe, I did it for you, because I am gonna do all the things that you never had the chance to. This is for you, jake.

[Machinery beeping]

Kristen: Brady wants to keep me from rachel. He can’T. He won’T. You need to speed this up.

Rolf: [Scoffs] I can’t just snap my fingers and reprogram stefan’s brain. It’s a process.

Kristen: Well, process faster.

Rolf: It doesn’t work that way. I have to use subliminal associations to reinforce positive memories of the early days of his budding romance with chloe. Similarly, negative associations will be paired with his memories of gabi.

Kristen: And then what?

Rolf: Then stefan’s brain will do the rest of the work. New neural pathways will evolve, and he will be in love with chloe and disgusted by gabi.

Kristen: You’re gonna test it before you let him out again?

Rolf: Of course. He will not step foot out of this room until his heart and mind are fully reprogrammed.

[Cell phone beeps]

[Sighs] I have to go.

Rolf: What’s wrong?

Kristen: Uh, I have been summoned by wei shin for a meeting at dimera. I wonder what this is about.

[Suspenseful music]

Shin: Yes, I spoke to my father earlier. He must’ve been at the airport, but he never mentioned to me that he was in salem.

Gabi: Why would he keep that from you?

Shin: I know it sounds strange, but this is how he operates. He’s been doing it since I was a kid. He’d show up at my school, make sure I was working hard enough. Even at university, he’d appear unannounced to see who I was spending time with, confirm that I wasn’t doing anything to displease him or dishonor the family.

Gabi: Sounds like he’s got major trust issues.

Shin: Big ones. And he likes to catch me off-guard.

Gabi: Well, he succeeded at that. I just hope there aren’t any consequences from this.

Shin: I guess we’ll have to find out. Father, again, I deeply apologize for what you just witnessed.

Wei: Well, it certainly could have been worse. Now, call the custodian staff and get someone to scrub that table.

Gabi: I will handle that.

Wei: Well, you better hurry. I just summoned a meeting of the dimera shareholders.

Gabi: For what– for what purpose?

Wei: You’ll see. Announcer: Type 2 diabetes?

Ava: Am I interrupting?

Ej: No, no, we were actually just talking about you.

Ava: Really, what about?

Ej: I was going to suggest that we hold a small service for jake as soon as we’re able to inter his ashes–a chance to honor our brother’s memory, assuming it’s all right with you as his widow.

Ava: That would be, um, nice. Thank you.

[Cell phone beeps]

Ej: Oh, this is strange.

Johnny: What is it?

Ej: It appears wei shin is in town.

Tony: [Gasps] Is he?

Ej: Mm. He’s the chairman of the board of dimera.

Ava: I’m aware.

Ej: He’d like us to go to dimera for a shareholders meeting. He wants us there asap.

Ava: A sudden shareholders meeting? Is this a common occurrence?

Ej: Hardly.

Ava: So you have any idea what this is about?

Ej: Not at all.

[Dramatic music]

Shin: You’re not gonna do that; we pay people for this.

Gabi: [Sighs] I’m not afraid to get my hands a little dirty. I just–I don’t want your father to have any excuses to try to depose me from power.

Shin: He can’t even if he wanted to. I have a vote; he doesn’T.

Gabi: He still has a lot of influence here.

Shin: Not enough to change things, especially when you’re doing so well.

Gabi: Well, then why is he here? Why did he call this meeting?

Shin: I don’t think it has anything to do with us. Jake died, and his shares wound up in the hands of a former crime boss. Plus, kristen’s out of prison and making waves.

Gabi: That’s a lot of uncertainty.

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