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[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Sighs ] I almost forgot where we were. So…last night at the quartermaines’, that wasn’t a nightmare. What happened? It happened. Someone tried to kill ava. It has been hours since the last status report. Somebody needs to tell me an update on my wife’s condition. I’m sorry, but there’s been no update since — would you give me the head of surgery?! Mr. Cassadine. Oh. Ava’s been in surgery all night. I can’t get an answer from anyone. Can you please help me find something about my wife? I can try. I just need to know what happened to my wife. That makes two of us. Um, I-I was out on the terrace for a while, then I helped distribute desserts. Before that. In and out of the kitchen. And you? I was probably on s’mores duty around the time ava was injured. And before? I was manning the grill. Yeah. So, uh, how much longer is this going to take? I have just a few more questions.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Okay. Hang tight. Of course. Drew, why are you so antsy? If you seem too eager to get away, they’re going to think you have something to hide. I just… I just want to check on carly.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Carly: What has gotten into us? I’m betting it’s the apron that did it. It is rather fetching. Yeah. Or… we chalk this up to what it is. An attraction that we no longer ignore. Josslyn: Morning. Hey! I didn’t expect you up for hours. Yeah, well. Here. I think you need this more than I do. Thank you. Yeah, I didn’t really sleep last night. Oh, of course not. After everything you went through last night? My god. You saved ava’s life. I just keep replaying it in my head. It’s like I’m outside of my body watching as I hold that towel to stop the bleeding. And you know I don’t love ava, but I couldn’t let her die. And before she passed out, she was so scared. All she wanted was for me to hold her hand. Oh, god. Baby, I’m so proud of you. I hate that you went through that. Well, is there any news? No, not yet. Avery? She doesn’t know. Sonny and I are trying to decide when to tell her. I don’t think trina knows either. She had a meeting at pcu this morning, and she’s supposed to come here after.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Knock on door ] Got your messages. All five of them. I’m sorry. I couldn’t sleep. I felt horrible about what happened. It’s all I could do to stop from driving over to your house. So I just kept calling, hoping you’d pick up. Yeah, I should have. No, it’s okay. I was just worried. You seemed like you were in shock after you found out what happened to ava. Yeah, well, I think what happened is pretty shocking, don’t you? It’s horrible. It just seems like you shut down. You wouldn’t even let me drive you home. Finn, I don’t want to revisit last night. Being close to violence just really makes me nervous. Did you see something last night?

[ Banging on door ]

[ Groans ]

[ Banging continues ]

[ Muffled ] Alright!

[ Banging continues ] Alright! Alright! Alright! Alright! Okay.

[ Banging continues ] This better be a damn emergency! It is a damn emergency.

[School bells]

I knew it. You knew what? There’s something going on between you and carly.

[ Scoffs ] Joss is the one that found ava near death, and so of course I’m worried about joss and carly both. And avery! Carly’s probably wondering what to tell her. And you have the answers? I just want to see if carly needs anything. Uh-huh. As friends do. Okay, cousin, no offense, but what’s it to you? Why are you so interested in me and carly? Before yesterday, pure nosiness. But cousin to cousin, today, I don’t want to see anyone waste as much time as I did. Oh, it’s so good to see you. How are you? Oh. Better than I’ve been in a long time. Pcu just dropped my title ix violation against me. Oh, my god! That’s such great news! Oh, finally. Did they apologize while they were at it? Yeah, well, I met with the title ix coordinator and the dean an hour ago, and, yes, they apologized for the previous finding. Nothing will be on my record and I can continue with the rest of my class in the fall. Oh. That is great on their part. They should have done that. I hoped they would. But, you know, I was still nervous. Hey, I really wanted to go with you. It was just kind of a crazy night. It’s okay. It all worked out. And now I can really enjoy my party tonight. So, your mom must be over the moon. Have you talked to her? Yes, she is super excited about the title ix determination being dropped, but we didn’t really get to talk because she was getting ready for work at the hospital. But, um, I can’t wait to tell ava. And — you know what? I think I’m going to stop by the gallery before — trina, um… actually, I don’t think that there’s a point, um, in going to the gallery today. Why? Did something happen to it? No. Something happened to ava.

[ Door closes ] Were you nearby when ava got attacked? Did — did you hear something or see something? Nikolas? What are we…? No. Oh, god. It happened again. I’m losing time. I only know what you know. When I couldn’t reach you on the phone, I just — I got a little worried. I — I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to worry you. I just needed some time to myself. Because you’re angry with me for contacting sarah.

[ Sighs ] Listen, I… I was wrong, elizabeth. I was so wrong, and I tried to apologize, but last night you said I wasn’t your anything. You…

[ Sighs ] You still mean that? I just have a couple questions. Right. Nina: Nikolas? Hi. Is ava out of surgery? What the hell are you doing? Don’t step closer to me. Same as you. That’s what I’m doing here. No. Ava’s my wife. She’s nothing to you! Okay, listen to me. It’s not a competition. Ava’s the mother of my child. She happens to be a good friend to somebody that means a lot to me. Sonny, please. Listen, we are not here to upset you. We’re worried, same as you. I want you gone, sonny.Well, I want you out of here. So I guess neither of us is going to get what we want. Problem, gentlemen? I sincerely hope not, as this is a hospital. And I’ll have no qualms about escorting you out. No problem, commissioner. Good. Mr. Cassadine, I’m told the surgeon will be out to speak with you shortly. Is ava gonna recover? They couldn’t share details because I’m not family. But I believe ava’s in post-op recovery. Thank god! They — they didn’t say if she’s conscious? Or — or — or did she say what happened? Uh, send coffee…and a carafe. On second thought, send two. Thank you. Victor: I see housekeeping hasn’t been in yet. I apologize for the surroundings, uncle victor, but I don’t imagine that you’ll be staying long. You know, you don’t make it easy to track you down. Although registering here as fred flintstone was a bit of a giveaway. Yeah. Carly banned me from the hotel, and olivia has a long memory. So, what was so urgent? Is ava dead? Not yet.

[ Breathes shakily ] How do you feel about that? Ambivalent. You? Much the same. Not angry? What, that ava was attacked? That the attack wasn’t more…successful. Oh, well, now, that’s a rather callous point of view. Who would think that? The person responsible. You.

So, you and chase are officially a thing now? Well, I don’t know what we’re calling ourselves, but, yeah, we’re together. About damn time.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah, I know, right? Seems like a lot of people were pulling for us. Oh. I’m just really happy you didn’t give up on each other. Me, too. So now do you see why I’m meddling? No. No idea. Jokes aside, drew, if you and carly have real feelings for each other, if there’s a chance at happiness, don’t let this window close. We actually did sort of have a, uh… a breakthrough yesterday. And? And… that is the extent of your helpful nosiness. Thank you very much. I will take it from here. Mr. Cain, you’re not clear to leave. I have just a few more questions. I have to go to the hospital.I need to see how ava’s doing. No, no, let me change, and I will go with you, okay? Josslyn, please check on the girls. Yeah. Avery stayed here last night. Poor baby. I can’t believe I’ve been fighting over a stupid school judgment, and ava’s been fighting for her life all night.

[ Sobs ] Hey. Your school judgment isn’t stupid. You got your future back. But what about ava’s future? Why didn’t you guys tell me what was going on? Because josslyn didn’t get home till after midnight. She had to give a statement to the police. And she didn’t tell you because she didn’t want you to miss your appointment this morning. It’s too important. There’s nothing you could have done anyway. You understand that, right? Yeah, I do. Thank god that joss found ava. I just — I-I can’T… what about avery? Does she know what happened to her mom? No, we don’t want to tell her until we have some concrete information. She’s just so little to just have her life turned upside down. And she’s already dealing with a lot. Yeah. Including me and sonny’s divorce. Yeah. Yeah, but you’re a constant. And ava knows that, too. Thank god that avery has you. You’re suggesting that i attacked ava? My dear boy, you must still be suffering from that alcohol-fueled evening you had. We all know the lengths that you would go to protect this family. And perhaps you felt that ava was becoming a liability. Oh, she was. But do you really think I’d stab her? No. Of course not. You’d never risk getting the blood splatter on your italian loafers, but sending an operative to kill ava at a party with a million suspects… it’s definitely in your wheelhouse.

[ Chuckles ] Clever boy. And the, uh, police commissioner probably has that figured out, too. So it might be time for you to take an extended vacation, look in on the house at cassadine island. Oh, don’t mistake yourself, spencer. I’m not complimenting your cleverness in having me all figured out. No, rather on you being clever enough to start deflecting suspicion from yourself. Let me, um — let me lay it all out for you. Ava controls your fortune, your money. In other words, she controls you. She flung your father and girlfriend’s betrayal in your face, which turned your world on its axis yesterday. Your rage drove you to consume an obscene amount of alcohol, loosening your inhibitions. The attack was up close and personal. You see, my dear nephew, you have as much reason to kill ava as anyone. I’m her husband. Maybe he’ll talk to me. Hold up. I have a few questions for you first. Looks like ava’s going to be in recovery for a while before they put her in the icu room. You want to get some breakfast? No. No, thank you. I’m not hungry. I’m just going to stick around here. Your — you — is it all right if — I’m going to go check on avery. Yes, of course. And thank you for spending the night with me here.

[ Chuckles ] What’s up? Nikolas just seems a little more wound up than he usually is. Yes. I think he’s probably terrified. What do you mean? Of what? As soon as I get the all clear from ava’s doctors, I’ll question her. But until then, do you have any information that can aid this investigation? No, not really. What was that with you and sonny earlier? It’s just raw nerves.

[ Clears throat ] Are you sure that’s all? Things looked pretty tense. I’ve been up all night. You know what? Thanks for the update, commissioner. I need to get black coffee. Oh, you can’t go. I’m sure you don’t want to miss the surgeon. And until he arrives with more information, help me out, mr. Cassadine. Walk me through everything that happened with ava at the picnic yesterday. I asked you not to interfere, and you called my sister? You crossed a boundary I had clearly drawn. How am I supposed to feel about that? I understand. I-I… I shouldn’t have done it. Obviously, I won’t call sarah back. The damage is already done. She’s going to assume that I messed up somehow. I never even spoke to her. How would she? Oh, you don’t know her. You’re right. You’re right, I don’t know anything about your family ’cause you never speak about them. And I’m not trying to justify this, but the only reason why I reached out is because I was concerned about you and your health, and I felt like I had no other alternative. Than go behind my back? Ignoring me when I’ve asked you not to mention my parents again? It was arrogant of me and disrespectful. Please. Just let me know how I can make this right. You can’T.

But she isn’t the one who betrayed me. That was my father, and I did not try to filet him… yet. Hmm. You know, I almost believe you.

[ Sighs ] So you didn’t attack ava? Sorry. I was too busy emptying the contents of my stomach onto the quartermaine azaleas. Ah, that is curious. I was certain you did it. So…you didn’t do it? Well, leave ava alive and you without a clear alibi? My dear boy, I may be many things, but sloppy is not one of them. I’m relieved to hear this. But I would never have turned you in. Well, neither I you. I haven’t forgotten the reason you’re headed to pentonville. Turning down that plea deal and not turning me in for arranging your visit to your — your mother’s grave. You have a lot of strength in you, spencer. More than your father, I’m afraid. Who was also at the picnic and angry with ava. Can my father account for his whereabouts? I…believe…not. Maybe he’s the one we should be looking to protect. I can’t believe that a fun day has ended in this. Take your time. You know, I wish that I could tell you everywhere that ava was last night, but we were at the quartermaines’ for hours. We were on the grounds, in the house, we spoke with olivia and sonny. When was the last time you saw ava? It was in the den. Were you alone at the time? No, I was with spencer, and then ava left, and it was just me and spencer. Did she say where she was headed? I think she was going to get a drink. Does she seem upset? Worried about anything? This is what you always wanted, ava, to see the relationship with my son destroyed, huh? It killed you to see us get close. That is absolutely not true! Because it hurt too much, knowing that you would never get the chance to heal with kiki that I had with spencer. But you’re the only one to blame for that. Why would you ask? Just trying to ascertain your wife’s state of mind. Has ava had any conflicts with anyone recently? Any troubling phone calls? No. And things are fine at home? God, I don’t know why. Honestly, I don’t know why you are wasting your time with me when you could be out there trying to find the person that tried to kill my wife. We’re questioning everyone who was on the quartermaine grounds last night, and the department is actively engaged in tracking down leads. Oh, really? Sonny and ava are constantly having ongoing custody issues, and I don’t see you grilling him. As I’ve stated, I will be questioning everyone. But tell me, why are you so resistant to providing answers? Mr. Cassadine? You know, avery has a whole family who loves her, ava included, and I’m sure she’s going to make a full recovery. But whatever happens, I will always protect avery as if she’s my own. Josslyn: Look who’s here.

[ Gasps ] Oh, good morning.

[ Chuckles ] Hi, avery. You’re getting to be such a big girl now. Yeah. Too big for donna’s bed, which is exactly where I found her. Oh. I was reading to her, and we fell asleep. Uh, donna’s still out like a light. You are a wonderful big sister. Did you have fun sleeping with your little sis? I’m hungry. Okay, let’s find some breakfast.

[ Chuckles ] Alright, let’s see. Are you ready to go? She’s my friend, joss. I don’t know what I’d do if I lose her. Okay, so do you want some scrambled eggs, oatmeal with strawberry and bananas? That sounds really good, huh? I want daddy’s pancakes. Hey, kiddo. You know, I didn’t appreciate how you used my boys to justify your actions. All I was saying is they’re struggling, too. I would never subject them to harm. You were very concerned before. Well, you’re not a psychologist, finn. And just because I have shared some aspects of my life with you does not give you the right to intervene at will. Not at all what I was trying to do. Look, you have every right to be angry with me. Oh, gee, thanks. Everything I say is going to be wrong, right? Okay. Well, look, if you want to end things with me over this, I understand. I just have one thing to say first, and then, if you want to leave, I… I promise I’ll let you go. Okay. Yeah, go on. I love you. And I just want you to be happy, and however you choose to get there, I just want to be on that journey with you. Why should we protect my father? He is the worst of us. And that’s saying something in a family with stavros and helena.

[ Scoffs ] You’ve never lived with stavros and helena. Nonetheless, we must protect our family first. I never agreed to that. Spencer, look, you know I am deeply disappointed in your father, but remember, he is also your grandmother’s son. Now, how do you think laura would feel if you turned your back on him? Grandmother asked us both to behave while she was away. Nikolas made a mistake. We cassadines hold each other accountable in-house. So if the police should come asking questions, you must say nothing to implicate your father. Why should I lie for someone who has done nothing but lie to me? Because I’m asking you. Just omit to any reference to what you learned about your father and esme yesterday. You do that, and you may be rewarded. That sounds a little vague. What are you going to do, take me out for ice cream? I’d like you to be more specific. Protect your family, and you might get your hands on your birthright earlier than you expected. Even if I omit, what will ava say when she wakes up? Assuming she does. Leave ava to me.

We managed to repair much of the damage, but we’re keeping her in the icu, where she’ll need to be observed for possible complications. What kind of complications? Peritonitis, sepsis, bowel infarction. I’m sorry, but is that serious? Her condition is serious but stable. Oh, thank you. Can I see her? Briefly. Will you let me know the minute she wakes up? I’ll clear it with her doctor. Wait, what about visitors? Just those who are approved, like family. Thank you. Excuse me. Okay, the person who did this to ava, they’re still out there. Please do everything you can to find this monster that did this to her. I will chase down every clue. No matter where it leads.

[ Sighs ] Do we understand each other? I understand what you expect. I’m not fully convinced that I should agree. Oh, for heaven’s sake, spencer. You went to great lengths to dupe your girlfriend into revealing trina’s innocence, yet you won’t agree to mislead the pcpd for your father’s sake? Trina — she must’ve heard about ava by now. Well, your concern for your friend is very touching. I just wish you could show the same kind of loyalty to your family. Thank you for dropping by, uncle victor. I can’t stay. Well — sonny: Uh, hope you don’t mind. I-I let myself in. Special circumstances. Okay, so one batch of chocolate chip pancakes coming up, but you’re going to have to clean that face and get yourself dressed. Let me mix in the chips, okay? Oh, as long as it makes it into the batter.

[ Chuckles ] Go. Go, go. Go, go.

[ Chuckles ] How you doing? Josslyn: Fine. Any news about ava? Yeah, I got a call on the way here that she got out of surgery, and they’re going to put her in the icu. Good. We’re on our way there now. Let dex take you. He’s waiting for me in the front. Um, josslyn told me everything that happened last night, and she said this dex kid helped her save ava’s life. Oh, dex did more than help. I mean, he told me he used to be a soldier. The ambulance, if we had waited, it wouldn’t have worked. I mean, he saved ava’s life. You both did. Dex is a good guy to have around. Let him take you to G.H. And wait. Okay. Thank you, mr. Corinthos. Text me. Mm-hmm. You mind? Go ahead. Were you at the hospital all night? Uh, yeah. I’ll get the griddle. Thank you for your statements, mr. Cain, ms. Quartermaine. We’ll be in touch.

[ Sighs ] Finally. I’m all for being thorough, but that was taking forever. Brook lynn, I will see you later. Oh, oh, drew, one more thing before you go. Chase has been crazy patient with me. It helps. Hmm. I’m a pretty laid-back guy, but I can’t really say that I share chase’s fortitude. Well, nobody does, but you are a close second on the thoughtful scale. Take your cues from carly. Noted.

[ Cellphone ringing ] I was just thinking about you. I just need some time to think. Take all the time you need. And whatever challenges I might have, you’ll let me work through them in my own way? In my own time? You can do that? I can. And I will. Advice will be given only when asked. It’s hard for me, elizabeth, not to try to heal. Occupational hazard or something, but that’s my challenge. And I need to realize I can’t always have things my way. Finn, I have to tell you something. Something really strange happened to me last night.

[ Knock on door ] I’m busy! Jordan: It’s commissioner ashford. Thank you. Commissioner. I only have a few questions. Okay. Oh. Nurse baldwin. Great. I was looking for you.

Ll, donna is still sleeping.I’m not going to wake her up. That’s all right. We got more pancakes for us. Sweetie, your daddy and I, we want to talk to you about your mommy. Is mommy coming over for pancakes? Uh, no, baby. She’s not gonna be able to do that. Your — your mommy… got hurt last night. Is that why she didn’t pick me up? Yeah, that’s why. Is mommy okay? You know what? Your — your mommy’s got a lot of people at the hospital taking care of her. That’s right, and until she gets better, you’re going to stay with us. How does that sound? I want to see mommy. I know you do. I just don’t think you’re old enough. Then can I see daddy nikolas? Thank you. So, the nurse said only family can see ava right now, but, um, she’ll let me sit in the waiting area of the icu. Thank you so much for coming with me. Oh. Of course. And thank you for saving ava’s life. Joss told me you were the main reason ava’s alive. Joss did her part. It was definitely a team effort. Well, I’m just grateful to you both. Um, can you see that joss gets home? Get some rest, please. And, um, I’ll keep you posted. Alright. Okay. Bye. So, sonny couldn’t give you the morning off? Ah. Not even after saving avery’s mother? I wouldn’t have taken the time, even if he offered it. Still feeling a little fuzzy after last night, so it’s better to be working. Well, thank you for stepping up. Truly. I mean, ava is not my favorite person in the world, but she is avery’s mother, and she’s a dear friend of trina’S. I couldn’t have done it by myself, so I’m really glad that you were there. Ditto. Sorry for freaking out so much. I’ve seen people with a lot more training completely lose it over a lot less. You did okay. I need brief statements from both of you about last night. Of course. Would you, uh — would you like a seat? Oh, no. Not necessary. Okay. Ouch. What happened to your head? A tree branch at the quartermaine picnic. Thankfully, you didn’t suffer anything worse there. Are there, uh — are there any leads, commissioner? My team is constructing the timeline. This was a particularly vicious crime with a woman’s life hanging in the balance. Until I can question ava, I have to rely on the other attendees’ accounts. With so many people there, anyone could be an eyewitness and not even realize it. That’s why it’s vital I gather information while it’s still fresh. Yeah. No, of course. Yeah. Thank you. With everyone’s help, I’m positive we can piece together what happened here and identify this butcher. Whoever he or she is.

[ Monitor beeping ] Nikolas must be worried about mommy, too. Can I go see him? Please?

[ Sighs ] You know what? You’re going to have to take one more bite, and then we can go. How’s that? There you go. Alright. Take my car. Are you sure about that? Yeah, yeah. The booster seat’s already set up. Come on, give me a hug. Oh, you’re a strong girl. Mm! Bye, mama carly. Bye, sweetie. I’ll see you later. Go. Let’s go, daddy.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Gonna get my jacket.

[ Sighs ] Alright.

[ Door rattling ]

Well, you’re here early. You want some coffee? That would be great. Thank you. Okay.

[ Cabinet door opens, closes ] So –so —

[ Both chuckle ] Look, I’ve been, um… I’ve been thinking a lot about last night. Kind of all I’ve been thinking about, actually. Every five seconds? Now it’s pretty much constant. I’ve been thinking a lot about it, too. Nina. Nina: Hi avery, you know ms. Reeves, right? Mommy’s friend. Hi. Yeah, I am your mommy’s really good friend. Are you here to see her? I’m hoping to see her. How’s she doing? She’s d-doing okay. She was moved to icu, and I’m just waiting to see her. Can we, uh, wait with you? That would mean the world to me.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Come on, honey. Thank you for not calling sonny over. You’re avoiding him? I just do not feel like dealing with nina right now, and I have to go. I just — I hate the thought of leaving trina right now. Plans? Yeah, with cameron. My boyfriend. Oh. The, uh, guy I met at the pool the other day? Oh. Don’t worry about trina. The boss will let me stay and make sure she makes it home. Mm. Dutiful to a fault. I see my commitments through to the end. Wow. I wish I could say the same about your boss. Based on the blood loss at the scene, my officers believe ava was injured just before she was discovered. That gives us a short window for the approximate time of attack, somewhere between 9:45 and 10:00 P.M. Well, that’s, uh… that’s probably around the time I-I-I ran into maxie and spoke to her briefly. Thank you, dr. Finn. And you, nurse baldwin? What? Can you remember where you were during that time? I wasn’t expecting to see you here, especially knowing how you feel about ava. I’m sorry that ava got hurt. Mostly because it hurts you. I figured you’d be here. You’re here for me? Always. And as, uh, my uncle victor often reminds me, we support family, no matter what. And ava is family. And you want to support your father, too. If you’d only listened to me, ava… it would have never come to this.

[ Monitor beeping ]

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