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Gwen: God, leo, you little praT. I knew that was stupid to trust you. You must’ve gone to the dumpster and retrieved the mask and given it to the bloody cops.

[Tense music]

Rafe: You know, talking to yourself can indicate a guilty consciencE.

Gwen: [Sighs] Look, I think that there’s been a mistake.

Rafe: Oh, i think that there have been a series of mistakes. And the biggest one made was yours, because you– you trusted leo starK.

[Door opens]

Leo: Well, did they arrest–

Sloan: Gwen rizczech? Yes, she’s upstairs now, thanks to you selling her down the river.

Leo: Oh, don’t remind me, but it was either her or me.

Sloan: Well, I’m sure you really wrestled with that one.

Leo: Just tell me, does this mean I can get out of this hellhole?

Rolf: I can’t promise to program stefan’s feelings in accordance with your wishes and kristen’S. I can only promise to do my best work.

Shin: That’s all I can asK. I have faith in your, rolf. Please, keep me updated on your progress.

Rolf: I will.

Gabi: Why didn’t you tell me you were meeting with this creep?

Shin: [Clears throat]

Gabi: What the hell are you doing here?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Gabi: Damn it, li, why in god’s name did you let him in?

Shin: Dr. Rolf came by with a proposition.

Gabi: Oh, he did, did he?

[Laughs] Okay. Oh, I have a proposition for yoU. Why don’t you head back to prison where you belong?

Shin: That’s not going to happen. The governor pardoned him.

Gabi: Oh, so what, you just stopped by for tea?

Shin: He came by looking for work.

Gabi: I suggest you try madasahattercrapdoctor.Com.”

[Cell phone ringing] You can take that in the corridor, because you’re gonna work for us over my dead body.

Rolf: I’m fine with that.

Kristen: Damn it, rolf. This is no time to go radio silent on me. Did you talk to shin about killing stefan’s unfathomable love for gabi and aiming it at chloe? I need to know as soon as possiblE.

Chad: Kristen? What are you doing here?

Kristen: Chad, I didn’t expect to see you here.

Chad: So you’re at large again? I heard about the pardon. Congratulations, I guess.

Kristen: Well, I am just grateful that I get a second chancE.

Chad: Second? Wouldn’t it be more like a 302nd?

Kristen: Hm. Chad, dear, always so droll.

Chad: What are you doing here at marlena’s office? Trying to figure out why you’re such a terrible person?

Kristen: No. No. Brady would only let me see rachel in what he calls a “neutral territory,” under supervision.

Chad: You saw rachel? Is she okay? Did it go okay?

Kristen: It was heaveN. And how are thomas and charlotte?

Chad: They’re not great.

Kristen: I’m so sorry, chad.

Chad: So where is marlena?

Kristen: She was called out and I’m gonna have to get going soon too.

Chad: What about your call? The one about chloe.

Kristen: Uh–

GabI: Please get him out of here.

Rolf: I don’t see why you need to be so hostile.

Gabi: If you don’t– you need to have your memory checked because mine’s intacT. I know exactly who and what you are.

Rolf: Surely we can let go of the past.

Gabi: Oh, sure I can just let go of how I begged you to save stefan’s life and you refused.

Rolf: I did not refusE. There was nothing I could’ve done! The man was beyond saving!

GabI: You worthless hack. You know that’s not the whole story.

Jack: All this time, not knowing who did it. One suspect after another, evidence coming and going. I thought that was hell, but– that is nothing compared to…gwen.

Jennifer: But how could it even be? She was in prison. She was locked up.

Jack: Xander said that he and sarah figured it out. How gwen got out that night. How she went to the mansion. How the woman that lucas thought was sarah wasn’T.

Jennifer: The mask?

[Soft dramatic music]

Jack: [Breathing shakily] I–i don’t even have the words. But if my daughter–

Jennifer: Oh, god. Just say it, jack. If your daughter killed our daughter… That’s what we’re facing, isn’t it?

Jack: I’m so sorry.

Gwen: You know, I find it remarkable knowing what you know about matty cooper, aka leo stark, that you would believe a single word that comes out of his mouth. My god, I mean, he would say anything to save that perfect bubble ass of hiS.

Rafe: It’s not something that he said. It’s the physical evidence that he produced, the mask. The mask that had been used more than once to assume the identity of dr. Horton and implicate her in a crime that she never committed.

Gwen: I was in prison when abigail was murdered.

Rafe: Yeah, so you claim. But if you were in your little cot in cell block c at the time when they did the bed check, at the same time that lucas horton came down the stairs and saw sarah horton drop what looked to be a weapon and then pick it up before she ran out, then you would have an alibi. But you weren’t there for bed check because you were– I don’t know. Who knows where you were. Only you.

Gwen: I didn’t kill my sister. So you can’t prove that I did. I didn’t kill her! I’d never do that to my father.

Rafe: So maybe you didn’t. You see, but your problem is, you can’t just say “I didn’t do it,” because there’s no way that a jury would believe yoU. There’s no way that a jury will want to believe you. The jury is gonna want to make you pay for what you have done. So you have one shot. You have to make me believe you.

[Tense music]

Gwen: All right. Here it is… the truth.

[Device beeps]

Gwen: My name is gwen rizczecH. I have been read my rights, and I waived the right to have an attorney presenT.

Rafe: Thank you.

Gwen: Where do I start?

Rafe: Where were you the night of june 10th?

Gwen: Okay.

[Sighs] Xander and sarah were right when they said that I missed bed check and that is because I left the prison temporarilY.

Rafe: How?

Gwen: That doesn’t matter. The point is, is that I managed to escape. So I went and I– I got the mask and– before I go on, I need to go back a bit and tell you why.

Abigail: I have zero interest in playing games, gwen, so tell me why I’m here or I’m gone.

Gwen: [Voiceover] I asked abigail to come see me at statesville that day. It’s about jack.

Abigail: What did you do to my father?

Gwen: [Voiceover] She was pretty hostile. Our father.

Abigail: What did you do?

Gwen: [Voiceover] But I had a favor to ask her.

Abigail: You just said he could get hurT.

Gwen: [Voiceover] The next day was our father’s birthdaY. If he’s not properly celebrateD.

[Voiceover] I had made him a mug in art therapy class, and I asked her to give it to hiM.

[Non-voiceover] I want him to know how much I care for him and that i wish I could be with him and send him my love. So I made him a gift.

Rafe: And how did she respond?

Gwen: [Voiceover] She dropped it–on purpose.

Abigail: Whoops.

Gwen: [Voiceover] It was smashed to bits.

[Sighs] God, it still makes me cross just to think about it.

Rafe: Was that just a few hours before she was murdered? Please answer vocally.

Gwen: Yeah.

Rafe: So you had an agenda coming from the prison.

Gwen: I guess you could say that.

Leo: I was living in the mansion’s basement at the time, so yes, I was there that day. You know all this.

Sloan: Yes, but pretend that I don’t; take me through this step-by-step.

Leo: Hello?

[Voiceover] After certain, uh, reversals, i needed a place to hang my hat. Guinevere, thank you for checking up on mE.

[Voiceover] Gwen told me about the tunnels under the dimera mansion. I’ve been able to wend my way through these tunnelS.

[Voiceover] I got in and set up housekeeping.

[Non-voiceover] Very “prisoner of zenda.” Well, it’s not the ritz, but it beats sleeping on a bench in prospect park.

Sloan: Until you were discovered by abigail’s son and you told him you were the tooth fairy.

Leo: A rose by any other name. Anyway, I realized I had to get out of there, but I was entitled to whatever I could get my hands on first. Chad and abigail destroyed my one chance of happiness with craig wesley, so i helped myself to some food, couple bottles of bubbly, which was a pittance compared to what they owed me. So before I left for good, I went upstairs to abigail’s bedroom.

Kristen: I could go on and on and on about chloe, but trust me, you don’t want me to do that.

Chad: So then you’re not going to tell me?

Kristen: Fine. Maybe you haven’t heard. Gabi has given me a position at dimera overseeing basic black, where chloe is floundering. Such a disaster, that womaN.

Chad: Yeah, i’m sure you gave her a fair trial. I bet the fact that she’s with brady now doesn’t play into it at alL.

Kristen: All right, you know what, let’s just talk about something else. How that happened to your hand, for example.

Chad: This? This is nothing.

Kristen: Okay, well, it doesn’t look like nothing.

Chad: Okay, what, do you think I’m lying?

Kristen: Well, I think you have a reason, because you’re not looking me in the eye right now. And I think there’s a reason that you came to marlena’s office. Is it about abigail?

Chad: Go to hell.

Kristen: Okay, hold on. Hey, hold on. I am not trying to play “gotcha” with you. Chad, I can see that you have the weight of the world on your shoulders right now, and I came over to the house to see how you were and ej said that you had moved out. I am so sorry about abigail.

Chad: Sorry? You don’t care about anybody but yourself, kristen.

Kristen: Chad, you’re my brother. You’re family. Believe me, I do carE. I do.

GabI: You creep. You told me there was nothing you could do for stefan. And then jake showed up, and you made me believe that he was stefan, that his memory issues could be cleared up with one of your injections. The same drug that abigail was injected with, and suddenly I became the main suspect.

Shin: Gabi, you don’t need this stress–

Gabi: No, no, no, I am just getting started. No, maybe you should donate your brain to science. Maybe they’ll find a cure for your particular brand of insanity. You’re a joke. You’re a loser, a laughing stock.

Rolf: Am I? You only show your ignorance of my powers. If you had any idea what I had achieved, you’d get down on your knees and thank me.

Gabi: Really? Just what the hell does that mean?

Gabi: I asked you a question.

Shin: I agree with gabi. You’re worthless. She’s the ceo, what she says goes. I’m taking you out of this hotel personally. You almost blew everything. Now go back to that looney bin you call a lab and finish the job.

Chad: And did you give a damn about me when you aided and abetted to kidnapping my wife? Held her prisoner on that island?

Kristen: YeS. Yes, yes. I–I have done terrible things, chad. I’m the worst of the dimeras. And that is really saying something. But you? You’re the best of us.

Chad: [Laughs drily] Well, that is a very low bar.

Kristen: Yeah. I think you came to this office to ask marlena for some help. You see, I never asked for help. I was circling the drain and just doubling down on all things dimera. And now I have to ask permission to see my daughter, whom I love more than life itself. I can’t even be in a room with her alone, chad. I love her. I love her, but I wasn’t strong enough or humble enough or good enough to put her firsT. But you arE. You are. And you are going to get through this awful pain because not only do you love your children, but look at me, you are fundamentally a good man. You’re going to put charlotte and thomas first. You’re not going to fall apart like I did. Mm-mmm. Because they need you. They need you, and you will be there for them. Because that is what good parents do. So i’ve been told. You know what? This–this may not mean anything to you… but chad, I am really, really sorry for what I did to you and abigail.

Chad: The time that she was on that island was time that we should’ve been together. That is time that we will never get back.

Kristen: You’re right. I’m no use to you.

[Soft dramatic music]

I really wish I was.

Jack: There’s nothing I can say to make this better. All I can think is how I have made everything worse. Gwen…how many second chances did i give her? I wanted her and abigail to be sisters. That’s what I wanted. That’s what– I think that was selfish. I th–

Jennifer: Jack. Jack. Listen to me. Listen to me. Look at me. I didn’t blame you for what happened. I didn’t and I don’T. But sweetheart, I need you to get through this. Okay? For our sanity’s sake? I need you to look forward, not back.

Rafe: Take me back to that night.

[Tense music]

Gwen: The house was quiet when I slipped iN. And I put the mask on before i went inside, just in case anyone saw me.

Rafe: Why the mask?

Gwen: Sarah had come to see me at statesvillE. And I knew that she was dealing with some residual issues from the drug injection. She was seeing people, thinking that they were kristen and even attacking some of them.

Rafe: So you took that information and you ran with it. You’d attack abigail, and then you’d make people think that it was sarah.

Gwen: I’m getting to that. Once I got to the top of the stairs, I went to abigail’s room and I saw her sitting on the bed. She was working.

[Door opens]

Abigail: Sarah? What are you doing here?

Gwen as sarah: I’m not gonna let you get away with it, kristen.

Abigail: Kristen? Uh, no, sarah, it’s me, abigail.

Gwen as sarah: I am not going to let you hurt me again.

Abigail: Sarah, what are you doing? Sarah, i’m not kristen.

Gwen as sarah: Don’t try to trick me. Let’s see how you like getting a syringe full of rolf’s drug to scramble your brain.

Abigail: [Grunting]

Rafe: Syringe? What about the murder weapon?

Gwen: Let me finish. Abigail fought back hard. She never was a pushover.

Abigail: [Grunting] What the hell? You? You’re supposed to be– doesn’t matter. You’re going to prison right noW.

Gwen: Abigail, let me explain.

Abigail: You think you’re gonna explain this?

Gwen: This is because sarah, she’s–she’s off her rocker. Everyone she looks at, she thinks is kristen.

Abigail: Oh, I see. So if “sarah” attacked me, then they’d lock her up and you’d get to get rid of her and me at the same time? Is that it?

Gwen: Abigail, please.

Abigail: Is this because of the stupid mug? I get a dose of rolf’s drug because I broke your prison art project?

Gwen: No, this– this is just saline. It’s not even the real thing. I don’t have any of the serum left. I used the last of it on sarah. Look, it doesn’t matter what you think of me anywaY. I’m not that petty. You were just the means to an end.

Rafe: So you’re claiming that you didn’t kill abigail?

Gwen: That is exactly what I am claiming. You already have the murderer behind barS.

Sloan: So what exactly did happen in that room?

Leo: I’m trying to tell you. Gwen called me; she was furious with abigail over some dumb mug she’d made for her dad. She actually wanted me to get a knife and use it to stab abigaiL.

Sloan: And you didn’t think of telling someone that?

Leo: No. We’re besties. But the weird thing was, she’s, like, babbling on about this knife and then there was one right there on the purloined breakfast tray. I mean, talk about crazy karma.

Sloan: That was crazy. Are you telling me that you took the knife upstairs? You were thinking about murder.

[Tense music]

Leo: [Voiceover] Uh, I was thinking about stealing. I told you before, i was not about to leave empty-handed, but I also wasn’t going upstairs without a backup plaN. Trouble is, once I got up there, the bedroom was a little crowded. Hello?

Abigail: [Laughing]

[Speaking indistinctly]

Chad: He’s never seen two people kissing before.

Abigail: In this house, maybe not.

Chad: Mmm. So is this whole– the whole temperature thing, is that real?

Abigail: It’s pretty reliablE. I have some other signs too.

Chad: Well, then let’s seal the deal.

Leo: [Voiceover] I had to wait it out while the two of them did the nasty. But once chad was done with his connubial duties, he took the kids to the movies and abigail stayed behind to work.

Sloan: Hm. And that’s when you–

Leo: Lord, you are impatient. Will you hear me out?

Leo: Now, where was I? Right, once chad was gone, abigail sat down on the bed and got to work on whatever drivel she was writing. I thought I’d be stuck in there forever. If she saw me, i knew it wasn’t going to end well for me, but she wasn’t going anywherE. Then I got a break. Should i have kept going? Of course. But there was a jewelry box right there on the dresser. I took out the knife I’d slipped into my bag, and I used it to jimmy the lock.

Sloan: Okay, back up. I want to know more about the knife. Describe it to mE.

Leo: I told you, it was from my breakfasT. It was very sharP. Steak and eggs, perfectly done.

Sloan: Damn it, leo, focuS. Where’s the knife now? You left the knife there?

Leo: What do you want? I was in a hurry. And then, well, I guess it was there on the bureau when gwen arrived. After I was gone, she must’ve gone upstairs wearing the sarah mask, and the sight of the knife must’ve triggered something dark inside of her. She grabbed the knife, and in a frenzy of rage, killed abigail. That’s the whole story. Now, go tell the chief and get me out of here.

Sloan: Oh, that’s the last thing I’m going to do, no matter what gwen did after you took off.

Rafe: But that’s not the whole story, is it?

Gwen: [Sighs] No. I’m getting to it.

Abigail: I am the means to an end? Boy, I didn’t think you could get more pathetic, but congratulations, you just sunk to a new low. Let me get you a ride back to statesville.

Gwen: No, no, please. Look, I’m begginG. I’m begging you. Please, listen to me.

[Spluttering] This was a horrible plan. I admit that. And, look, you’re fine. And I’m just bloody humiliated. I mean, I’m not going to get xander back, am i? Isn’t that enough?

Abigail: No.

Gwen: Look, let me– I’ll just go back to statesville on my own, and you never have to see me again. We’ll just pretend this never happened, all right?

Abigail: And why would I do that? After everything that you have done? And not just thiS. You still refuse to tell me what you did to my grandmother.

Gwen: I didn’t do anything to her, okay? I swear. It was an accident. It happened exactly the way that I told our father that it happened. And I didn’t tell you that because I–

Abigail: You enjoy torturing me, that’s why.

Gwen: Abigail. I didn’t kill heR. I swear I did not kill her. Let me just go back to statesville. I’ll just serve out the rest of my imprisonment, just– just let me go, please. Please.

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: One hour. And then I’m gonna call the prison and if you are not there, I swear, there is nowhere on this earth where you can hide from me.

Gwen: I don’t deserve that.

Abigail: You deserve to burn in hell is what you deserve.

Gwen: Thank you. You happy now? Now that you know how pathetic I really am?

Shin: I really enjoyed tossing that jerk out in the gutter. Hey, you okay?

Gabi: That bastard. He made me remember the way stefan died and how much I hoped he’d come back.

Shin: If I’d have known you were coming back, I would’ve thrown him out earlier.

Gabi: It’s not your fault.

Shin: Maybe i can help you forget about all that stress.

Gabi: I’d like that.

[Suggestive music]

Rolf: I hope you haven’t touched anything. Those are delicate instruments.

Kristen: Okay, park the attitude. You didn’t call me back.

Rolf: I couldn’T. I was in the midst of a most unpleasant encounter with gabI hernandez. Huh. So tiresome.

Kristen: Okay, you didn’t let her know what was going on down here, did you?

Rolf: Of course not. I’d gone to confront li shin about his attempt to shut down stefan’s life support. I told him i wasn’t having iT. I thought you’d appreciate that.

Kristen: Yeah, well, you know what, forget about li shin. I need you to stay focused. Now, I know he talked to you about erasing stefan’s feelings for gabi. I just–I need to know, can you do that?

Rolf: It will give me great pleasure to wipe out his love for that impudent she-wolf forever.

Kristen: Li and i have slightly different goals. When you bring stefan back, li wants him to have no interest in gabi. But that’s not enough, rolf. I need him to have laser-focused aim on chloe.

Rolf: Hm. Perhaps you’d like him to come back as a nuclear scientist too, hm? But one thing at a time, right? This will be a delicate operation, some would say impossible. I’ll need to amplify his brainwaves just enough to manipulate his memories and feelings, but no more than so that I don’t–

Kristen: So you don’t what?

Rolf: We wouldn’t want to compromise his viability in the process.

Kristen: Uh-huh, meaning?

Rolf: We wouldn’t want to kill him!

Kristen: Okay, you’d better not, rolf.

Rolf: Then let me get to it. I’ll need total concentration… and solitude.

Kristen: Fine. I can do that. But I want results.

[Dramatic music]

Rolf: Work with me here.

Rafe: Well, you’re right. That was really, really pathetic. But it does not get you off the hook for murder.

Gwen: No, I swear, I–

Rafe: You swear, you swear. Listen, after all the lies that you have told, your swearing does not mean squat. I mean, come on. You knew the minute that we picked up leo that you were going to have to come up with some story as to why you were in the room. Now, if you wanted to implicate sarah, you could’ve just put on the mask and attacked anyonE. Why go to that house? Why go to the dimera mansion with an elaborate security system, full of people who loathe you?

Gwen: I–I don’t know. I was–I was crazy. I was crazy, yes, I know. I just wanted to maybe scare her a little bit. But, god, I didn’t want to kill her. And everything I have said lines up with what you already know. I ran out of that house, and lucas saw me.

Rafe: Oh yeah, lucas saw you. He says he saw you drop something that might’ve been the murder weapon.

Gwen: It was the syringe. I dropped the syringe. I ran out of that house as fast as I could, and then I hid the mask, I ditched the syringe, and– yes, i made it back a little bit late to bed check. I did not know abigail was dead until the next day. She was alive when I left the house. Can leo say the same thing?

Leo: I don’t see why you don’t believe me.

Sloan: Oh, no, I actually do believe you. But telling the police that you were in possession of what’s most likely the murder weapon could be disastrous for you. It puts you in the room, alone with the victim, with the murder weapon.

Leo: Leo in the boudoir with the knife.

Sloan: Yes, and as we know of now, went missing after you left it behind. From here on out, this stays between us. At least until they slam the door on gwen rizczech.

[Soft dramatic music]

Chad: So it was gwen all along.

Jack: I’m so sorry.

Chad: What about leo? Where does he fit in?

Jennifer: We don’t know. Are you okay? Chad…say something.

Chad: I’m going to go make the kids dinner.

Rafe: What?

Sloan: Oh, well, gee, I’m sorry to bother you with such trivial matters such as justice and rights of the accused. But now that you have the real murderer in custody, call the da and tell her to let my client go.

Rafe: Okay, did you–did you really go to law school? Listen, without the murder charge, trask has more than enough to hold leo without bail, okay? Breaking and entering, possession of stolen property, robbery–I mean, a murder charge is still a possibility, all right? So yeah, I’m gonna go ahead, and I’m gonna hold on to my two suspects.

Gwen: You threw me under the bus, matty, just to save your own skin. Well, two can play that game.

Leo: Oh, yeah, yeah, just what lies did you tell them, gwen?

Shin: Are you hungry? Should I order room service? Gabi?

GabI: Huh?

Shin: Hey. Where’d you go just now?

Gabi: [Laughs drily]

Shin: You still thinking about stefan?

GabI: Not exactly. I just– I can’t get that thing that rolf said out of my mind. If I knew what he was able to achieve, I’d be on my knees, thank him? What–what do you think he meant by that?

Rolf: So gabi, I’m a joke, am i? Hmm? A loser? Ha!

[Suspenseful music]

Rolf: FinallY.

[Dramatic music]

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