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Recap written by Eva

The charity picnic continues and Lucy and Felicia arrive and tell Mac and Anna that Cody Bell is Dominique’s son. Mac and Felicia find Cody and Mac tells Cody he and Dominique were friends and he also tells Cody he knew Dominique when she was married to his father Leopold Taub. Felicia later asks Mac why he didn’t tell Cody that he and Dominique were romantically involved and he tells Felicia he didn’t want to burden Cody because he clearly has issues about his parents.

Anna forces Lucy to use Victor’s attraction to her to get information about Valentin from Victor. Lucy interrupts a conversation between Victor and Valentin but she doesn’t overhear what they are talking about, but she later tells Anna she thinks Victor has Valentin on a short leash and Valentin is tired of it.

Nikolas tells Spencer that he slept with Esme one time and it never happened again because it was a mistake and he regrets it but Esme told him they had ended their relationship. Nikolas tells Spencer that after he reconciled with Esme he didn’t tell him the truth because he didn’t want to hurt him. Spencer feels that Nikolas betrayed him once again because he didn’t think about his feelings at all..he just thought about himself. Spencer tells Nicolas he doesn’t want any more to do with him. Nicolas thinks Ava saw Spencer was standing behind them and she wanted him to hear the truth.

Yuri and Terry go to the pool at the Metro court to get to know each other.

Elizabeth is upset that Finn called her sister Sarah and he apologizes and pleads with her to get medical help before her boys get so worried about her they call her father. Elizabeth tells Finn not to talk about her father at all. Elizabeth tells Finn that he is nothing to her anymore. Elizabeth remembers an argument between her and a woman where she tells the woman to stay away from her father or something will happen to her.

Ava overhears a conversation between him and his “cousin” Mason telling him that he must follow orders from his creditors. Mason goes to look for Ava to find out how much of the conversation she heard. Ava gets drunk while she stares at the lake. A mysterious person is watching Ava and then she is attacked by someone.

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