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[ Contemplative music ]

Steffy: I thought I lost the man I love. My son was going to grow up without a father.

Ridge: Douglas hasn’t lost thomas.

Thomas: Douglas misses me, dad. He wants to be with me.

Taylor: Of course he does.

Steffy: The logans have taken enough from us! You talk about pulling the family together. Being there for each other. Well that’s what we need to do. It’s time to say enough! Time to fight for our family! That means you being there for mom. And douglas living with thomas.

Waiter: Your salad, ma’am.

Brooke: Thank you.

Waiter: Would you like some fresh ground pepper?

Brooke: No, thank you. So honey, you really didn’t see this coming? Thomas wanting douglas to live with him full time?

Hope: No and neither did liam.

Brooke: Well, now that liam went back to the office and deacon went to work, you and I can talk about this freely. I know you’re concerned. So am I. But it’s not going to happen. Yeah, okay maybe thomas has made some progress, and I’m sure he misses his little boy, but he’s in no position to be the only parent for that child.

Hope: And I thought that was understood. But now, I am not so sure.

Li: I thought I had the perfect marriage, but it was full of lies.

Bill: Lies in a relationship are like poison.

Li: So, you know.

Bill: Let’s just say I’ve seen the consequences of betrayal.

Li: Were you the betrayer or the betrayed?

Bill: Well, if I’m to be completely honest, I have seen both sides of that coin and I know that betrayals have consequences for everyone, don’t they?

Li: Don’t worry. I’m not going to lump you in with my ex. Jack’s lies brought chaos into our lives. You saved us from it.

Bill: So you and jack are over?

Li: Jack cheated. He never told me the child we adopted was his biological child. But make no mistake, finn is my son in every way that matters.

Bill: Unfortunately, that lunatic sheila carter wanted a place in his life.

Li: That’s what I can’t forgive. Jack knew she posed a threat to our son, yet he still kept it a secret. He chose to protect himself over his family. It shattered my faith in him. I’ll never get it back.

Steffy: Mom, I know what you’re going to say. Don’t push. Don’t pressure.

Taylor: Yes, yes, that’s exactly what was I going to say. I understand your sense of urgency, sweetie, especially after what you’ve been through–

Steffy: This isn’t about me or thomas. This is about you and dad kissing in monaco. You two came together in a way that hasn’t happened in a long time. Thomas is talking about being a full-time father to douglas. The tides are shifting.

Taylor: Yes, and I agree. Douglas should be with his father. %100. But that has nothing to do with your father and me.

Steffy: Yes, it does. It’s about family. Being connected.

Thomas: Steffy’s right. We’re forresters. I want my little boy to understand what that means. So dad, actually that– that’s something I wanted to talk to you about. Not to change the subject.

Steffy: No, it’s fine. I have to head out anyway. But this conversation isn’t over.

Taylor: You know what? And this is perfect because I’m going to go back to the house with you. I got this.

Ridge: Okay.

Thomas: Look, dad, I, uh… I know I’m putting you in a difficult position asking douglas to move in with me–

Ridge: You know I support you %100, right? You and douglas. But you gotta do what’s right for you and the boy. He’s got to be in the right environment.

Thomas: That’s what I’m trying to do. That’s what I want. I want him to have a wonderful family. Like he has over at hope’s, except with me. With the forresters. Which is why… I want to ask if… if I can move in with douglas at granddad’S. In the forrester home.

Brooke: So this all came up after douglas asked if thomas misses him when they’re not together?

Hope: Yes. And you know I would never deprive douglas of his father, but it wasn’t so long ago when thomas wasn’t exactly capable of raising him himself.

Brooke: You’re sure thomas didn’t float the idea of living together just to make douglas feel better?

Hope: No. Thomas wouldn’t do that. I truly believe he would only say something if he were seriously considering it.

Brooke: Well then, we have to get to stop pursuing this idea. He’s not ready to raise douglas all by himself. Douglas lives with you, honey. He’s happy with you. He is not leaving your home. What can I du with less asthma?

Bill: Feels likes everyone is focused on moving forward now.

Li: For the best. For all of us. Especially finn and his family.

Bill: Well, thanks to his incredibly determined mother, they can.

Li: There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to protect my son.

Bill: Well, it’s obvious finn got his courage and backbone from you.

Li: Thank you, but I just stopped by to say thank you for all you did for my son and me. I don’t want to overstay my welcome.

Bill: You haven’T.

Li: Oh? I… what about your family? Your work?

Bill: I see my older boys every day at work and my youngest, will, he’s away at school. When I’m home, my time is my own.

Li: What about your wife?

Bill: Katie and i aren’t married.

Steffy: I’m happy and I want the people I love to be happy!

Taylor: Honey, I’m happy. See? I’m happy for you.

Steffy: I got everything I wanted and prayed for. Why shouldn’t you?

Taylor: But I did. What happened with you and finn is a miracle.

Steffy: Yeah.

Taylor: Is he home?

Steffy: No. He’s at the hospital for a follow-up appointment. So, we can talk.

Taylor: Okay, well I– I– I think we should talk about how proud we are of your brother for suggesting douglas live with him. I’ve wanted that for a long time.

Steffy: Yeah, we’re in agreement about that.

Taylor: Yeah, you know, I appreciate everything that hope has done, but thomas is his father. They should be living together.

Ridge: So, you want to move in with my dad?

Thomas: It’s the forrester family home, after all. I’d love for him to experience that– that legacy. He is a forrester. It’s his birthright. Plus the tennis court and the pool are pretty cool.

Ridge: He is a pretty active kid, like someone else I know.

Thomas: We love being outside. Hey, granddad. We were just talking about you.

Eric: You were?

Ridge: Talking about your house actually

Eric: My house?

Thomas: Uh-huh. What about it?

Thomas: Well, I would like to ask if douglas and I could move in with you.

Eric: You and douglas? I’d be thrilled. So would donna. I mean, that house feels a lot more like a home when there’s family in it, but um, douglas is living with hope and liam. What’s different?

Thomas: I’d actually like to change that. Look, I know that hope has done an amazing job. She stepped in when caroline passed. She took over the role as a mother for that little boy and she created this wonderful family for him, and that’s amazing. I had to work through some things, but I did. I’ve worked through a lot. I’m a different person and I’ve actually found what it’s like to be a real parent and I think that’s what douglas needs. He needs to be with me. Douglas should be raised by his father.

Hope: I have been supportive of thomas’ relationship with douglas. I haven’t restricted their time together.

Brooke: I know, honey. You’ve encouraged it.

Hope: Yes, and douglas loves spending time with his dad.

Brooke: And it’s good to see them together. And they should spend time together. But then douglas comes home to you. You provide the consistency that he needs. You, liam, and beth.

Hope: Yes, but we’re all a family, mom. Thomas is his dad, and we share custody, but douglas lives with me.

Brooke: And that is the way it’s going to stay.

And it’s easier than ever to get

your projects done right .

Thomas: Sharing a house with you would be amazing for me and for douglas. I want to learn from you. As a designer and a parent.

Eric: You’ve been doing very well on your own, son.

>>Thomas: Well, there’s still so much I have to learn. You know, like the way you raised your kids or how you built this place from the ground up. I think it would be amazing for douglas to experience that as well.

Ridge: Wisest man I know.

Thomas: And I want douglas to have a sense of family and a real belonging, and the only place I really felt that was at your house.

Ridge: You and your sisters made some great memories there.

Eric: And you and yours as well.

Ridge: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Thomas: Also, you work from home a lot and I don’t get to spend as much time with you, and I miss that.

Eric: I miss that, too.

Thomas: What do you say? Can douglas and I stay with you?

Eric: Uh… I would love nothing more than for the two of you to come stay. I’d love it!

Thomas: Really?

Eric: Come on.

Thomas: Awesome! Thank you!

Eric: Great. Great, thomas. Great. Look at this.

Ridge: I know.

Hope: This was the last thing I was expecting.

Brooke: Don’t worry, honey. I’ll talk to ridge. We won’t let thomas take douglas from his home.

Bill: Katie and I haven’t been together for quite some time.

Li: One of those consequences you were talking about earlier?

Bill: I did everything I could to patch things up. To win back katie’s trust. We even talked about reconciling and how much that would mean to will, but so far it hasn’t happened.

Li: Irreconcilable differences.

Bill: I suppose you– you could say that. Katie and I, we didn’t see eye to eye on everything. Particularly when it came to the lengths that I would go to to protect my sons and keep them outta’ trouble. Of course, I don’t have to explain that to you, do I? I think if we got to know each other, we would find we had quite a bit in common.

Steffy: Okay. Good. We agree about thomas and douglas.

Taylor: Well, of course we do. Why would you say that?

Steffy: I thought we were going to talk about something else.

Taylor: Really? I think our main focus should be your brother and the situation he’s in. You know? If he’s really planning on making this move–

Steffy: Then he’s gonna need the entire family behind him.

Taylor: Oh and he’s going to have it. Douglas is a forrester. He deserves to be living with him.

Steffy: Douglas isn’t the only member of the family that needs to come back into the fold.

Ridge: Hi.

Brooke: Hi. I said hello when I walked in.

Ridge: Yeah, sorry I was, I was– how was lunch?

Brooke: Oh, gosh. It was, um, it was serious.

Ridge: Is everything okay?

Brooke: Yeah. Yeah it will be. Once we talk about it. I mean, there is something we need to discuss.

Ridge: No, there is because avoiding things, it just never works. We got to get things out in the open.

Brooke: I agree.

Ridge: And I know you said it’s not necessary to talk about everything but if we do, we need to talk about what happened in monaco.

Brooke: Monaco? Why do we have to talk about monaco? Nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure

Li: We both care very deeply for our sons. Bill: They are top priority.

Li: But they’re not the only ones we look after.

Bill: Don’t get me started on the grandkids. I’ll talk about them all afternoon.

Li: But you also seem to enjoy caring for complete strangers as well.

Bill: You have to believe me li, I really don’t make a habit of that.

Li: Oh. I was an exception?

Bill: You were in tremendous distress.

Li: When I think about the people who must’ve seen me down at the wharf. Disoriented, injured, confused. They all looked away. You didn’T.

Bill: I couldn’t ignore my instincts. I had to help you.

Li: You saved my life and my son’S.

Taylor: You don’t have to convince me that your father belongs here.

Steffy: Have you told him that? Does he know?

Taylor: Well, I mean I might’ve not said it in those exact words, but you know, he knows how amazing it was having him here.

Steffy: And it could be like that again. Our family has been fractured for far too long. We almost lost finn. Sheila tried to kill me. You think you have so much time, but you don’t, and if you’re patient, dad’s just going to come to his senses and come back here. It’s not like that. Finn and I almost lost our future in an instant. That’s why you need to go out there and get what you want. You can’t waste time!

Taylor: Honey, you don’t–

Steffy: Don’t tell me I don’t understand. I understand! Oh, I understand. You told me the you and dad kissed in monaco. It is so obvious how much you two love one another.

[Kettle whistling]

Brooke: Okay, ridge. I told you, we don’t have to talk about monaco.

Ridge: Uh, we do.

Brooke: No, we don’T. I mean, you being there and seeing finn alive, and reuniting with your daughter, that must have been incredibly amazing for you and taylor.

Ridge: It was. Um, it was intense and we got swept up in it.

Brooke: Yeah. I’m sure. The relief must have been overwhelming.

Ridge: Finn was dead. Was gone. And steffy’s life was just covered in darkness. Everything–

Brooke: I know.

Ridge: Every moment, every time she had a conversation, every time she turned around, there was darkness and finn came back from the dead. He came back to us and– and that darkness was lifted. Just like that. And taylor and I, we–

Brooke: You what? What?

Ridge: We got lost in it. It was– it was just happiness and joy, and– and… and… taylor and I kissed.

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