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Either the jury’s back or it isn’T. And what makes diane so sure they’ll come back with a verdict so soon? Because apparently diane has a contact at the courthouse and the jury has decided to work through lunch and declined to order dinner. That’s why. Okay. Okay. They’ll be back. You know, I was gonna suggest that we sleep on this, but — n– there’s no time to wait. If I want to save trina from going to prison, I have to wake oz up now. Now — oh. We’re in this together, remember? No. No, no, no. Things have changed. W-we don’t have time to run a diversion here. Oz haggerty is the only one who can clear my daughter’s name and keep her out of prison. He has to tell the court that he was the one who sold the black-market phone to esme prince and not trina. And a-all I have to do is I have to walk into that room with confidence and inject haggerty with the reversal agents. What if something goes wrong? I know there is a risk of him waking up too fast, too soon. But it’s my only option, a-and I have to go through with this. Honey, I’m not talking about the risk to oz haggerty. I’m talking about the risk to the woman I love. You know, next time, maybe you’ll think before you sucker-punch somebody. And don’t pick a lawyer like scott baldwin who likes to sue people, you know? Yeah, well, only thing I regret is that I didn’t land more than one punch. So what do you say — ditch these cuffs, do your old buddy a favor, and let me go free? Damn it, i am doing you a favor by talking to you like this, because next time it could be through the bars of a cell! Scott: Ow. Britt: Okay. I have to do this, scott. I need to see if it’s broken. Okay. Ow again. Okay. It’s not broken. And you’re lucky it’s not. Yeah, but I didn’t deserve to get sucker-punched by your boyfriend. Okay. [ Scoffs ] Cody bell is not my boyfriend. And from what I heard, he had a score to settle with you. I’ve never seen that guy before in my life. Until he punched me. And this whole dominique — this cockamamie story — if — if dominique had another kid out there before serena, she would have told me about him. Are you sure? Yeah, I’m sure. Because we shared everything. Perhaps you didn’t know her as well as you thought. No need to stick around, commish. I got it from here. And I want to believe that. Officer cabrera. But you haven’t answered my question. Can you put your badge above your feelings for trina robinson? It’s because I care about trina that you can trust me. Tj, please tell me that that bartender is coming out of his coma. My attorney thinks that the jury is coming close to reaching a verdict. Oz haggerty is the only one who can prove my innocence. Haggerty’s medical team is bringing him out of his medically induced coma, but unfortunately it’s a painstaking and gradual process. He still has a long way to go before he regains consciousness. Which means the jury is going to reach their verdict without knowing that esme was the one who bought the black-market cellphone. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. The closer I get to the verdict, the harder it is to stay optimistic. The only thing that matters is that haggerty wakes up in time to tell the truth — before that jury comes back with a verdict. Is it vitally important that oz wakes up? Hell yeah. But, honey, it’s not the only thing that matters. Even if you talk your way into that room, you won’t make it out if your attempts to wake him up go sideways. Well, I already told you that I’m willing to take that risk. Give yourself a cover. Be smart about it. Don’t go charging in there asking to incriminate yourself. If anyone goes to prison, it’s better me than my daughter. No. Look. Portia. I won’t trade trina’s freedom for yours.

We’ve always been honest with each other, right? Yeah, more or less. Okay. So why don’t you be honest with me right now and tell me — how long have you been hunting down scott baldwin? Is that the real reason why you stuck around town? Dante, I swear I didn’t come to port charles for anything other than a paycheck. I mean, the surprise bonus was reuniting with you. Oh, come on. Cody, you had to know you’d run into baldwin at some point in time, right? If I was sticking around town to have it out with baldwin, don’t you think I would have made it happen sooner? I didn’t even know who scott baldwin was a few months ago. And believe me, when I found out who he was and what he did to me…

[ Scoffs ] …I didn’t want to have anything to do with that piece of trash. Today when he was standing right in front of me, that smug grin on his face, I just… ohh. I just kept thinking about everything that I’d heard and how he’d taken everything that was rightfully mine, and I just got so mad, I — I’m sorry, man. I couldn’t stop myself. Okay. Back — how did you get to this point in your life and not be aware that scott baldwin stole something from you? I didn’t know about baldwin because I didn’t even know that dominique stanton was my mom. Okay. How did you find that out? I heard it from a dead woman. Dominique and I, we had no secrets. I mean, if she had a — a son out there, I would have found him and I would have had him live with us. I would never have turned my back on him. I know you want to believe in dominique, but if you shared everything, why would she go to her grave without telling you about cody? What would have motivated her to stay silent? Come on, mother. People stay silent for lots of reasons. Sometimes it’s because they don’t trust people. Or sometimes they’re so afraid of something they’ve kept inside, they just can’t face it. And sometimes we’re brave and we don’t even know it. Maybe it wasn’t so much that dominique was keeping a secret from you. What if she was trying to protect you? Maybe she was trying to protect her son. I care about trina, too, but as you were taught at the academy, the badge comes first. I know I’m just a rookie, but does it have to be either/or? Can’t a police officer be true to the badge and still have compassion? Yeah, I want trina to be found “not guilty,” and the best way for that to happen is for the man inside this room to wake up and testify that esme prince bought that black-market cellphone, that trina wasn’t involved. The problem is miss prince is no longer living at wyndemere and we’re having trouble finding her. And I want to help with that, too. But, first, you can trust me to make sure that no one, not esme prince or anyone else not on the list, will enter this room and interfere with the recovery of oz haggerty. I’m usually a glass half-full kind of person… but I’m not sure if the truth is gonna come out in time to vindicate me. And if diane’s right, time’s almost up. I need you… I need you to keep reminding yourself how many people are on your side… that your mom and curtis, they are doing everything they can. Joss and cam, the victims, they both testified on your behalf. That’s got to mean something to the jury. Yeah, but joss and cam don’t have any hard proof that I’m innocent. The only person that can exonerate me is that bartender, oz. Look. I know that he’s not in a natural coma. He’s medically induced. Can’t we take him out of it faster? Curtis: Tj brought it to my attention that we could wake oz up. Tj: We could speed up the process by giving him a large dose of flumazenil and naloxone to quickly reverse the effects of the drugs he’s on. Once he wakes up, we can get him to give us the evidence we need to exonerate trina. That man was put into a coma for a reason. To forcibly wake him up would be completely denying his medical needs. No! No. No. That’s the very definition of “unethical.” Even if there were such a way… wait. If it was impossible, you would have said so, but you didn’T. You just talked around and made it a hypothetical. Does that mean you can force oz to wake up? Portia: Where was all this concern when tj was the one who was gonna revive oz? I mean, he was willing to risk his entire career, his freedom to inject the reversal agents. We were desperate. And besides, tj stood a better chance of getting in and out of oz’s room without causing suspicion. I can’t say the same about you, considering you’re trina’s mother. So what are you telling me? Are you telling me that I should give up? That I should trust 12 strangers in that jury room? Is that what you’re telling me? Hell no, I’m not saying that. But I’m saying we’re a team, okay? We — we should share the same risks and the same consequences. Which means we should stick to the original plan. While I distract officer cabrera, you slip into oz’s room and give him that injection. And if it fails… all three of us end up in pentonville? At least we’ll be together.

[ Exhales sharply ] What do you say? I say let’s do it.

Don’t you get it, dante? My whole life could have been different. I grew up in the shadow of serenity. It was originally owned by the stanton family. The bells, who I thought were my real parents, they lived in the caretaker’s cottage. It’s where I learned how to ride horses. It’s also where I learned that I’d never amount to more in life than being a cook’s son. And a love of horses, that came naturally to me. The other lesson never stuck. I grew up hearing all these stories about this house on the hill where the beautiful dominique and her shady husband, leopold taub, once lived. Okay, it’s an interesting story, but how does scott baldwin fit in? Dominique’s marriage to leopold taub was not a love match. He was a social climber. The stantons represented everything he wasn’T. Leopold taub? Why does that name sound familiar? Leopold taub and cesar had certain…dealings. Cody’s father and my father? The bells knew that leopold was a bad man, ’cause he was cruel to the horses. Apparently, he was even crueler to his wife. It was sad, but it was just a story. Until… until what? A few months ago, I got that call that you never want to get. My mom, um — the woman I thought was my mom, uh, was dying. And, uh, so I had to drop everything and head home to say goodbye. I’m sorry. Yeah, thanks.

[ Sighs ] I was bouncing from job to job, so it was easy to drop everything. But, um… yeah, I came home to that sad little caretaker cottage, and I was right beside her when she took her last breath. Again, I’m sorry. Uh… but at least you got to say goodbye. Yeah. Before I did, um… she — she took my hand and she — she told me that… she couldn’t die before she told me the truth. She didn’t give birth to me. My birth mother was the beautiful and very wealthy dominique stanton. Jordan: There’s no sign of him awakening, is there? Rory: Not since I’ve been here, no. Part of me wants to walk in there and grab him by the shoulders and tell him to snap out of it! Trina matters to you, too, right? Trina matters to a whole lot of people in this town. We know who she is and who she isn’T. But the evidence…. esme prince manufactured the evidence to point to trina. Unfortunately, we can’t prove that. No. But he can. If anything happens, you’ll be the first to know. Thanks, rory.

[ Monitor beeping ] If there’s a way to speed up the process and bring oz out of his coma, why haven’t they tried it? Because it can backfire and make the coma permanent or — or worse. You mean it might kill him. There’s always that chance. Even if the injection of reversal agents were to work, there’s no way to guarantee oz would wake up with his faculties and memories intact. Okay. So no injection. The doctors stick to whatever protocol they’re using now. How long will it take for oz to wake up? Could be days. Or weeks. I don’t have that long. I know. But as doctors, we took an oath to do no harm. I was so determined to help you that for a moment I almost forgot that oath.

Trina. Honey, what are you doing here? Let me guess. Diane got ahold of you. She messaged me that the jury’s come close to reaching a verdict. Guess that means I might not be coming home for dinner tonight. Honey. Oh, honey. Mm. I’ll let you have some family time alone. Mm-hmm. You know what? You shouldn’t be here. You should go home. You know? Spend some time with your friends. It’s not their fault. But they’re trying to cheer me up, and I don’t feel like pretending it’s all gonna be okay. Honey, you have to have faith. Believe it or not… miracles, they still do happen. Well, you don’t have to pretend with me, either. Tj told me that you stopped him from taking extreme measures to wake up oz. Don’t get me wrong. I understand. You didn’t want tj risking a patient’s life or his career by doing something unethical. And I’m glad that you stepped up and you told him to do the right thing. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. There’s absolutely nothing. Ladies, I hate to break up this moment… but, portia, didn’t you have that…patient that you were worried about? Why don’t I stay here with trina and you go do what you got to do? Are you sure? Um… yeah. No, no. Go. We’ll be right here. You take care of yourself. Okay. That deathbed confession threw my world upside down, man. I mean… even my last name wasn’t right. I wasn’t a bell. I was a wealthy stanton who was supposed to grow up in that house on that hill. Hey, you know what, man? I think I can kind of relate.

[ Chuckles ] When I got to port charles, I didn’t know sonny was my father. I was undercover in his operation, trying to take him down from the inside. And I found out he was my dad after he shot me. O-kay. You got me. Your story beats mine. No, no, I’m not trying to one-up you, man. I’m just saying I can relate — you know, to find out, as an adult, you’re not who you thought you were. I mean, that messes with your head. I never knew if dominique thought about me or wanted to provide for me. After she died, you know, serenity was sold off, and the proceeds went to the love of her life — the father of her daughter, serena. Enter scott baldwin. Yeah. You want to ask me again why i punched that smug son of a gun? He stole everything that I didn’t even know I had. And he swears he didn’t know about you? Yeah. But he also claims dominique was the love of his life. If they were so close, why didn’t she ever tell him about her firstborn child? So hold on. Are you — are you mad at scott baldwin or are you mad at your mother for what she did to you? You know, if — if dominique was trying to keep her son away from leopold, it makes sense why she would give him to the bells to raise. Kind of like maxie trusting brook lynn with bailey to keep her safe from peter. Mm, but the one big difference is maxie’s situation was temporary, where it sounds like dominique’s situation never ended. That would explain why cody never really knew who he was, why dominique kept silent to the end. It all fits together, doesn’t it? Unless the pieces fit a little too well. What are you driving at? Look. I haven’t known cody long. But from the first time I met him, he was — he was always working some angle. So what if that’s what this is and none of the story is true? Here you go. I’m not hungry. Humor me. Got to keep up your strength because you don’t want to lose hope. Remember what your mom said about miracles. I want to have faith. But at the same time… I don’t want to fool myself. Things aren’t going my way. And tj said that even if oz comes out of his coma, we don’t know if his memories will still be intact. He could have totally forgotten that he was selling that black-market phone to esme. And even if he does… it could take weeks or months. And by then, the jury will have already decided and I could be in pentonville. Trina, look. I can’t promise how this is all gonna turn out. But I can promise you that absolutely everyone that cares about you is doing everything they can to prove your innocence. What are you studying so intently? Hey. Um, oz haggerty’s chart. I’m looking for any glimmer of hope that — that his awakening is speeding up. Mm. I know how badly you want to help trina. So do I. But we can’t force things. I know, but — but that’s the thing, mom. Just like I told portia and curtis, there is a way to force oz to consciousness. Dr. Robinson, have you heard from trina? How is she? Well, she’s — she’s waiting, like the rest of us, for the patient in that room to wake up. And actually, t-that’s why I stopped by, because I think I was just gonna, you know, go and check on oz and — and see how he’s progressing myself. I’m sorry. I can’t let you in. Officer cabrera, I’m a doctor. Well, I know it’s unusual to stop a doctor from seeing a patient, but… unfortunately, your name is not on the approved list, and I can’t let you inside.

Very by the book, officer cabrera. You know, I’m not on the list because I’m not the attending on the case and I’m not a consultant on the case. Oh, did you think I wanted to go in there to actually

treat the patient? No. No, no, no, no, no. I-I just, uh — I just wanted to take a look at him with my own two eyes. Obviously, I have a vested interest in making sure that everything is done to restore mr. Haggerty to full consciousness. And you want the same thing. Don’t you? Of course. Which is why I’m grateful that commissioner ashford assigned me to this post. But I promise you that nobody will interfere with the recovery of haggerty. And hopefully, when he comes out of this coma, he can I.D. Esme as the one who bought the black-market phone. I think that will be enough to convince a jury that trina is not guilty. Yes, yes, of course, but by then, trina could be in pentonville for weeks, if not months. Rory, justice delayed is justice denied. Can’t you… I’m sorry. I-I don’t understand. Can’t I what? Dr. Robinson. Are you sure I can’t help you? Yes. Yes. Yeah, I’m sure. Cody: Yeah, maybe you’re right. I mean, maybe it is easier to blame baldwin instead of my mother. But put yourself in my shoes, man. Well, that’s what I’m trying to do, I mean, by telling you about sonny, discovering that he was my father. I mean, it’s not the same thing, but it still threw me for a loop, man. I mean, my whole career is crime-fighting, a-and sonny’s is the exact opposite. I’m telling you, I’m sympathetic to your situation. It’s just my whole life, you know, no matter how far I’ve traveled, no matter how hard I’ve tried to fit in, I’ve just — I’ve never felt like I belong. And now I find out that the home and the life that I was supposed to have has been sold off, and the proceeds go to scott baldwin and his daughter? Who my mother obviously loved more than me. Britta has a point. What if cody made up the whole story just to get money out of you? Well, there’s no money to get! Everything that dominique had, she left to serena, and serena spent all that money on saving the whales. If you want me to arrange a dna test to prove that cody is dominique’s son, I can — I can make that happen. No, that’s not necessary because… I saw in his eyes the same thing I see in serena’s eyes — dominique’s eyes. That’s all the proof you have? Well, it’s not just… the eyes. It’s the hunger that he has. A hunger for his lost money. Well, I’m not just talking about that. I’m talking about his hunger for his meaning to his life. I think you know what I’m talking about. I don’t know that I would have described it quite like that. But now that you have… yes, I have seen that, too. Then you know I’m right. Very well. So if cody really is who he claims to be, what are you supposed to do about it? Well, if you’re the liesl i think you are, I think you already know the answer. The question I have to ask myself is… what would dominique want me to do? I’ll see you guys.

[ Inhales sharply ] Hm.

[ Door closes ] What exactly did you tell portia and curtis? I got so laser-focused on trying to help trina that I considered using extreme measures to shock oz’s system, basically to try to force him out of his coma. But don’t worry. Portia wasn’t having any of it. She reminded me that — that I need to put the patient first… and that it’s just too risky of a procedure. Well, I’m relieved to hear that, no matter how much we’re rooting for trina. I know. The law is the law. But I just wish I felt as confident as you that justice will be done. Trina: I know what you’re thinking. You do? You’re worried that your phone’s gonna ring and it’s gonna be diane telling us that the jury’s reached a verdict.

[ Sighs ] I have the same feeling.

[ Footsteps approach ] Oh! Oh! Hello, you two. Portia, what is it? What happened to your patient? Well, unfortunately, my patient’s condition remains unchanged. You know, you are so lucky to have a friend like rory. He won’t let anyone or anything compromise the witness that can clear you. He’s not letting anybody in that room who isn’t on the approved list.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Line ringing ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Officer cabrera, is everything okay? I thought you’d like to know something out of the ordinary happened. What’s that? Oz haggerty had a visit from a doctor not on the approved list. Which doctor? Trina’s mom — dr. Robinson.

Did dr. Robinson say why she was there? Uh, she just wanted to see if haggerty was any closer to waking up. Um, being trina’s mom, I could totally understand that, but she wasn’t on the approved list, and so I didn’t let her in. When I arrested spencer cassadine and cameron webber, you said that I was a bit overeager and needed to use better discretion, so I just wanted to check in and make sure that I did the right thing. Yes, calling me was the right thing to do, officer cabrera.

[ Sighs ] So what’s next? Uh, you’ll be taken to your cell. If you need a lawyer, I can give you a couple recommendations. But if money’s an issue, you’ll be assigned a public defender. Really? I pour my heart out about how my world’s been turned upside down, you can’t even show your old buddy a tiniest bit of compassion? What do you expect me to do for you, cody? You punched a guy in the face in a public setting in front of a bunch of witnesses, and now he’s pressing charges. There’s — there’s literally nothing i can do. Really pays to know people in high places, huh? Yeah, you know, it usually does in this town. Ah, great. How’s the nose, baldwin? I break it? Alright. Not a great idea to antagonize the guy who’s pressing charges against you. Uh, my nose is fine. I can smell a phony baloney a mile away. Oh, really? You spend my inheritance and you have the nerve to call me a phony baloney? Here. Take me away. Prison’s a step up from this guy. I can also smell the real mccoy. And I think you are. So I’m dropping the charges. Mom, are you planning to be in the courtroom when the jury reads their verdict? Sometimes being present in the courtroom goes with the job. But this is one time I’d give anything to not be there. Trina: Guess there’s no point waiting around here. Even if oz wakes up now, it’s probably too late to change anything. Portia: Honey, listen to me. It is never too late. Portia, I know what we both want. What if it’s just not possible? Nothing’s impossible. Isn’t that what you always tell me, honey? He’s so sweet.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Whispering ] I have to give it another try. I have to find a way in that room. Please. Just get trina out of here? Hm! Ugh! I keep getting all these texts. I didn’t hear your phone make a noise. Well, honey, I keep it on silent when I’m at the hospital. But my — my patient still needs me. And I’m gonna catch up with the two of you a little bit later, okay? Honey, I love you so much. Mm! Mom? Was that not weird to you? Um, you know, your mom’s got a lot on her mind right now, you know? She wants to be there for you, but she’s got to focus on her patients. I’m sure that’s all it is.

Let’s go. Curtis, wait. I still think that goodbye was strange. Maybe I should go talk to my mom before we go. Uh, well, trina, you heard what y-your mother said. She has to focus on her patients. And then tonight she gets to come home and worry about you. If the worst happens and I go to prison, you have to promise me that you’ll take care of her. Trina, first of all, I don’t want you thinking that way, okay? Whatever happens, of course, I’m gonna take care of your mother. She just, uh — she just wants a happy and fair ending to your trial. Just like all of us. Now let’s go. What if diane calls and I have to go to the courthouse and I won’t be able to see my mom until I’m behind bars? Trina. Look. I promise you that… as soon as I get a phone call from diane that says the verdict is in, I will get your mother to the courthouse so we both can be there to support you, okay? Okay. I just wish there was more we could do for trina and her family. If only haggerty would wake up and tell us what he knows. Why did you let scott leave without you? Aren’t you afraid he’s gonna do something foolish? I was tempted to stop scott. But the truth is… I am proud of him. Even if it means doing right by the former love of his life, dominique? Rned. But she died years ago. I’m not afraid of scott’s past. On the contrary, the fact that he was able e to love someone so — so strongly, so deeply… means he’s capable of loving me even more. That is either a terrific spin on the situation or you really do have faith in true love. And if that’s the case, I envy you. I never had that faith in the past, but I found it for the first time with scott. It may take some time, but… it’s out there waiting for you. I’m sure of it. No, mother. True love’s not for everyone. I had a shot with jason briefly, but he’s gone. And let’s face it. I’m damaged goods.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, my sweet britta. We’re all damaged in one way or another. I am. And so is scott. But when you find the right person, you help each other heal. Okay. Great. Thank you. Da’s office? What’d they say? Well, they said if you’re not pressing charges, then there is no case and we can let cody go. So I’m a free man? Yeah, as soon as I get these cuffs off you. I don’t expect you to thank me. Good, ’cause you’re not gonna get a thanks. Now, listen, you can choose to believe me or not, but I did not know that dominique had a son. When we found out that she had an inoperable brain tumor, we had a lot of time together. And she would have told me about you. But she didn’T. So she must have had her reasons. You can tell yourself that at night if it helps you sleep. Me, it’s a whole load of B.S. Can you believe that guy? You know…

[ Keys hit desk ] I hate to say it, man, but… I think he’s telling the truth. Alright, mom. I’ve got to get back to my rounds. But I’ll see you later. I’ll see you soon. Alright.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Click ] Tj: I got so laser-focused on trying to help trina… that I considered using extreme measures to shock oz’s system, basically to try to force him out of his coma. But don’t worry. Portia wasn’t having any of it. She reminded me that — that I need to put the patient first… and that it’s just too risky of a procedure. Jordan: Did dr. Robinson say

why she was there? Uh, she just wanted to see if haggerty was any closer to waking up. Tj: I know. The law is the law. But I just wish I felt as confident as you that justice will be done. I know I’m just a rookie, but does it have to be either/or? Can’t a police officer be true to the badge and still have compassion?

[ Alarm bells ring ]

[ Alarm blaring ] The alarm was triggered on the elevator. Someone must be trapped inside. I’m coming with you!

[ Blaring continues ]

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Blaring continues ] You can save my daughter. You’re the only one who can.

[ Exhales shakily ]

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