Days Short Recap Friday, August 12, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric went to John and Marlena’s house and ran into Belle. He noticed that her bags were packed. She told him that she decided to go back home. She knew it would take time to fix things with Shawn. She thought moving back home was the first step. Eric told her about his date with Jada. He told her that Jada asked him out. Belle was happy that he was moving on with his life. Jada asked Shawn what happened with Belle. He told her that she was moving back home with him. She was happy for him. She knew what it was life to deal with marital trouble. He wanted to know what happened. She told him that she was divorced years ago. She felt like a failure at the time, but she moved on. She told him how she went on a date with Eric. He thought it was great, but she was worried about his ex-wife. Shawn thought everyone moved on and Nicole was married to Rafe. Clyde told Nancy, Chloe and Brady that he saw the guy who sold him Abby’s jewelry. Brady wanted to call the police, but Clyde stopped him. Nancy questioned him about that. He said he fenced the jewelry and it would be a violation of his parole. He said he could go back to prison. They wanted a description of the guy. He said he was weasel wearing a floral jacket. Chloe and Brady knew he was talking about Leo. They showed him a picture and he confirmed it was Leo. Nancy was happy that Leo was the one who sold him the jewelry.

Thomas told Chad that Leo was the tooth fairy he saw on the night his mother went to heaven. Chad chased after Leo and wanted answers. Leo tried to leave, but Chad stopped him. Chad dragged him to the police station. Later, they were in the interrogation room so Chad told Shawn that Leo killed Abby. Leo denied seeing Thomas in the tunnels. Chad lunged after him. Shawn pulled Chad off of Leo and told him to stay put. He wanted to talk to Thomas. Chad encouraged Thomas to answer Shawn and Jada’s questions. Thomas agreed, but he didn’t want to get the tooth fairy in trouble. They assured him that he didn’t do anything wrong. Chad wanted Leo to get arrested. Shawn told him they had to talk to Rafe first. Chad said he found Abby’s killer so Rafe needed to be there.

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