GH Short Recap Friday, August 19, 2022


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Recap written by Eva

Molly tells Alexis that she is thinking of switching sides and being a criminal lawyer because she didn’t like the way the assistant district attorney handled Trina’s trial.

Alexis, Christina, and Molly persuade Sam to move in with Dante and she is going to tell him, she changed her mind, but Dante tells her he has decided to take things slowly. Dante thinks Sam is happy because this is what she wanted but Sam hides her disappointment that Dante changed his mind about moving in with her.

Austin returns from Pawtuck but, so does the man who wants him to return to Pawtuck. Austin introduces the man to Maxie and Spinelli as his “cousin” and Spinelli invites the man to the Quartermaine picnic to benefit the children’s wing of the hospital.

Britt and Cody decide to go to the Quartermaine picnic for their second date after they have a long talk about their fathers.

Finn calls and leaves a message for Elizabeth’s mother to call him back because they need to talk about someone they both love.

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