Y&R Short Recap Friday, August 19, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Billy talks with Chelsea and he tells her about the discussion he and Lily wants him to choose between doing his podcast and being COO of Chancellor Winters.

Jack wonders what Diane wants out of her new life.

Chance goes to the ranch and tells the Newmans all the evidence he has in the case of Ashland’s death and how he plans to proceed next in the case. Chance tells the Newmans family that he plans to close the case and say that Ashland died in the car crash and he makes it clear that he didn’t come to the decision lightly. Chance explains that he made the decision because he thinks that Ashland’s death was an accident and Nick and Victoria have suffered enough with this situation.

Diane daydreams about kissing Jack and him telling her he has feelings for her. Jack actually wants to know Diane’s future plans to which she responds she is taking things day-by -day. Jack drives Diane home since he is worried about her zoning out on their earlier conversation.

Billy tells Chelsea he will talk to Victoria about telling Johnny she is his biological mother but now isn’t the right time to talk to her about it.

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