GH Short Recap Wednesday, August 31, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Sasha refuses to let Brandon be her legal guardian telling Brandon and the doctor that it would feel the same as going to jail.

Anna is getting close to discovering Valentine’s secret, but Valentin figures out Anna has been investigating him.

Drew and Carly have r long talk and Carly tells Drew she needs time to be alone without a romantic relationship.. Drew thinks Carly is scared of getting hurt and he tells her that she doesn’t need to be scared of him.

Nikolas gives Elizabeth an alibi for when Ava was attacked even though he knows she blacked out at the picnic. Nikolas also doesn’t tell Jordan that Elizabeth told him she had a blackout and can’t remember a large block of time.

Trina asks Ava to wake up because she needs her and she tells her that her family is waiting for her to wake up too. Trina tells Ava that even Spencer is waiting for her to wake up and when Trina mentions Spencer the monitors start to beep and Trina hurries to get some help for Ava.

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