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Belle: Hey, what brings you by this evening, oh, brother of mine?

Eric: Well, I saw a book I recommended for mom, so I picked it up, and I thought I’d bring it over.

Belle: Aw, that’s really sweet. Um, she just went to dinner with a colleague, though. But I bet if you text her she’d like to meet you for dessert or coffee or something after.

Eric: Yeah, well, I’ll text her later. What’s up with the bags? You going somewhere on business?

Belle: Uh, actually, no. It’s more of a personal trip. I’m moving back home.

[Both chuckle]

[Phone rings]

Shawn: What’s up, partner? You look a little rattled.

Jada: [Sighs] I just met with da trask.

Shawn: Oh, yeah. She’s a ray of sunshine, isn’t she?

Jada: She read me the whole riot act on why we haven’t closed the abigail dimera case yet.

Shawn: Yeah, I got an earful from her earlier as well. And, uh–yeah. Was she on the, uh– then lucas horton kick or was she on the sarah horton kick?

Jada: Both. And I got a nice long rant about clyde weston. She’s furious that we released him.

Shawn: The guy had an airtight alibi.

Jada: I reminded her of that. But she’s stuck on the fact that he was in possession of the victim’s stolen bracelet.

Shawn: Honestly, so am I.

Jada: Who’s this “guy” that weston claims to have bought it from?

Shawn: I don’t know. But we need to find out.

Nancy: So you saw the guy who–who sold you the bracelet?

Clyde: Yeah, he was here two minutes ago, threw a drink in my face, and ran out the door.

Brady: But you got a good look at him, right?

Clyde: Oh, you bet I did.

Chloe: Well, that’s great. You can identify him now, right?

Brady: And help the police finally bring abigail’s murderer to justice.

Thomas: Look, there he is!

Chad: You saw that man at our house?

Thomas: He’s not a man. He’s a fairy.

Chad: When? When was this?

Thomas: The day mommy went to heaven.

Chad: I want you to stay right here. Daddy’s gonna go talk to the tooth fairy, okay?

Thomas: Can I come?

Chad: No. Listen, thomas? I want you to stay right here. Do you promise me?

Thomas: I promise.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

[Phone rings]

Jada: Medium height, brown hair, average weight. You know, I wish clyde would have given us a better description.

Shawn: Well, maybe we should bring him in tomorrow and meet with a sketch artist.

Jada: Good idea. So how did things go with your wife earlier?

Shawn: Actually, it went– it went pretty well. She’s–she’s moving back home tonight.

Jada: Shawn, that’s great! Do you want to leave early? I can cover for you.

Shawn: No, no, no, no. Thank you, though. No, we’re meeting up later.

Jada: Good luck. I know how it feels, hoping for reconciliation. I went through it with my ex-husband.

Shawn: I–I didn’t know you’re divorced.

Jada: [Sighs] It was a stupid thing for me to bring up.

Shawn: No, it’s okay.

Jada: Obviously, my marriage didn’t last, but I’m sure you and belle will work things out. Please, forget I said anything.

Shawn: Come one, jada. Seriously, it’s fine. All right? And if you don’t mind me asking, was the divorce recent? I mean, is that the reason why you moved to salem? You know, to, uh…I don’t know, get a change of scenery?

Jada: Uh, it’s been a while, actually.

Shawn: Oh. Well… are you, uh–are you okay?

Jada: [Sighs] You know, when you–when you get married, you don’t– you don’t think it’s gonna fall apart. So when things do fall apart, you feel like a failure. You know what I mean? I mean, at least I did. But as more time goes on and I can move past that, I–I feel like I can forgive myself. Yeah. In fact, I had a date today.

Shawn: Wait, how–how did– wait, how did you squeeze that in?

Jada: On my lunch break.

Shawn: Oh. That’s what you meant when you were like, “oh, I got somewhere to be.” Was it good?

Jada: Uh, it was.

Shawn: Was he nice?

Jada: Very. Uh, actually, you know him. It’s your brother-in-law, eric.

Eric: Belle, that’s fanta– oh, my god, that’s great news.

Belle: Thanks.

Both: Yeah.

Eric: You want to tell me about it? I mean, you don’t have to.

Belle: No, of course. I’ll tell you about it. Well, you know that evan took the baby back from shawn.

Both: Yeah.

Belle: And, obviously, shawn’s very, very heartbroken about it, and I just want to be there for him. And I thought if I move back in, maybe we could work on our marriage, too.

Eric: Yeah, well, helping him through after losing a baby, that’s very big of you.

Belle: Mm, well, don’t give me too much credit. If that baby had been shawn’s with jan, I don’t know if I would be moving back in.

Eric: Well, that’s not a concern now.

Belle: [Sighs] You know the baby wasn’t the source of all of our problems. There is still the fact that I slept with ej when shawn and I were separated. And that’s not something he can just get over. I know sami never will.

Eric: And shawn? Is he willing to try?

Belle: Yeah, he is. You know? I think we both know that fixing this, fixing us, is gonna take some time. But I think moving back in is a good first step.

Brady: This guy has to be the one that killed abigail.

Nancy: That’s what I’ve been saying all along.

Brady: Clyde, you need to tell the police what you just told us. That–that you just ran into the guy that gave you abigail’s bracelet and he’s on the loose.

Nancy: Yes, now that you’ve seen him again, you can give them a better description.

Brady: Yeah, yeah. Know what? I’m gonna give rafe a call.

Clyde: Not so fast.

Chad: Hey, leo, going somewhere?

Leo: Oh, chad, I didn’t see you.

Chad: Yeah, I think you did.

Leo: Something I can do for you?

Chad: Yeah. You want to tell me what you were doing in my basement the day my wife was murdered? Migraine hits hard, so u hit back with ubrelvy

Shawn: What, you went on a– you went on a date with eric?

Jada: Are you– are you not okay with that?

Shawn: No, I’m– I’m fine with it. I’m actually– I’m actually more than fine with it.

Jada: Okay. Because I–you know, I don’t want to step on any toes or create any weirdness.

Shawn: How would you do that?

Jada: I mean, you gotta admit, the situation’s a little complicated. Eric was married to nicole, and now she’s married to our boss.

Shawn: Happily married, jada. I don’t think you need to worry about anything, all right? I think everybody’s over it. They’ve moved on. I mean, obviously eric has. And nicole and rafe, they’re still in the middle of newlywed bliss.

Rafe: Knock, knock. [Knocks]

Nicole: [Gasps] Oh, what a surprise. To what do I owe this pleasure?

Rafe: Well, you came by yesterday, hoping to go to dinner, and I couldn’t go. So…I’m here to make it up to you. To take out my beautiful wife.

Nicole: Aw. Well, my handsome husband, I would love that.

Rafe: Yeah?

Nicole: Yeah.

Rafe: You sure you can knock off?

Nicole: Well, brady and chloe left for the day, so why can’t I?

Rafe: Oh, why? Oh, looks– look at that.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Rafe: Wow. Upgrade the crutches for a cane, huh?

Nicole: Yes. Yes, I did.

Rafe: I got a better idea.

[Cane clatters] Here.

Nicole: Aw.

Rafe: How’s that?

Nicole: It’s perfect.

Rafe: [Indistinct]

Nicole: Yeah.

Rafe: You’re perfect.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Oh, stop.


Brady: You won’t speak to rafe?

Chloe: Yeah, what’s going on, clyde?

Clyde: I just can’T.

Nancy: Of course you can. If you tell the police what he looks like, then they’ll find him. And–and then they’ll lock him up. And then you’ll be a hero.

Clyde: No, I ain’t no hero.

Nancy: What do you mean?

Clyde: Nancy, when I told you that I knew it was stolen when I gave you the bracelet, it wasn’t the whole story. Nancy, I’m sorry. I have a confession to make.

Chad: The hell were you doing in my house, leo?

Leo: Uh, nothing, because I wasn’t there.

Chad: Hmm. See that little boy over there? That’s my son, thomas. He pointed at you, and you took off.

Leo: As I said before, I didn’t see you. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for an appointment.

Chad: Yeah, he told me that he met you in the basement the day my wife was murdered. See, now all of the sudden a bunch of things that didn’t make sense are starting to make perfect sense.

Leo: Like what?

Chad: Like the day I saw you at the park. The day of abby’s funeral. You said your heart went out to my children.

Leo: That was sincere.

Chad: You also said that thomas was a sweet child.

Chad: I asked you how you knew him, you said you didn’T. Said that you heard it from gwen. See, I think you– I think you did know him. I think you met him when you were hiding in our basement. You told him you were the tooth fairy.

Leo: [Scoffs] Now I’ve heard everything. Obviously, he’s making it up.

Chad: Are you telling me my son’s lying?

Leo: Or he’s mistaken. He’s got me confused with some other fairy. Now, like I said before, I’m in a hurry.

Chad: You are not going anywhere but the police station.

Sonny: Hey, chad, it’s sonny. Look, I was just thinking about our conversation earlier, about you taking a job at titan. I know you said you’re fine with alex taking the vp position, but if there’s any part of you that’s interested, I know that there are plenty of positions that you would be more than qualified for. I just–I think you would be a huge asset to titan. And, selfishly, I think it would be a blast to work together. So… also, I gotta say, I’m still pretty pissed off at uncle vic for hiring alex without telling me, but– just…give me a call back.

[Phone beeps] As long as you’re not pissed off at your brother. Flo, you’re here.

Alexander: [Sighs] Man, am I exhausted.

Sonny: From what? I didn’t even see you working all day.

Alexander: Yeah, because i was in hr all day, filling out all that damn paperwork. It was endless, seriously. You’re not, though, right?

Sonny: I’m not what?

Alexander: Mad as hell at me for taking over the exec vp job?

Sonny: No, alex. Look, I already told you, okay? Uncle vic is the one who went behind my back. You were just offered a job and you took it.

Alexander: Without lobbying for it. I swear to god to you, sonny, I–when uncle vic offered me the job, I was incredulous. You know? I knew it was not cool that you weren’t part of that discussion, and I told uncle vic that sonny should be here, too.

Sonny: And then he said, “who’s sonny?”

Alexander: Would you stop? You are uncle victor’s favorite kiriakis brother and you know that.

Sonny: No, actually, I don’T.

Alexander: [Scoffs]

Sonny: I don’t at all. At least not in a business sense. Do you know the amount of times he’s told me that I will never be as successful as he is because I don’t have, like, a killer instinct or whatever?

Alexander: Yeah, sonny. That’s because unlike uncle vic, you actually have blood running through your veins. Not that I don’t love the old guy, but I don’t think either of us should try to emulate him.

Sonny: No matter how hard I tried, I don’t think I could emulate uncle vic.

Alexander: Well, that’s a good thing.

Sonny: [Sighs] Yeah. I guess I just– look, I’m–I’m totally okay with you taking the job. The one thing I’m not okay with is being disrespected. You know, uncle vic, he pushed so hard for me to be ceo. And I took all this time away from will. And, really, I made these big changes in my life. And then he makes this huge business decision behind my back. It’s just–

Alexander: Hey, he knows we’re brothers, that you worship me. Oh, yeah, when we were kids, you worshipped me.

Sonny: Well, in case you haven’t noticed, we’re not kids anymore, so– least not physically.

Alexander: Okay, seriously? I think uncle vic thought, since this is a family business and we are family, that maybe you wouldn’t mind working closely with me.

Sonny: Right, that’S… probably what he thought.

Alexander: But was he wrong? Sonny, you got an issue working with me?

Sonny: [Sighs]

Nicole: Aw.

Rafe: Here we go.

Both: Yay.

Nicole: Thank you. [Chuckles]

Rafe: All right, there.

[Chuckles and smooches] How is the ankle?

Nicole: It is almost 100%. Thank you. And, uh, thank you for letting me lean on you.

Rafe: Always.

Nicole: This is so nice. Dining al fresco on a beautiful summer night. And I am so glad you were able to get out. ‘Cause I know how much pressure you’ve been feeling at work.

Rafe: Yeah. Well, actually, it has eased up a bit, since shawn’s come back from paternity leave, and jada hunter has joined the team, so–

Nicole: Wow, she’s been doing some job, huh? I know she was with you when you tracked down the guy who robbed me. I mean, that had to be really intense.

Rafe: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. [Chuckles] That was. No, um, jake was–was there lying on the ground, fatally wounded, as it– as it turned out. And, um, the guy was ready to shoot ava.

Nicole: And jada saved her life.

Rafe: Yeah. And a lot of cops would have frozen or freaked out in that situation, but… she did the right thing. But she was definitely a little shaken up afterward.

Nicole: I can imagine.

Rafe: Yeah. She killed someone in the line of duty. It was a clean shoot. She knows that. I know that. But she’s still struggling with it. But–[Sighs] That tells me that she’s not only a good detective but a good person with a good conscience.

Nicole: It sounds like she’s working out great.

Rafe: Yes, she is. Uh, she’s great. And, uh, I actually made her partners with shawn, and he really likes her.

Nicole: Oh. So does eric.

Rafe: Eric?

Nicole: Oh. Oh, you haven’t heard. He and jada are dating.

Eric: I have a very good feeling about you and shawn. Especially after I heard you went to see him at the station today.

Belle: How’d you hear that?

Eric: Jada told me.

Belle: Wait, jada hunter, shawn’s new partner?

Eric: Yeah, that’s the one.

Belle: How do you know her?

Eric: Well, uncle stevie introduced me to her when she got to salem. Said that she was looking for a place to live. And I told her that my dad, you know, he rents out rooms over the pub. And, uh, she actually ended up taking one.

Belle: Well, I only met her in passing, but she seemed really great. Shawn seems to like her a lot already. And I’m sure you noticed that she’s very attractive.

Eric: Stop.

Belle: You should ask her out.

Nancy: There’s more to the story? You mean about the bracelet you gave me?

Clyde: Yeah. And it’s time I told you.

Chloe: Okay, well, let’s hear it. All of it.

Clyde: [Sighs] When I met the guy in the pub, he said he had some items that he was looking to sell, specifically some jewelry. He gave me some song and dance about them belonging to a dearly departed aunt, but I knew from the beginning the stuff was hot.

Brady: And?

Clyde: And I offered to fence it for him. And I just–I wanted to give you something special to let you know how much I care about you.

Brady: Nothing says “I love you” like stolen jewelry from a murder victim.

Clyde: Hey, man, I had no idea where he got the jewelry, much less that he killed anybody to get it.

Brady: But you partnered with him. You offered to fence the stolen goods. That’s why you don’t want to talk to the police.

Clyde: Nancy… obviously what I did is a violation of my parole. If the cops find out, they’re gonna send me back to prison.

Leo: Get your hands off of me, chad.

Shawn: Whoa, what the hell’s going on here?

Leo: Chad won’t leave me alone. I mean, I know he’s obsessed with me, but–

Chad: Shut up. When my son and were at the square–

Shawn: Is thomas okay?

Chad: No, thomas is fine. He’s with detective hunter. She’s keeping an eye on him.

Shawn: So what’s leo doing here?

Chad: Long story short, he killed my wife. My asthma felt anything but normal.

Brady: What the hell? Are you really gonna refuse to cooperate with the police when it could lead to abigail’s killer?

Nancy: Look, I know the two of you are upset–

Chloe: We’re upse– you should be upset! You should be outraged, mom. This man has done nothing but lie to you. Now he’s obstructing justice?

Nancy: Stop it. I am upset. And I hear you. But, please, can I just have a moment to speak with him about this?

Chloe: I–I don’t see the point, but fine.

Nancy: Clyde, you promised me that you wouldn’t lie to me again. “The god’s honest truth.” That’s what you said.

Clyde: I know. And I hate what I did. But I can’t go back to prison.

Nancy: We don’t know for sure that you would.

Clyde: Nancy, fencing is a crime.

Chloe: Yeah, but if you tell rafe the truth, then, you know, you could help him catch a killer. And they might go easier on you.

Clyde: Well, even if I do give him a description, there’s no guarantee they’re gonna catch him. He’s probably long gone by now.

Nancy: Well… did he give you–or did he talk anything about himself? Did he–did he give you any clues as to who he is?

Clyde: No. All I know is he’s a wine-swilling twerp in a floral-print suit.

Both: Leo.

Shawn: You think leo killed abigail?

Leo: Based on some absurd story his kid told him. The whole thing is ridiculous.

Chad: Thomas told me that the day abby died, he ran into leo in our basement.

Leo: He also told you that I claimed to be the tooth fairy.

Shawn: The tooth fairy?

Leo: As I said, absurd.

Chad: When we were in the square, thomas pointed at leo and leo took off. Why would he do that if he wasn’t guilty?

Leo: [Groans] Like I told chad, after he chased me down in a paranoid rage, I was late to an appointment. I didn’t see him or his kid. Yet he dragged me down here against my will, and now I’m forced to defend myself against these insane accusations!

Chad: Leo had motive, all right? He hated abigail because she helped me break up his relationship with craig wesley.

Leo: Oh, please.

Chad: You swore revenge on sonny, brady, chloe, me, and abby was on that hit list.

Shawn: Were you in chad’s basement or not, leo?

Leo: Have you been to the dimera mansion? That place is a fortress. How would I even know how to get in there?

Chad: Oh, clever little rodent like you, you’d figure out a way down to the tunnels.

Leo: Guinevere. Thank you for checking up on me. Thanks to your directions, I’m able to wend my way through these tunnels. I was very robert donat, very “prisoner of zenda.”

[Chuckles] Ugh, you are a film illiterate. Well, it’s not the ritz, but it beats sleeping on a bench in prospect park. Plus, there are some very nice amenities here at chez dimera. And best of all, your sister is right upstairs. Tunnels? What tunnels? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Chad: You know what? You are not gonna get away with this, you understand me? If the cops will not make make you pay, I will!

Leo: Get your hands off of me! Did you hear that? He just threatened my life!

Shawn: You need to calm down, okay? Calm down.

Leo: You need to put him in a cage.

Shawn: One step at a time.

Chad: He murdered my wife!

Chad: You need to step outside with your son and detective hunter, okay? I’ll be with you in a second. Chad, I’ll be with you in a second.

Leo: About those charges–

Shawn: Sit! Stay, all right?

Leo: Where are you going?

Shawn: I’m gonna get the full story from thomas. And–and I’m gonna have a guard watching you every second, so if you even think about leaving, bad idea.

[Door closes]

Eric: [Chuckles] You are always trying to play matchmaker.

Belle: Well, I just want my brother to be happy. So yes, maybe I am. Please don’t tell me you’re not ready, though. Because I love you dearly, but it’s time.

Eric: I know.

Belle: Nicole is happily married to rafe now.

Eric: This has nothing to do with nicole.

Belle: Mm-hmm. Then why don’t you ask jada out?

Eric: Because we already went to lunch today. And for the record, she was the one who invited me.

Rafe: Well, that’s, uh–

[Chuckles] I had no idea that eric and jada were seeing each other. Wait, how do you know?

Nicole: Well, when I went to the station yesterday, I overheard her asking eric to lunch. And then when chloe and I were at the pub earlier, they– we saw them together on a date.

Rafe: Oh, okay. Well, you know what? That’s terrific. Actually, I think they’ll be a great couple.

Nicole: Hmm.

Rafe: Hmm? You don’t agree? We really had our hands full with our two-year-old.

Rafe: So you don’t believe that eric and jada will be good together?

Nicole: Well, I– I don’t know, obviously, and neither do you. But I just hope for both their sakes that, you know, it doesn’t get awkward down the line.

Rafe: Right. Why would it be awkward? Well, because when they came to say hello to us, eric mentioned that jada would be renting a room above the pub.

Rafe: So?

Nicole: So they’ll be right down the hall from each other.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. What’s the problem?

Nicole: Well, I mean, if it– if it doesn’t work out, you know, it might be uncomfortable for both of them.

Rafe: But hopefully it will work out, right?

Nicole: Yes. Hopefully.

Belle: So jada asked you out. I like that. How’d it go?

Eric: It was good.

Belle: [Chuckles]

Eric: We laughed a lot, you know? And we had a lot in common.

Belle: Such as?

Eric: We both like running and dogs. And we’ve both been divorced.

Belle: Ah.

Eric: Well, we were respectful to our pasts, and we tried to stick to the lighter stuff like what our favorite movie was.

Belle: Mm-hmm.

Eric: Favorite foods. And she likes sushi. So do I.

Belle: Oh, good. Well, that’ll make planning your next date a breeze.

[Both chuckle]

Belle: I’m so glad you’re getting back out there. And also I’m sorry about what I said earlier.

Eric: What did you say?

Belle: Well, I just assumed you didn’t ask jada out because you were still hung up on nicole. And I won’t do that anymore. I won’t jump to conclusions about how you feel, ’cause I so hate it when people do that to me. But I am glad you’re moving on.

Eric: Yeah. Well, I’m glad you’re moving home.

Belle: [Chuckles]

Eric: It’s where you belong.

Belle: Oh, gosh. I better get going. ‘Cause shawn is gonna make me dinner.

Eric: Oh, well, let me help with your bags.

Belle: Okay.

Chloe: Leo came by the office earlier.

Brady: Yeah, he tried to– he tried to get me to hire him. He was wearing a floral suit.

Brady: As a matter of fact, you know what I have?

Chloe: [Gasps]

Clyde: What’s that?

Brady: This is leo’s lookbook. It’s got a bunch of pictures of him in hideous outfits.

Clyde: That’s him. That’s the guy.

Chad: Jada told me how much you’ve been helping the police. And I’m her partner. It’s good to see you, thomas.

Thomas: You too, cousin shawn.

Chad: Hey, now that cousin shawn and I are here, you want to tell us what you remember about the man you saw in our basement?

Thomas: Like what?

Chad: Like anything you can remember.

Jada: Thomas, why don’t you tell your dad what you told me earlier? About what you and your sister were doing that day.

Thomas: We were playing hide and seek. So that’s why I went down in that tunnel.

Jada: And what did you see in the tunnels?

Thomas: I saw a man. And I asked him what he was doing. He was kind of scary. He said he was gonna lock me up. But then he said he was the tooth fairy. So I stopped being scared.

Chad: Hey, what’s wrong?

Thomas: Is the tooth fairy in trouble?

Jada: What do you mean?

Thomas: Is he mad at me ’cause I wasn’t supposed to tell?

Shawn: What is it that you weren’t supposed to tell, thomas?

Thomas: That I saw him. He said it was a secret. And I broke my promise.

Jada: It’s okay, thomas. You didn’t do anything wrong.

Thomas: But he said not to tell anybody, especially my parents or I wouldn’t get any tooth fairy money for the rest of my life.

Jada: Did he say anything else?

Thomas: He asked me to get him breakfast, so I did.

Jada: And that was it? He didn’t say anything else after you brought him breakfast?

Thomas: I don’t think so. I’m not sure.

Chad: It’s okay, thomas. You’ve told us a lot. You’ve been very helpful.

Thomas: But I broke my promise. Then I told mom–mommy, then I told you. And then the police. I don’t want him to be in trouble, and I don’t want to be in trouble either.

Jada: No one’s in trouble. Like your dad said, you’re doing the right thing.

Chad: You did exactly what mommy and I taught you. All right? You told the truth. Mommy would be very proud. Are we done?

Shawn: Yeah. Yeah, we’re set.

Jada: Great job, thomas. You did a good job.

Chad: All right, buddy. Now, it’s time for you to get home and get to bed. I’m gonna call grandma jennifer and have her pick you up.

Thomas: What about you, daddy? You’ll come home soon, right?

Chad: Yes, I will. I will be home in time to tuck you in. I promise. All right, but first, daddy has to talk to the tooth fairy again.

Thomas: If he’s not too mad at me, please tell him he owes me $50.

Chad: He owes you a lot more than that. Come here.


Sonny: Okay, I want to word this right, because I do care about you. It’s not that I have an issue working with you, per se, you know–

Alexander: Okay, okay, okay. No, no, no. Say no more. I get it. Sonny boy, I totally get it.

Sonny: Ale–you– you totally get it? Even though I haven’t even answered the question yet?

Alexander: Well, I shouldn’t have had to even ask the damn question, but there’s obviously going to be an issue. I’m an assertive, confident person in most ways. And that can be intimidating.

Sonny: I am not intimidated by you, alex, okay? First of all, you are my brother, so I have no problem telling you when you’re acting like a total jerk, okay? And second of all, you know, you’re acting like I’m not assertive and confident. But, you know, I’m the ceo of the company, which kind of makes me the boss.

Alexander: Okay, okay, okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I misspoke. I shouldn’t have used the word “intimidated.” I just know how you can get a little sensitive about being condescended to especially by me, huh?

Sonny: I’m not sensitive. You make me sound like a little weenie, man.

Alexander: Oh.

Sonny: Come on. You know? And you know why I don’t have a problem being condescended to by you? It’s ’cause I’m used to it. So is everyone else you’ve ever interacted with.

Alexander: Okay. All right, you know what? Can we just stop for a second? Let’s not fight. Let me be honest with you. Let me explain myself, please? Thank you. Sonny, I want us to be compatible in every way possible. Not just at work, in general. You’re my brother. I love you, man. I– I’m letting you know right now that in no uncertain terms am I ever, ever going to steamroll you in this role. Period. You are the boss. I am deferring to you. No comment?

Sonny: I j–I think you’re gonna have a hard time with that. Deferring to me? Having me call the shots, make the big decisions? Yeah, I’m gonna be honest, I– I don’t think you can handle that. I was taking my antidepressant daily,

Alexander: Wow. That is really disappointing.

Sonny: What is?

Alexander: Your whole attitude about this whole thing, sonny. We’ve worked together before in the past and it was great. We got along famously, as I recall.

Sonny: Alex, that was totally different.

Alexander: Sonny boy, I have no problem deferring to you. I know that you are more than capable of doing this. And like I said, I love you. You’re my brother. And I am looking at this as the chance to actually make us a little bit closer. To truly bond.

Sonny: You mean it?

Alexander: ‘Course I mean it. Sonny, you’re not just capable, you’re one of the kindest people I’ve ever met in my life. Not to mention funny as hell. Nobody cracks me up the way you do.

Sonny: I hope I don’t make you laugh in the office too much.

Alexander: See, I actually hope you do make me laugh too much in the office. We need that, man. We need that. Even with the most serious, important jobs, we gotta find the humor in it.

Sonny: I guess there’s nothing wrong with a little humor from time to time.

Alexander: No. I’m looking forward it. And I’m also gonna have to fly.

Sonny: You want to– you want to stay for dinner? I mean, the chef is making his famous osso buco tonight.

Alexander: Tonight’s osso buco night?

Sonny: Yeah.

Alexander: Mm, uh… no, I got plans. Do you want to come with me?

Sonny: Oh, um–osso buco. Dinner? And then I got some work I gotta do.

Alexander: I got you. Are we good?

Sonny: Yeah, we’re good.

Alexander: I love you, bro.

Sonny: I love you too.

Alexander: Boss.

Sonny: Don’t ever call me that.

Alexander: Captain.

Sonny: That’s better. I like that. Have a good time!

Brady: Are you sure that this is the guy?

Clyde: Yeah. No doubt in my mind.

Chloe: Oh, my god.

Nancy: [Gasps] Clyde, do you know who that is?

Clyde: Who?

Nancy: It’s leo stark. He’s the little weasel my husband left me for. He’s the con artist craig almost married.

Clyde: You mean–

Nancy: [Giggles] Yes. Your weasel and my weasel are the same damn weasel.


Chad: I want leo arrested. Now.

Chad: Chad, we need to follow procedure.

Chad: What does that mean?

Shawn: If we get what we need we can place leo under arrest.

Chad: You heard what my son just said. He–he saw leo in our basement, and leo told him to keep it a secret. What more do you need?

Shawn: We need to bring rafe up to speed, is what we need.

Chad: So then get him.

Rafe: He’s gone for the day.

Chad: Okay, after my wife was murdered, I stood in that room, the room where my wife was stabbed, over, and over, and over again. And rafe looked me in the eye and told me he wouldn’t stop until the killer was found. Well, we found him. So rafe is gonna get the hell back here now.

[Phone beeps]

Rafe: What are you thinking?

Nicole: The dover sole sounds good.

[Phone rings]

Rafe: It’s chad. I should probably take this.

[Phone beeps] Hey, chad, what’s up?

Chad: I’m at the station with abigail’s killer.

Rafe: What?

Chad: Just get down here.

Rafe: All right, I’m on my way.

Nicole: Is everything okay?

Rafe: Well, it appears as though there’s a development in abigail’s case.

Nicole: Oh, gosh.

Rafe: Yeah, I gotta go.

Nicole: Okay. Yes, of course. Go.

Rafe: I’d say I’ll be back–

Nicole: Oh, honey, I’m fine. I’ll get something and I’ll see you at home.

Rafe: Okay. [Smooches] Love you.

Nicole: I love you too.

Leo: Ah, finally. I assume you’re here to release me with your sincere apologies?

Shawn: Nope. You’re gonna be here a while.

Leo: Don’t tell me this is about what that screwed up little dimera kid said? You don’t actually believe any of that, do you? The tooth fairy in the basement? Come on.

Jada: I suggest you sit down.

Leo: Okay, look, look. I won’t press any charges against chad for threatening me or demand that that obnoxious little boy retract his lies. We can chalk this up to a misunderstanding and I’ll be on my way.

Shawn: No, you’re gonna sit the hell down, all right? Rafe’s on his way.

Leo: What? Why?

Shawn: ‘Cause detective hunter and I are gonna brief him. And he’s gonna ask you some questions. And you’re not going anywhere until you answer them. This is the sound of better breathing.

Jada: Eric.

Eric: [Chuckles]

Jada: We have to stop meeting like this.

Eric: Oh, I guess that’s gonna happen a lot now that you’re moving in upstairs.

Jada: Well, I don’t think I mind it.

Eric: You just coming from work?

Jada: Yeah, I did. And I think we just caught a big break in the abigail dimera case.

Eric: That’s great.

Jada: I would tell you more, but–

Eric: I get you can’t discuss an ongoing investigation. So we can talk about something else. Hey, how about dinner? If that’s okay.

Jada: Two dates in one day?

Eric: Is that a yes?

Jada: It is.

Eric: Good.

[Jada chuckles]

Belle: I hope I’m not late.

Shawn: No, no, no, no. You’re actually right on time. Grill’s all fired up, steaks are ready to go. I figure while I cook, I don’t know, you can, you know, check out your garden.

Belle: That sounds really nice.

Shawn: Welcome home.

Belle: It’s good to be home.

Chloe: Of all the people that could’ve murdered abigail–

Brady: Leo stark.

Chloe: Yeah, I mean, I know he’s awful, and he’s con artist, a crook, self-absorbed, probably the most narcissistic person I’ve ever met, but is he really a murderer?

Brady: The thought never occurred to me. But come to think of it, I mean, he blamed abigail just as much as he blamed us for ruining his relationship with your dad. He was furious at her.

Chloe: Yeah, but furious enough to murder her?

Brady: I guess we’ll see.

[Phone rings]

Rafe: My detectives have brought me up to speed. It appears that thomas dimera–

Leo: Is a child with a very active imagination.

Chad: Call my kid a liar one more time.

Leo: Why is he here?

Chad: To make sure the animal that killed my wife is put down.

Rafe: Chad, please. Now, thomas says that he saw you in the dimera basement?

Leo: No, he says he saw the tooth fairy in the dimera basement. Maybe he was down there with a pack of wild unicorns as well.

Rafe: You think this is funny?

Leo: No, I think it’s outrageous. I have been harassed, detained, and slandered. And I don’t have to take it anymore. I’m so out of here.

Chad: Read him his rights.

Rafe: Afraid I can’t do that.

Chad: Why the hell not?

Rafe: I don’t have enough to hold him here, let alone arrest him.

Leo: Thank you.

Chad: Rafe, you can’t just let him go.

Leo: He can and he will, because unlike you, the police commissioner knows the law.

Rafe: I don’t want to hold him here unless I have enough to make future charges stick. That could end up blowing up in our faces later.

Chad: Okay, if you let him go, he’ll disappear. We’ll never see him again.

Rafe: Chad, without anyone or anything to back up what thomas says, I can’t keep him here. Believe me, chad, I want this case solved as much as you do. But I don’t have enough to implicate leo. And I don’t have the testimony from a corroborating witness.

Clyde: Oh, yes you do.

[Dramatic music]

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