Days Short Recap Friday, August 19, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady brought Rachel to Marlena’s office. He told her that he was going to give Kristen a chance to see Rachel. He told her about his concerns about Kristen seeing Rachel. He said if he didn’t give Kristen the chance to see Rachel, she could sue for custody. He said he couldn’t let that happen. Kristen and Chloe got into an argument at work. While they were arguing, Kristen threatened to stab Chloe with a letter opener. She stopped herself when Brady called her to invite her to Marlena’s office. Brady asked Marlena if she thought Rachel could use a therapist. Kristen walked in and said she didn’t need one. Rachel was happy to see Kristen. Kristen told her about the locket she kept with all of their pictures in it. Marlena took Rachel to the cafeteria. Brady yelled at Kristen for giving Rachel hope that they were going to be a family again. Kristen asked who said they wouldn’t be a family again. He said they were never getting back together. He said just because Rachel wanted her in her life didn’t mean he would do whatever Kristen wanted. He said Kristen could see Rachel when she was the mother Rachel deserved. He walked out of the office. Rolf yelled at Li for trying to kill Stefano’s son. Li said Rolf didn’t care about Stefan. Li said Stefan was just a science project to him. Rolf said he would face Kristen’s wrath. Li asked if Rolf could make Stefan forget his love for Gabi. Rolf said that wasn’t his expertise. Li said he had faith in him. He said if anyone could make Stefan fall for Chloe it was him. Li told him to go back to the lab so he could work on Stefan.

Johnny ran into Gabi. He apologized for the way he treated her. She told him they almost had sex. He was shocked when he told her that. He apologized for coming between her and Jake. She said he did her a favor. She said he exposed the cracks in their relationship and now she was with Li. Johnny wished her the best. Gabi went to her office. Chloe went to Gabi and told her that Kristen tried to kill her. Chloe said she couldn’t live like this. Gabi told her to quit. Chloe said she had to support her son. Chloe told her to talk to Kristen. Gabi said she couldn’t have Kristen turn against her. Chloe thought this was about Stefan. Chloe said she was happy with Stefan until Gabi swooped in. Gabi said being with Stefan wasn’t to hurt her. She said their marriage of convenience turned into real love. Chloe apologized to her. She said she was hurt when Gabi did it, but realized that she and Stefan were meant to be. Gabi said she would see what she could do with Kristen. EJ told Ava that he was going to tell Rafe about her conversation with Gwen. Ava handed him the phone. He thought she was bluffing. He told her to sign over Jake’s shares to him. She said Rafe wouldn’t believe what he had to say. She told him to tell Rafe. He said he didn’t have to tell Rafe. He said Leo was on the hook for Abby’s murder, but if Leo had an alibi, he was going to the police. Ava said she would give her shares to Kristen because they get along. He said Kristen would never betray family. She said she was family now. When Gabi went to the Salem Inn, she saw Li and Rolf together. She wanted to know what they had to talk about.

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