Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Lily arrives back in town after her business trip and Devon tells her that Nate has been having trouble taking orders from him and has accused him of micro-managing him. Devon also tells Lily that Nate has refused to get advice from a mentor to help him learn about the business world. Devon also tells Lily he thinks he made a mistake giving Nate so much responsibility when he has no experience in business.

Nate sees Victoria at the park and they talk about the growing pains that come with working with family. Victoria tells Nate he is very smart and has a lot to offer Chancellor Winter. She is sure that Devon and Lily will come to appreciate his talent.

Victor tells Nikki, Nick, and Victoria, about the evidence Chance has discovered but he tells them to just be patient and wait because everything will be fine. Nick thinks Newman Media should put out the story first to avoid the appearance of a cover-up but the rest of the family thinks that they should cover the facts of the story but not make a big deal about it. Nick talks to Sally later about the story and Nick is surprised that Sally agrees with his family.

Adam continues to pressure Chance about helping with the investigation into Ashland’s death. Chance tells Adam no for a second time and tells Adam that he thought he had changed but he is returning to his old patterns of behavior. Chance tells Adam he should continue trying to change his behavior and become a better man for Connor’s sake.

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